Lawrence County Grooms

P - Q

PACE, Ben BARNES, Hannah 1895-Jan-10
PACE, John A BOND, Syrina 1822-Mar-30
PACE, John A BOND, Syrina 1821-May-22
PAGE, Franklin H BONNER, L A 1879-Jul-17
PALMER, James WARD, Delphia 1820-Nov-23
PALMER, William GRICE, Elizabeth 1860-Jun-19
PARKER, J J Dr HARTZOG, Eliza 1883-Jun-01
PARKMAN, Edmundson RICHARDSON, Pheby 1827-Mar-24
PARKMAN, George A LOTT, Maggie 1895-Oct-24
PARKMAN, J C FORTENBERRY, Ameilia W 1865-May-16
PARKMAN, James B GRIFFITH, Candice A 1877-Sep-13
PARKMAN, John JOHNSON, M L 1865-Nov-01
PARKMAN, Littleton STAMPS, Lurena 1825-Sep-17
PARKMAN, Richard BRIDGES, Mary 1878-Dec-01
PARKMAN, Sanders E SPEIGHTS, Arrena 1861-Mar-26
PARKMAN, Shade TOOMER, Becky 1885-Aug-15
PARKMAN, Shade WEATHERSBY, Sarah 1881-Jul-09
PARKMAN, Shadrick POOL, Mary 1872-May-25
PARKMAN, Thomas WALEY, Louisa 1869-Oct-29
PARMER, Richard GOODSON, Elizabeth 1818-Nov-12
PARKMAN, Janie OATIS, George 1892-Feb-02
PARKMAN, Joannah MITCHEL, John J 1825-Dec-22
PATTERSON, David BARNES, Lauvenia 1894-Aug-02
PATTERSON, E L ROBBINS, Missouri 1888-Jun-06
PATTERSON, Georgie BRENT, J H 1890-Jan-01
PATTERSON, H C DYESS, Alice 1895-Aug-14
PATTERSON, J Ellisson CONALLY, Lillian 1889-May-21
PATTERSON, Joseph S KING, Zelphia 1825-Jul-11
PATTERSON, Robert J HERRING, A J Mrs 1865-Dec-05
PATTERSON, Thomas J JOLLY, Fannie 1871-Feb-02
PAYNE, Elbert KING, Susan 1869-Nov-16
PAYNE, John MAGEE, Jennie 1897-Feb-04
PAYNE, Phillip MALOY, Lydia 1874-Dec-17
PEAK, Thomas BOYD, Elizabeth 1870-Jan-06
PEARCE, Joel HARRINGTON, Serona 1827-Feb-08
PEARCE, Randel H THORNHILL ?, Sintha 1826-Dec-02
PEARCE, Reddick OGLESBY, Emaline 1837-Feb-22
PEARISH, John H BUTLER, Janie E 1886-Dec-09
PEARSON, W T SAULS, E E 1891-Jan-27
PEAVY, C P SISTRUNK, R A 1882-Apr-04
PEEVY, Abraham PEEVY, Martha 1875-Aug-15
PEEVY, Berry SMITH, Mary E 1876-Feb-10
PENDLETON, Boney SHEPHERD, Laura 1877-Mar-15
PENDLETON, Joseph W BURNS, Delilah T 1825-Feb-10
PENDLETON, Zebulon E KING, Sarah 1825-May-05
PENNINGTON, Absolm CRANE, Sarah Ann 1860-Feb-09
PENNINGTON, D E AINSWORTH, Savanner 1896-Dec-16
PENNINGTON, J P CRANE, Adel 1899-Oct-25
PENNINGTON, Tobe L WILLIAMS, Florence 1895-Apr-03
PENNINGTON, W H TULLOS, Sarah 1890-Jun-19
PENNINGTON, William NETHERLAND, Jemima 1834-Aug-11
PEPPER, Euriah ROBERTS, Rolda 1827-May-11
PEPPER, Gwin DEEN, Elizabeth 1830-May-28
PEPPER, S H SHORT, J L Mrs 1865-Nov-16
PEPPER, William MULLINS, Lizzie 1890-Dec-25
PEPPER, Zedekiah BULL, Sally 1817-Sep-06
PETER, Emanuel BRIDGES, Sarah 1877-Aug-25
PETER, Quin WEATHERSBY, Martha J 1849-   -
PEVEY, A Q TURNER, Maud 1895-Feb-20
PEVEY, Ambrose COOPER, Mollie 1885-Feb-21
PEVEY, F M SISTRUNK, Fannie J 1888-Jan-25
PEVEY, H C GIVENS, Sarah A 1889-Jan-16
PEVEY, I M SISTRUNK, Rosa Lea 1888-Feb-22
PEVEY, J A RENFROE, Francis 1888-Nov-24
PEVEY, L B BALLARD, Priscilla 1889-Dec-18
PEVEY, Little Berry GIVENS, Tima 1885-Dec-23
