Leake County Brides


EADS, E D Miss TRIPLETT, T M 1876-Mar-23
EADS, J D Miss MCGAUGHY, S D 1876-Dec-26
EADS, Lucy TURNER, George 1870-Jan-30
EADS, Maggie T LUCKETT, O A Jr 1882-Oct-01
EADS, S E Miss CAMERON, W L 1865-Nov-08
EAKEN, E C Mrs WALLACE, T A 1880-Feb-04
EAKIN, A J Miss BREWER, John L 1866-Jan-01
EASDOM, Henrietta BASSETT, W S 1877-Dec-10
EASOM, Ida JONES, W O 1895-Nov-24
EASTWOOD, Angeline MILNER, Calvin 1871-Dec-28
EASTWOOD, Emma BRITTAIN, John C 1852-Dec-16
EASTWOOD, Lucinda HANNA, F E 1898-Nov-17
EASTWOOD, Mary P WALTERS, Archibald 1856-Jan-22
EASTWOOD, Sallie MCLEAN, Phillip 1896-Dec-20
EASTWOOD, Sarah W POPE, Little B 1868-Jun-08
EATMAN, Alma EUBANKS, J F 1899-Dec-04
EATMAN, Ella MCBEATH, W B 1899-Jul-13
EDEARDS, Beulah LOVORN, Joseph 1893-Oct-10
EDMOND, Mary ELEY, Gus 1896-Dec-29
EDMONDS, Jennie RAGSDALE, B E 1897-Aug-15
EDMONDS, Nancy C ALLEN, J B 1853-Jan-11
EDMONDSON, Laura COOK, W B 1896-Dec-31
EDMONSON, L E Miss ROBERTS, A Y 1888-Jun-21
EDWARD, Mary THOMAS, Sidney 1878-Apr-28
EDWARDS, A K Miss ROBY, D C 1877-Dec-25
EDWARDS, Alma THOMAS, G E 1893-Nov-02
EDWARDS, Amanda Mrs BROWN, Elijah 1871-May-25
EDWARDS, Annie WILDER, Eli 1892-Nov-15
EDWARDS, Annola BEAMON, B M 1870-Oct-17
EDWARDS, Belle GRAY, Conelas 1888-Jan-02
EDWARDS, Bettie CLARK, J J 1897-Jun-27
EDWARDS, D M Miss CARPENTER, A M 1896-Jan-19
EDWARDS, F L SHELBY, Adeline 1854-Nov-27
EDWARDS, George HERROD, Ida 1896-Oct-29
EDWARDS, George R COLBERT, Emma 1872-Mar-21
EDWARDS, Della SIMPSON, D T 1889-Nov-28
EDWARDS, E E Miss MARTIN, T E 1887-Nov-24
EDWARDS, E P Miss INGRAM, J C 1860-Jun-26
EDWARDS, Etheldia A MOORE, Jonas P 1854-Dec-11
EDWARDS, Eula ALLEN, M H 1900-Jan-07
EDWARDS, Georgia GRAY, Roy 1889-Jun-26
EDWARDS, Georgia TATE, Henry 1899-Dec-26
EDWARDS, Jennie SPEIGHTS, T P 1890-Jan-04
EDWARDS, Josie JOHNSON, F A 1900-Nov-21
EDWARDS, Letha BROACH, C J 1900-Oct-09
EDWARDS, Mattie CLARKE, H D 1897-Mar-28
EDWARDS, Neva E PEARSON, W L 1898-Jan-19
EDWARDS, Patsy ALLEN, Wesley 1870-Jun-27
EDWARDS, Rose JOHNSON, Richard 1877-Apr-05
EDWARDS, S E Miss NELSON, John 1869-Dec-16
ELDRIDGE, Jennie BOON, Henry 1874-Feb-04
ELDRIDGE, Louisa LEFTORE, James 1877-Sep-05
ELDRIDGE, Mattie MOORE, W M 1882-Apr-26
ELDRIDGE, Rose THOMAS, Jeff 1880-Jan-28
ELENDAR, Charity SMITH, Johniven J 1869-Dec-02
ELEY, E E Miss BANKS, A L 1871-Dec-18
ELEY, H F Miss MCINTOSH, J W 1875-Mar-11
ELEY, Harriet YORK, J H 1894-Mar-04
ELEY, Lucretia ROSS, Louis 1893-Dec-25
ELEY, M H Miss LYLE, M 1877-Dec-17
ELEY, Martha KENNEDY, Albert 1881-Dec-28
ELEY, Martha H CAMPBELL, R H 1865-Dec-14
ELEY, Penny RAGSDALE, Branch 1884-Jan-18
ELIE, Lovie MOTON, Joseph 1895-Dec-24
ELLENBURG, Bettie WALKER, John T 1890-Jan-14
ELLENBURG, F M Miss SAVELL, I M 1886-Jul-29
ELLENBURG, Nancy J MOORE, I J 1890-Apr-21
ELLENBURY, Georgia A BLACKMAN, Daniel 1884-Dec-09
ELLENBURY, Martha L HUDSON, Isaac 1880-Oct-08
ELLINGTON, I E Miss TURNER, W L 1891-Dec-14
