Leake County Brides

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NASH, Ann DAVIS, Willis 1870-Jul-30
NASH, Becky ROBY, Carter 1872-Apr-11
NASH, C V Miss BUCKNER, J S 1865-Oct-05
NASH, Callie NASH, Henry 1894-Dec-24
NASH, Callie WARD, Will 1889-Oct-07
NASH, Catharine SMITH, Johnson 1896-Dec-13
NASH, Dinkey LEWIS, Wash 1889-Dec-19
NASH, E A Miss THOMPSON, James 1888-Dec-26
NASH, Eliza DONALD, Martin 1874-Dec-15
NASH, Ellen MCMURTRY, Hiram 1870-Feb-18
NASH, Emaline SANDERS, Jesse 1892-Jun-18
NASH, Hattie GEE, Arthur 1899-Jan-01
NASH, Hattie SKINNER, Jessie 1896-Mar-01
NASH, Illa LEFLORE, Lang 1893-Dec-25
NASH, Isadora M SCHROCK, Thomas M 1853-Sep-29
NASH, Julia MOSBY, Burly 1879-Feb-15
NASH, Laura RILEY, Henry 1875-Feb-25
NASH, Lina SHARKEY, Levi 1892-Feb-18
NASH, Lizzie RUSHING, John 1880-Jan-25
NASH, Lucy WORLS, George 1878-Dec-26
NASH, Lucy WRIGHT, Jack 1881-Sep-22
NASH, Lula ALLEN, Kit 1894-Dec-20
NASH, M O Miss DAVIS, John L 1865-Oct-05
NASH, Mary J ROBY, Carter 1886-Dec-05
NASH, N C Miss CARMENS, W E 1899-Jun-08
NASH, Nancy A O SEVIER, Henry C 1865-Oct-04
NASH, Pollie LAMPLEY, B L 1865-Dec-18
NASH, R E Miss MCGEE, I L 1894-Nov-29
NASH, Sarah RILEY, Charles 1872-Oct-12
NASH, Savanah RAIFORD, Hosea 1893-Aug-17
NAZARY, Emma E MAYO, J H 1884-Nov-13
NAZARY, M A Miss THORNTON, E J 1875-Aug-11
NAZARY, Susan V JACKSON, Samuel D 1875-Nov-18
NAZARY, Willie G ALDERMAN, E D 1876-Jan-24
NEAL, Becca SMITH, Sam 1872-Jan-11
NEAL, Cora FALKNER, J R 1899-Oct-12
NEAL, Martha JONES, W S 1881-Feb-03
NEAL, Susan WARD, Jackson 1873-May-19
NEELY, Caroline DELLAR, Pete 1877-Dec-19
NEIL, Genett HARRIS, Henry 1871-Oct-18
NEIL, Sarah HARRIS, Major 1870-Jan-18
NEILL, J K Miss MCCULLOUGH, T D 1884-Dec-17
NEILL, M S Miss LUM, William 1891-Dec-24
NEILL, Nancy C Mrs MERCHANT, James M 1866-Nov-22
NEILY, Lou WALKER, Jerry 1876-Jan-19
NEVELS, Katie TRIPLETT, F P 1889-Mar-15
NEVELS, Manda EDWARDS, Nicholas 1852-Oct-08
NEW, M A Miss HOLLIS, C T 1874-Dec-22
NEWTON, Margaret E HOUSTON, George M 1860-Aug-13
NICHOLS, Mattie ROBERTS, W B 1886-Mar-23
NICHOLS, Sophrona HOLEMAN, G P 1870-Dec-16
NICKELLS, Mary J CRAFT, W H 1865-Apr-06
NIMOCKS, Mandy JOHNSON, M S 1899-Mar-30
NOBLES, Elizabeth TULLOS, R W 1882-Nov-02
NOLLEY, Josephine WITT, D W 1860-Oct-25
NOLLY, M L H Miss JOHNSON, W M 1893-Aug-10
NOLLY, Maggie LEFLORE, Golden 1899-Jul-10
NOLLY, Mary GIBBS, J W 1893-Jun-29
NOONAN, Katie SPEIGHTS, W F 1893-Jan-02
NORDEN, A J Miss PARKER, B M 1887-Nov-30
NORDON, Alice CHIPLEY, W L 1888-Dec-21
NORDON, E L Miss MILLS, J R 1890-Dec-22
NORVELL, Sarah S OATS, T S 1875-Oct-11
NUTT, Bettie COMFORT, W A 1891-Dec-16
NUTT, Choyse R GILBERT, William F 1868-Apr-02
NUTT, Emma TREST, A C 1887-Dec-20
NUTT, Ida TREST, J A 1887-Dec-20
NUTT, Martha A FLOWERS, James A 1866-Dec-09
NUTT, Mary Elizabeth CADENHEAD, J Frank 1900-May-06
