Leake County Brides

P - Q

PAGE, Elizabeth RENFRO, J R 1870-Feb-03
PAGE, Emma CROPPS, W M 1889-Oct-23
PAGE, Emma PHILLIPS, John L 1898-Mar-27
PAGE, Mary JOHNSON, D 1879-Feb-19
PAINE, M J Miss SIMPSON, Calvin A 1875-Jan-06
PAINE, Sarah E SIMPSON, H H 1877-Dec-19
PALYER, Martha P ARTHUR, M D 1881-Dec-05
PANKEY, Fannie STANBERRY, Steve 1893-May-20
PARAMORE, Cemansa CHATHAM, L 1868-Dec-09
PARAMOUR, Mary BLOCKER, J J 1896-Nov-12
PARISH, Pernicie BOYD, Benjamin F 1867-Jan-17
PARKER, Amanda Mrs PHILLIPS, G W 1894-Sep-18
PARKER, Ann EMMOND, Loving 1837-Dec-
PARKER, Ann EMMONS, Lorenzo 1838-   -
PARKER, Annie BABB, J N 1900-Jul-19
PARKER, Catherine SANDERS, Charles C 1855-Jul-16
PARKER, Dixie CRANE, C A 1888-Apr-12
PARKER, E F Miss SHEPHERD, G A 1875-Sep-19
PARKER, Elisha HARDAGE, Mary J Mrs 1866-Dec-20
PARKER, Emily V PHILLIPS, B F 1865-Sep-28
PARKER, Emma MOSS, B F 1890-Jan-13
PARKER, Florence HORN, C S 1887-Jan-19
PARKER, Harriet G OXNER, W R 1879-Nov-13
PARKER, Henrietta RENFROE, George 1876-Aug-03
PARKER, Kate DERRICK, Elmore A 1893-Dec-28
PARKER, L A Miss WATKINS, William F 1870-Dec-15
PARKER, Lela MINSHEW, W R 1893-Jan-14
PARKER, Lizzie JOINER, W J 1899-Dec-20
PARKER, M E Miss CAMPBELL, A D 1877-Aug-24
PARKER, Malinda EMMONDS, Hudson 1838-Jul-14
PARKER, Malinda EMMONS, Hudson 1838-   -
PARKER, Malinda EVANS, Thomas 1838-   -
PARKER, Malinda POWELL, James H 1867-Dec-09
PARKER, Malindda EMMONS, Hudson 1838-   -
PARKER, Martha CURRIE, S J 1875-Dec-14
PARKER, Mary BOYD, A J 1853-Oct-21
PARKER, Mary Ellen MCCARTER, Conelas 1888-Jan-07
PARKER, Mary M GRICE, Robert S 1866-Oct-13
PARKER, Nancy PARKER, Miles 1837-Nov-14
PARKER, Nancy A WILBANKS, John N 1862-Mar-06
PARKER, Nancy M JOHNSON, W D 1866-Oct-23
PARKER, Prissie NASON, W O 1898-Jan-01
PARKER, Roxy PARKER, W L C 1891-Jul-21
PARKER, Sallie RENFROE, John 1876-Sep-10
PARKER, Tildy CREEL, I S 1889-Dec-12
PARKER, Viola I SANDERS, J R 1877-Feb-06
PARKS, N E Miss SANDERS, J W 1870-Nov-09
PARKS, Zula SANDERS, G W 1896-Dec-24
PARMER, Catharine FORTUNE, W P 1885-Jan-15
PARROTT, Amanda HILL, Jack 1885-Dec-27
PARROTT, Bessie EVERS, Tom 1884-Oct-16
PARROTT, Charity MORGAN, Charles 1871-Jul-01
PARROTT, Charity STEWART, F E 1893-Feb-09
PARROTT, Eliza THOMAS, Daniel 1879-Dec-04
PARROTT, Elizabeth MCBEATH, John Lindsey 1880-Sep-08
PARROTT, Laurie TATE, William 1881-Dec-22
