Leake County Brides


FAIRES, Mary M HUGHENS, William 1867-Jan-27
FALKNER, Dora JACKSON, J A 1895-Apr-07
FALKNER, Elizabeth GRAY, Harry 1878-Oct-15
FALKNER, Jennie SIMMS, George 1878-Dec-28
FALKNER, Mary A RAWSON, William 1868-Jan-09
FALKNER, Orra ODOM, James 1890-Feb-14
FARMER, Emma SHEPHERD, James 1886-Aug-26
FARRISH, Elizabeth SEE, M M 1871-May-24
FAUCETT, Emma KEMP, C 1869-Jan-11
FAUCETT, Emma RAMBO, Reuben 1865-Dec-27
FAUCETT, Jane WALTON, William 1865-Jul-14
FEARS, Cornelia A REYNOLDS, Alexander 1863-Nov-26
FEDERICK, E T Miss AGENT, G M 1884-Jun-26
FEDERICK, Martha F BURROUGH, A G 1877-Sep-26
FEDRICK, Jane SMITH, J T 1892-Mar-21
FEDRICK, Jane SMITH, J T 1880-Sep-22
FEDRICK, Martha E WATKINS, A R 1875-Jan-14
FEDRICK, Mary HOWELL, Jackson 1878-Sep-30
FEDRICK, Sarah E DAVIS, A N 1876-Feb-14
FERRELL, Josephine EALY, Andrew 1895-Dec-24
FICKLAND, Gurtrude BOYD, Lawrence 1898-Dec-22
FIELD, Mary Ann GERMANY, William A 1867-Nov-22
FIELDS, Mary GRAHAM, J E 1871-Dec-01
FIFER, Francis MCMURTRAY, Joe 1894-Jan-01
FIFER, Lola STATON, Thomas 1899-Dec-27
FILTON, H V Miss JOHNSON, C C 1894-Dec-03
FINCH, Anna STUBBS, J W 1869-Dec-28
FINCHE, A E Miss MCDONALD, H W 1870-Dec-29
FINCHER, Mollie HUGHES, Henry 1884-Mar-15
FINKLY, Carrie SILLS, George 1882-Dec-29
FINLEY, Caudacy PHILLIPS, Calvin 1873-Feb-06
FISHER, M C Miss LEWIS, T J 1869-Sep-30
FISHER, M F Miss FISHER, Joseph S 1871-Oct-04
FISHER, Martha PULLAM, George 1876-Apr-13
FISHER, Mary POWELL, Shelton 1838-May-01
FISHER, Mary J JOHNSON, S A 1877-Feb-02
FISHER, Mary Jane MASSEY, Jacob 1851-Sep-09
FISHER, Mary Jane MASSEY, Jacob T 1851-Sep-09
FISHER, Peggy JACKSON, John 1870-Feb-12
FISHER, S A Miss WILSON, John N 1855-Feb-06
FISHER, Susan Mrs MASSEY, David 1867-Dec-29
FISHER, Susannah ABELS, James 1900-Dec-09
FLEMING, Eugenia MARSHALL, Morgan 1867-May-23
FLETCHER, Alice SAVEL, D F 1878-Nov-27
FLETCHER, Bettie MARTIN, John P 1863-Sep-29
FLETCHER, Florence HUSBANDS, A E 1880-Mar-11
FLETCHER, Mary E MASSEY, D N 1879-Jan-01
FLETCHER, Susan TINNIN, Brown 1852-Aug-14
FLETCHER, Susan TINNIN, Brown 1852-Aug-20
FLETCHER, Susan E HANNA, J W 1878-Apr-03
FLEWELLEN, Charlotte CHILDRESS, Washington 1886-Aug-28
FLINT, Minnie L SMITH, Robert 1882-Dec-28
FLINT, Nancy COCKROFT, Robert 1873-Jan-08
FLIPPEN, C A Mrs MCCLAIN, James 1869-Dec-28
