LeFlore County Brides


FAIRCHILD, Emma CHURCH, James Joiner 1914-Nov-15
FALKNER, Irene FRENCH, Andrew J 1872-Apr-30
FALLS, Mary BROWN, Dandy 1867-Jul-19
FANCHER, Fannie Mrs BARNES, James 1879-May-29
FANE, Flora SIMMONS, Anderson 1881-Nov-10
FANNER, Sarah VINNING, J 1810-May-15
FANNIE, Mae Tidwell COTHRAN, T A 1942-Sep-19
FARMER, Beatrice ALFORD, Herman 1923-Jun-10
FARMER, Maggie BLEDSOE, J H 1914-Apr-23
FARRISH, Sallie SMITH, W F 1887-May-14
FARS, Hannah MARSHALL, Charles 1881-Apr-07
FAULKNER, Rubie BAKER, C M 1917-Feb-17
FAVARA, Stella Virginia BROCATO, Tony Antony 1938-Feb-27
FEAMSTER, April DUPREY, Lucy 1877-Jun-17
FEARS, Ella TAYLOR, L U 1876-Oct-24
FEARSON, Charlotte BUNLEY, Evans 1891-Feb-01
FELIX, Kate GRAY, Henry J 1872-Sep-20
FELIX, Sweet ROBY, Henderson 1878-Jan-20
FELTON, Ara KENT, Steve 1885-May-29
FELTON, Aria FREEMAN, George 1881-Oct-02
FELTON, Dorah DAVIS, Andrew 1878-Dec-28
FELTON, Ella WASHINGTON, George 1878-Nov-23
FELTON, Minnie JOHNSON, Dallas 1893-Apr-01
FELTON, Mittie WILSON, Sam 1884-Feb-09
FEMASTER, Lucy CLOBE, Preston 1883-Jul-14
FENNBANKS, Caroline WHITEHEAD, Plowman 1867-Sep-06
FENNIZEE, Susannah EDWARDS, Horace 1873-Oct-24
FERGERSON, Julia OWEN, Richamond 1878-Jun-22
FERGUSON, Ella WELDER, G W 1894-Jun-03
FERGUSON, L AARON, T Sanders 1865-Aug-05
FERNANDIS, Katie R PAYNE, Edward G 1876-Oct-04
FERRELL, Anna Ida JEFFRIES, D 1877-Dec-24
FIELDER, Mary A SHANNON, James 1876-Jan-06
FIELDS, Alma REINHARD, Victor 1900-Jan-28
FIELDS, Annie HUTCHINSON, J A 1895-Dec-04
FIELDS, Jane HALL, Bedford 1882-Jun-30
FIELDS, Lizzie DAVIS, Walter 1877-Feb-01
FIELDS, Mary LEE, Alex 1878-Mar-27
FIELDS, Mary LEE, Alexander 1878-Mar-29
FIELDS, Mary Ann MCALWAIN, Dawson 1878-Jan-05
FIELDS, Matilda NUMERY, Wess 1878-Feb-10
FIELDS, Sydia MATHEWS, William 1876-Aug-18
FIERCE, Mary Estelle BUCKNER, John Haley 1925-Dec-17
FIFER, Winnie LINDSEY, Henry 1875-Nov-30
FINCH, Lois Emery BROWN, Charlie 1927-Mar-05
FINNY, Louisa SCALES, Elmers 1877-Aug-16
FISH, Magnolia BROWN, Sam 1888-Aug-23
FISHER, Catherine JONES, Robert 1888-Nov-15
FISHER, Celia COURCY, Lawyer 1873-May-15
FISHER, Elisiah BOOTH, Jourdan 1887-Nov-18
FISHER, Elizabeth BOYTE, A E 1922-Jan-12
FISHER, Hickey REID, Jefferson 1875-May-02
FISHER, Liza HUNT, Wingo 1869-Jun-31
FISHER, Lucy RYAL, David 1871-Oct-14
FISHER, Lula Mrs CHATONEY, Charles 1893-Jan-25
FISHER, Nancy BROWN, Edward 1882-Dec-26
FISHER, Nannie HOWELL, Isaac 1889-Jan-14
FISHER, S R WALKER, John W 1869-Aug-07
FITZHUE, Sarah MARTIN, Charles 1875-Feb-13
FITZHUGH, Sarah Ann MARTIN, Charles 1875-Nov-01
FIUME, Josephine BARLOW, G W 1929-May-06
FLANAGAN, Margaret SMITH, W James 1870-Dec-03
FLANAGAN, Martha TOLLAR, Wm A 1871-Mar-23
FLAX, Charlotte WEBB, Archie 1876-Aug-05
FLEMMING, Carrie GREEN, Wash 1891-Dec-31
FLEMMING, Cornelia LOVELADY, W M Dr 1862-Jul-30
FLEMONING, Lizzie WESLING, Charles H 1876-Jun-22
FLETCHER, F P BROWN, B J 1892-Nov-23
FLETCHER, Fannie JOHNSON, C C 1887-Feb-09
FLETCHER, Mary BANKS, Junuis 1877-Jan-13
FLITCHER, Reyy WINDER, Horace Marshall 1873-Oct-26
FLOWERS, Adeline FERRELL, Wilson 1873-May-14
FLOWERS, Bettie GOOD, Plenty 1877-Jun-09
FLOYD, A HUNT, Joe 1887-Nov-09
