Lawrence County Grooms

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NAILER, John B NEYLAN, Mary 1821-Apr-18
NALL, Alfred PARKMAN, Partheny 1823-Sep-18
NAPIER, G I BALLEW, Minnie N 1895-Aug-29
NAPP, Cary ROBERTS, Lucy 1820-Jan-01
NASH, Willim W RAGAN, Susan 1822-Jul-18
NASH, Wilson W RAGAN, Susan 1822-Jul-17
NASH, Wilson W RAGAN, Susan (Mrs) 1822-   -17
NATHAN, George W CARR, Missouri 1883-Jan-28
NATIONS, Abraham CAMPBELL, Matilda E 1860-Dec-20
NATIONS, Andrew A LOVELL, Samantha 1866-Apr-08
NATIONS, Ephraim NATIONS, Mary Eliza 1866-Feb-26
NATIONS, Pink TOWNSEND, Pruda L 1894-Feb-12
NATIONS, R W SMITH, Florence 1894-Feb-15
NATIONS, William SUMMERS, Lucy M 1869-Dec-22
NEAL, A J ARMSTRONG, Mariah Mrs 1876-Nov-02
NEAL, Daniel LOFTIN, Elizabeth 1894-Aug-22
NEAL, Daniel RUSHING, Eliza A 1875-Nov-23
NEAL, H L SEALS, Susannah 1869-Apr-12
NEAL, James WEATHERSBY, Jane Mrs 1892-Feb-12
NEAL, John ADAMS, Delia 1885-Feb-19
NEAL, Joseph TAYLOR, Hettie 1898-May-05
NEAL, M M KING, Settie 1896-Feb-19
NEAL, Spencer WILLIAMS, Nancy 1885-Feb-19
NEAL, T V LAMBERT, Martha L 1896-Nov-12
NEEDHAM, Rederick DANIEL, Eliza 1894-Apr-01
NELSON, Andrew J MASSENGALE, Alice 1873-Dec-03
NELSON, Charles HILL, Elizabeth 1825-Jul-28
NELSON, E T PARKMAN, Alice M 1890-Jan-04
NELSON, Eleazer EVERETT, Tempey 1821-May-14
NELSON, Henry C TYRONE, Margaret M 1874-Jun-04
NELSON, James T GRIFFITH, Amanda T 1878-Jan-02
NELSON, L L MILLER, H H 1896-Feb-02
NELSON, S M BROOM, Ella 1887-Oct-13
NELSON, S S FLOYD, John F 1877-Sep-30
NELSON, Zach Jr WEATHERSBY, Fannie 1895-Sep-03
NETHERLAND, James T REED, Sarah 1877-Nov-08
NETHERLAND, Levi Sr JOHNSON, Margaret 1861-Jul-03
NETHERLAND, William MASON, Chaney 1835-Jan-09
NEWEL, Henry NEWSOM, Emma 1898-Jul-02
NEWELL, Newt DAGANS, Estella 1899-Oct-28
NEWMAN, F F WILLIAMS, Rhoda 1870-Jun-05
NEWSOM, Alexander MARTIN, Sarah 1896-Dec-23
NEWSOM, Alexander OATIS, Anna Jane 1894-Mar-01
NEWSOM, Augustus MARTIN, Ann 1889-Jan-03
NEWSOM, D L WEATHERSBY, Mary V 1861-Sep-05
NEWSOM, David MYERS, Josephine 1876-Feb-04
NEWSOM, Frank BROWN, Harriet 1891-Sep-26
NEWSOM, Fred HALL, Flora 1875-Jan-02
NEWSOM, George GHOLER, Ophelia 1898-Feb-09
NEWSOM, George WALKER, Harriet 1879-Jul-02
NEWSOM, Houston SMITH, Amie 1874-Aug-15
NEWSOM, Hugh PATTERSON, Susie 1888-Dec-13
NEWSOM, Isaac BOURNE, Missouri J 1873-Dec-23
NEWSOM, Isham JONES, Rachael 1889-Mar-09
NEWSOM, J F RESTER, C A Mrs 1899-Mar-19
NEWSOM, J H THURMAN, Mollie A 1887-Feb-13
NEWSOM, J W WATTS, M E 1896-Dec-13
NEWSOM, John BENSON, Lina 1825-Feb-10
NEWSOM, John BOZEMAN, Elizabeth P 1884-Jan-19
NEWSOM, John B MCINNIS, Margrett 1886-Sep-16
NEWSOM, John B SLATER, S E 1876-Jan-13
NEWSOM, John G BOURNE, Elizabeth A 1873-Dec-23
NEWSOM, Lemuel WALKER, America 1896-Dec-24
NEWSOM, Ned STRICKLAND, Melissa 1887-Dec-21
NEWSOM, Stafford ADAMS, Margy 1879-Sep-13
NEWSOM, T J COLE, Sis 1889-Apr-18
NEWSOM, W N MOORE, Cora 1897-Dec-29
NEWSOM, W N SMITH, Polly A 1897-Jan-21
NEWSOM, Wash JOHNSON, Lucy 1890-Mar-12
NEWSOM, William SPEIGHTS, M E 1874-Jan-29
NEWSOME, Ephriam MYERS, Sarah 1878-Jul-03
NEWTON, Adam NETHERLAND, Rachel 1823-Nov-30