FLIPPIN, Addie HAMILTON, W K 1883-Dec-26
FLOWERS, Eliza HORN, John 1872-Feb-01
FLOWERS, Emma MAJORS, H C 1890-May-19
FLOWERS, Jennie MERCHANT, W A 1896-Mar-03
FLOWERS, Katie SANDERS, J C 1898-Nov-08
FLOWERS, Mary Mrs LAMAR, John J 1866-Sep-05
FLOWERS, Mollie TESTON, Marshall 1893-Jan-03
FLOYD, Hannah HAMMILL, Amos 1873-Dec-04
FLOYD, Patty STEWART, John 1877-Jun-23
FORBES, Easter WHITTINGTON, Daniel 1862-Feb-03
FORD, Ada MILLER, J I 1888-Jan-15
FORD, Alta CARSON, Emmet 1891-Dec-17
FORD, Annie MATLOCK, Solomon 1884-Jan-12
FORD, Betty JOHNSON, Washington 1873-Jan-10
FORD, Callie SPRUILL, Jesse 1879-Feb-20
FORD, Clorinda HOOD, John J 1861-Mar-27
FORD, Hattie ELDRIDGE, Thomas 1889-Jan-02
FORD, Lelia DOSS, J T 1895-Oct-31
FORD, Maniza GROVES, J C 1864-Jul-27
FORD, Mollie LEWIS, J A 1897-Jan-07
FORD, Nellie DAVIS, Logan 1892-Jun-07
FORD, Pletazah KNIGHT, Sammie C 1836-Sep-11
FORD, Sarah STOKES, Aaron 1889-Jun-27
FORD, Susan GANT, Scott 1895-Sep-22
FOREST, Cameline JOHNSON, W W 1880-Jan-22
FORTENBERRY, Elizabeth ATKISON, J H 1879-Jan-08
FORTENBERRY, Salina BARNES, J W 1888-Apr-25
FORTUNE, Addie RICHMOND, Curtis 1900-Jan-03
FORTUNE, America HORN, Richard 1894-May-27
FORTUNE, Angeline SUMMERS, Andrew 1875-Jan-21
FORTUNE, Aquilla VIVIAN, Charles 1888-Apr-05
FORTUNE, Caroline WILSON, Clinton 1873-Jan-16
FORTUNE, Cora KELLY, Marcellus 1896-Dec-24
FORTUNE, E N Miss REAGAN, J W 1882-Sep-28
FORTUNE, Eliza BRIGHT, Hiram 1855-Oct-22
FORTUNE, Eliza CHILDERS, Nob 1894-Apr-12
FORTUNE, I E Miss BOYD, James F 1892-Feb-23
FORTUNE, Lucy WHITTINGTON, Jerry 1880-Dec-30
FORTUNE, Maggie BOWIE, D S 1890-Dec-29
FORTUNE, Martha TARVER, Lewis 1882-Jan-05
FORTUNE, Mary WEEMS, S C 1887-Nov-03
FORTUNE, Ophelia J WARE, E D 1874-Dec-02
FORTUNE, R L E Miss STRIBLING, C P 1880-Dec-16
FORTUNE, Victoria KELLEY, Aaron 1880-May-26
FOSSETT, Jane KEMP, Robert 1868-Feb-25
FOSTER, Josephine DICKINS, James 1870-Mar-17
FOSTER, Josephine TISDALE, J C 1881-Mar-15
FOSTER, Mary L CALLOWAY, M H 1866-Oct-23
FOSTER, Parilee REEVES, Charles 1896-Apr-05
FOWLER, Amanda Mrs RAY, E L 1894-Dec-31
FOWLER, M J Miss CAGLE, J R 1870-Dec-20
FOWLER, Mary STRIBBLING, Wyatt 1892-Oct-05
FOWLER, Mary Emma Eliz a     MOORE, E B 1894-Dec-24
FOWLER, Sallie TRIPLETT, Isaac 1899-Oct-15
FOX, Beulah DENDY, J W 1889-Dec-24
