Leake County Grooms

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NASH, Aaron MALLET, Sarah 1880-Jan-15
NASH, Abram TRUSS, Canzada 1894-Jun-03
NASH, Andrew SCOTT, Mary 1890-Dec-30
NASH, Andy MCKAY, Mary 1872-Feb-14
NASH, Calvin RILEY, Harriet 1895-Aug-18
NASH, Frank GEL, Hattie 1891-Nov-23
NASH, Frank MERRYWEATHER, Ella 1893-Aug-25
NASH, H B ROBY, Alsie 1892-Jan-09
NASH, Henry NASH, Callie 1894-Dec-24
NASH, John SANDERS, Millie 1889-Sep-14
NASH, Ky THOMAS, Mary 1900-Jan-25
NASH, Lewis MALLETT, Martha 1889-Dec-21
NASH, Oliver ROBY, Katie 1897-Dec-25
NASH, Prince DONALD, Sarah 1874-Jul-22
NASH, Prince MARTIN, Mariah 1886-Dec-25
NASH, Reuben ADAMS, Anne 1872-Oct-02
NASH, Rufus ROGERS, Josephine 1893-Dec-28
NASH, S N SMITH, M A Miss 1892-Aug-03
NASH, Solomon JACKSON, Sylvia 1877-Dec-19
NASH, Tilman HARRIS, Anna 1896-Dec-17
NASH, W B MCKAY, M R Miss 1877-Mar-27
NASH, Wash JENKINS, Emma 1874-Aug-07
NASH, Wash MERRIWEATHER, Laura 1886-Feb-12
NASH, William HICKS, Mary 1874-Sep-20
NASON, W O PARKER, Prissie 1898-Jan-01
NAZARY, C H THORNTON, M I Miss 1884-Dec-04
NAZARY, G G PHILLIPS, Martha A 1885-Jan-08
NEAL, John HARRIS, Lilla 1879-May-01
NEAL, Moses C BREWER, Martha E 1868-Jan-26
NEELEY, John SMITH, Julia A 1883-Dec-27
NEILL, J C FULTON, C E Miss 1875-Mar-21
NEILL, Jessie C STRIBLING, Cora 1899-Feb-12
NEILL, John C LOVORN, P A C Miss 1865-May-23
NEILL, Samuel P BALDWIN, Saloma A 1867-Feb-06
NEILL, Thomas S JACKSON, Eliza 1868-Apr-02
NEILL, William COLEMAN, Mary 1890-Jan-14
NELSON, John EDWARDS, S E Miss 1869-Dec-16
NELSON, Mitch HALEY, Maud 1895-Dec-14
NEVILS, W G ALLEN, Sarah B 1860-Jul-11
NEWBAL, E M DAVIDSON, Addie 1888-Nov-05
NEWBURN, D J RUSHING, S W Miss 1881-Dec-22
NEWBURN, G L HUDSON, M L Miss 1889-Jun-11
NEWMAN, R S HARRIS, Emma 1894-Feb-15
NEWSOM, B F MOONEY, Mary 1891-Aug-19
NEWSOM, Lenore BURT, R W 1883-Jul-08
NEWSOM, Richard WILKERSON, Susan Mrs 1862-Dec-16
NEWSOM, W P MAXEY, Emma 1892-Oct-04
NEWSOM, William A WALTON, Marga Ann 1862-Feb-25
NEWSOME, Victor MAXIE, Dora 1897-Dec-23
NICHOLS, W S CASH, Susan Ann 1870-Nov-17
NICHOLSON, J J HOOPER, Annie 1893-Nov-05
NICHOLSON, J J MAJURE, Mollie 1882-Dec-09
NICKERSON, W T RUSHING, M J Miss 1898-Feb-02
NICKLES, Joe MORGAN, Harriet 1894-Dec-27
NOAKES, William E KUHN, Mary 1867-Aug-07
NOBLES, T E TULLOS, Sarah J 1882-Sep-07
NOELL, G W EURE, Caroline E Mrs 1866-Oct-28
NOLLY, Willie THOMPSON, Mittie 1897-Dec-01
NORDIN, John H HUGHS, Lea M 1887-Jun-25
NORMAN, Enoch BEAMAN, Eadie 1885-Dec-07
NORTON, W J ROBERSON, M J Miss 1855-Jan-25
NORWOOD, H G SANDERS, Saloma 1872-Dec-10
NORWOOD, Henry WEAGLEY, Bettie 1900-Jul-12
NORWOOD, W F SANDERS, Emily V 1865-Nov-08
NOWEL, John KEEN, Leanor B 1870-Sep-29
NOWELL, Thomas J WIGLEY, Hannah 1854-Nov-27
NUNNALLY, Moses E GROVES, V R Miss 1852-Dec-07
NUSE, F M KENNEDY, Eliza Y Mrs 1865-Dec-05
NUTT, Appie TREST, Rue 1894-Oct-02
NUTT, G W GILBERT, Lizzie 1892-Dec-23
NUTT, H E BARNES, Annie 1898-Dec-01
