Leake County Brides


ADAMS, Amanda MASSEY, S M 1896-Apr-09
ADAMS, Anne NASH, Reuben 1872-Oct-02
ADAMS, Bettie SIMPSON, R E 1890-Jan-26
ADAMS, E B Miss MOORE, W E 1883-Feb-11
ADAMS, Eliza HAMILTON, T J 1866-Jan-15
ADAMS, Emma Elizabeth DONNELL, Andrew J 1880-Jul-04
ADAMS, Hazel COLE, Viola 1899-Mar-12
ADAMS, Lizzie GOODWIN, Charles 1879-Jun-04
ADAMS, Lula RUTHERFORD, Nathan 1895-Oct-09
ADAMS, Margarett A MCPHAIL, James A 1869-Feb-11
ADAMS, Mary LEWIS, Wiley 1886-Nov-04
ADAMS, Mary TAYLOR, William 1871-Jun-18
ADAMS, Mary F HUNTER, Peter 1890-Jul-12
ADAMS, N J Miss LOGAN, W L 1879-Dec-24
ADCOCK, E C Miss FERGUSON, G W 1898-Jan-30
ADCOCK, Sarah A BAL, Amos 1877-Dec-20
ADDAMS, Pernatha Mrs WEAVER, Thomas 1876-May-12
ADISON, Elsie PEYTON, Oliver 1899-Nov-23
ADKINS, Arlena SMITH, James 1882-Jun-10
ADKINS, Tommie Miss LANGDON, I B 1888-Jul-23
AGENT, F A Miss WILLIAMS, F Z T 1890-Dec-30
AGENT, M E Miss WADSWORTH, W D 1892-Jan-26
AGENT, Martha HILL, Y E 1866-Jan-24
AGENT, Mary E TUCKER, R L 1886-Jan-20
AKIN, Nancy LONG, James 1897-Feb-25
AKINS, M A Miss MINSHEW, J B 1886-Dec-18
ALAWINE, Elizabeth BIALLEW, W R 1849-Jan-21
ALAWINE, Elizabeth BRATTON, W R 1847-Jan-31
ALDEMAN, Sarah MOORE, W H 1875-Dec-27
ALDERMAN, A P Miss RUSSELL, F M 1878-Dec-29
ALDERMAN, Amanda YATES, G T 1879-Jul-17
ALDERMAN, C A Miss MOON, T J 1880-Sep-07
ALDERMAN, Elizabeth SHIELDS, W M 1885-Mar-24
ALDERMAN, J E Miss MASSEY, J A R 1876-Dec-21
ALDERMAN, Lovina ANDELTON, J L 1878-Dec-26
ALDERMAN, M E Miss PITMAN, Wiley 1868-Jul-05
ALDERMAN, M J Miss RAY, T A 1873-Oct-16
ALDERMAN, M M Miss MOORE, J L L 1883-Aug-24
ALDERMAN, Margaret E ALDERMAN, Joseph J 1861-Apr-18
ALDERMAN, Mary E Mrs FISHER, J N 1864-Jun-23
ALDERMAN, Nicie VOIGHT, J C 1899-Feb-20
ALDERMAN, P E Miss PHILLIPS, Lewis 1879-Sep-21
ALDERMAN, Rebecca Jane MASSEY, James Tilman 1877-Apr-07
ALEXANDER, Letha TATE, John N 1880-Jan-23
ALFORD, Bashata QUICK, Wiseman 1889-Dec-25
ALFORD, L Miss FRAZIER, Jackson 1871-Jan-19
ALFORD, Lula P PERKINS, W D 1897-Sep-23
ALFORD, Mary Ann Elizabeth MILLS, J C 1890-Feb-10
ALFORD, Nancy HARRISON, J A 1864-Apr-14
ALLEN, Allis WARE, F L 1889-Dec-06
ALLEN, Amanda HARRIS, Henry 1879-Sep-10
ALLEN, Amanda PRESLEY, Joe 1878-Aug-23
ALLEN, Ann E MOSS, C L 1876-Nov-23
ALLEN, Anna BROACH, H R 1899-Mar-15
ALLEN, C F Miss RUSSELL, B F 1867-Jan-01
ALLEN, C P Miss WAGGONER, S W 1874-Dec-09