PARROTT, M J Miss MAYES, F B 1864-Dec-08
PARROTT, Manerva WILLIAMS, John 1884-Sep-30
PARTRIDGE, Mollie HOUSTON, L C 1882-Nov-26
PATRICK, Elizabeth COLLIER, Z T 1850-Feb-12
PATRICK, Elizabeth J COLLIER, O Y L 1850-Feb-12
PATRICK, Minnie HOOKS, Da 1896-Sep-20
PATRIDAGE, Jamie LADD, Luke 1898-Nov-19
PATRIDGE, Fannie JONES, W J 1889-Nov-29
PATRIDGE, Martha MULLICAN, J A 1889-Mar-16
PATRIDGE, Sallie ELLIS, Robert J 1885-Apr-27
PATTERSON, Florence TRUSS, Frank 1890-Dec-24
PATTERSON, Florence TRUSS, Lee 1898-Nov-20
PATTERSON, Louisa J KNOWLES, Daniel N 1867-Mar-24
PATTERSON, Mollie TUCKER, G W 1881-Aug-14
PATTERSON, Mollie WARD, Judge 1884-Jan-22
PAYNE, Malinda WEAVER, Henry C 1849-Jan-02
PAYNE, Malinda WOLVER, Henry W 1849-Jan-02
PAYNE, Nancy C DIVINE, William W 1867-Jun-07
PEARCE, Seleta Ann BRYAN, F Y 1861-Jan-08
PEEL, Lizzie MILLS, J E 1888-Jun-30
PEIRCE, Nicey PIERSON, Mark 1849-Nov-28
PENNELL, M A Mrs SHURDEN, D J 1892-Dec-02
PEOPLES, Clarinda BARBER, J F 1875-Nov-23
PEOPLES, Docia OLIPHANT, W P 1899-Jan-19
PEOPLES, Ida ADAMS, W R 1896-Nov-05
PEOPLES, Indar OLIPHANT, Charles 1900-Nov-22
PEOPLES, L W Miss SANDERS, L 1898-Dec-01
PEOPLES, Mattie HARDAGE, J J 1896-Nov-19
PEOPLES, Pervalia RISHER, Eugene N 1900-Dec-16
PEOPLES, Talitha E WEATHERFORD, William M 1867-May-07
PERRY, Bettie BALL, L M 1883-Jun-14
PERRY, Bettie WOODS, S P 1892-Jan-15
PERRY, Eliza YORK, Orra 1896-Dec-07
PERRY, Eulah YORK, Hiram 1891-Dec-22
PERRY, Evilene Mrs DENSON, S J 1863-Oct-06
PERRY, Fanny KIRKSEY, Charles 1877-Dec-08
PERRY, Helen MURPHY, M M 1899-Dec-13
PERRY, Mary PARKER, J R 1897-Dec-12
PERRY, Mary WARREN, Nathan 1851-Jun-19
PERRY, Mary WARREN, Nathan 1850-Jun-19
PERRY, Mary M WILLIAMS, Samuel T 1867-Oct-31
PERRY, Missouri PHILLIPS, T J 1895-Dec-15
PERRY, Nancy A MATHEWS, J W 1874-Oct-22
PERRY, R E Miss BOOZER, C J 1873-May-29
PERRY, S J Miss PARKER, D B 1872-Jan-10
PERRY, Sarah MAXEY, Richard 1897-Sep-05
PERRY, Zebba L WIGGINS, R H 1885-Dec-24
PETERSON, M J Mrs JOHNSON, J W 1870-Mar-09
PETTIGREW, Harriet J ONEAL, James M 1869-Feb-08
PETTIGREW, Mattie JOHNSON, T E 1898-Feb-17
PETTIGREW, Paty BROWN, S D 1899-Feb-12
PETTY, Caroline CLAYTON, Jack 1874-Oct-08
PETTY, Fanny CLAYTON, Sigh 1874-Oct-08
PETTY, Laura SPARKMAN, Emmett 1894-Feb-22
PHELPS, Elender BAILEY, William 1849-Feb-23
PHELPS, Louisa BROOKS, Jacob W 1864-Jul-04