ELLINGTON, Lou TERRY, C S 1888-Dec-12
ELLINGTON, S I Mrs RILEY, D L 1884-Dec-10
ELLIOT, Jennett M SLAY, William 1848-Dec-21
ELLIOTT, S A Miss CRAPS, W M 1890-Feb-16
ELLIS, Alice BRYANT, J A 1896-Jun-20
ELLIS, B J Miss MILLS, J E 1880-Dec-17
ELLIS, B J Miss SANFORD, J T 1879-Nov-16
ELLIS, E A M Miss OLIPHANT, O J 1891-Nov-18
ELLIS, E B Miss JONES, J M 1888-Dec-12
ELLIS, Eliza BISHOP, J L 1879-Aug-29
ELLIS, Ella SUMMERS, B F 1883-Apr-12
ELLIS, Eulalah WHITTINGTON, F L 1887-Dec-28
ELLIS, Ida JOHNSTON, Jack 1897-Jun-01
ELLIS, Lou CRANE, Ben 1897-Dec-20
ELLIS, M A Miss RASBERRY, J O 1889-Jun-27
ELLIS, M A V Miss BROOKS, Z B 1880-Aug-24
ELLIS, M E Miss JARRELL, W H 1876-Dec-21
ELLIS, Malinda LANGSTON, Augustus 1898-Apr-14
ELLIS, Martha ALFORD, D C 1877-Dec-01
ELLIS, Mary E Mrs COLEMAN, Lewis 1884-Dec-04
ELLIS, N C Miss JONES, J R 1890-Jan-02
ELLIS, Nannie HENDERSON, W E 1891-Nov-02
ELLIS, Nora I MARS, J F 1888-Aug-11
ELLIS, R V Miss GILMORE, W J 1874-Jan-29
ELLIS, S M Miss YOUNG, John H 1873-Dec-18
ELLIS, Sallie HARRINGTON, J A 1900-Jan-02
ELLIS, Sallie JORDAN, W J 1899-Jan-03
ELLIS, Samantha HENDERSON, J M 1890-Dec-24
ELMON, Christian GREENWOOD, Dennis 1882-Dec-02
ELMON, Vina WARREN, John 1879-Nov-06
ELMORE, Lucy WILLIAMS, Henderson 1872-Aug-01
ELMORE, Sallie SMITH, Brister 1873-Jan-22
ELY, Hellen GADDIS, P M 1856-Jan-01
ELY, Vilie RAGSDALE, Isaiah 1898-Sep-05
ERE, Darkis W Mrs TROUTMAN, D W 1870-Dec-25
ERNEST, Lila FULTON, Bias 1899-Dec-19
ERNEST, Litha MOREHEAD, Jim 1890-Dec-18
ESTES, Flora KEENAN, R T 1885-Dec-02
ESTES, L T Miss RUSHING, John G 1872-Jul-25
ESTES, S A Miss MCNAIR, J T 1873-Nov-03
EUBANKS, Bettie YATES, J T 1884-Oct-22
EUBANKS, Charlotta WOOLEN, Benjamin F 1868-Jan-23
EUBANKS, Della MCSWAIN, S A 1890-Sep-11
EUBANKS, Fannie YATES, J T 1885-Jan-21
EUBANKS, Nancy A DENDY, L M 1880-Mar-24
EUBANKS, Rebecca Mrs WILLIAMS, N 1865-Nov-27
EURE, Caroline E Mrs NOELL, G W 1866-Oct-28
EURE, Laura SCOGINS, John 1852-Oct-07
EURE, Laura SCOGINS, John 1852-Oct-17
EURE, M E Miss ROCHESTER, W F 1879-Nov-20
EURE, Margaret KELLY, John G 1866-Jan-22
EVANS, A E Miss BLACKSTOCK, W M 1874-Nov-02
EVANS, Bettie FLOWERS, Shane 1884-Mar-02
EVANS, Ella HARRELL, R J 1891-Mar-16
EVANS, Emma THOMAS, J A 1898-Jan-16
EVANS, Henrietta THOMAS, A N 1900-Jun-25
EVANS, Ida THOMAS, Randall 1873-Nov-22
EVANS, Laura GREEN, James 1873-Dec-23
EVANS, Leota WRIGHT, J F 1892-Dec-20
EVANS, Lula KELLEY, S D 1898-Jul-10
EVANS, Minnie Lee DOOLEY, L J 1895-Dec-22
EVANS, Sarah Caroline TURNER, Jt 1887-Aug-26
EVANS, Suffronia MCCOLLOUGH, J W 1876-Jul-01
EVARS, Eliza JACKSON, John 1885-Dec-24
EVERETT, Fannie SIKE, N T 1892-Jun-01
EVERETT, Lotta WARWICK, W R 1882-Sep-28
EVERETT, Sallie FORTUNE, W A 1882-Nov-30
EVERS, Julia A ORMAN, Joe 1884-May-17
EVERS, Rose ELEY, Will 1885-Mar-06
EVESHEART, Phebe SANDERS, Willis 1864-Apr-08



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