Leake County Grooms


FALBEY, Daniel WHITE, Sarah 1862-Oct-01
FALKNER, J D RAWSON, E E Miss 1880-Sep-30
FALKNER, J D WARD, A C Miss 1891-May-09
FALKNER, J D WHITE, Mary 1898-Feb-15
FALKNER, J P MILLS, Roxanna 1880-Oct-07
FALKNER, J R NEAL, Cora 1899-Oct-12
FALKNER, J R ODOM, R O Miss 1891-Mar-26
FALKNER, John D COLLINS, Catharine 1868-Jan-01
FALKNER, R V POWELL, Mattie 1885-Dec-10
FALKNER, Will COALSON, Lou 1897-Nov-07
FALVEY, T E CRAWFORD, C V Miss 1888-Nov-08
FAUCETT, Thomas MCDONALD, Sallie 1869-Jun-24
FEDRICK, Clem HOWELL, Levi 1885-Nov-24
FEDRICK, E J CARADINE, Mary 1886-Mar-18
FEDRICK, J L MOORE, Jennie 1881-Jul-20
FEEMSTER, Alex HARRIS, Mariah 1892-May-25
FEEMSTER, Alexander HALL, Francis 1878-Nov-17
FELTON, W W GILL, Sallie 1875-Aug-21
FERGUSON, A M C HANSON, Martha 1865-Aug-30
FERGUSON, B W KELLY, Florence 1875-Jan-13
FERGUSON, G W ADCOCK, E C Miss 1898-Jan-30
FERGUSON, Roderick J RICHMOND, Martha E 1849-Jan-24
FERGUSON, S A FUSTON, M A Miss 1875-Nov-30
FERGUSON, Walter M B FULTON, Ann J 1855-Jan-10
FERRELL, L B MOORE, Elizabeth 1874-Apr-03
FERRILL, Hannabal DEVLEN, Helen 1890-Mar-12
FICKLIN, David MCCLENDON, Mary 1896-Dec-03
FICKLIN, William HINSON, Jenny 1870-Apr-04
FICKLIN, William LANGFORD, Louisa 1894-Feb-21
FIFER, Lawson MCKAY, Lizzie 1896-Nov-20
FILLINGIM, James ALLEN, Kate 1898-Dec-20
FINCHER, Henry GILMORE, Mattie 1893-Dec-19
FINCHER, Henry HAMLIN, Martha 1895-Mar-02
FINCHER, Henry HOWELL, Lizzie 1883-Aug-29
FINK, Jacob JONES, Susan 1877-Jun-15
FINKLEA, E A WRIGHT, L T Miss 1900-Dec-24
FINLEY, H W HENDERSON, Victoria 1874-Oct-12
FINLEY, Nicholas F M SPINEY, Nancy M J 1855-Apr-06
FINN, J S JOHNSON, Alma 1888-Nov-15
FIRCH, John BUFKIN, Addie 1899-Jan-05
FISHER, J N ALDERMAN, Mary E Mrs 1864-Jun-23
FISHER, Joseph S FISHER, M F Miss 1871-Oct-04
FISHER, L A JONES, R A Mrs 1865-Sep-05
FISHER, Samuel L WELLS, Mary A 1864-Dec-02
FITCH, John SMITH, Alice 1889-Dec-23
FITCH, John WHILAN, Hannah 1877-Apr-14
FLETCHER, Allen STILL, Mary J 1884-Dec-23
FLETCHER, Anderson MURIFF, Sula 1889-Dec-19
FLETCHER, Frank BROWN, Rosa 1895-Dec-05
FLETCHER, George W PORTER, Mary S 1867-May-09
FLETCHER, J L PIGG, S E Miss 1888-Jul-16
FLETCHER, J R JOHNSON, M G Miss 1889-Mar-19
FLETCHER, J W BEAMON, Rhoda 1889-Mar-21
FLETCHER, J W SHEPHERD, E C Miss 1873-Sep-10
FLETCHER, James RILEY, Lula 1894-Aug-26
FLETCHER, John SLAUGHTER, Eliza 1897-May-03
FLETCHER, L O HANNA, Lilla 1898-Apr-08
FLETCHER, W M LAY, Cecily 1883-Dec-17
FLETCHER, W S SHEPHERD, Mary Ann 1873-Nov-25
FLIPPIN, R F MERCHANT, Ellen 1885-Dec-23
FLOWERS, A B HALL, C C Miss 1892-Feb-16
FLOWERS, George W SIMPSON, Cynthia Jane 1862-Jan-19
FLOWERS, J M LEFLORE, Louisa 1891-Aug-14
FLOWERS, James BEAUCHAMP, Callie 1880-Jan-01
FLOWERS, James A NUTT, Martha A 1866-Dec-09
FLOWERS, Marion OVERSTREET, Kizzy 1874-May-12
FLOWERS, R M PRESLEY, Amelia 1889-Jan-02
FLOWERS, Shane EVANS, Bettie 1884-Mar-02
FLOWERS, T M PRESLEY, Maggie 1899-May-28
FORD, D H LOVORN, M E Miss 1865-Jan-15
FORD, Ebinezer KNIGHT, Samuel 1836-Sep-10
FORD, Frank CARSON, Josephine 1889-Feb-28
FORD, Frank MATLOCK, Adeline 1880-Mar-10
FORD, James P BOON, Shadie A 1869-Jan-13
FORD, John B CHADWICK, Martha 1874-Oct-01
FORD, John F WATKINS, Mary A 1868-Feb-13
FORD, Neal GAMBLE, Mary 1894-Dec-02
FORDS, Ebenezer CLAYTON, Sarah Ann 1836-May-16
FOREST, E RUSHING, Martha 1879-Jul-09
