Lee County Brides


KANADEY, Mattie YOUNG, S L 1884-Aug-11
KELLEY, Margaret KELLEY, John 1896-Jun-21
KELLEY, Mollie WILSON, E S 1897-Sep-08
KELLUM, Annie LONG, G W 1894-Oct-28
KELLUM, L A Miss LONG, G W 1884-Jul-24
KELLUM, M F Miss LONG, Henry L 1878-Nov-30
KELLY, Beckie BOYD, Reuben 1908-Jan-05
KELLY, Belle COLEMAN, Bud 1902-Sep-24
KELLY, Callie REAGH, B F 1900-Nov-04
KELLY, Ettie LAMB, Lee 1903-Dec-30
KELLY, Hattie BROWN, A F 1899-Mar-29
KELLY, Maggie HUFFMAN, T E 1910-Dec-28
KELLY, Nannie MCMILLAN, E K 1899-Mar-12
KELLY, S E Miss TREADWELL, John H 1872-Nov-23
KELLY, Sallie ALEXANDER, G W 1901-Mar-17
KELLY, Susan LESSELL, Marion 1904-Aug-28
KEMBRY, Georgia MASON, Leonard 1905-Oct-05
KEMP, M J Miss HAWKINS, E D 1905-Dec-20
KEMP, Mely MANSILL, A W 1909-Dec-10
KENDRICK, Bettie HARRIS, Isham 1888-Dec-06
KENDRICK, Dora Mrs ROGERS, W A 1904-Oct-13
KENDRICK, Georgia PUCKETT, R C 1892-Jan-17
KENDRICK, Harritt MCCARTY, Dennis 1883-Oct-02
KENDRICK, Maud LILLY, T J 1901-Feb-28
KENNADY, M J Miss REYNOLDS, B F 1873-Sep-08
KENNEDY, Beulah MCPHERSON, G W 1898-Dec-13
KENNEDY, Dora Lillian SAMPLE, Vay 1908-Jun-03
KENNEDY, Eliza J TAYLOR, H A 1875-Jul-28
KENNEDY, Elizabeth KENNEDY, James 1877-Aug-28
KENNEDY, Ella LONG, William H Jr 1901-Oct-04
KENNEDY, F Miss KNOWLES, J N 1874-Dec-31
KENNEDY, Ira May PRATT, J A 1906-Dec-23
KENNEDY, Lillie WESTER, J S 1897-Jun-09
KENNEDY, Lula CODY, K C 1902-Nov-06
KENNEDY, Madie J ALLEN, H J 1902-Jul-24
KENNEDY, Mattie Mrs KENNEDY, J T 1886-Jan-18
KENNEDY, Minnie DA LEE, Frank 1905-Jan-01
KENNEDY, Minnie Lee HINDS, S B 1893-Nov-15
KENNEDY, Ronie Miss GRAY, James 1887-Dec-19
KENNEDY, S E Miss BARNES, William J 1876-Jan-09
KENNEDY, Vida BARNETT, W K 1902-Dec-03
KENNEY, M S  LANSFORD, Eld P 1889-Sep-09
KENNON, Christine MCCLAREN, Henry 1907-Jun-10
KENNON, Daisy HOBSON, Gilliam 1901-May-19
KENNON, Daisy MCGAUGHEY, Joe 1906-Nov-24
KENNON, Ella CLARK, C R 1903-Dec-22
KENNON, Janie GILLIAM, Lewis 1901-Dec-26
KENT, Clarinda RAPER, R E 1874-Dec-21
KENT, Elizabeth ARMSTRONG, Smith 1875-Nov-15
KENT, Janie GREEN, J P 1871-Oct-19
KENT, Persiller BEDFORD, N W 1868-Sep-06
KERNODLE, Alice WHEELER, William S 1899-Nov-01
KEYES, Allie SULLIVAN, J F 1895-Jul-13
KEYES, Daisy THOMPSON, George L 1903-Feb-18
KEYES, Hattie Sue HUDSON, F M 1905-Jun-28
KEYES, Kate FRANCIS, Wiley G 1909-Apr-15
KEYS, Julia HAMPTON, W R 1867-Mar-25
KIDD, Bell TAYLOR, C W 1890-Dec-24
KILLINGHAM, Martha TURNER, James 1903-Nov-22
KILPATRICK, Nannie E COBB, W H 1887-Dec-22
KILPATRICK, Susie SIMMONS, B C 1892-Nov-16
KIMBALL, Sallie ALLEN, Frank 1901-Jun-16
KIMBLE, Effie BARNES, George 1907-Dec-07
KIMBLE, Julia ARMSTRONG, Ned 1903-Dec-06
KIMBLE, Luer WATTS, Calvin 1902-Feb-09
KIMBRELL, Sinnie BARNETT, Nancy 1906-Aug-15
KIMBROUGH, Easter MORRIS, Bill 1900-Dec-25
KIMMONS, Josie MCINTOSH, Charlie 1903-Dec-20
KIMMONS, Nettie CLARK, John 1877-Aug-07
KINARD, Louisa MATHEWS, John H 1878-May-11
KINCANNON, Bessie DAUGHERTY, G C 1899-Oct-25
KINCANNON, Imogene ROBINS, D W 1893-Dec-28
KINCANNON, Minnie ROGERS, O B 1890-Nov-05
KINCANNON, Patti BRATHER, C S 1901-Aug-04
KING, Blanche TRELOUR, Arthur Wyndaham 1898-Feb-19
KING, Cassie R BALLARD, F E 1896-Nov-11
KING, Clarissa MCFARLING, J V 1906-Jan-07
KING, Cleo KIRKPATRICK, W 1904-Aug-06
KING, Dora RIFE, Charles A 1904-Sep-27
KING, Elizabeth PRATT, James 1872-Dec-16
KING, Ellen MCWILLIAMS, M C 1910-Jul-23
KING, Ellen E UNDERWOOD, John Thomas 1891-Sep-01
KING, Jennett JONES, Jack 1907-Jul-29
KING, Libby T DOWDLE, Samuel T 1906-Feb-04
KING, Margaret IVEY, B R 1910-Jul-12
KING, Martha W OCONNER, James 1881-Jul-12
KING, Mattie BROWN, D B 1888-Jul-01
KING, Media LUCAS, Edward J 1884-Oct-02
KING, Mollie ROGERS, J W 1892-Oct-11
KING, Rosa CUNNINGHAM, W F 1882-Nov-04
KING, Sallie GIVHAN, John 1908-Mar-14
KING, Tempie TACKETT, Andrew 1891-Sep-16
KINGSLEY, Alice HOYLE, S L 1897-Mar-23
KINGSLEY, Essie BALDWIN, Lindsey 1903-Sep-08
KINGSLEY, Evoline CHRISTIAN, R H 1886-Feb-18
KINGSLEY, Gobie STEVENS, William H 1904-Sep-07
KINGSLEY, Maggie MCCULLY, J D 1901-Sep-15
KINGSLEY, Nannie CHRISTIAN, J B 1895-Jul-21
KINGSLEY, Quilla HANKINS, A J 1908-Apr-12
KIRBY, Virginia E COX, George 1880-Sep-11
KIRK, Phronie WILLIAMS, Will 1910-Dec-25
KIRKPATRICK, Bettie MCCULLOUGH, Robert 1875-Dec-15
KIRKPATRICK, Corinne MCCORD, S B 1899-Nov-30
KIRKPATRICK, M M Miss ROBINSON, Coleman 1876-Jan-19
KIRKPATRICK, Mary KEYES, F G 1904-Jul-20
KIRKSEY, Beatrice PRICE, Anthony 1908-Dec-29
KIRKSEY, Carrie PRICE, James 1906-Apr-03
KISOR, Pearl HARMON, J A 1907-Jan-03
KITCHEN, Virgie M REAGH, Richard 1908-Mar-15
KITCHENS, Rose RAINES, L E 1905-May-28
KITCHENS, Savannah LIVINGSTON, Pink 1908-May-23
KITCHENS, Thursday PLATT, J D 1905-Jan-25
KITTS, Olivia DONAHOE, T W 1890-Nov-30
KNIGHT, Allie REED, W Y 1893-Dec-14
KNIGHT, Hellen CLAYTON, George 1883-Jan-03
KNIGHT, Lucy REA, J M 1884-Nov-26
KNIGHT, Mary HALL, J W 1867-Sep-09
KNIGHT, Mary ROGERS, G B 1897-Dec-22
KNIGHT, Mattie MALONE, L B 1890-Sep-25
KNIGHT, Sallie KNIGHT, W C 1869-Oct-22
KNIGHT, Susie LATNER, Will 1899-Feb-26
KNOTT, Bettie TATUM, J O 1867-Mar-26
KNOWLES, Bessie ROBINSON, George 1907-Apr-26
KNOWLES, Charity WESSON, Sanford 1875-Dec-15
KNOWLES, Emma C PAYNE, W J 1889-Jan-27
KNOWLES, Georgia E ROBERTS, J A 1902-Nov-02
KNOWLES, J A Miss MOORE, W A 1895-Nov-24
KNOWLES, Lizzie CLAY, T L 1900-Apr-28
KNOWLES, Lizzie MCGAUGHEY, Elbert 1908-Oct-31
KNOWLES, Lizzie STONE, N J 1882-Oct-18
KNOWLES, M E Miss EVANS, Frank 1874-Nov-19
KNOWLES, Maggie HAWKINS, B O 1910-Jan-01
KNOWLES, Martha Ann SEAY, Daniel 1875-Jul-04
KNOWLES, Sallie WATSON, Zack 1898-Sep-04
KNOWLES, Sudie OWEN, H W 1901-Nov-27
KNOWLES, Susie ALLISON, Willis 1883-Dec-27
KOHEHEIM, Laura BURRESS, Decatur 1902-Dec-25
KOHLHEIM, Jessie DALRYMPLE, Jack 1906-Sep-22
KOHLHEIM, Mary LONG, A L 1904-Dec-31
KOHLHEIN, Fannie BURRESS, Luther 1905-Dec-25
KYLE, Frances M GILLION, P W 1881-Jan-20
KYLE, Lou L MCALLISTER, A P 1873-Feb-26
KYLE, Lula BROWN, L N 1902-Jul-31
KYLE, Margaret RUSSELL, C E 1869-Nov-30
KYLE, Margaret J MCCULLY, J T 1880-May-08
KYLE, Vilula RUSSELL, G D Jr 1869-Nov-30



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