Leake County Grooms


EADS, Joseph D HOOKS, M Callie 1893-Oct-31
EADS, Joseph Douglas TREADWELL, Margaret Jane 1850-Oct-22
EAHIN, E B CARTER, Harriet Mrs 1866-Sep-25
EAKIN, E B GILL, E Clemenza 1861-Oct-02
EALY, Andrew FERRELL, Josephine 1895-Dec-24
EARNEST, G W SLAUGHTER, Martha 1891-Aug-14
EAST, William J SEALS, Martha A 1852-Oct-11
EAST, William J SEALS, Martha A 1852-Oct-14
EASTHAM, S C HUTCHINS, Emma 1880-Jan-04
EASTWOOD, John SHEARER, Matilda 1871-Sep-12
EASTWOOD, W R JOINER, M A Miss 1871-Jan-26
EASTWOOD, W R WARD, Lizzie Mrs 1894-Jan-17
EAVENS, W C CAIN, L E Miss 1864-Aug-09
EDMONDS, James TRIPLETT, Martha 1875-Oct-16
EDMONDS, John MORGAN, Callie 1895-Feb-19
EDMONDS, Lewis T HARRIS, Sarah J 1854-Oct-28
EDWARD, W M BLACK, Ann M 1880-Feb-19
EDWARDS, Daniel MILLER, Lefy 1870-Apr-09
EDWARDS, Edward MERCHANT, Mariah 1870-Feb-18
EDWARDS, H M WAGGONER, Nevie 1896-Jan-22
EDWARDS, J F WOOTEN, Zennie 1898-Jul-21
EDWARDS, J H FRYERY, S H Miss 1896-Apr-05
EDWARDS, James THOMAS, Mattie 1870-Aug-24
EDWARDS, John HANSON, Martha R 1866-Aug-02
EDWARDS, John MARONEY, Martha 1862-Apr-25
EDWARDS, M L IVEY, Nicee Burnetta 1883-Jun-10
EDWARDS, Mat FRYERY, Bridget 1892-Oct-10
EDWARDS, Nicholas NEVELS, Manda 1852-Oct-08
EDWARDS, Silas WOODS, T A Miss 1878-Aug-18
EDWARDS, W P HARDAGE, S F Miss 1872-Dec-26
EDWARDS, William M PHILIPS, Martha 1868-Jan-14
EDWARDS, Willie MERCHANT, B F 1889-Nov-20
EDWARDS, Sula DORRELL, R P 1900-Oct-10
ELDRIDGE, Amazon A HALL, John W 1866-Feb-15
ELDRIDGE, Dez SUMMERS, Ceasar 1885-Aug-28
ELDRIDGE, J D WATKINS, M O Miss 1877-Dec-27
ELDRIDGE, Thomas FORD, Hattie 1889-Jan-02
ELEY, Andrew ROAN, Ida 1876-Sep-28
ELEY, Ephrain SLAY, Harriet 1883-Jan-04
ELEY, Gus EDMOND, Mary 1896-Dec-29
ELEY, Guss MOORMAN, Emma 1881-Nov-24
ELEY, Haywood RAGSDALE, Victoria 1884-Jan-18
ELEY, John JACKSON, Ellen 1894-Jan-21
ELEY, John MOORMAN, Effie 1890-Dec-24
ELEY, Will EVERS, Rose 1885-Mar-06
ELIJAH, E BLACK, Sallie 1870-Oct-22
ELLINBURG, Charlie WOLF, Maggie 1899-Feb-08
ELLINBURG, W W GILBERT, Sarah 1897-Jun-11
ELLINGBURGH, G T MOORE, Mary 1894-Dec-20
ELLINGBURGH, J T YOUNG, Willie Mrs 1895-Jan-20
ELLINGTON, B F JOINER, Emma 1900-Jun-15
ELLINGTON, D A JONES, Annie 1894-Nov-18
ELLINGTON, J A D BLAILOCK, Mollie E 1887-Dec-16
ELLINGTON, J M Jr SIMPSON, L J Miss 1888-Jan-05
ELLINGTON, J T SMITH, Ula 1897-May-26
ELLINGTON, John R GEORGE, Sharlotte 1866-Aug-16
ELLINGTON, Leonard P MARSHALL, Ann E 1868-Jan-06
ELLINGTON, M D CLARK, Amanda 1866-Oct-17
ELLINGTON, M H BECKHAM, Effie 1899-Mar-26
ELLINGTON, T J ODOM, E F Miss 1891-Sep-25
ELLINGTON, Will BARKSDALE, Flora 1892-May-17
ELLIS, E W CALDWELL, Lana 1888-Feb-11
ELLIS, G A HERRINGTON, M E N Miss 1898-Feb-22
