Leake County Grooms

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YAREL, George BRASWELL, Jane 1876-Aug-10
YATES, Carroll ALLEN, Rosalina 1899-Jul-25
YATES, G T ALDERMAN, Amanda 1879-Jul-17
YATES, J T EUBANKS, Bettie 1884-Oct-22
YATES, J T EUBANKS, Fannie 1885-Jan-21
YATES, John W DEWITT, Nancy 1869-Dec-23
YATES, S ALLEN, H J Miss 1875-Oct-28
YATES, S A MOORE, Mary 1895-Oct-24
YEAGER, A P MARTIN, Mary Ann 1853-Nov-21
YEAGER, C L BRAZIER, M E Miss 1892-Oct-25
YEAGER, George MOORE, Minnie E 1875-Feb-11
YEARL, George KEY, E A Miss 1871-Nov-27
YORK, Albert STEWART, Emma 1886-Mar-08
YORK, Hiram PERRY, Eulah 1891-Dec-22
YORK, J H ELEY, Harriet 1894-Mar-04
YORK, James H WHITTED, Martha J 1866-Feb-27
YORK, John W ANDERSON, Elmera J Mrs 1865-Dec-27
YORK, John W BREWER, Edith Ann 1865-Dec-21
YORK, Jord WILLIAMS, Joe Miss 1886-Dec-29
YORK, Jordan ALLEN, Minnie 1894-Aug-01
YORK, Orra PERRY, Eliza 1896-Dec-07
YORK, Sampson CALLY, Seva Ann 1888-Apr-23
YOUNG, A J JONES, M J Miss 1876-Jan-22
YOUNG, A L MOORE, Nola 1897-Nov-21
YOUNG, Allen HARRIS, Saloma C 1866-Nov-28
YOUNG, B W BALLARD, Nannie 1899-Dec-28
YOUNG, C H WOODS, Margery I 1877-Oct-10
YOUNG, J T JONES, W C Miss 1888-Jan-13
YOUNG, J W MULLICAN, J A Miss 1897-Oct-31
YOUNG, James H BARNETT, Mary H 1868-Feb-27
YOUNG, Jasper N MASSEY, Margaret E 1856-May-01
YOUNG, John H ELLIS, S M Miss 1873-Dec-18
YOUNG, Lonnie REEVES, Bertie 1899-Oct-24
YOUNG, R H TOWNSEND, Fannie 1896-Jan-01
YOUNG, Robert JACKSON, Nelly 1872-Jul-05
YOUNG, W H SLAUGHTER, Mary 1888-Dec-14
YOUNG, Wash GEE, Tenney 1889-Nov-13
YOUNG, Wiley MCGEE, Lizzie 1899-Jan-18
YOUNG, William T HENDERSON, Martha 1869-Jan-07
YOUNGBLOOD, W F JOINER, Cora 1891-Jul-05
ZOLECOFFER, Cage BURT, Amanda 1877-Dec-27



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