NEWTON, Charley DANIEL, Elza 1892-Jan-28
NEWTON, Dan HALL, Annette 1898-Feb-18
NEWTON, Daniel ADAMS, Emma 1880-Dec-29
NEWTON, Daniel BALL, Melian 1878-Feb-19
NEWTON, F M FUSS, M L 1866-Jul-26
NEWTON, Norvell HARTZOG, Cherry 1866-Dec-27
NEWTON, S A M SMITH, J B 1878-May-23
NEWTON, W M SMITH, Minza 1869-Nov-12
NEWTON, William CARPENTER, Elizabeth 1869-Nov-12
NEWTON, William CARPENTER, Elizabeth 1820-Jan-14
NEYLAND, Joseph COHEA, Sarah 1832-Oct-11
NICHOLAS, Reubin DICKSON, Sabina 1832-Jan-12
NICHOLS, Coy JOHNSON, Mary Jane 1877-Feb-01
NICHOLS, Dennis MULLINS, Martha 1884-Jan-10
NICHOLS, Dennis RAGAN, Louisa 1890-Feb-06
NICHOLS, Harry BURNS, Essick 1873-Feb-17
NICHOLS, Hiram ABRAMS, Mary 1890-Apr-12
NICHOLS, Hiram RANDOLPH, Mary Ann 1897-Jan-14
NICHOLS, J C GRAYHAM, Carry 1898-Jan-25
NIXON, Henry J GILL, Synthia 1836-Sep-09
NOAH, Jerry HATHORN, Phyllis A 1883-Feb-11
NOBLE, Mary Bethany FISHER, James 1827-Sep-27
NOBLES, Mark COLLINS, Joshua 1824-Apr-07
NOBLES, Silas SMITH, Ann 1875-Jan-21
NOLAN, E C CARLISLE, Mary A 1870-Dec-04
NOLAN, J W FORD, R E 1869-Apr-16
NOLEN, William BANION, Malenda 1830-Dec-14
NOLENS, William MAY, Sarah 1860-Sep-25
NOLES, William H COLLINS, Eliza 1824-Nov-16
NORD, Calvin MYERS, Harriet 1874-Dec-31
NORMAN, Aaron PRESTRAGE, Margaret 1822-Dec-27
NORMAN, Benjamin WASHINGTON, Mary 1869-Mar-04
NORMAN, Mose PRESTRAGE, Micky 1823-Mar-22
NORMAN, W H CAMPBELL, Elizabeth C 1870-Jan-29
NORMAN, Wash BENNETT, Hettie 1880-Jul-19
NORRIS, Equilla D COX, Nancy 1825-Mar-13
NORRIS, George M SILLS, Allie Mrs 1897-Jan-07
NORRIS, H H BOONE, Mary 1898-Apr-08
NORSWORTHY, Nicholson MCFERREN, Sarah 1836-Jan-01
NORWOOD, Sigh HUTSON, Cora 1877-Sep-13
NORWOOD, Will WILLIAMS, Julia 1897-Dec-30
NOWLEN, John BRISTER, Mary 1830-Jan-05
O'BANNION, Dawson SOUTHERN, Patsy 1823-Feb-09
O'BANNON, Bryan NOLEN, Nancy 1838-Jan-29
O'NEAL, Greenberry BOLE, Isaac 1822-Dec-18
O'NEAL, Grenberry TRAYLOR, Peggy 1822-Dec-19
OATIS, Albert ARRINGTON, Virginia 1869-Mar-03
OATIS, Albert SALOMON, Rebecca 1898-Jan-25
OATIS, Alfred OATIS, Rosa 1883-Oct-21
OATIS, Bither HATHORN, Susan 1898-Feb-05
OATIS, Charles MIKELL, Hannah 1866-Dec-27
OATIS, Charles SOLOMON, Emeline 1893-Dec-23
OATIS, D V BOURN, E L 1893-Jan-18
OATIS, Dock GHOLER, Lizzie 1894-Dec-20
OATIS, Esters ARMSTRONG, Lizzie 1894-Mar-17
OATIS, Estis TYRONE, Harriet 1890-Jan-04
OATIS, George PARKMAN, Janie 1892-Feb-02
OATIS, H M HERRING, Emma 1899-Jan-26
OATIS, Harrison HARRIS, Ellen 1878-Feb-27
OATIS, Harrison HATHORN, Katie 1884-Mar-01
OATIS, Henry NEAL, Ollie 1883-Nov-01
OATIS, Ira RHODES, Marcia 1897-Jan-20
OATIS, Isaac CRAFT, Dicy 1872-Jan-04
OATIS, Isaac OATIS, Susanah 1866-Nov-10
OATIS, Isaac WELCH, Nancy 1890-Jan-16
OATIS, J C WELCH, Annah 1897-Jan-05
OATIS, J W BARNES, Eliza 1887-Nov-16
OATIS, James HERRING, Martha Ann 1898-Mar-19
OATIS, John DAVIS, Annie 1890-Oct-18
OATIS, John HENRY, Dora 1896-Dec-10
OATIS, John WARD, Mary Ann 1893-Oct-19
OATIS, Lee BAYLESS, Hatliss 1896-Feb-06
OATIS, Lee PRICE, Jemima 1890-Oct-02
OATIS, Lee WILKS, Hagar 1879-Mar-16
OATIS, Marcus BUTLER, Lucy 1885-Feb-06
OATIS, