Leake County Grooms


ABBETT, Carter TREADWELL, Mollie 1892-Oct-06
ABBITT, Carter COCKROFT, Emma 1888-May-15
ABELS, James FISHER, Susannah 1900-Dec-09
ADAMS, Henry M LILES, Louisa J 1849-May-16
ADAMS, Henry M SILES, Louisa J 1849-May-16
ADAMS, J A LEWIS, Ella 1874-Jan-14
ADAMS, J A TALLY, J A Miss 1888-Oct-22
ADAMS, J D LANGSTON, Alice 1896-Jan-12
ADAMS, J M ODOM, J A Miss 1886-Dec-21
ADAMS, J T SIKES, M A Miss 1877-May-18
ADAMS, James A HOOKS, Mary A 1868-Dec-31
ADAMS, John W JONES, Mary E 1878-May-14
ADAMS, L C HALFORD, S D Miss 1865-Jan-03
ADAMS, Newton JONES, Annie 1896-Oct-11
ADAMS, R T HARRINGTON, M M Miss 1870-Dec-01
ADAMS, W A MCMICHAEL, I B Miss 1888-Mar-05
ADAMS, W J MYRES, Louisa J 1871-Feb-22
ADAMS, W R PEOPLES, Ida 1896-Nov-05
ADAMS, W W CHANDLER, M E J Miss 1883-Dec-27
ADAMS, William J BURT, Julia H 1869-Mar-10
ADCOCK, G W MCMURRY, N M Miss 1877-Dec-26
ADCOCK, W T MOONEY, J E Miss 1895-Dec-08
ADDINGTON, J R MASSEY, Martha A 1854-Apr-08
ADDKINSON, Daniel BENNETT, Emma J 1879-Dec-18
ADEIR, William ARNOLD, Ann 1838-May-
ADKINS, John MOSS, Lena 1894-Jan-11
ADKINS, John SHIELDS, Jane 1850-Sep-02
ADKINS, Thomas SHEILDS, Jane 1850-Sep-02
ADKISON, D W CHANDLER, N J Miss 1895-Nov-01
AGENT, G M FEDERICK, E T Miss 1884-Jun-26
AGENT, J D BOWMAN, Josephine 1874-Mar-31
AKIN, W H COLEMAN, Elizabeth Mrs 1895-Nov-07
ALDERMAN, David J LOCKLEY, Mary C Mrs 1865-Nov-30
ALDERMAN, E MALONE, Mary 1896-Feb-12
ALDERMAN, E D NAZARY, Willie G 1876-Jan-24
ALDERMAN, J E BARR, F J Miss 1879-Jan-06
ALDERMAN, J M RHODES, Belle 1886-Apr-07
ALDERMAN, Joseph J ALDERMAN, Margaret E 1861-Apr-18
ALDERMAN, L A JACKSON, L A Miss 1895-Jan-31
ALEXANDER, John H MOONEY, Beckie 1897-Jul-25
ALEXANDER, John T LOVIN, Sarah 1852-Nov-30
ALFORD, D C ELLIS, Martha 1877-Dec-01
ALFORD, Owen WILKINSON, Vina Mrs 1865-Sep-11
ALLEN, A L SCOTT, Virgie 1899-Dec-03
ALLEN, A T HARPER, Florence 1898-Oct-09
ALLEN, Amazon WARE, Lewis 1883-Jun-28
ALLEN, Antony SCHROCK, Ellen 1872-Mar-14
ALLEN, C G SHOEMAKER, Mahala N 1866-Dec-08
ALLEN, D L MILES, Sarah L 1866-Mar-13
ALLEN, E O HARPER, Dixie 1890-Dec-30
ALLEN, E O MCMILLAN, Emma 1897-Dec-11
ALLEN, F J HINSON, Sarah M 1866-Dec-18
ALLEN, Francis M SHOEMAKER, Ferreby 1872-Oct-01
ALLEN, G F HORN, Anna 1899-Nov-08
ALLEN, George FULTON, L G 1894-Dec-02
ALLEN, Ferriby ALLEN, William 1884-Nov-13
ALLEN, Georgia Ann KELLY, W R 1881-Jul-21
ALLEN, Green HAYS, Ida 1884-Nov-26
ALLEN, Green PRESLEY, L E Miss 1878-Jan-31
ALLEN, Green F BROWN, L P Miss 1868-Feb-12
ALLEN, Henry ALLEN, Lula 1896-Jan-08
