Lee County Grooms


EARNEST, William TARVER, Ada Susan 1898-Jan-09
EARREY, R S RUSSELL, Mollie 1901-Oct-20
EASLEY, Ben AGNEW, Fannie 1909-Feb-07
EASLEY, R W TRICE, Loula 1882-Nov-06
EASTER, Albert HESTER, Leanna 1887-Feb-06
EASTERLING, Charlie WAGES, Bessie 1907-Mar-24
EASTERLING, I F HEWS, Nettie 1908-Dec-30
EASTERLING, I L WOOD, A R Miss 1892-Jan-13
EASTERLING, J F GRAY, Clennie 1888-Feb-22
EASTERLING, Thomas DUNAWAY, Nancy Ann 1883-Jan-16
EASTERLING, W H BOLEN, Margaret 1875-Jan-14
EASTERS, Jim BECKET, Lee Anna 1901-Jan-11
EASTERWOOD, Joe BARNES, Addie 1907-Sep-03
EASTLAND, Mark WADE, Sarah F 1881-Nov-07
EATMAN, H H MOBLEY, M C Miss 1869-Jul-30
EATMAN, J A SMITH, Malinda 1880-Dec-10
EATMAN, J Seth ROGERS, Josephine A 1875-Oct-19
EATON, Will EEDES, Evie 1908-Nov-08
EAVES, A L MCCRAW, Susan 1872-Apr-16
EAVES, John WALKER, Caroline 1872-Oct-21
EAVES, L L ANGLE, Amanda 1894-Dec-15
EAVES, L L HOBBS, Emma 1881-Dec-01
EAVES, W J CORLEY, S A E Miss 1868-Aug-06
ECKFORD, James M LOUGHRIDGE, Mollie E 1868-May-19
EDEN, Ed TRICE, Myrtle 1908-Dec-29
EDEN, W E RASBERRY, Ida Lee 1901-Aug-11
EDENS, F G SMITH, T A Miss 1867-Apr-14
EDENS, Lonza FIELDS, Sarah 1904-Dec-18
EDENS, T H MITTS, M E C Miss 1870-Feb-21
EDENS, Thomas CAMPBELL, Jessie 1894-Jun-03
EDGE, A H CUMMINGS, Mary 1888-Nov-15
EDGE, J E HOPKINS, Ada 1908-Jan-19
EDGE, Samuel PARHAM, Elzora 1879-May-10
EDGE, W A COGGINS, M C Miss 1869-Nov-17
EDGE, Warren RAPER, Catharine 1879-Jan-13
EDGE, William Lee PARKER, Linnie 1897-Feb-28
EDWARDS, Alex MONAGHAN, Lou Mrs 1887-Aug-21
EDWARDS, B F FRANCIS, M C Miss 1867-Sep-16
EDWARDS, B J COGGINS, Emma Della 1888-Feb-03
EDWARDS, C C FINNEY, Ida 1897-Nov-28
EDWARDS, Camilous STOVALL, Jonnie May 1910-May-11
EDWARDS, Charlie SPRINGER, Etta 1910-Nov-13
EDWARDS, D H REA, Nettie L 1892-Dec-18
EDWARDS, D T WHITAKER, Fannie 1908-Jan-26
EDWARDS, David EVANS, M M Miss 1876-Nov-14
EDWARDS, Ed CARMICHAEL, Lula 1905-Aug-06
EDWARDS, Ed HODGE, Rosetta 1910-Apr-30
EDWARDS, Ed TAYLOR, Carrie 1909-Jun-17
EDWARDS, F M BRYANT, E L Miss 1870-Aug-24
EDWARDS, George HATCHETT, Bettie 1903-Nov-10
EDWARDS, George D GRAY, Dollie 1887-Dec-06
EDWARDS, Isaac EDWARDS, Emmie 1905-Apr-13
EDWARDS, J H VANDIVER, Ollie 1901-May-01
EDWARDS, Jake TARDY, Mary Frank 1902-Oct-08
EDWARDS, Jeffie COX, A B 1909-Jan-06
EDWARDS, Jim MAGNES, Rhody 1905-Apr-19
EDWARDS, Jim SAWYER, Sarah 1905-Jun-10
EDWARDS, John CARTER, Sallie 1883-Sep-15
EDWARDS, John C STEVENSON, Lula 1888-Apr-05
EDWARDS, John H JONES, C A Miss 1873-Feb-07
EDWARDS, L D WILLIAMS, P E Miss 1879-Aug-22
EDWARDS, M W DODSON, Alice 1888-Aug-20
EDWARDS, M W TURNER, Lucinda M 1868-May-01
EDWARDS, R L LESLIE, Alice 1896-Dec-13
EDWARDS, S C REID, Fannie 1868-Nov-17
EDWARDS, Sim EDEN, Luberta 1908-Apr-06
EDWARDS, Swep REID, Cora 1902-Dec-30
EDWARDS, T W DODSON, Sarah J 1885-Sep-10