NUTT, J A ANDERSON, Susie 1891-Dec-14
NUTT, R M GILBERT, Lizzie Mrs 1897-Dec-09
NUTT, S N JOHNSON, Mary 1899-Dec-24
NUTT, T D JOHNSON, Jodie 1899-Jan-11
O'VANNON, J T LEWIS, M F Miss 1885-Dec-17
OATS, T S NORVELL, Sarah S 1875-Oct-11
OBANNON, B T YOUNG, Sallie 1894-Aug-11
OBANNON, B W MILLS, M H Miss 1870-Sep-27
OBANNON, R I SESSUMS, Carrie 1894-Jan-24
OBANON, David K MURRAY, Martha Ann 1861-Apr-04
OCAIN, John H HESTER, Julia A 1866-Jan-10
ODEN, Alex G YEATS, Lucinda J 1869-Mar-25
ODEN, H H HORTON, C F Miss 1885-Dec-08
ODEN, J W BRANTLY, Mattie 1899-Apr-13
ODEN, John F SANDERS, Eliza 1888-Oct-27
ODEN, T B WARD, Neldie 1886-Dec-13
ODEN, William A WILLIS, Mollie V 1879-Dec-18
ODOM, Alex SIMPSON, Francis 1876-Dec-05
ODOM, C N STEVENS, Sarah 1872-Nov-06
ODOM, E M SINGLETON, N A Miss 1882-Aug-09
ODOM, E P ARNOLD, Pearl 1895-Feb-09
ODOM, James FALKNER, Orra 1890-Feb-14
ODOM, Marion ODOM, Phelia 1898-Dec-07
ODOM, R R BRUCE, Lucy 1898-Jan-23
ODOM, W F MOORE, S E Miss 1889-May-25
ODOM, W P THWEATT, Alice 1891-Dec-30
OFALLIN, Andrew CHESTER, Mary 1862-May-13
OLDHAM, O M Dr BEAMAN, R F Miss 1872-Jan-04
OLDHAM, Sim BARBER, Delia 1883-Aug-26
OLDHAM, Sim WILDER, Martha 1877-Nov-28
OLIPHANT, Charles PEOPLES, Indar 1900-Nov-22
OLIPHANT, John THOMAS, Vinnie 1898-Nov-24
OLIPHANT, O J ELLIS, E A M Miss 1891-Nov-18
OLIPHANT, W P PEOPLES, Docia 1899-Jan-19
OLIVER, W N DENDY, M A Miss 1884-Dec-03
ONEAL, J M BEARD, S E Miss 1873-Jan-30
ONEAL, J W BURKS, P A Miss 1871-Dec-26
ONEAL, James M PETTIGREW, Harriet J 1869-Feb-08
ONEAL, M J SANDERS, Annie 1870-Feb-17
ONEAL, W L LINDSEY, Maggie 1898-Aug-25
ONEAL, William J SANDERS, Sue M 1876-Jul-09
ORMAN, J L LEE, Carrie 1886-Dec-26
ORMAN, Joe EVERS, Julia A 1884-May-17
ORMAN, Joe KENNEDY, Judy 1883-Sep-07
ORMAN, Lewis HARRALSON, Mattie 1889-Dec-23
ORMOND, J E LEE, Tressie 1894-Aug-27
ORR, B A DORRILL, Ola 1891-Oct-01
ORR, J T DORRILL, Stella 1896-Dec-30
OSBORN, W M MOWDY, Margaret 1892-Sep-27
OVERSTREET, Alex GRIFFIN, Mary 1878-Dec-24
OVERSTREET, Alex SANDERS, Eliza 1897-Dec-24
OVERSTREET, Elick SANDERS, Sue 1890-Jul-25
OWEN, Allen T MURPHY, Catharine A 1873-Feb-05
OWEN, Edward WALLACE, Elizabeth 1853-Jul-22
OWEN, R A HENDERSON, M A Miss 1869-Oct-21
OWEN, R H KNOWLES, Lewie 1891-Jan-30
OWEN, Sam BROWN, Bettie 1882-Dec-23
OWEN, Willie DISMUKE, July 1870-Jan-29
OWENS, B O HENDRIX, M A Miss 1860-Nov-04
OWENS, C P YOUNG, Martha E 1863-Sep-30
OWENS, James HENDRICKS, Emily F 1852-Sep-16
OWENS, John W BURT, Sarah F 1861-Jul-31
OWENS, M A CROW, Amanda 1874-Nov-11
OWENS, Richard A BOYD, Mary A 1867-Jan-03
OWENS, S M HARRIS, Ida 1893-Dec-20
OWENS, William BISHOP, Henrietta 1867-Oct-31
OXNER, J M ASHMORE, E L Miss 1885-Jan-08
OXNER, James GRIFFIN, Vina 1891-Sep-23
OXNER, S A PRICE, Delila J 1889-Mar-05
OXNER, W R PARKER, Harriet G 1879-Nov-13
OXNER, Z T DUNCAN, E A Miss 1884-Feb-07
OZLETREE, R D WILLIAMS, M E Miss 1878-Dec-24



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