ALLEN, Chloe DODD, Ambrose 1872-Oct-19
ALLEN, Cinda COOPER, Jeff 1878-Aug-15
ALLEN, Eliza MANN, William B 1855-Oct-30
ALLEN, Eliza L HANNA, James C 1868-Jan-15
ALLEN, Elizabeth CHILDRESS, John W 1860-Apr-25
ALLEN, Elizabeth Mrs BARNES, John W 1868-Mar-22
ALLEN, Ellen HUGHES, Wesley 1900-Feb-04
ALLEN, Emma COCKROFT, Alanson 1874-Jun-25
ALLEN, Eugenia LEWIS, G W 1894-Nov-21
ALLEN, H J Miss YATES, S 1875-Oct-28
ALLEN, Hattie WILLIAMS, S H 1875-Dec-23
ALLEN, Kate FILLINGIM, James 1898-Dec-20
ALLEN, Kate V GWIN, D W 1882-Oct-25
ALLEN, L L Mrs JOHNSON, John T 1861-Jul-14
ALLEN, Lona ALLEN, William 1860-Sep-05
ALLEN, Lottie SANDERS, W J 1892-Nov-01
ALLEN, Louella DANIEL, Robert 1894-Jan-11
ALLEN, Ludie MALONE, T P 1899-Jul-02
ALLEN, Lula ALLEN, Henry 1896-Jan-08
ALLEN, M C Miss JORDAN, William 1874-Jan-15
ALLEN, M J Miss LEE, J M 1870-Jan-03
ALLEN, M S Miss WILLIAMS, James O 1868-Dec-31
ALLEN, Malinda RENFROE, Pathan 1863-Jun-11
ALLEN, Malona A ROYALS, W B 1886-Mar-31
ALLEN, Martha CHITTO, Roby 1895-Mar-15
ALLEN, Martha F LACKY, John A 1854-Jun-26
ALLEN, Martha J JORDAN, R P 1851-Feb-20
ALLEN, Martha J JORDAN, Richard 1851-Feb-02
ALLEN, Martha S WATKINS, Henry 1869-Feb-27
ALLEN, Mary GOINGS, T J 1885-Oct-11
ALLEN, Mary RYALS, Dick 1875-Feb-13
ALLEN, Mary J MALLETT, Jake 1887-Jul-02
ALLEN, Millie HOBBY, R F 1899-Nov-19
ALLEN, Milly WATSON, F M G 1854-May-11
ALLEN, Minnie YORK, Jordan 1894-Aug-01
ALLEN, N E Miss DAVIS, S L 1888-Sep-14
ALLEN, N V Miss GRAY, George T 1885-Jan-13
ALLEN, Nona RINFROE, James 1863-Jul-11
ALLEN, R R Miss SEVIN, James D 1887-Nov-14
ALLEN, Rosalina YATES, Carroll 1899-Jul-25
ALLEN, Sarah CARR, John 1886-Dec-30
ALLEN, Sarah B NEVILS, W G 1860-Jul-11
ALLEN, Sophia HARPER, W B 1849-Dec-06
ALLEN, Sophonia HARPER, William B 1849-Dec-06
ALLEN, Susie STYRON, Richard I 1882-Dec-25
ALLEN, Winnie A DAVIS, Ed 1878-Jun-27
ALTMAN, Caroline LANG, Monroe 1852-Nov-03
ALTMAN, Rebecca BERRY, Raleigh C 1849-Nov-27
AMOS, Ann TOWNSEND, Tom 1899-Feb-10
AMOS, Necie JACK, Billy 1886-Feb-24
ANDERSON, Alice TREST, J A 1890-Dec-22
ANDERSON, Ann E RINEWALD, Hardie H 1867-Jan-09
ANDERSON, Dollie BREWER, J H 1888-Jul-13
ANDERSON, Dolly BRIDGES, D W 1889-May-25
ANDERSON, Francis ALLEN, James 1873-Oct-26
ANDERSON, Holly HAWTHORN, R M 1890-Dec-22
ANDERSON, Martha C BALEY, James W 1863-Aug-30
ANDERSON, Mary LANDER, A P 1874-Feb-12