ALLEN, Henry HUGHES, Ellen 1872-Apr-27
ALLEN, Ike COLLIER, Jane 1885-May-30
ALLEN, Ike MERRIWEATHER, Lena 1882-Mar-25
ALLEN, Ira G PRESLEY, Mary Ellen 1861-Jan-22
ALLEN, Isham ROBY, Lodusky 1873-Jul-06
ALLEN, J B EDMONDS, Nancy C 1853-Jan-11
ALLEN, J G BOBB, Carry 1885-Oct-11
ALLEN, J G HARRIS, Julia A M 1865-Aug-31
ALLEN, J M BEASLEY, Conelas 1887-Dec-20
ALLEN, J W CARTER, Lam 1894-Feb-08
ALLEN, J W MULLICAN, Mary 1881-Aug-14
ALLEN, Jacob A MINSHEW, Elizabeth J 1865-Aug-24
ALLEN, James ANDERSON, Francis 1873-Oct-26
ALLEN, James C WATKINS, Margaret 1868-Jul-23
ALLEN, James L HAGGENS, Ernuretta 1873-Apr-24
ALLEN, James L HAGGINS, Mary F 1874-Jul-16
ALLEN, James M HENSON, Angeline 1860-Sep-20
ALLEN, Jefferson G HARRIS, Julia 1867-Dec-06
ALLEN, John MAPY, Linna 1850-Feb-20
ALLEN, John MASSEY, Linna 1850-Feb-20
ALLEN, John MOORE, Mary 1877-Jun-09
ALLEN, John RENFROE, Martha J V 1887-Sep-28
ALLEN, John SMITH, Virgie 1881-Jan-06
ALLEN, Kit NASH, Lula 1894-Dec-20
ALLEN, L W WATKINS, Rebecca 1861-Jan-08
ALLEN, L W YEAGER, M M Miss 1866-Sep-01
ALLEN, L W YEAGER, Mary M 1865-Aug-31
ALLEN, Lucius PRESLEY, Emma 1876-Jun-08
ALLEN, Lucius TRIPLETT, Francis 1878-Mar-21
ALLEN, Lucus JONES, Malinda 1891-Oct-12
ALLEN, M H EDWARDS, Eula 1900-Jan-07
ALLEN, M T PRESLEY, Sarah A 1870-Apr-28
ALLEN, N H VANARSDALE, Amanda 1864-Jan-27
ALLEN, N R HOWELL, Hallie 1882-Oct-26
ALLEN, Nathan RENFRO, Maggie 1876-Jan-28
ALLEN, R C MILES, M A Miss 1867-Sep-21
ALLEN, R P JOHNSON, Mary E 1864-Jul-27
ALLEN, Robert C WILLIAMS, M A Mrs 1869-Dec-22
ALLEN, Roland BOYD, Lou 1874-Nov-12
ALLEN, Stephen SAVILLE, Serena 1841-Feb-12
ALLEN, Stephen A STRICKLAND, M E Miss 1866-Sep-02
ALLEN, T J WALKER, Willie 1884-Dec-03
ALLEN, T V GAMBLE, Mary Bell 1899-Jan-01
ALLEN, Thomas CURRIE, J E Miss 1872-Nov-14
ALLEN, Thomas MASSEY, Sirena 1878-Dec-22
ALLEN, Tom WALKER, Brittie 1900-Feb-07
ALLEN, U A ROYALS, Mattie 1898-Aug-25
ALLEN, W B DONALDS, Ada 1895-Mar-10
ALLEN, W D JOHNSON, Lucinda 1870-Aug-23
ALLEN, W F LUM, Mattie 1888-May-19
ALLEN, W H YEAGER, Elizabeth 1873-Jul-09
ALLEN, W I DAVIS, M R Miss 1869-Jul-01
ALLEN, W S BROACH, Mattie 1897-Nov-02
ALLEN, Warren GRAY, Leanna 1872-Jun-01
ALLEN, Wesley EDWARDS, Patsy 1870-Jun-27
ALLEN, Wesley WALKER, Francis Mrs 1875-Dec-23
ALLEN, William ALLEN, Ferriby 1884-Nov-13
ALLEN, William ALLEN, Lona 1860-Sep-05
ALLEN, William GRAY, Harriet 1888-Dec-06
ALLEN, William HINSON, Francis 1866-Oct-14
ALLEN, William MERCHANT, Lula 1883-Jul-21
ALLEN, William G HARRINGTON, Elizabeth 1860-Jul-20