FORT, Bona SHEPHERD, Eliza 1876-Apr-25
FORTE, L H POWELL, Mary 1835-Dec-16
FORTENBERRY, C P INGRAM, Martha P 1869-Nov-03
FORTENBERRY, H H ATKISON, Rose S J Miss 1879-Jan-08
FORTENBERRY, J F SMITH, Ella 1900-Dec-30
FORTENBERRY, W B HICKS, Lucy E 1897-Feb-07
FORTENBURY, James R BAKER, Cynthia 1849-Mar-31
FORTUNE, Cauley HUNT, Josie 1895-Dec-22
FORTUNE, Gus MORGAN, Jessie 1899-Dec-29
FORTUNE, Isaac GRIFFIN, Letty 1877-Apr-26
FORTUNE, J J MUNDAY, Mary 1865-May-29
FORTUNE, Jacob DOWD, Amanda 1873-Jan-04
FORTUNE, Moses YARREL, Fannie 1891-Nov-19
FORTUNE, P L GIVEN, Julia E 1889-Jul-09
FORTUNE, Perry DAVIS, Victoria 1874-Jan-08
FORTUNE, Ransom CHADWICK, Victoria 1874-Jan-07
FORTUNE, Ransom MCCRORY, Vina 1879-Jan-17
FORTUNE, Sam SMITH, Mary 1887-Oct-27
FORTUNE, Sebell MORROW, Alsey 1892-Dec-29
FORTUNE, W A EVERETT, Sallie 1882-Nov-30
FORTUNE, W P CHADWICK, Magdaline 1891-May-13
FORTUNE, W P PARMER, Catharine 1885-Jan-15
FOSTENBERG, James R BAKER, Cynthia 1849-Mar-31
FOSTER, Ephrain JOHNSON, Mariah 1873-Dec-25
FOSTER, Ephrain WHITE, Emma 1891-Sep-26
FOSTER, J E HARPER, E E Miss 1892-Dec-14
FOSTER, John H CHILES, Amentony 1865-Aug-20
FOSTER, Lewis JACKSON, Lucy 1897-Nov-16
FOSTER, Tom HOLDER, Lizzie 1900-Oct-25
FOSTER, W F ODOM, Bettie 1898-Dec-22
FOWLER, E R FURGESON, Eliza 1855-Dec-27
FOWLER, George BOWIE, Fannie 1888-May-05
FOWLER, J A HOOPER, Mary 1882-Sep-28
FOWLER, J H KING, E L Miss 1874-Jun-11
FOWLER, Willis RICKLES, M C Miss 1886-Dec-17
FOX, Marion DENDY, Mittie 1894-Sep-29
FOX, Walter DAVIS, Blanch 1897-Jan-27
FOX, William RUSH, Alice 1892-Feb-29
FRANKLIN, Emanuel SCOTT, Hester 1885-Dec-03
FRANKLIN, Emmanuel SCOTT, Susan 1878-Jan-01
FRANKLIN, Henry HULL, Martha A 1878-Jan-01
FRASIER, D L COBB, Jennie 1890-Feb-13
FRASIER, Wade JONES, Emma 1886-Dec-28
FRAZIER, Jackson ALFORD, L Miss 1871-Jan-19
FRAZIER, Porter WHITE, Bessie 1893-Oct-25
FRAZIER, Robert WHITE, Amy 1890-Jul-03
FREDRICK, James DELLOCK, Elizabeth 1852-Dec-22
FREDRICK, James MOONY, Eliza A 1855-Nov-08
FREEMAN, William COX, Alvira 1876-Mar-06
FREENEY, A J BELL, Sendie 1870-Sep-14
FREENEY, C E KENNEDY, Lutia 1879-Sep-29
FREENEY, Clem MITCHELL, A E Miss 1869-Dec-26
FREENEY, James R COLE, Martha E 1868-Dec-17
FREENEY, W V BAGSBY, M E Miss 1881-Mar-03
FREENY, A B HENDRIX, Ida 1896-Jan-25
FREENY, J L STRIBLING, Alma 1896-Dec-22
FREENY, W H HARRIS, J B Miss 1878-Mar-07
FRYER, J D LEWIS, M J V Miss 1863-Oct-06
FRYERY, J S BOMAN, Ellen 1893-Feb-11
FUESTON, William WALKER, Sarah 1869-Mar-27
FULKS, John C MCALISTER, Nancy 1837-Feb-05
FULKS, John G MCALISTER, Nancy 1837-Jan-04
FULTON, Bias ERNEST, Lila 1899-Dec-19
FULTON, Calvin GRAY, Almedia 1883-Aug-11
FULTON, Calvin TOWNER, Kate 1890-Oct-18
FULTON, D M ODOM, Delia 1895-Dec-26
FULTON, J F CARRIE, Amanda C 1878-Apr-04
FULTON, James MCGAUGHEY, Susan 1871-Nov-21
FULTON, James WATSON, Hester A 1853-Aug-31
FULTON, Joe SCOTT, Fannie 1881-Feb-10
FULTON, Jones J SMITH, Isadora 1875-Nov-22
FULTON, L A FULTON, Lou R 1881-Jan-23
FULTON, L G ALLEN, George 1894-Dec-02
FULTON, R H COCKROFT, M E Miss 1891-Dec-19
FULTON, William FRANKLIN, Susan 1884-Nov-28
FURGESON, R J RICHMOND, Martha E 1849-Jan-24
FURR, H B DAVIS, Martha J 1873-Aug-08
FURR, T D DAVIS, M U Miss 1876-Nov-03
FUSTON, J W JOHNSON, Jennie 1893-Apr-02
FUSTON, William YATES, Susan E 1868-Aug-19



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