Lee County Grooms

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UNDERWOOD, C Clyde ADAMS, Etoil 1910-Nov-20
UNDERWOOD, John Thomas KING, Ellen E 1891-Sep-01
UNDERWOOD, M M BATTLE, A C Miss 1882-Feb-21
UNDERWOOD, T M WOOD, Mollie F 1883-Sep-28
UNDERWOOD, Thomas M BURTON, Angie 1874-Nov-13
UPCHURCH, W A CUNNINGHAM, Maggie 1882-Jan-02
VANCE, Andrew STOVALL, Becky Mrs 1900-Mar-28
VANCE, Anthony DUKE, Edna 1905-Apr-13
VANCE, R S WOTSON, Minnie Mrs 1907-Aug-24
VANCE, S A ALLEN, Martha Ann 1888-Jan-01
VANCE, S A WEBB, Maude 1895-Nov-07
VANCE, Will MCWILLIAMS, Mazelle 1909-Dec-28
VANCE, William JOHNSON, Sarah 1902-Dec-11
VANDIVER, J S GRISSOM, Jennie B 1886-Feb-03
VANDIVER, J Sloan FEEMSTER, Blanche 1904-Dec-26
VANDIVER, T W DYER, Nancy 1905-Jul-02
VANDIVER, Turner WESTMORELAND, Irene 1906-Feb-01
VARNELL, R W MCCARTY, Lula 1907-Feb-24
VASSON, James ROGERS, Eliza 1909-Dec-20
VAUGHN, Alf PRICE, Georgia 1910-Jun-08
VAUGHN, Arthur ELZY, Anna 1902-Nov-18
VAUGHN, Charlie GIBSON, Georgia 1907-Jul-21
VAUGHN, Charlie GRAY, Irene 1904-Jul-24
VAUGHN, Cooper HADLEY, Annie 1910-Dec-27
VAUGHN, Cooper WHITE, Mary 1907-Jun-18
VAUGHN, G W GANN, Matilda Jane 1888-Oct-30
VAUGHN, J F GARMON, Clara 1892-Jan-17
VAUGHN, James M MILLER, Margaret 1869-Oct-12
VAUGHN, Jim FORBES, Mary 1904-Dec-25
VAUGHN, N W CHAMBERS, S J Miss 1868-Jan-09
VAUGHN, Oliver SPENCE, Lethea 1899-Sep-03
VAUGHN, R H MORGAN, Minnie L 1885-Oct-18
VAUGHN, Stanley L SNIPER, Lillian 1909-Oct-10
VAUGHN, W FARMER, Pearl 1904-Jun-16
VERNER, E T VIVIAN, Sudduth 1904-Dec-22
VERNON, F D HENDSON, Eliza 1867-Nov-27
VESS, H A GARDNER, Sarah Francis 1908-Sep-10
VINSON, Clarence LINDSEY, Dora 1908-Sep-13
VINSON, G W ADDISON, Fannie 1907-Apr-13
VINSON, M E SPEARS, Callie 1869-Jan-05
VINSON, W H DILLARD, Parolee 1907-Jun-16
VIRGIN, Lucien LONG, Ada 1905-Oct-12
VISER, J H HILL, S A Miss 1872-Dec-04



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