ALLISON, C I HENDERSON, Cora 1891-Mar-27
ALLSUP, Knox B MASSEY, Josie 1896-Jan-16
ALLSUP, P W HANNA, Mamie 1895-Dec-24
ALLSUP, T B CARROLL, Louisa 1895-Feb-07
ALPIN, D W BELL, M A Miss 1882-Dec-28
ALTMAN, L J HENDRICK, Mary F 1850-Apr-11
ALTMAN, L J HENDRICKS, Mary F 1850-Apr-11
AMICK, Bew LEFLORE, Lucy 1873-Oct-02
AMMONS, James TAYLOR, Sarah 1879-Dec-11
AMOS, Simon JAMISON, Lissa 1890-Oct-17
AMOS, William MORGAN, Anna 1896-May-27
ANDELTON, J L ALDERMAN, Lovina 1878-Dec-26
ANDERSON, A G MILLS, Elizabeth Mrs 1865-Dec-09
ANDERSON, A G Jr GREENLEE, Jane 1862-May-27
ANDERSON, C C BOWLING, Nancy Ann 1854-Jun-17
ANDERSON, C C RENFROE, Maggie 1885-Jan-08
ANDERSON, C C Jr HATHORN, Laura 1887-Sep-05
ANDERSON, James CHITTO, Alma 1900-Feb-24
ANDERSON, John THOMPSON, Lou 1900-Mar-08
ANDERSON, Richard BARNES, Millie 1900-Dec-16
ANGLIN, E C WOOTEN, Francis 1899-Feb-21
ANGLING, Cornelius WALLACE, Sallie 1882-Jun-01
ANGLING, William GREEN, Nancy 1882-Feb-13
ANTHONY, G C TULLOS, Rebecca J 1882-Sep-07
ANTHONY, George W CROSWELL, M E Miss 1860-Dec-25
ARCHEY, J F MILLER, Cynthia 1868-Nov-19
ARCHY, Edmond ARNOLD, Mary Ann 1856-Apr-28
ARCHY, John M JOHNSON, Emeline 1854-Nov-03
ARCHY, W C JOHNSON, Narcissa 1851-Nov-05
ARCHY, W C JOHNSON, Narcissa 1851-Nov-27
ARMSTRONG, Abram HAYS, Francis 1880-Feb-26
ARMSTRONG, S B DRENNEN, Mary A 1865-Dec-26
ARNOLD, C C RISHER, Mattie 1882-Sep-28
ARNOLD, Gilbert BIGFORD, Mary 1849-Jun-07
ARNOLD, Isam LANGDON, M E I Miss 1869-Sep-13
ARNOLD, Richard MARONY, Elizabeth 1872-Jan-25
ARNOLD, Sylvester T PHILIPS, Nancy 1853-May-20
ARNOLD, W L YOUNG, Ida 1898-Mar-02
ARNOLD, William DEW, Mary 1851-Mar-05
ARRINGTON, I H CAMP, R P Miss 1869-Aug-11
ARTHUR, B K GUNTER, Jessie 1895-Dec-24
ARTHUR, Eddie MCPHAIL, J D 1890-Dec-15
ARTHUR, J C ODEN, Mollie 1885-Mar-02
ARTHUR, J D HENDERSON, Mollie 1881-Jan-15
ARTHUR, J T ODEN, Eliza 1888-Dec-01
ARTHUR, M D PALYER, Martha P 1881-Dec-05
ASHCRAFT, R A BURROUGH, Mary 1880-Jul-27
ASHCROFT, Alson R JACKSON, Mary A 1870-Sep-23
ASHFORD, J K HUGHES, C O Miss 1885-Feb-03
ASHMON, S C BYRAM, Mary E 1886-Oct-06
ASHMORE, E L BROWN, Mattie 1892-Dec-14
ATKISON, G R GOBER, M E Miss 1894-Nov-01
ATKISON, J H FORTENBERRY, Elizabeth A 1879-Jan-08
ATKISON, J M WOODS, Alice 1888-Aug-31
ATKISON, R N CHANDLER, Mary A 1880-Jan-01
ATKISON, U S G NYCKLE, B Z Miss 1891-Jul-16
ATKISON, W F M SMITH, Susan L 1883-Dec-06
ATTAWAY, C R BELL, R A Miss 1881-Jan-07
AYRES, J E JORDAN, Lizzie 1879-Nov-26
AYRES, L M JOWERS, Martha 1899-Sep-14



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