Leake County Grooms

P - Q

PACE, David JOHNSON, Martha 1876-Dec-28
PACE, John BARNETT, Charlotte 1879-Aug-30
PAGE, J T SAVELL, Mollie 1886-Feb-07
PAGE, W R OXNER, Martha 1892-Jan-09
PAINE, F A SIMPSON, Josephine E 1880-Dec-28
PALMER, Isaac GARNER, 1849-Nov-20
PALMER, Isaac GUNN, ? Mrs 1849-Nov-20
PARAMORE, Benjamin H HERRINGTON, Martha 1854-Aug-05
PARAMORE, James H CASH, Charlotte A T 1867-Oct-31
PARAMOUR, B F DOUGLASS, M P Miss 1899-Oct-08
PARAMOUR, J W MCKAY, Lula 1896-Jan-01
PARKER, A L BEALL, E E Miss 1873-Jan-28
PARKER, Alexander LESLIE, Sarah A 1861-Jul-03
PARKER, Alfred KOMAHAN, Elizabeth 1853-Dec-27
PARKER, Anderson SPEARS, Minerva J 1868-Dec-03
PARKER, B M NORDEN, A J Miss 1887-Nov-30
PARKER, C F TATE, E L Miss 1890-Aug-09
PARKER, D B PERRY, S J Miss 1872-Jan-10
PARKER, Daniel MAYON, Lelan 1899-Jul-19
PARKER, F L BROOKS, Annie 1895-Feb-20
PARKER, F L THASHER, Lucy Ann 1855-Jan-22
PARKER, F P SPEARES, C T Miss 1872-Nov-12
PARKER, J H JOHNSON, E J Miss 1865-Jul-20
PARKER, J L MCKEE, Amanda 1887-Oct-14
PARKER, J R PERRY, Mary 1897-Dec-12
PARKER, James COLLIER, America 1871-Dec-07
PARKER, James MASSEY, Jane 1873-Dec-25
PARKER, James H , Louisa 1835-Dec-24
PARKER, James H GREEN, Louisa 1835-Dec-21
PARKER, John T COLEMAN, Nannie 1880-Jan-01
PARKER, Miles PARKER, Nancy 1837-Nov-14
PARKER, R P COWARD, Carrie 1893-Dec-24
PARKER, Reubin WILLIAMS, 1837-Dec-
PARKER, Reubin WILLIAMS, 1837-Dec-17
PARKER, T C MERCHANT, Della 1884-Dec-15
PARKER, W E MCDONALD, Minnie 1900-Dec-27
PARKER, W J REAGAN, Amanda F 1889-Nov-11
PARKER, W L COCKEROFT, Perlina 1869-Jul-02
PARKER, W L C PARKER, Roxy 1891-Jul-21
PARKER, W O COLEMAN, Dixie 1899-Jan-24
PARKER, W R WRIGHT, Laura E 1864-Dec-03
PARKER, William L RAWSON, Eliza Jane 1865-Nov-30
PARKES, W R LOVORN, Jessie A 1899-Feb-22
PARKS, R B ROUNDTREE, Emily J 1849-Jan-30
PARROTT, Frank HOLMES, Delia 1879-Dec-18
PARROTT, George YORK, Anna 1879-Dec-10
PARROTT, George T BARNES, Rowena E 1876-Mar-28
PARROTT, J W REYNOLDS, Anna 1880-Sep-16
PARROTT, Ralph LEFLORE, Julia 1879-Dec-12
PARROTT, Simon WASHINGTON, Sarah 1880-Dec-30
PARROTT, W S SPARKMAN, Mariah 1849-Jan-16
PARROTT, W S SPARKMAN, Marion 1849-Jan-16
PARTRIDGE, John HARRIS, Sallie 1875-Apr-14
PATRICK, Claude WRIGHT, Neill 1892-Apr-20
PATRICK, M L BARNES, C A Miss 1872-Dec-19
PATRICK, M L LINDSEY, Margaret 1881-Nov-02
PATRIDGE, A H DURANT, Gracie 1889-Jun-22
PATTERSON, Peter CLARK, Alice 1884-Dec-19
PATTERSON, Thomas A RENFROE, Mary 1865-Aug-31
PAYNE, J J JENKINS, Alice 1884-May-28
PAYNE, J M ODOM, Florence 1898-Feb-21
PAYNE, Joseph J SIMPSON, Sarah A 1869-Jun-11
PEARCH, Jeremiah RILEY, Martha 1841-Mar-10
PEARCY, Jeremiah RILLEY, Martha 1841-Mar-10
PEARSON, Paul JOHNSON, Maggie 1886-Jan-22
PEARSON, W L EDWARDS, Neva E 1898-Jan-19
PEEBLES, R M LEWIS, Minnie 1887-Jan-04
PENNELL, L J MCCRAW, Martha R 1879-Dec-24
PEOPLES, J H QUICK, Emma 1880-Dec-28
