Leake County Brides


KEENAN, Eliza ESTES, H B 1877-Dec-26
KEENAN, Ida V RUSSELL, John A 1894-Nov-18
KEENAN, M A Miss BISHOP, S J 1874-Jul-26
KEIGHT, Mollie BUNCH, James 1898-May-23
KELLEY, A E Miss MCKEE, J A 1872-Apr-10
KELLUM, Roziana WOODARD, David 1848-Nov-
KELLY, Clennie RICHARDSON, J R 1898-Dec-18
KELLY, Cora BOWIE, Ed 1892-Feb-04
KELLY, Donie DONALD, Wesley 1899-Oct-15
KELLY, Elizabeth Mrs SHACKLEFORD, J L 1863-Oct-11
KELLY, Emily GRIFFIN, Joshua 1876-Dec-07
KELLY, Florence FERGUSON, B W 1875-Jan-13
KELLY, Hannah C LAY, Marion C 1861-Dec-12
KELLY, Jane RICKS, Thomas 1884-Jan-31
KELLY, L D Miss PHILLIPS, C E 1889-Dec-07
KELLY, L Miss MOORE, S M 1900-Feb-25
KELLY, M L Miss DEWITT, A M 1888-Jan-25
KELLY, Madora CHADWICK, J D 1884-Nov-23
KELLY, Manda HENDERSON, Will 1897-Feb-04
KELLY, Mary CHAMBLEE, Frank 1887-Aug-08
KELLY, Matilda W RATLIFF, Benjamin 1855-Oct-02
KELLY, Mattie TUCKER, Albert 1891-Feb-07
KELLY, Milinda Jane LAY, James F 1855-Oct-10
KELLY, N A J Miss SMITH, Steven M 1876-Feb-09
KELLY, Nancy MCCARTY, Bryant 1851-Feb-08
KELLY, Nancy D MCCARTY, Bryant 1851-Feb-08
KELLY, Nannie R ELLIS, J L 1878-Apr-14
KELLY, Rachel HUGHS, Lang 1877-Jun-30
KELLY, Sarah A MOORE, William J 1882-Nov-05
KELLY, Theresa JOHNSON, James S 1868-Oct-08
KEMP, Emily THOMAS, W R 1896-Jan-19
KEMP, Lou STOVALL, Reuben 1890-May-17
KEMP, Mary GREEN, J A 1895-May-06
KEMP, Nannie LUM, S E 1898-Dec-27
KEMP, Ora B WEIR, W T 1899-Feb-05
KENADY, Caroline BOYD, James M 1853-Mar-20
KENLOW, Bettie COLLINS, Lewis F 1887-Nov-15
KENLOW, Emma J HAWTHORN, A H 1880-Jan-09
KENLY, Rebecca A RAWSON, James 1863-Sep-04
KENNEDY, Alice JONES, Newton 1897-Jan-30
KENNEDY, Augusta Ann SLAY, John 1882-Dec-28
KENNEDY, C P Miss LINDSEY, R C 1875-Oct-07
KENNEDY, Dora KENNEDY, John 1896-Nov-22
KENNEDY, Eliza Y Mrs NUSE, F M 1865-Dec-05
KENNEDY, F L Miss WOODS, C H 1882-Jun-29
KENNEDY, Fannie TUCKER, O D 1881-Jun-30
KENNEDY, Francis GILBERT, Coleman 1886-Dec-09
KENNEDY, Harriet WARD, Ambrose 1883-Feb-01
KENNEDY, Judy ORMAN, Joe 1883-Sep-07
KENNEDY, Lety KELLY, Lewis 1875-Dec-28
KENNEDY, Lutia FREENEY, C E 1879-Sep-29
KENNEDY, M A Mrs BEARD, Jonathan 1867-Jan-29
KENNEDY, M E Miss WOODS, B F 1879-Oct-11
KENNEDY, Mary TAYLOR, Hiram 1886-Sep-25
KENNEDY, Mary WOODARD, Isham 1874-Dec-31
KENNEDY, Mattie YORK, Joy J 1899-Dec-28
KENNEDY, Mollie RUSHING, Thomas 1875-May-19
KENNEDY, Sallie GILL, Jacob 1898-Jun-30
KENNEDY, Sarah A BARNES, E C 1872-Aug-01
KENNEDY, Susan SWIPES, James 1876-Oct-07
KENNEDY, Vinia LEE, Elias 1888-Jun-12
KENT, Betsy Ann HUTCHINS, Frank 1895-Feb-24