FLOYD, Clara Hunt COCKERELL, W C 1912-Jul-14
FLOYD, Lulu BURNLEY, Ellis 1892-Sep-15
FLOYD, Rachel REED, George 1892-Nov-02
FLURNOY, Dolly Mrs BLANCHARD, Wallace 1889-Mar-28
FOK, Sallie A CLAY, Henry 1866-Nov-18
FONVILLE, Luna J SONES, W A 1896-Feb-16
FORD, Ella CLAY, Isaac 1887-Jul-07
FORD, Emma JORDAN, Seabrook 1889-Mar-30
FORD, Ida LOVE, Ben 1891-Dec-22
FORD, Julia PACE, Cato 1877-Feb-03
FORD, Lou JOHNSON, Wallace 1888-May-02
FORD, Lou MARTIN, Peter 1881-Dec-03
FORD, Mary Lou LOFTON, Joe 1890-Aug-15
FORD, Susan JENKINS, Charles L 1878-May-16
FORDE, Louisa EVERETT, Osburn 1876-Jun-22
FORT, Amanda SIMS, Charley 1881-Dec-22
FORT, Cely TYUS, Archy 1874-Feb-28
FORT, Ellen HORTON, Samuel 1878-Jun-29
FORT, Millit LINSEY, Ed 1887-Nov-27
FORTE, Mary Mrs HUDSON, David 1875-Dec-16
FOSTER, Ann RICHARDSON, Nathan 1876-Jul-08
FOSTER, Bettie HOOPER, John 1878-Mar-10
FOSTER, Caroline OWENS, Daniel 1875-Dec-31
FOSTER, Eliza DOTSON, Willie 1883-Jan-10
FOSTER, Emma DANSHEE, D C 1876-Mar-01
FOSTER, Ida ALLEN, Homer L 1918-Apr-06
FOSTER, Laurina PERKINS, Joshua 1876-Jan-20
FOSTER, Lucy BROWN, Simon 1876-Jul-01
FOSTER, Malinda BRITTON, Isom 1877-Dec-27
FOSTER, Malissa COOK, Henry 1889-Mar-03
FOSTER, Milly Mrs GREEN, David 1885-Sep-07
FOSTER, Phoeby MAY, George 1884-Sep-10
FOSTER, Rachal AMBROUS, Jim 1883-Dec-03
FOSTER, Ruth HENSON, Robert 1892-Dec-25
FOSTER, Sallie JOHNSON, Harry 1875-Oct-12
FOWLEY, Liza DAVIS, Alfred 1890-Aug-28
FOX, Easter FIELDS, Richard 1882-May-18
FOX, Lou SMITH, Simeon 1882-Jan-05
FOX, Margarette BINGHAM, W O 1927-Jan-23
FRADY, Jewell E BURGIN, Lawrence 1920-Oct-08
FRADY, Margarett Della CHANDLER, J M 1917-Jan-28
FRAISER, Annie Maud CAMPBELL, John Lindsey 1917-Dec-22
FRAISER, Joeanna CARPENTER, John 1892-Jan-04
FRANK, Anna C CASEY, John S 1908-Sep-21
FRANKLIN, Ada HALL, George 1879-Jul-26
FRANKLIN, Adaline ROBINSON, Jordan 1877-Sep-22
FRANKLIN, Annie WILLIAMS, Joe 1886-May-22
FRANKLIN, Celia BEECH, Mike 1876-Dec-20
FRANKLIN, Emma LEE, Reubin 1892-Aug-11
FRANKLIN, Margaret GRICE, Anderson 1876-Jun-13
FRANKLIN, Mariah JENKINS, Wade 1885-Oct-01
FRANKLIN, Matilda GAINES, Warren 1881-Mar-17
FRANKLIN, Sallie JONES, Bragg 1886-Sep-16
FRAZIER, Ann CHERRY, Claiborne 1876-Feb-27
FRAZIER, Annie SAM, Madison I 1868-Apr-11
FRAZIER, Kesiah JONES, Amos Jr 1877-Mar-03
FREED, Sarah BLUMENTHAL, Louis 1900-Jun-09
FREEMAN, Ellen JORDAN, Allen 1879-Mar-24
FREEMAN, Emily OWENS, Jim 1878-Jan-20
FREEMAN, Mandy HALL, Anderson 1890-Oct-18
FREEMAN, Susan MACK, Dan 1878-Mar-09
FRENCH, C E COGGINS, W C 1898-Mar-16
FRENCH, Martha BRIDGES, Dock 1879-May-08
FRIDAY, Lizzie DAVIS, Z 1873-Jan-08
FRIEND, Ellen GIBSON, Joseph 1871-May-18
FRIEND, Malvena GORDON, Munroe 1875-May-21
FRIERSON, Belle STOVALL, Abe 1877-Feb-24
FUGATE, Sallie A MANSELL, W D 1878-Jan-24
FULCHER, Katie COX, Harlin 1933-Dec-19
FULCHER, Rutha Etta COMPTON, Lewis H 1937-Apr-22
FULGER, Emma Mrs WHITEHEAD, Armstead 1884-Dec-06
FULLER, Mattie MITCHELL, Mattie 1888-Feb-13
FULTON, Martha KENNEDY, Josh 1890-May-16
FURGERSON, Lou GLOVER, George 1891-Dec-21
FURGERSON, Mamie HASKINS, J O 1890-Nov-24
FURGESON, Mamie BROOKS, G L 1890-Apr-21



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