PEOPLES, Marshall WILLIAMS, M J Miss 1877-Dec-25
PEOPLES, R R RUSSELL, M E Miss 1879-Dec-28
PEOPLES, W R WHARTON, Alice 1877-Jan-23
PERKINS, W D ALFORD, Lula P 1897-Sep-23
PERRY, A D WILSON, Lena 1889-Sep-12
PERRY, Benjamin HILL, Lula 1886-Oct-24
PERRY, Bennie SMITH, Della 1898-Aug-28
PERRY, E M MANN, Minnie 1884-Dec-15
PERRY, G L AYRES, Hattie 1894-Nov-15
PERRY, George L BALL, Lucinda 1884-Oct-13
PERRY, J B CARROLL, Lizzie 1882-Oct-26
PERRY, J J SMITH, Lula 1896-Dec-10
PERRY, Joshua WILBANKS, Martha H 1862-Nov-16
PERRY, Rufus YORK, Lou 1890-Feb-26
PERRY, W D JAY, C B Miss 1874-Jul-27
PETERSON, D S GROVES, Laura 1900-Aug-20
PETERSON, D S ROLLINS, Kate Emma 1891-Feb-05
PETTIGREW, Clem LEWIS, Mariah 1874-Feb-12
PETTIGREW, James T SMITH, M S Miss 1860-Dec-20
PETTIGREW, R N LANGLEY, Mary 1872-Jun-30
PETTIGREW, Willie A WRIGHT, James M 1880-Jan-14
PETTIS, Z T COBB, M E Miss 1888-Dec-08
PETTY, T W MAJURE, Sallie 1878-Dec-18
PEVEY, Mat HARRIS, Ann 1879-Apr-29
PEYTON, Oliver ADISON, Elsie 1899-Nov-23
PHILIPS, A K HORN, Mary E 1862-Dec-04
PHILLIPS, B F OWENS, Maggie 1884-Feb-05
PHILLIPS, B F PARKER, Emily V 1865-Sep-28
PHILLIPS, C E BULLARD, Addie 1893-Mar-23
PHILLIPS, C E KELLY, L D Miss 1889-Dec-07
PHILLIPS, Calvin FINLEY, Caudacy 1873-Feb-06
PHILLIPS, Elias BLOCKER, Mary E 1871-Feb-12
PHILLIPS, F M SOVELL, M A Miss 1873-Oct-12
PHILLIPS, G W PARKER, Amanda Mrs 1894-Sep-18
PHILLIPS, George CHESCHIER, Laura 1896-Sep-03
PHILLIPS, George FULTON, Maria 1880-Mar-21
PHILLIPS, J C WILLIAMS, Alma 1890-Dec-17
PHILLIPS, J F MOORE, Callie 1895-Sep-22
PHILLIPS, J T HARRIS, Emma 1898-Nov-02
PHILLIPS, J W PHILLIPS, Amanda 1891-Aug-06
PHILLIPS, Jerry FULTON, Gillian 1881-Feb-10
PHILLIPS, John WILDER, Barbara 1887-Oct-05
PHILLIPS, John H SANDERS, Martha Ann 1867-Dec-05
PHILLIPS, John L PAGE, Emma 1898-Mar-27
PHILLIPS, L C HALL, Carrie 1891-Feb-28
PHILLIPS, Lewis ALDERMAN, P E Miss 1879-Sep-21
PHILLIPS, Lewis BARRETT, N A Miss 1888-Mar-09
PHILLIPS, Moses LUCY, Annis 1870-Jun-02
PHILLIPS, O B GREEN, Mollie 1896-Dec-24
PHILLIPS, O R MITCHEL, Nettie 1900-Dec-29
PHILLIPS, R RUSSELL, N Miss 1871-Oct-10
PHILLIPS, S D TURNER, Jane E 1872-Dec-29
PHILLIPS, S S BAILEY, R A Miss 1899-Nov-08
PHILLIPS, Seaborn MOORE, Sarah 1863-Oct-08
PHILLIPS, Solomon HALL, Georgia Ann 1881-Jan-13
PHILLIPS, Solomon TEAT, Jennie 1892-Dec-21
PHILLIPS, T C BRYANT, Georgia 1893-Dec-28
PHILLIPS, T J PERRY, Missouri 1895-Dec-15
PHILLIPS, Thomas B HARDAGE, Nancy M 1867-Feb-02
PHILLIPS, W F KNOWLES, Willie 1900-Dec-16
PHILLIPS, W F RUSSELL, S E Miss 1883-Dec-19
PHILLIPS, W I HORN, Martha F Mrs 1866-Sep-13
PHILLIPS, W P SCOTT, May 1889-Dec-23
PICKLE, Frank WOODALL, Lizzie 1881-Jan-30
PICKLE, G W WOODS, Nannie 1873-Nov-10
PICKLE, J L DOSS, Nancy J 1878-Apr-18
PICKLE, J M HENRY, L E Miss 1890-Dec-08
PICKLE, J R WOODS, C S Miss 1881-Mar-20
PICKLE, John LOWE, Elizabeth Mrs 1879-Nov-25