PEVEY, M J ROSS, M J 1898-Feb-02
PEVEY, M Q HOLMES, M V 1887-Nov-29
PEVEY, Samuel H REID, Sarah E 1869-Mar-16
PEVEY, Settie BALLARD, W C 1889-Aug-29
PEVEY, Wm B Sr PULLAM, Artmisha 1877-Feb-22
PEYTON, Johnnie FRILICK, Relia 1889-Jan-08
PEYTON, Marion MOORE, Molly 1871-Feb-01
PEYTON, P M DAVIS, Louella 1897-Feb-15
PHILLIPS, Charlie PHILLIPS, Elizabeth 1897-Apr-23
PHILLIPS, Elam FOX, Mariah 1895-Sep-22
PHILLIPS, Elam TAYLOR, Jane 1881-Jan-05
PHILLIPS, Newton ANDERSON, Hannah 1879-Mar-03
PHILLIPS, Sank THOMPSON, Susan 1898-Sep-10
PHILLIPS, Sidney BENSON, Mary 1880-Jan-15
PICKENS, Wm. L GORDIN, Nancy C 1830-May-27
PIE*RCE, Seaborne BLACKWELL, Susan 1833-Dec-12
PIERCE, G W ATES, Ellen 1893-Mar-12
PIERCE, H P ROBBINS, Pearlie Luella 1894-Aug-01
PIERCE, Jerry STUCKEY, Jane 1834-Jul-31
PIERCE, John W LOVEN, Balinda 1831-Aug-07
PIERCE, Louis WILLIAMSON, Ancie M 1872-Nov-09
PIERCE, Louis WILLIAMSON, Ancie M 1871-Nov-13
PIERCE, P M GRIFFITH, M M Mrs 1897-Feb-18
PIERCE, R C ROSS, Victoria W 1879-Mar-05
PITMAN, Guy WARD, Allice 1898-Sep-08
PITMAN, Henry HAYNES, Nancy 1885-Feb-18
PITTMAN, Archy SIMS, Tishie 1897-Nov-10
PITTMAN, David GARNER, Mary 1893-Dec-21
PITTMAN, George DAVIS, Betty Ann 1893-Nov-30
PITTMAN, James DAVIS, Mattie 1894-Dec-20
PITTMAN, O M COTTON, J V 1896-Dec-09
PITTMAN, Stephen LENOIR, Mary 1893-Dec-17
PITTS, G W CLIFTON, Zilpha 1861-Jan-02
PITTS, Geo W SAULS, Mary M 1869-Nov-15
PLOUGHMAN, Green HARDY, Henrietta 1895-Mar-03
POLK, A C CLIBURN, Beulah 1893-Dec-03
POLK, Alex LOFTIN, C S 1888-Oct-20
POLK, B F LUPER, Salena E 1875-   -
POLK, B F LUPER, Salina E 1875-Aug-25
POLK, C L BURKETT, J H 1896-Dec-03
POLK, D F WALLACE, J H 1882-Dec-17
POLK, E E SPEIGHTS, M A 1876-Feb-03
POLK, Edward L MAGEE, Sallie 1874-Aug-29
POLK, G W COOPER, Lizzie 1886-Oct-05
POLK, Handy RAGAN, Scilla 1887-Nov-12
POLK, Homer PARKMAN, A C 1882-Dec-10
POLK, I J COK, Leona 1885-Jan-06
POLK, I W SANDERS, C E 1865-Dec-07
POLK, J C POLK, Vina 1895-Jan-16
POLK, J D FLIPPIN, M F 1874-Jan-01
POLK, J E MCCOLSKEY, Charltee 1866-Aug-29
POLK, J K BUTLER, A L 1888-Jan-17
POLK, J L LEWIS, Thurza A 1874-Aug-26
POLK, J R HAILE, Sarah Josephine 1899-Apr-11
POLK, J T NELSON, Priscilla 1891-Mar-19
POLK, Jacob BASS, Nettie 1890-Oct-23
POLK, James K PATTERSON, Joanna 1882-Sep-20
POLK, John C HEMBY, Sallie 1894-Jan-24
POLK, John W HERRINGTON, Edna 1876-Nov-11
POLK, John W MCPHAIL, N C 1883-Dec-27
POLK, L L HICKMAN, E V 1891-Nov-23
POLK, L Q POLK, Annie 1897-Dec-21
POLK, Leman BULLOCK, Rhoda Eliz 1860-Jan-23
POLK, Lemon BULLOCK, Rhoda Elizabeth 1860-   -
POLK, Leon MAGEE, Cora 1892-Feb-09
POLK, Norvel R BASS, Mary 1891-Oct-13
POLK, Richard BASS, Elizabeth 1869-Dec-29
POLK, Richard LOFTIN, Malinda 1885-Sep-04
POLK, Sol ALLEN, Melissa 1886-Jan-23
POLK, T S WILKS, S A 1886-Mar-09
POLK, W G JONES, Mary 1898-Aug-29
POLK, W L NELSON, Amanda V 1888-Nov-24
POLK, Wade HERRINGTON, Lurena 1872-May-07