ELLIS, H P DANIEL, A G Miss 1889-Feb-12
ELLIS, Irvin LYLE, Pearl 1900-Dec-20
ELLIS, J L KELLY, Nannie R 1878-Apr-14
ELLIS, J M KUHN, Melissa 1890-Dec-31
ELLIS, J W STARLING, Edna 1895-Nov-02
ELLIS, James T SCOTT, Mary S 1885-Jun-03
ELLIS, John BARNETT, Rebecca 1897-Feb-04
ELLIS, John BUCK, Eliza 1897-Jul-30
ELLIS, John LANGSTON, Clara 1899-Nov-29
ELLIS, John MILLS, Elizabeth 1881-Jan-05
ELLIS, John C REEVES, Martha 1868-Aug-04
ELLIS, John E REEVES, Emma 1890-Dec-22
ELLIS, R J JARREL, Betty 1881-Aug-05
ELLIS, R T BROOKS, W A Miss 1875-Oct-31
ELLIS, Robert J PATRIDGE, Sallie 1885-Apr-27
ELLIS, W E COLEMAN, S E Miss 1874-Nov-23
ELLIS, W R COBB, Ida 1892-Sep-29
ELLIS, W R HENDERSON, Leona 1898-Jan-18
ELMORE, Andrew COLLIER, Charlotte 1884-Jan-28
ELY, Davis HARRIS, Florence 1897-Dec-22
ELY, W J TATE, Dinah 1887-Apr-29
EMMOND, Loving PARKER, Ann 1837-Dec-
EMMONDS, Hudson PARKER, Malinda 1838-Jul-14
EMMONS, Clinton GRIFFIN, Lucy 1894-Oct-07
EMMONS, Guy E SHAMLY, Harriet 1882-Aug-30
EMMONS, Hudson LEE, Mary 1850-Jan-18
EMMONS, Hudson LEE, Mary 1850-Jan-16
EMMONS, Hudson PARKER, Malinda 1838-   -
EMMONS, Lorenzo PARKER, Ann 1838-   -
EMMONS, Loving WILKINSON, Mary 1838-May-02
EMMONS, Loving WILKISON, Mary 1838-May-03
ESTES, B H OXNER, L L Miss 1872-Jul-24
ESTES, H B KEENAN, Eliza 1877-Dec-26
ETHERIDGE, L N BOOZER, C D Miss 1889-Oct-12
EUBANKS, A M HUTCHINS, Calley 1899-Jan-29
EUBANKS, E N T MURPHY, N M Miss 1878-Apr-10
EUBANKS, E N T TERRY, Martha Jane 1861-Sep-12
EUBANKS, J E HARRIS, Mary 1899-Dec-27
EUBANKS, J F EATMAN, Alma 1899-Dec-04
EUBANKS, Young WOOTEN, Bannie 1891-Mar-04
EURE, Fletcher P DODSON, Caroline 1860-Oct-25
EURE, J B CAMPBELL, M E T Miss 1866-Jan-02
EURE, W E MCNAIR, Mary Anie 1881-Sep-21
EVANS, Alex WHITE, Emily 1885-Apr-02
EVANS, B V THOMAS, Fannie 1894-Jan-11
EVANS, C M CUNNINGHAM, Narcissa 1875-Oct-28
EVANS, D K THRASH, G A Miss 1888-Feb-15
EVANS, H S WEBB, Mary Mrs 1900-Aug-12
EVANS, John DUKES, Hatsie 1898-May-27
EVANS, John W CADER, Nancy E 1866-Mar-22
EVANS, R H TURNER, Julia 1893-Mar-07
EVANS, R L WOOTEN, E G Miss 1889-Feb-12
EVANS, R M DEAR, Lella 1883-Nov-29
EVANS, S T CARROLL, Minnie L 1884-Apr-27
EVANS, Thomas PARKER, Malinda 1838-   -
EVANS, W J SHEPHERD, Sallie 1879-Jan-12
EVANS, W L CARPENTER, Ida 1896-Oct-20
EVANS, William A SMITH, Nettie 1868-Mar-03
EVERETT, J G GODFREY, M L Miss 1875-Jul-27
EVERETT, S P TURNER, N C Miss 1875-Jan-07
EVERS, Mike HORN, Mary 1879-Jan-02
EVERS, Tom PARROTT, Bessie 1884-Oct-16
EWING, Andrew SANDERS, Louisa 1870-Dec-26
EWING, William SANDERS, Elizabeth 1854-Jun-20
EWING, William J MARTIN, Jennie 1885-Feb-03



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