PICKLE, W A LEE, S E Miss 1877-Dec-24
PICKLE, William F SUDDUTH, Laura 1894-Dec-13
PIERSON, Mark PEIRCE, Nicey 1849-Nov-28
PIERSON, Mark PIERCE, Nicy 1849-Nov-28
PIGG, Augustus HUSTIN, Mary 1854-Nov-23
PIGG, D L SPARKMAN, Lizzie 1886-Jan-31
PIGG, D L TUCKER, Cintha 1881-Dec-22
PIGG, J W POPE, Amanda 1883-Jan-06
PIGG, J W WEIR, Francis C Mrs 1898-Jan-09
PIGG, Robert H GREER, Mary Ann 1869-Feb-04
PIGG, W C REIS, L D Miss 1891-Jan-02
PINCKARD, J R MOORE, Clara 1897-Jan-07
PITMAN, Wiley ALDERMAN, M E Miss 1868-Jul-05
PLUNKETT, R N MCGEE, Martha 1877-Jan-18
PLUNKETT, Robert N MCCOOL, Susan 1868-Jun-17
PLUNKETT, T E BELL, Mattie 1876-Aug-21
PLUNKETT, W J MYERS, Julia P 1881-Dec-22
POOLE, Willie THWEATT, Katie 1897-Feb-10
POPE, J W TREADWELL, Amanda 1894-Nov-22
POPE, James SESSUMS, Addie 1898-Dec-21
POPE, Little B EASTWOOD, Sarah W 1868-Jun-08
POPE, W M JONES, Sudie 1878-Dec-26
POPE, W R WHITE, Annie 1898-May-29
PORCH, Henry RENFROE, Sarah 1879-Jan-01
PORTER, Samuel COTHRON, Martha I Mrs 1853-Jul-31
PORTER, Sidney WOOTEN, Callie 1894-Sep-18
PORTER, W T SCRIVNER, M E Miss 1893-Jan-23
PORTER, Willie DAVIS, C Q 1892-Apr-02
POSEY, Joh C MOONEY, Martha 1850-Mar-01
POSEY, John C MOONY, Martha V E 1851-Mar-01
POUNCY, P A BUCK, Martha 1854-Sep-30
POWELL, Aaron WILSON, Elizabeth 1854-Sep-13
POWELL, C H CARSON, S L Miss 1875-Nov-28
POWELL, James H PARKER, Malinda 1867-Dec-09
POWELL, Shelton FISHER, Mary 1838-May-01
POWELL, William WHEELER, Betty 1888-Nov-20
POWERS, C L GRIGSBY, Carrie 1867-Nov-12
PRESLEY, A J MCCOLLUM, Martha 1870-Nov-10
PRESLEY, Alexander SULLIVAN, Tina 1853-Aug-04
PRESLEY, B H WILLIAMS, Mahaly 1856-Jan-18
PRESLEY, E H JONES, Harrit V 1865-Sep-28
PRESLEY, H M HILL, C A Miss 1873-Nov-15
PRESLEY, James M CAIN, Sarah Jane 1856-Apr-03
PRESLEY, Joe ALLEN, Amanda 1878-Aug-23
PRESLEY, Joe MCDONALD, Mollie 1879-Sep-21
PRESLEY, Lee COLLIER, Emma 1887-Aug-09
PRESLEY, O L WAGGONER, Birdie 1889-Dec-25
PRESLEY, R C IVY, Catharine 1875-Dec-26
PRESLEY, T A GROGAN, Maggie 1894-Dec-09
PRESS, BRANTLY, Retha 1889-Feb-07
PRESTIDGE, William WATKINS, A A Miss 1883-Jun-03
PRESTIGE, Robert A ANGLING, Lara 1884-Jul-07
PRICE, W P DAVIDSON, Martha 1893-Oct-19
PRIESTLY, Adam WILDER, Missouri 1896-Dec-27
PRIOR, J P LEWIS, M L Miss 1872-Dec-04
PRISCOCK, M A BOYD, S A Miss 1880-May-10
PRISCOCK, Oscar ATKISON, Mary A 1898-Jan-20
PUCKETT, Ed MCGEE, Ollie 1892-Dec-05
PULLAM, George FISHER, Martha 1876-Apr-13
PULLAM, Henry SHEPHERD, Hattie 1895-Jul-24
PULLIAM, Thomas A SWINNEY, Alice 1890-Jul-17
PULLUM, William MCMILLON, Elizabeth S 1855-Dec-09
PUTMAN, M F SAUNDERS, A E Miss 1899-Nov-16
PUTMAN, Robert WILLIAMS, Caroline 1890-Jan-04
QUICK, Henry HARPER, Nancy E 1881-Jan-22
QUICK, J R DANIELS, Lou 1877-May-09
QUICK, Kiah MILLS, Ella 1886-Jan-07
QUICK, T W MILLS, Susan 1887-Jan-03
QUICK, Wiseman ALFORD, Bashata 1889-Dec-25



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