ANDERSON, Pheboe HATTENSTIE, Hanson 1883-Feb-04
ANDERSON, R A Miss BYARS, C M 1882-Nov-01
ANDERSON, Sarah MCBETH, A W 1855-Oct-07
ANDERSON, Susan HATTENSTI, Winston 1885-Feb-15
ANDERSON, Susie NUTT, J A 1891-Dec-14
ANDERSON, Tink RENFROE, Charles 1880-Dec-26
ANDLETON, Margaret Ann MOORE, John 1866-Jul-18
ANGLE, V F Miss WASSON, G C 1870-Feb-10
ANGLING, Lara PRESTIGE, Robert A 1884-Jul-07
ANGLING, Mary I MOSS, Robert 1885-Jan-08
ANGLING, S A Mrs HALL, Ht 1879-Aug-25
ANGLING, Sarah Ann BOON, J A 1889-Jun-08
ANTNEY, Emiline BURROUGH, J G 1866-Mar-17
ARCHY, Martha A MILLER, Moses 1855-Dec-15
ARLEGE, Anna COLLINS, Bragg 1882-Apr-27
ARMSTEAD, Lizzie BENTLEY, Joseph 1877-Feb-15
ARNICK, Lucy JONES, Sawny 1890-Oct-04
ARNOLD, Ann ADEIR, William 1838-May-
ARNOLD, Ann DAVIE, William A 1838-Jul-
ARNOLD, Clorinda SHEARER, George 1865-Sep-14
ARNOLD, Mary Ann ARCHY, Edmond 1856-Apr-28
ARNOLD, Mary C LANGDON, John R 1871-Oct-05
ARNOLD, Mary D WARE, W R 1897-Feb-11
ARNOLD, Mary E Mrs HAWKINS, Charles S 1868-Jun-20
ARNOLD, Missouri LANGDON, James I 1869-Feb-08
ARNOLD, Mollie BROOM, J B 1875-Dec-28
ARNOLD, Necie C LANGDON, Isham B 1875-Feb-17
ARNOLD, Necy Caroline LANGDON, J B 1873-Jan-22
ARNOLD, Pearl ODOM, E P 1895-Feb-09
ARNOLD, Sarah J JARRELL, W M 1878-Apr-07
ARRINGTON, Louisa ROSS, James L 1861-Jan-18
ARRINGTON, Martha WATKINS, James 1866-Nov-12
ARTHUR, Eliza SNUGGS, John A 1894-Nov-01
ARTHUR, M C Miss JOINER, N E 1890-Dec-20
ASHCRAFT, Anna KEMP, John 1880-Feb-18
ASHCRAFT, Elizabeth MOONEY, William 1860-Jun-03
ASHCRAFT, Sarah MOONEY, John M 1861-Mar-26
ASHCROFT, A L Miss WARD, J A 1878-Feb-26
ASHLY, Sallie SPIREY, Terral 1880-Jul-16
ASHMON, Rosa GRAVES, Henry G 1886-Nov-11
ASHMORE, E L Miss OXNER, J M 1885-Jan-08
ASHMORE, Sadie GRAVES, H G 1897-Jul-28
ATKINS, Margy CAMPBELL, Henry 1878-Sep-08
ATKINS, Mary J MINCHEW, Joseph B 1875-Jan-02
ATKINSON, Martha WOOTON, Marion 1880-Feb-01
ATKINSON, Minnie CULIPHER, H L 1900-May-13
ATKISON, Amanda WOODS, William 1892-Dec-19
ATKISON, Martha P BOYD, W R 1883-Dec-06
ATKISON, Mary A PRISCOCK, Oscar 1898-Jan-20
ATKISON, Rose S J Miss FORTENBERRY, H H 1879-Jan-08
ATKISON, Susan E MASSEY, Elbert 1898-Jul-03
ATTMAN, Rebecca SEABERRY, Raleigh C 1849-Nov-21
AVERY, Miller DAVIS, Melissa 1897-Mar-06
AYRES, Hattie PERRY, G L 1894-Nov-15



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