NUTT, S P Miss BOWLING, J W 1871-Dec-06
NYCKLE, B Z Miss ATKISON, U S G 1891-Jul-16
O'LEARY, Julia HOWARD, Handy 1882-Aug-19
O'SMITH, A Z Miss MCCURDY, H E 1899-Apr-09
OATS, B M Miss JOHNSON, B R 1873-Jul-13
OBANNON, Madaline LEWIS, John A 1872-Oct-18
OBANNON, Martha Ann Mrs JOHNSTON, Edward J 1865-Dec-27
ODEN, Eliza ARTHUR, J T 1888-Dec-01
ODEN, Emily WAUGH, S C 1872-Nov-17
ODEN, Harriet M WEBB, William 1885-Feb-22
ODEN, Lou HANNAH, J E 1891-Dec-19
ODEN, Mabel RUSSELL, G A 1898-Jun-02
ODEN, Mollie ARTHUR, J C 1885-Mar-02
ODOM, Allis WOODS, J M 1889-Dec-10
ODOM, Beatrice MCMILLAN, R E 1900-Jan-24
ODOM, Bettie FOSTER, W F 1898-Dec-22
ODOM, Delia FULTON, D M 1895-Dec-26
ODOM, E E Miss STEVENS, W R 1880-Mar-11
ODOM, E F Miss ELLINGTON, T J 1891-Sep-25
ODOM, E Miss GATLIN, M S 1879-Jul-30
ODOM, F V Miss LEPARD, G W 1899-Apr-20
ODOM, Florence MCMILLAN, J H 1899-Dec-31
ODOM, Florence PAYNE, J M 1898-Feb-21
ODOM, J A Miss ADAMS, J M 1886-Dec-21
ODOM, Margaret THWEATT, W E 1897-Mar-31
ODOM, Mary STEWART, John 1891-Feb-10
ODOM, Phelia ODOM, Marion 1898-Dec-07
ODOM, R O Miss FALKNER, J R 1891-Mar-26
ODOM, Sarah J JOHNSON, H H 1872-Dec-05
ODOM, Tabitha MOORE, John 1891-Jan-16
OFALLAN, Mary MASSINGAL, B F 1869-Dec-02
OFALLEN, Elizabeth MASSINGILL, W H 1876-Oct-24
OFALLEN, Emma GUNN, B F 1872-Jan-10
OGLESBY, Elizabeth HILL, John  1849-Nov-03
OGLESBY, Martha WOLVERTON, James 1855-Dec-18
OLIPHANT, Anna JOHNSON, A S 1885-Apr-16
ONEAL, Allie HEFFNER, S H 1892-Nov-07
ONEAL, Jennie TURNER, Joseph H 1867-Jan-02
ONEAL, Lucy MCDONALD, M L 1863-Apr-29
ONEAL, Melissa Jane BURKS, W H 1865-Sep-26
ONEAL, Minerva BARNETT, Calvin B 1863-Oct-27
ONEAL, R C Miss HOLMES, J T 1893-Feb-11
ORMAN, Carrie SMITH, B F 1888-Dec-24
OVERSTREET, Cintha SANDERS, J L 1875-Sep-29
OVERSTREET, Kizzy FLOWERS, Marion 1874-May-12
OWEN, Elvira Cordelia TARVER, Allen 1861-Apr-29
OWEN, Martha A BURKS, J L 1874-Feb-01
OWEN, Nancy BENNETT, George W 1854-Jan-05
OWENS, C A Miss MITCHELL, G W 1873-Jan-30
OWENS, Emeline TOWNER, Henry 1876-Jul-20
OWENS, Francis A TATE, Augustus C 1869-Feb-04
OWENS, Jane BLACKMON, J S 1887-Jul-19
OWENS, M A Miss LOVOM, A A 1876-Sep-28
OWENS, M C Miss MITCHELL, J B 1873-Feb-09
OWENS, Maggie PHILLIPS, B F 1884-Feb-05
OWENS, Martha C HARRIS, J L 1866-Jul-08
OWENS, Martin J MANN, Maria J 1869-Feb-01
OWENS, Mary BARNES, E E 1883-Dec-26
OWENS, Mollie E WILLBANKS, John 1871-Nov-09
OWENS, Pheba STOVALL, Reuben 1886-Apr-01
OWENS, S W Miss WALTON, J S J 1863-Sep-29
OWENS, Sarah J HENDERSON, James K 1867-Oct-17
OWENS, Suffrana CROW, John N 1874-Dec-06
OXNER, L L Miss ESTES, B H 1872-Jul-24
OXNER, Maggie BARRETT, A M 1891-Jun-04
OXNER, Martha PAGE, W R 1892-Jan-09
OXNER, Sarah GREEN, J W 1865-Aug-13
OXNER, T S Miss HAMIL, F M 1871-Nov-23



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