Lee County Brides

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YAGGER, Mary C STEPHENS, G W 1872-Feb-08
YARBROUGH, Addie CALVIN, J D 1884-Oct-28
YEAGER, Ella CUMMINGS, B G 1906-Dec-23
YEAGER, Etta GENTRY, Lansford 1909-Aug-03
YEAGER, Mollie WOODARD, John 1878-Apr-16
YEILDING, Virgie BEEK, Brackster 1907-Mar-10
YOUNG, Adel WEBB, G W 1892-Dec-11
YOUNG, Amanda BONDS, Burt 1900-Aug-01
YOUNG, Amanda FERRELL, G W 1886-Mar-23
YOUNG, Annie ROPER, John 1906-Aug-12
YOUNG, Avery WILLIAMS, Tom 1909-Jan-02
YOUNG, Belle COCHRAN, W R 1899-Mar-18
YOUNG, Belle WRIGHT, Sam 1904-Feb-11
YOUNG, Betsy HENRY, Van 1901-Mar-19
YOUNG, Dezzey COGGINS, O B 1896-May-15
YOUNG, E M Miss JOHNSON, John M 1883-Dec-13
YOUNG, Ellan LANSFORD, W S 1893-Jan-25
YOUNG, Ellen HERRING, L A 1904-Jan-20
YOUNG, Elma AGNEW, Alf 1904-Jan-10
YOUNG, Emile COLLIER, Frank 1904-May-05
YOUNG, Etta CUMMINGS, Willis 1901-Nov-14
YOUNG, Fina BILLINGSLEY, Allen 1904-Nov-23
YOUNG, Henrietta BOBO, Valie 1905-Nov-13
YOUNG, Ida AGNEW, Sam 1903-Aug-16
YOUNG, Ila MOORE, E C 1897-Dec-26
YOUNG, J A Miss BAKER, R N 1873-Oct-23
YOUNG, Josie MOORE, Frank 1902-May-18
YOUNG, June A SPINCER, W R 1874-Mar-04
YOUNG, Katie COCKRELL, George R 1903-Mar-18
YOUNG, Laura WHITESIDES, Ben 1900-May-13
YOUNG, Laura L MAHON, J G 1867-Feb-25
YOUNG, Lellia M TEMPLE, William E 1892-Feb-17
YOUNG, Lephy MILLER, Allen 1902-Feb-04
YOUNG, Lizzie MARTIN, Noah 1880-Jan-20
YOUNG, Loaweny CHERRY, Charles O 1905-Dec-17
YOUNG, Lou HORTON, J B 1892-Dec-21
YOUNG, Lutie COGGIN, Abram 1899-Nov-19
YOUNG, M A Miss BRADEN, Andrew 1899-Mar-07
YOUNG, M A Miss MORGAN, T E 1891-Nov-08
YOUNG, M E Miss CLARK, Thomas H 1888-Jan-05
YOUNG, M L Miss MOORE, T S 1876-Jan-06
YOUNG, Maggie DALRYMPLE, Louis 1910-May-14
YOUNG, Maggie E BRYSON, John W 1875-Nov-24
YOUNG, Martha D BALDWYN, W E 1886-Nov-11
YOUNG, Mary COGGIN, I B 1908-Dec-21
YOUNG, Mary CONWILL, John 1902-Nov-30
YOUNG, Mary GRANT, Will 1908-Nov-13
YOUNG, Mattie COGGIN, J G 1896-Nov-08
YOUNG, Mattie PORTER, C A 1910-Dec-21
YOUNG, Mose CROCKETT, Vinie 1905-Nov-29
YOUNG, Mollie GARDNER, Henry 1901-Dec-18
YOUNG, Mollie STERNS, Barney 1904-Jan-09
YOUNG, Nina TOPSCOTT, C A 1907-Jan-01
YOUNG, Oda COGGIN, I B 1890-Jul-30
YOUNG, Ollie BONDS, John 1902-Aug-10
YOUNG, Pearl HANKINS, D O 1907-Oct-27
YOUNG, Rachil Elvira CLARK, Thomas 1883-Dec-13
YOUNG, Rosana HARRIS, Paul 1908-Dec-23
YOUNG, Rosie ESTES, R K 1899-Oct-08
YOUNG, S J Miss RAY, W T 1877-Sep-20
YOUNG, S Miss MINGA, N C 1900-May-27
YOUNG, Vica KERNEY, Joseph 1878-Jun-18
YOUNG, Viola ARNOLD, E F 1898-Dec-21
YOUNG, Viola SMITH, S O 1906-Feb-17
YOUNGER, Sallie ALLEN, J R 1868-Nov-25



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