Lee County Brides

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NABORS, Ella DICKSON, Henry 1903-May-16
NABORS, M E Miss BASKIN, C C 1906-Oct-17
NABORS, Mary CARTER, Willie 1900-Aug-04
NAIL, Mahola THARR, W R 1905-Aug-20
NANNEY, Ida YARBROUGH, B F 1907-Aug-15
NANNEY, Nettie HORTON, W L 1899-Mar-22
NANNY, Maud MABRY, B M 1901-Jul-21
NAPOLEON, Maria BETTS, Lige 1902-Jul-09
NATHAN, Ada BETTS, Montrose 1908-May-03
NATHAN, Minnie KIRKSEY, Ben 1904-Jul-22
NEAL, Edna Pearl LANEY, G L 1899-Dec-10
NEAVES, Alice WADE, J T 1880-Dec-21
NEAVES, Anna MEARS, W L 1889-Sep-04
NEAVES, Brancy HAMELTON, J M 1881-Feb-08
NEBLETT, Date NEVILLS, Charles 1907-Nov-14
NEDY, Mary Alma BEARD, James W 1903-Jun-07
NEELY, Lena GREEN, O T H 1894-Jan-14
NELSON, Allie HARRIS, Steve 1907-Aug-07
NELSON, Hazie LEDBETTER, Jess 1907-Jun-10
NELSON, I N Miss OWEN, James L 1890-Oct-12
NELSON, Jane Mrs MERCER, Jesse 1909-Feb-23
NELSON, Julia A TAYLOR, W D 1870-Sep-08
NELSON, Lizzie BURNETT, Louis B 1874-Jan-14
NELSON, Lucy V ARCHER, G T 1879-Aug-28
NELSON, M E Miss BASKIN, William E 1869-Sep-20
NELSON, Mary E JONES, J F 1906-Mar-25
NELSON, Mollie A BRADLY, W M 1869-Mar-05
NELSON, S W Miss BECKHAM, A W 1883-Jan-31
NELSON, Sallie HOPKINS, Thomas 1883-Sep-12
NELSON, Susan M POWELL, O P 1876-Aug-16
NEWBERRY, Daisy JONES, Will 1904-Dec-03
NEWBERRY, Josie BRYSON, Neal 1904-May-08
NEWBERRY, Mabel BARKER, John 1903-Oct-28
NEWBERRY, Marye COLSON, Jess 1910-Jan-08
NEWBERRY, Minnie JACKSON, C H 1902-Dec-14
NEWCOMB, Dollie SPEARMAN, Asberry 1904-Sep-07
NEWCOMB, Festie DENNIS, J B 1910-Jan-29
NEWELL, Janie GRAY, J A 1892-Oct-09
NEWELL, M C Miss ALBRITTON, W J 1886-Nov-09
NIBBLETT, Lizzie SULLINGS, William R 1897-May-19
NIBLETT, Dovie HORTON, J V 1892-Mar-11
NIBLETT, Lena KELLY, J N 1903-Oct-21
NIBLETT, Mary WAGES, Madison 1908-Jan-29
NIBLETT, Mattie KELLY, Jim 1898-Feb-27
NIBLETT, Rosetta WRIGHT, P C 1895-Apr-04
NICHOLES, Mary Melvina HESTER, John 1876-Jan-13
NICHOLS, Clemmie LANEY, J A 1900-Dec-09
NICHOLS, Lillian BETHAY, Ed 1901-Nov-10
NICHOLS, Margarett A SINTER, J M 1869-Feb-08
NICHOLS, Pearl Mrs NICHOLS, Henry W 1899-Dec-15
NICHOLS, S J Miss GILSTRAP, M 1872-Aug-16
NICHOLSON, Gladys DYE, James R Jr 1909-Nov-14
NICHOLSON, Katie WILLIAMS, Oscar 1899-Jan-25
NICHOLSON, Lizzie ALLEN, E W 1874-Jul-28
NICHOLSON, M E Miss WILLIAMS, Joe 1899-Dec-18
NICHOLSON, Nannie WRIGHT, J P 1899-Aug-21
NIX, Leola HALL, E H 1910-Apr-19
NIX, Madie HARPER, Cary 1904-Jun-07
NOE, Georgeanna SMITH, John 1881-Nov-30
NOE, Margaret SEABORN, C C 1906-Aug-10
NOLEN, B L Miss MCCOLLUM, William M 1882-Aug-17
NOLES, Emeline HINSON, James W 1868-Mar-07
NORMAN, Edna THOMAS, Lee 1903-Oct-09
NORMAN, Hattie Etta WALKER, M N 1902-Sep-10
NORRIS, Dora MCKISSACK, John T 1907-Dec-12
NORRIS, Ethel COWLEY, George 1910-Jan-16
NORRIS, Myrtle MCNEAL, W A 1905-Apr-13
NORTON, Eliza BRYSON, Ludy P 1884-May-07