EDWARDS, W A JOHNSON, Martha 1868-Sep-24
EDWARDS, W B WATERS, Maggie 1906-Mar-15
EDWARDS, W D LESLEY, Maggie J 1886-Aug-01
EDWARDS, Will WINDON, Eliza 1908-Dec-24
EDWARDS, Wils CUNNINGHAM, Maggie 1908-Oct-22
ELAGE, James P OUTLAW, Emma 1883-Jan-01
ELAM, E C HARRIS, Julia 1909-Jul-15
ELDER, John COLEMAN, Anna 1903-Apr-24
ELDRIDGE, B F ALREAD, Sarah 1897-Nov-29
ELKIN, Clem LAWSON, J M 1873-Nov-25
ELKIN, T F Dr ARMSTRONG, Lottie 1901-Feb-14
ELKIN, T F Dr CLARK, Susie 1896-Jan-19
ELKINS, Willie FREEMAN, Rosetta 1902-Dec-23
ELLEDGE, Hoyt GENTRY, Jessie 1909-May-16
ELLENBURG, G W CANTERBERRY, Dora Belle 1903-Mar-05
ELLIFF, James BOREN, Sallie J 1875-Feb-27
ELLIOTT, B M BULLARD, Florence A 1891-Nov-27
ELLIOTT, C M SUMNER, Rena 1894-Oct-02
ELLIOTT, Duff BURNS, May 1905-Mar-11
ELLIOTT, F W DOTSON, Mary 1904-Jun-25
ELLIOTT, Fleetwood ORR, Mollie F 1871-Sep-12
ELLIOTT, Ione LEAKE, Memory E 1898-Jun-22
ELLIOTT, J A JOHNSON, Ollie E 1883-Dec-02
ELLIOTT, J W SCHUMPERT, Addie 1889-Oct-01
ELLIOTT, Jeff HESTER, Monettie 1890-Dec-26
ELLIOTT, M C TOPP, Sothia 1872-May-16
ELLIOTT, P D HINTON, Eliza 1884-Mar-06
ELLIOTT, Sam BARNES, Maggie Mrs 1902-Jul-27
ELLIOTT, W C MCDONALD, Hattie 1891-Jan-25
ELLIOTT, W S THOMASON, Mollie 1884-Oct-20
ELLIS, B BOOKER, Lucy 1910-Dec-10
ELLIS, B F ELLIOTT, Nan 1899-Nov-12
ELLIS, B M OSWALT, Nancy 1901-Feb-17
ELLIS, Ed MATHEWS, Ora 1904-Mar-11
ELLIS, George COFFEE, Eva 1904-Dec-27
ELLIS, Lewis SYKES, Belle 1905-Apr-23
ELLIS, Marcus DEAN, Susan 1880-Aug-12
ELLIS, Marcus Lafayette FLOYD, Sarah Ann 1873-Sep-13
ELLIS, Thomas ALREAD, Francis 1903-Nov-29
ELLIS, W P DALLAS, Elizabeth 1873-Mar-18
ELLIS, Walter HERNDON, Gussie 1898-Dec-18
ELLIS, Walter SANDERS, Ollie 1901-Mar-28
ELLIS, William Belver MITCHELL, Lois 1908-Oct-05
ELLISON, E STURDIVANT, Mary Mrs 1871-Dec-13
ELLISON, J D HAMILTON, Ida 1876-Jan-16
ELMORE, L G BOLEN, M E Miss 1868-May-07
ELWRATH, F P ROGERS, Sarah Evelyn 1898-Aug-02
ELZY, Anthony MCMILLAN, Maggie Mrs 1903-Jan-23
ELZY, P S GARMON, M A Miss 1873-Nov-29
EMERSON, Frank WILSON, Chat 1900-Nov-11
EMERSON, Harvey SIBLEY, Sallie Lon 1904-May-21
EMERSON, J WALDROP, Mattie 1879-Nov-02
EMERSON, J A MCCARTY, Ida S 1894-Jul-25
EMERY, George W ROSE, M J Miss 1869-Oct-06
ENGLISH, L L WILLIAMS, Fannie 1891-Jan-11
ENLOW, C D HAMILTON, Mollie 1907-Jan-02
ENLOW, C D SARGENT, Eliza Jane 1884-Nov-22
EPPERSON, Willie WOOD, C M 1888-Nov-26
EPTING, H V ROGERS, Mamie C 1905-Nov-15
EPTING, J B SMITH, N A Miss 1867-Dec-12
EPTING, Jacob FAIN, K P Miss 1893-Sep-13
EPTING, John SMITH, Mary 1905-Jun-08
EPTING, R B BOOTH, Jennie 1891-Mar-07
EPTING, S L GIBSON, Sallie 1891-Nov-26
EPTING, Thomas J BRYSON, E M Miss 1872-Sep-20
ERVIN, James FIELDER, Mollie 1880-Oct-16
ERVIN, W H FRANKLIN, Dezzie 1890-Dec-30
ERWIN, G W ROPER, Mollie 1908-Mar-01
ERWIN, James SANDLIN, Jane 1868-Nov-04