FOX, M C Miss HARRIS, W H 1869-Jun-24
FOX, Marietta RIES, H M 1888-Dec-22
FOX, Sarah SHELLY, L 1897-Feb-07
FRANKLIN, Lula HALL, George 1892-May-27
FRANKLIN, Martha RICKS, Samuel G 1863-Jul-26
FRANKLIN, Susan FULTON, William 1884-Nov-28
FRANKS, Caroline MADDEN, J W 1876-Jul-19
FRASIER, Anna TOWNSEND, J M 1885-Jan-15
FRASIER, Mary TUCKER, Burgess 1891-Dec-30
FRASIER, Mary L IVY, John 1875-Jan-14
FRASIER, R S Miss BAGGETT, J R 1880-Oct-12
FRAZIER, Della A JOHNSON, Solomon 1886-Nov-25
FRAZIER, Estella JOHNSON, Jabe 1893-Sep-28
FRAZIER, Jennie SIKES, J R 1896-Dec-24
FREEMAN, Emma MANNING, Ed 1888-Jan-28
FREENEY, Elizabeth JOHNSON, Aaron 1861-Sep-26
FREENEY, J B Mrs WARD, B N Dr 1891-Jul-26
FREENEY, M A Miss WRIGHT, J R 1890-Jan-09
FREENEY, N S Miss COLLIER, J W 1889-Dec-19
FREENEY, Octavia A GUINN, Morris M 1864-Feb-03
FREENY, Antonette WASHINGTON, Ephraim 1850-Mar-27
FREENY, E E Miss HOGUE, C P 1896-Nov-05
FREENY, Myrtle WOOD, M L 1896-Jan-02
FRENCH, Isabella GREEN, J S 1879-Dec-04
FRYERY, Bridget EDWARDS, Mat 1892-Oct-10
FRYERY, S H Miss EDWARDS, J H 1896-Apr-05
FULTON, Amanda COVINGTON, H W 1869-Dec-15
FULTON, Ann J FERGUSON, Walter M B 1855-Jan-10
FULTON, C E Miss NEILL, J C 1875-Mar-21
FULTON, Caroline WINTER, Joe 1888-Sep-15
FULTON, Effie SCOTT, Birth 1899-Nov-26
FULTON, Fannie VAN ARSDALE, Neulard 1897-Nov-28
FULTON, Gillian PHILLIPS, Jerry 1881-Feb-10
FULTON, Hattie HULL, Samuel 1874-Jan-15
FULTON, Hezzie WAGGONER, Feilding 1883-Apr-29
FULTON, Leah SCOTT, Cary 1880-Jan-21
FULTON, Lotta SMITH, George 1882-Oct-19
FULTON, Lou R FULTON, L A 1881-Jan-23
FULTON, Maria PHILLIPS, George 1880-Mar-21
FULTON, Susan SMITH, Derry 1875-Dec-22
FULTON, W L Miss JOHNSON, R C 1892-Aug-20
FURGASON, Mary MAJURE, W K 1849-Jan-09
FURGERSON, M F Miss MCNAIR, William 1884-Jul-31
FURGESON, Eliza FOWLER, E R 1855-Dec-27
FURGESON, Mary MAJURE, W K 1849-Jan-09
FUSTIN, Louisa HUMPHRIES, William E 1855-Jun-10
FUSTON, Alverella LINDSEY, J L 1895-Sep-12
FUSTON, Cora WHATLEY, Willie 1887-Feb-26
FUSTON, Lillian HATAWAY, R E 1896-Jan-01
FUSTON, M A Miss FERGUSON, S A 1875-Nov-30
FUSTON, Nancy LOOK, L A 1851-Jul-05
FUSTON, Nancy LOOK, Lucius A 1851-Jul-05
FUTCH, Abby TURNER, Lewis 1893-May-04
FUTCH, Lou HARRIS, Jim 1885-Jul-29



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