Leake County Grooms


KEAN, G W TERRY, Ethel 1892-Sep-05
KEARN, Edward T MCGEE, Dana 1885-Dec-17
KEARN, S A GOLDEN, Lizzie 1886-May-09
KEEN, Leanor B NOWEL, John 1870-Sep-29
KEENAN, H POPE, S A Miss 1896-Dec-31
KEENAN, R T ESTES, Flora 1885-Dec-02
KEENAN, William P REEVES, Nancy 1882-Dec-20
KELLEY, Aaron FORTUNE, Victoria 1880-May-26
KELLEY, S D EVANS, Lula 1898-Jul-10
KELLY, B F HENDERSON, L B Miss 1890-Jan-11
KELLY, Bradley STONE, Francis 1884-Dec-25
KELLY, C F HALL, Palina 1898-Jan-31
KELLY, E H RUSSELL, E E Miss 1889-Nov-23
KELLY, E S MOORE, Nancy J 1882-Oct-22
KELLY, E W HUNT, Annie 1900-Feb-11
KELLY, Edmond CALDWELL, Betty 1886-Oct-17
KELLY, Felix WILSON, Anna 1876-Jan-20
KELLY, H A MOORE, Susie 1895-Dec-25
KELLY, J G RUSSELL, Ida B 1900-Feb-22
KELLY, J S MCGEE, Elizabeth 1885-Dec-10
KELLY, John G EURE, Margaret 1866-Jan-22
KELLY, Lewis KENNEDY, Lety 1875-Dec-28
KELLY, Marcellus FORTUNE, Cora 1896-Dec-24
KELLY, Sam STONE, Lucinda 1886-Dec-01
KELLY, Seldon BAILY, S E Miss 1881-Mar-07
KELLY, Steven LINDSEY, Tamar 1882-Apr-23
KELLY, U M WARD, Ophelia 1888-Dec-04
KELLY, W A MILLER, Jennie 1887-Dec-24
KELLY, W D CHESTNUTT, Lula 1885-Aug-25
KELLY, W D THOMAS, M J Miss 1874-Jun-28
KELLY, W H JONES, Sarah E 1878-Jan-19
KELLY, W R ALLEN, Georgia Ann 1881-Jul-21
KELLY, Wesley DORBY, Sallie 1876-Sep-09
KELLY, William JETTLE, Elizabeth 1855-Aug-26
KELLY, William D HAMILTON, Catharine 1853-Jun-29
KEMP, C FAUCETT, Emma 1869-Jan-11
KEMP, J W TOWNSEND, Rosa 1899-Oct-22
KEMP, James MCKAY, Nannie E 1878-Sep-12
KEMP, John ASHCRAFT, Anna 1880-Feb-18
KEMP, Robert FOSSETT, Jane 1868-Feb-25
KEMP, Robert SIMPSON, Adaline Mrs 1889-Feb-20
KEMP, W J SMITH, M A Miss 1879-Mar-02
KENDALL, J R RILEY, Olie E 1880-Sep-08
KENDALL, J R WILDER, Myrtis 1895-Nov-10
KENDALL, Opie THOMPSON, W G 1897-Apr-01
KENNEDY, A H LEWIS, M L Mrs 1881-Dec-22
KENNEDY, Albert ELEY, Martha 1881-Dec-28
KENNEDY, Albert WALKER, Sissie 1896-Jul-19
KENNEDY, Ben BOBBETT, Ann 1881-Mar-20
KENNEDY, Bew RIDGEWAY, Anna 1873-Dec-26
KENNEDY, Edmond THOMAS, Laura 1876-Feb-03
KENNEDY, Gus BRASWELL, Celia 1885-Sep-02
KENNEDY, John KENNEDY, Dora 1896-Nov-22
KENNEDY, John M HILL, Jodie 1888-Jan-19
KENNEDY, John M MILLS, Mary Jane 1856-Jan-22
KENNEDY, Melford DEVELAND, Janie 1884-Dec-24
KENNEDY, R J WARD, Minnie 1894-Nov-01
KENNEDY, Rufus TIMS, Ira 1896-Oct-08
KENT, Houston HARRIS, Alice 1887-Jun-11
KENT, Houston TATE, Pearlie 1897-Sep-26
KERN, B E WHILAN, M E Miss 1881-Jan-14
KERN, J A WILDER, Ophelia 1875-Oct-07
KIDD, Adam WHITE, Netta 1876-Dec-28
KIDD, Isham HARRIS, Emeline 1873-Sep-11
KIDD, Martin CHAMBLY, Mary 1879-May-10
KILLINGS, A J MOORE, S L Miss 1889-Dec-31
KILLINGSWORTH, Francis WILLIAMS, George Pinkney 1877-Feb-16
KILLINS, T A JACKSON, Laura 1898-Sep-22
KILLINS, T A JACKSON, Louisa 1899-Apr-05
KILLOUGH, A H STYRON, E E Miss 1878-Feb-06
KINE, James RAY, Mary 1876-May-03
KING, A J CROW, Elvira 1877-Aug-14
KING, George HARRISON, Nora 1900-Apr-29
KING, George W HUDSPETH, Amelia A 1865-Mar-15
KING, J M MAYO, Fannie 1891-Feb-11
KING, James WILKERSON, Nettie 1885-Nov-01
KING, John B BECKHAM, Caladora 1891-Jun-27
KING, King STEPHENS, G T 1899-Oct-26
KING, M V CROW, Purity 1881-Jan-10
KING, R J MOORE, Minnie 1895-Nov-06
KING, T M MCPHAIL, M C Miss 1888-Dec-26
KING, W R MCDUFF, Addie 1881-Nov-30
KINGCADE, Henry HARPER, Senia 1889-Nov-27
KINLOE, Wiley A JENKINS, Sarah A 1864-Apr-04
KINNARD, Alexander BENNETT, Jane 1851-Aug-05
KIRKLAND, Albert WHITTINGTON, Emma 1900-Jan-11
KIRKLAND, Joseph GRAVES, Louvenia 1889-Jan-10
KIRKSEY, Charles PERRY, Fanny 1877-Dec-08
KIRKSEY, W K BRANTLEY, Fannie 1899-Nov-28
KITCHEN, W A MOORE, Mary 1883-Aug-21
KITCHENS, George MCDANIEL, Malissa 1854-Jun-06
KITCHINS, Albert MCMURTEY, Winnie 1895-Oct-29
KNAPP, W E GOSS, M V Miss 1870-Dec-01
KNIGHT, Daniel M DICKERSON, Lottie 1869-Jan-03
KNIGHT, Sammie C FORD, Pletazah 1836-Sep-11
KNIGHT, Samuel FORD, Ebinezer 1836-Sep-10
KNOWLES, A J MOORE, Martha E 1876-Dec-26
KNOWLES, Daniel N PATTERSON, Louisa J 1867-Mar-24
KNOWLES, Lewie OWEN, R H 1891-Jan-30
KNOWLES, R L DARNEL, Martha 1887-Dec-06
KNOWLES, W C MOORE, Eliza F 1869-Jul-17
KNOX, J D JONES, S S Miss 1886-Jan-21
KUHN, A A BROOKS, Sarah E 1873-Feb-06
KUHN, Jacob SMITH, Isabella 1853-Apr-05
KUHN, Jacob TREST, Julia R 1867-Aug-07
KUHN, John JONES, Sarah E 1873-Dec-23
KUHN, W D JOHNSON, Jennie 1898-Jan-09
KURT, Will HUTCHINS, Sophia A 1887-Dec-15



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