POLK, Willis E ROBERTS, Nancy Ann 1869-Sep-28
POLK, Wm G LEWIS, Symantha 1873-Jan-15
POOL, Alexander MATHEWS, Harriet 1879-Feb-02
POOL, Alexander MATHEWS, Harriet 1866-Dec-26
POOL, Gaskin ARRINGTON, Emily 1866-Dec-26
POOL, Gilbert HOOKER, Classa 1873-Oct-17
POOL, Gilbert SMITH, Ellen 1893-Oct-15
POOL, John COLLINS, Julia Ann 1889-Jan-03
POOL, Needham BONNER, Amanda 1870-Jul-15
POOL, Quincy HAYGOOD, Francis 1870-Dec-31
POOL, Ransom HARDY, Laura 1889-Mar-06
POOL, Silas BRYANT, Renda 1894-Dec-15
POPE, Dock ADAMS, Harriet 1880-Dec-30
POPE, Saloman GHOLER, Laura 1884-Sep-20
POUNDS, Joseph E COOPER, Elizabeth P 1875-Aug-26
POWELL, Andrew BOYD, Louvenia 1890-Nov-02
POWELL, Asa KING, Ellen Lovisa 1860-Jul-29
POWELL, Augustus JOHNSON, Anna 1884-May-10
POWELL, George CARTER, Vira 1881-Jan-13
POWELL, Handy GHOLER, Sallie 1894-Jan-02
POWELL, L C HALL, W P 1884-Jul-09
POWELL, Mack MYERS, Harriet 1890-Dec-30
POWELL, Robert PRICE, Hannah 1826-Jan-28
PRESTAGE, Robert WILSON, Ann 1819-Mar-23
PRESTIDGE, John W ROSS, Sarah 1861-Apr-30
PRESTRIDGE, Elijah KEES, Sarah 1832-Sep-05
PRESTRIDGE, James WILLIAMS, Harriet 1872-Jul-20
PRESTRIDGE, Samuel STTEN, Melissa 1832-Sep-06
PRICE, A L CHAPMAN, Ida D 1899-Oct-08
PRICE, A Q SIMMONS, E S 1893-Mar-08
PRICE, Allen BERRY, Cornelia 1891-Feb-10
PRICE, C P SAULS, Emma E Mrs 1885-Jan-24
PRICE, Charles HARGROVE, Eliza 1826-Nov-06
PRICE, Charles HARGROVE, Elizar 1826-Oct-09
PRICE, G B CANNON, J W Jr 1881-Jan-20
PRICE, G M HOLMES, N J 1894-Jan-18
PRICE, George HARGROVE, Eliza 1871-Jan-19
PRICE, Grant JONES, Adaline 1895-Feb-01
PRICE, Henry M NORMAN, Mahaley R 1826-Dec-20
PRICE, J E CARNEY, Sallie 1885-Jan-13
PRICE, J F ROBBINS, Louisa 1896-Nov-25
PRICE, J P BARNES, M E 1896-Nov-26
PRICE, J R HERRINGTON, Hennetta 1889-Feb-06
PRICE, Jacob PEPPER, Mary 1870-Jan-14
PRICE, James BLUNT, Mary 1827-Dec-03
PRICE, James M BOURN, L B 1888-Jan-03
PRICE, Jas H MYERS, Anne 1885-Jun-24
PRICE, John BUCKLEY, Rebecca 1876-Nov-30
PRICE, John R TULLOS, Martha 1894-Jul-18
PRICE, Jonathan COOPER, Nancy 1830-Apr-01
PRICE, Joseph ANDERSON, Cynthia 1885-Feb-17
PRICE, Joseph HERRINGTON, Nancy 1824-Jun-29
PRICE, Lewis SANDIFER, Harriett 1874-Dec-09
PRICE, Peter GALER, Jemima 1877-Feb-12
PRICE, Peter OATIS, Della 1887-Dec-21
PRICE, Thomas NEWSOM, Mary 1876-Jan-15
PRICE, Thomas OATIS, Delia 1878-Dec-12
PRICE, Thomas RABORN, Bertha L 1898-Jul-23
PRICE, Thomas J JORDAN, Camilla C 1865-Nov-16
PRICE, W A PEVEY, S I 1886-Dec-13
PRIEST, Albert EASLIN, Adaline 1879-Feb-06
PRIEST, Albert YOUNG, Hannah 1869-Dec-01
PRIEST, August FOX, Annie 1889-Mar-21
PRITCHARD, Robert A STEPHENS, Jerutia A 1861-Aug-08
PUCKETT, Thomas PARTAN, Sophire 1820-Apr-28
PULLIAM, C M WILSON, Katy 1882-Jan-05
PULLIAM, G N SAULS, Sarah T 1866-May-22
PURVIS, James H COX, Sarah 1870-Jan-17
QUINN, Ben LEE, Mary 1873-Mar-08


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