KENT, Evalee STOKES, Joe Anderson 1892-Aug-12
KENT, Lizzie RODGERS, Elias 1885-Jan-01
KERN, Allen SMITH, Josephine 1892-Jan-09
KERN, Susan MORROW, William P 1853-Mar-25
KEY, E A Miss YEARL, George 1871-Nov-27
KHUN, Rebecca BRIDGES, J W 1852-Jul-22
KHUN, Rebecca BRIDGES, John W 1852-Jul-23
KIDD, Hannah WHITE, Anderson 1878-Aug-21
KILGORE, Francis LANG, William J 1868-Jan-02
KILLAM, Rozena WOOEND, David 1848-Nov-01
KIMBRO, Mary MCCLUSHEY, William 1872-Oct-23
KING, A A Miss BOYD, A J 1887-Apr-02
KING, Anna Mrs MORRISON, Thomas 1869-Mar-26
KING, Asenath TREENEY, H C 1887-Mar-17
KING, E L Miss FOWLER, J H 1874-Jun-11
KING, Ella WALKER, William 1896-Oct-15
KING, Francis P SMITH, J R 1874-Feb-19
KING, Lizzie MASSEY, U S 1893-Nov-29
KINNISTON, Barbary J BECKHAM, Simon 1880-May-10
KIRKLAND, Alice JACKSON, Andrew 1875-Dec-21
KIRKLAND, Als GRIFFIN, Callie 1898-Feb-24
KIRKLAND, Callie DOTSON, J R 1887-Jan-06
KIRKLAND, Emma GATES, J W 1896-Dec-29
KIRKLAND, Fannie RAGSDALE, John 1893-Mar-02
KIRKLAND, G L Miss MCFADDEN, S E 1900-Jun-09
KIRKLAND, Letha SANDERS, Anthony 1880-Jan-22
KIRKLAND, Lucy GRIFFIN, Aaron 1888-Dec-20
KIRKLAND, Maggie STRIBLING, Jones 1894-Jan-09
KIRKLAND, Mary BOWIE, William 1877-Oct-15
KIRKLAND, Mittie WHITTINGTON, Mink 1896-Jun-20
KIRKLAND, Virgie MCKEE, James 1897-Dec-30
KIRKSEY, Effie WRIGHT, Z T 1898-Jan-18
KITCHAM, Elenor C MCCURDY, William H 1855-Sep-14
KITCHENS, Fannie GAINEY, Willie 1896-Mar-02
KITCHENS, Joanna HOBSON, J J 1862-Nov-13
KITCHENS, Lilla GATLIN, Hardy 1878-Jan-10
KNOLOW, S A Miss BOROUGH, James 1871-Aug-19
KNOWLES, Alice TOWNSEND, Charles 1884-Dec-10
KNOWLES, Anna WILCHER, R 1895-Sep-22
KNOWLES, C M Miss MILLER, W L 1888-Dec-18
KNOWLES, Della MOORE, L L 1896-Dec-24
KNOWLES, Dora JOLLY, C B 1900-Aug-19
KNOWLES, Emily GOULDSBY, George 1865-Sep-12
KNOWLES, I C Miss MILNER, I O 1898-Oct-31
KNOWLES, Lena DENNIS, Buck 1899-Mar-26
KNOWLES, N A Miss HARRISON, W N 1886-Mar-01
KNOWLES, R A Miss HARRISON, H B T 1886-Aug-18
KNOWLES, Willie PHILLIPS, W F 1900-Dec-16
KNOWLS, Mary HILL, W E 1895-Mar-14
KNOWLS, Mary Ann SAXON, William H 1864-Mar-22
KOHER, Permelia D BABBETH, Rodrick R 1836-Dec-19
KOHER, Permelia D BABBETT, Rodrick R 1836-Dec-20
KOMAHAN, Elizabeth PARKER, Alfred 1853-Dec-27
KUHN, Mary NOAKES, William E 1867-Aug-07
KUHN, Melissa ELLIS, J M 1890-Dec-31
KUHN, Missouri JOHNSON, R M 1872-Nov-16
KUHN, Sarah HAMILTON, Frank 1867-Jan-17
KUHN, Sarah Ann WILSON, John L 1852-Jan-21
KUHN, Sarah Ann WILSON, John P 1852-Jan-04
KUHN, Sarah Mrs WEAVER, W 1879-Apr-13



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