PHILIPS, Cristina CARSON, William L 1861-Jun-12
PHILIPS, E M MILLING, John W 1850-Nov-06
PHILIPS, Elizabeth T HENRY, Joseph 1861-Feb-25
PHILIPS, Martha EDWARDS, William M 1868-Jan-14
PHILIPS, Nancy ARNOLD, Sylvester T 1853-May-20
PHILIPS, Sarah F HENDERSON, Pleasant 1861-Jan-31
PHILLIPS, A C Miss HARKINS, Thomas 1870-Dec-13
PHILLIPS, Allsy THOMPSON, Grayson 1885-Dec-24
PHILLIPS, Amanda PHILLIPS, J W 1891-Aug-06
PHILLIPS, C J Miss TURNER, W W 1881-Oct-27
PHILLIPS, Doley HARWELL, Lewis 1888-Feb-22
PHILLIPS, E M Miss MILLING, John W 1850-Nov-06
PHILLIPS, Elender BAILY, William 1849-Feb-23
PHILLIPS, Ella DAVIS, Nelson M 1879-Dec-25
PHILLIPS, Fannie LEFLORE, Lennie 1879-Feb-06
PHILLIPS, Francis SHULER, J D 1884-Nov-27
PHILLIPS, G P Miss MAYO, J W 1884-Oct-12
PHILLIPS, Julia MAYO, E W 1894-Nov-01
PHILLIPS, M E Miss BOWMAN, I T 1870-Jan-30
PHILLIPS, M E Miss GUNTER, G A 1874-Oct-17
PHILLIPS, M V Miss JOINER, G W 1879-Dec-12
PHILLIPS, Maggie COLLIER, W H 1895-Nov-19
PHILLIPS, Maggie WALTON, H G 1892-Jan-15
PHILLIPS, Martha A NAZARY, G G 1885-Jan-08
PHILLIPS, Martha A SANDERS, Thomas 1869-Feb-09
PHILLIPS, Martha J JOLLY, William A 1873-Jan-02
PHILLIPS, Mattie WARD, Jack 1879-Aug-12
PHILLIPS, Narcissa COLEMAN, Henry 1894-Jan-18
PHILLIPS, Nellie CALDWELL, H I 1895-Feb-26
PHILLIPS, Roxie SHUBER, J A 1891-Dec-16
PHILLIPS, S E Miss MOORE, William 1869-Nov-04
PHILLIPS, S E Miss SQUIRES, J W 1886-Dec-21
PHILLIPS, S V Mrs STEWART, P L 1893-Apr-23
PHILLIPS, Sullar LUCKETT, Thomas 1889-Oct-28
PHILLIPS, T E Miss HUDSON, T H 1896-Nov-04
PHILLIPS, Terresa SMITH, Archie 1890-Dec-27
PICKLE, Ada DOSS, P A 1899-May-21
PICKLE, Della MILLER, A L 1885-Jan-22
PICKLE, E E Miss LOWE, J P 1874-Jan-06
PICKLE, L J Miss DAY, Nathaniel 1883-Aug-24
PIDDEN, Essey WITHERS, J D 1876-Jun-14
PIERCE, Nicy PIERSON, Mark 1849-Nov-28
PIGG, A A Miss WATKINS, J A 1889-Oct-19
PIGG, Lucinda Mrs STRICKLAND, Henry F 1866-Oct-18
PIGG, Mary BABB, C A 1875-Apr-08
PIGG, S E Miss FLETCHER, J L 1888-Jul-16
PITMAN, Martha J WEAVER, J H 1863-Aug-13
PITTMAN, Francis J WOODS, J W 1866-Feb-06
PLUNKETT, Cyntha C THORNTON, Edmon J 1866-Nov-15
PLUNKETT, E A Miss THIELDMAN, Theodore 1872-Oct-07
PLUNKETT, Lizzie ROBERTSON, Sammuel 1882-Dec-27
PLUNKETT, M B Miss MYERS, B F 1882-Jan-12
PLUNKETT, S A Miss TURNER, J R 1873-Dec-21