NORTON, Ella BRISTOW, G W 1882-Apr-13
NORTON, M C Miss SMITH, Stephen 1881-Feb-17
NORTON, P H Miss CROCKETT, Maud 1908-Nov-25
NORTON, Rosa Estelle PATTON, C W 1902-Dec-20
NORWOOD, Emma A CLAIBORNE, M 1873-Nov-26
NORWOOD, R A Miss MILLER, J W 1881-Oct-15
NUNELEE, M A Miss MERRITT, W B 1867-Oct-20
NUNLEE, Alice WARD, K C 1877-May-05
NUNN, Phoeba LIGHT, Henry 1905-Nov-28
NUNNELEE, Allie BEAN, Joel S 1895-Dec-24
NUNNLEE, Lillian L ALTOM, John A 1881-Dec-08
OATES, Carol W CLARK, Murrell W 1902-Jul-16
OCALLAGAN, E E Miss STRAIN, W H 1876-Nov-23
OCALLAGHAN, Bessie MCALLSTER, Jud 1904-Jun-26
OCALLAGHAN, Lizzie BROOKS, S A 1880-Feb-25
OCALLAGHAN, Lou RICE, A W 1889-Oct-23
OLER, Mary JONES, Harvey 1910-Jul-14
OLIVER, Estella FREEMAN, George 1906-Mar-25
OLIVER, Hattie GILLESPIE, Eugene 1903-Apr-04
OLIVER, Ida ORR, C 1900-Jul-15
OLIVER, Mabel HORTON, J G 1894-Nov-14
OLIVER, Margaret C JOPLING, B T 1867-Nov-28
OLIVER, Tempia YATES, B I 1897-Nov-26
ONEAL, Laura LATHAN, Soloman 1904-Dec-24
OREAR, Milley HAYNES, J M 1871-Sep-18
OREAR, Sarah F JONES, Stephen F 1891-Jul-15
ORR, Alice CASON, Mose 1904-Sep-02
ORR, Florence SCOTT, Richard 1901-Nov-05
ORR, J L Miss REID, L W 1882-Dec-18
ORR, Jennie LEE, Isom 1904-Jun-12
ORR, Mollie F ELLIOTT, Fleetwood 1871-Sep-12
ORR, Rose DILLARD, Henry 1907-Mar-30
OSBORN, Dora Mary MCNUTT, Berry 1904-Oct-03
OSBORN, Nancy M SNIPES, Sion 1880-Jan-06
OSBORNE, Bessie K HOPKINS, William M 1905-Sep-24
OSBORNE, Sallie O Mrs HARRISON, W F 1888-Dec-30
OSHIELDS, Emma THOMAS, J C 1873-Nov-19
OSHIELDS, Ida D BRYSON, C L 1881-Oct-17
OSHIELDS, Laura CAVER, Richard 1871-Jan-25
OSWALT, Elmina MACKEY, J M 1902-Jan-26
OSWALT, Ida MCCOLLUM, L L 1909-Apr-17
OSWALT, Lula MARTIN, George 1908-Sep-18
OSWALT, Madie MACKEY, W H 1906-Jan-15
OSWALT, Mary RICHARDSON, N D 1898-Jan-05
OSWALT, Melvere Mrs LAMB, William 1901-Sep-03
OSWALT, Nancy ELLIS, B M 1901-Feb-17
OSWALT, Nellie LEE, C M 1905-Dec-24
OULY, Francis Mrs ARNOLD, Ira L 1881-Apr-07
OUTLAW, Emma ELAGE, James P 1883-Jan-01
OUTLAW, Fannie TAPP, W L 1886-Mar-10
OUTLAW, Louisa BLACKWELL, William 1881-Jun-12
OUTLAW, Mandy HALL, Sidney 1906-Jul-04
OUTLAW, Sarah GRIFFIN, A B 1870-Jun-07
OUTLAW, Sarah PIERCE, John T 1867-Dec-20
OWEN, E L Miss COOPER, William 1874-Dec-09
OWEN, Emma MURPHY, Eph 1910-Dec-20
OWEN, Etta HOUSTON, N F 1891-Sep-10
OWEN, Ida CARNATHAN, William 1892-Sep-28
OWEN, Ila May WILSON, H B 1909-Apr-18
OWEN, Louis HORTON, Dola 1910-Jan-14
OWEN, Lucy ADERHOLT, J S 1898-Oct-30
OWEN, Mary B HOWELL, J B 1878-Apr-24
OWEN, Mary Lou MARTIN, Tom 1908-May-16
OWEN, Pearl PEARCE, J L 1910-Sep-18
OWENS, Alice BARKER, Joe 1910-Apr-02
OWENS, Emma JAMISON, John 1908-Sep-12
OWENS, Katie ROGERS, Stephens 1904-Sep-28
OWENS, M L Miss CHRISTIAN, T L 1901-Apr-27
OWENS, Malissa TRICE, Henry 1904-Aug-20



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