ESKRIDGE, Richard A HENDERSON, Georgia 1910-Nov-09
ESTES, A E HARWELL, Annie V 1884-Oct-22
ESTES, A J GRIFFIN, Georgia 1893-Aug-29
ESTES, A J WARD, Lucy 1883-Jan-29
ESTES, Arvillie JOHNSON, Purd 1908-Jan-17
ESTES, B A COGGINS, Lonie 1905-Feb-24
ESTES, B R REED, Mattie 1900-Mar-01
ESTES, E B BROWN, Mattie 1891-Apr-12
ESTES, E E DOTY, Lillie 1900-Nov-10
ESTES, E E DUNCAN, Mattie C 1888-Feb-21
ESTES, E E MCCARTY, Sarah C 1872-Aug-10
ESTES, H D BURTON, Louisa 1871-Jun-16
ESTES, J K PARTLOW, Cordie 1886-Jan-14
ESTES, J P BROOKS, Margarett 1896-Mar-11
ESTES, J P BROOKS, Margarett 1876-Dec-20
ESTES, J P GARRETT, Jane 1896-Mar-11
ESTES, James A PAYNE, Martha M 1870-Nov-31
ESTES, Jeams CARTER, Savannah 1903-Mar-02
ESTES, John K MCCARTY, N D Miss 1877-Feb-05
ESTES, Marion RUFF, Leola 1904-Oct-02
ESTES, Norbin HARRIS, Gurley 1909-Jan-23
ESTES, Ode WHITMAN, Rosette 1910-Dec-22
ESTES, R J WATSON, R A Miss 1884-Dec-03
ESTES, R K YOUNG, Rosie 1899-Oct-08
ESTES, Robert WILLIAMS, Edy 1909-Apr-10
ESTES, Sam SCHUMPERT, Elonia 1904-Dec-25
ESTES, W E TEMPLE, M E Miss 1898-Oct-04
ESTES, W O GIBSON, Bell 1885-Dec-15
ESTES, W R MULLENS, Lyddie 1901-Dec-01
EUBANKS, M B WOOSLEY, Ella 1888-Dec-27
EUBANKS, W B POPE, M A Miss 1869-Dec-24
EVANS, Burl GAMBRELL, Ironie 1910-Dec-25
EVANS, C B BRIGHT, Mollie 1873-Sep-29
EVANS, Clifford MCCALLUM, I H 1900-Dec-26
EVANS, Clifford MCCOLLUM, I H 1900-Dec-26
EVANS, Daniel BLACKBURN, Martha 1880-Nov-04
EVANS, E B BROWN, Ludie 1896-Jan-20
EVANS, Frank KNOWLES, M E Miss 1874-Nov-19
EVANS, G C MONAGHAN, Mary 1910-Dec-20
EVANS, J F HILL, Fannie 1883-Nov-28
EVANS, J F WARDLOW, Della 1888-Aug-29
EVANS, J H THOMPSON, Josaphine 1875-Nov-25
EVANS, J T MCELHANNEN, L E Miss 1877-Oct-11
EVANS, J V STEPHENSON, Madye 1909-Dec-15
EVANS, James LOVE, Mary V 1876-Dec-07
EVANS, James M MANN, Sallie 1894-Jul-31
EVANS, L David WILLIAMS, Johnnie 1898-Feb-16
EVANS, L L HILL, Emma 1884-Jan-16
EVANS, N BRAZEAL, Julia H M 1874-Jan-26
EVANS, R M BOLTON, Mary E 1870-Oct-24
EVANS, T L LANN, Florence 1907-Mar-10
EVANS, T Z MOSELEY, Sudie 1902-Jan-05
EVANS, Thomas MCCARTY, Victoria A 1870-Dec-20
EVANS, W R COOK, Josie 1908-May-15
EVANS, W T HARRIS, Minnie 1899-Dec-15
EVANS, W T MCNEESE, Lizzie 1910-Dec-04
EVANS, Will Noah SHACKLEFORD, Annie 1903-Nov-01
EVANS, William HENDERSON, Lou 1870-Nov-08
EWEN, M M HARRISON, Nannie 1877-Dec-18
EWING, Charlie BANKS, Charlie 1904-Jan-03
EWING, J M PRICE, Theadocia 1875-Nov-04
EWING, James S JONES, Martha G 1875-Nov-02
EWING, P B CLAYTON, Sallie 1886-Jan-31
EWING, R R SULLIVAN, Sallie 1886-Nov-24
EWING, Richard CAMPBELL, Mattie 1906-Dec-10
EYSTER, John C DAUGHERTY, Anna Laural 1887-Jun-16
EZELL, J M WOODS, Belle 1898-Mar-03
EZELL, John Henry SCALES, Maud 1901-Aug-30
EZELL, Tim MAREHBANKS, Jessie 1906-Jan-07



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