POOL, M J Miss LASSETTER, D B 1879-Jan-12
POOL, N E Miss BRASWELL, J W 1878-Feb-11
POPE, Amanda PIGG, J W 1883-Jan-06
POPE, Della THOMPSON, James G 1889-Oct-22
POPE, Jennette WILLIAMS, Peter 1887-Dec-06
POPE, M E A Miss GILBERT, James E 1867-Oct-13
POPE, Margret MAZE, H F 1888-Nov-15
POPE, Mary F RAY, John W 1879-Nov-06
POPE, Molly BOYD, Harry 1873-Jan-03
POPE, S A Miss KEENAN, H 1896-Dec-31
POPE, S J Miss SESSUMS, B F 1873-Jan-16
POPE, V M Miss GWIN, J T 1898-Mar-23
PORCH, Minnie JONES, C J 1899-Dec-22
PORTER, Mary S FLETCHER, George W 1867-May-09
PORTER, May SHURDAN, B F 1898-Feb-06
PORTER, Mollie L COX, J S 1875-Oct-24
PORTER, Nora SMITH, S C 1898-Oct-22
POUNCY, Sarah BIRCH, James 1854-Sep-21
POWELL, C R Miss MCPHAIL, J S 1892-Apr-02
POWELL, Easter HENRY, Samuel W 1854-Sep-25
POWELL, Florence TURNER, B M 1894-Dec-13
POWELL, Jennie E WESTBROOK, E D 1896-Oct-22
POWELL, Lucy RUSSELL, J A 1897-Sep-09
POWELL, M E Miss WILKENSON, W R 1890-Dec-20
POWELL, Mary FORTE, L H 1835-Dec-16
POWELL, Mattie FALKNER, R V 1885-Dec-10
POWELL, Priscilla BOYCE, John 1854-Nov-08
POWELL, S A Miss RUNNELS, John 1873-Sep-21
PRESLEY, Amelia FLOWERS, R M 1889-Jan-02
PRESLEY, Billie MOSS, Walter 1896-Feb-26
PRESLEY, Elizabeth Mrs SPEIGHTS, Shadrick 1866-Nov-30
PRESLEY, Ellen MCDUFF, James 1876-Jul-02
PRESLEY, Emma ALLEN, Lucius 1876-Jun-08
PRESLEY, Jane BEAUCHAMP, Charles 1887-Mar-05
PRESLEY, L E Miss ALLEN, Green 1878-Jan-31
PRESLEY, M M Miss HENDRICK, C E 1871-Aug-10
PRESLEY, Maggie FLOWERS, T M 1899-May-28
PRESLEY, Malinda S HARRELL, Elisha 1867-Dec-17
PRESLEY, Mary Ellen ALLEN, Ira G 1861-Jan-22
PRESLEY, Mollie HUMPHRIES, W H 1892-Jan-10
PRESLEY, Sarah A ALLEN, M T 1870-Apr-28
PRESLEY, Sarah E JOYNER, George W 1856-Feb-28
PRESTON, Roxy SMITH, William 1891-Feb-03
PRICE, Delila J OXNER, S A 1889-Mar-05
PRICE, I L Mrs SHIVERS, T J 1873-Nov-06
PRICE, Mattie T SANDS, R G 1893-Aug-02
PRIMAS, Ida WHITE, John 1889-Oct-30
PRUETT, Elizabeth S GREEN, H 1866-Aug-09
PRYOR, Tweet HARRIS, William 1894-Mar-26
PUCKETT, Mary Susan TOWNER, Will 1890-Mar-01
PUCKETT, Sallie TRIPLETT, Alex 1891-Dec-24
PUCKETT, Vilie HALL, Charlie 1897-Feb-14
PULLAM, Mary HILL, Richard 1885-Jan-08
QUICK, Emma PEOPLES, J H 1880-Dec-28
QUICK, Fannie HARPER, James 1876-May-01
QUINN, Sarah J HARTNESS, William A 1863-Dec-06



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