Leake County Brides

Y - Z

YAGER, Mary BARRETT, Richard 1875-Sep-18
YALES, E M Miss LOWE, H C 1883-Oct-10
YARREL, Fannie FORTUNE, Moses 1891-Nov-19
YARRELL, Jane Mrs BEEMON, Jim 1895-Mar-02
YATES, Elizabeth MOORE, Aaron 1861-Feb-01
YATES, Jane Mrs DARRELL, William P 1867-May-12
YATES, M A Miss LILLIS, R L 1899-Nov-14
YATES, M A Miss LOVERN, B T 1869-Nov-04
YATES, Mary Jane BLUNT, Joseph 1854-Jul-13
YATES, R H Miss HORN, J L 1873-Apr-04
YATES, Susan Ann WIGGINS, George W 1866-Dec-06
YATES, Susan E FUSTON, William 1868-Aug-19
YEAGER, Elizabeth ALLEN, W H 1873-Jul-09
YEAGER, Ella MOORE, J J 1882-Nov-11
YEAGER, M M Miss ALLEN, L W 1866-Sep-01
YEAGER, Mary M ALLEN, L W 1865-Aug-31
YEATS, Lucinda J ODEN, Alex G 1869-Mar-25
YORK, Anna PARROTT, George 1879-Dec-10
YORK, Eliza J WHITE, Isom 1890-Feb-04
YORK, Joy J KENNEDY, Mattie 1899-Dec-28
YORK, Laura CHITTO, Pat 1898-Dec-13
YORK, Lou PERRY, Rufus 1890-Feb-26
YORK, Mary GILBERT, William 1887-May-24
YOUNG, Addie RICHMOND, John W 1885-Jul-30
YOUNG, Amanda TATE, Scott 1880-Jan-22
YOUNG, Bettie MOORE, W W 1894-Dec-12
YOUNG, Frances P WISE, Ira O 1840-Mar-16
YOUNG, Ida ARNOLD, W L 1898-Mar-02
YOUNG, Jennie JONES, A C 1893-Jun-25
YOUNG, Lillie BECKHAM, R J 1893-Feb-18
YOUNG, Lizzie JONES, O R 1889-Mar-23
YOUNG, M E Miss COLEMAN, Hesekiah 1870-Nov-11
YOUNG, M S Miss SANDERS, G T 1891-Oct-21
YOUNG, Martha E OWENS, C P 1863-Sep-30
YOUNG, Mattie ROGERS, John 1890-Nov-20
YOUNG, Millie BROWN, Anderson 1886-May-20
YOUNG, Minerva A RIDDELL, William 1856-Mar-27
YOUNG, N Miss HOOKS, D B 1870-Dec-15
YOUNG, P A Miss REDDELL, T J 1855-Jun-05
YOUNG, S A Miss DOSS, R J 1873-Nov-06
YOUNG, S A Miss SANDERS, W E 1890-Dec-23
YOUNG, Sallie OBANNON, B T 1894-Aug-11
YOUNG, Sarah A COMMANDER, Joseph P 1852-Jun-05
YOUNG, Sarah A CORNANOBI, Joseph P 1852-Jun-06
YOUNG, Sarah E HENDRIX, H C 1866-Oct-07
YOUNG, Willie Mrs ELLINGBURGH, J T 1895-Jan-20
YOUNGBLOOD, Esther WILBANKS, J L 1897-Sep-26
YOUNGBLOOD, Eulalia JOINER, H B 1892-Nov-02



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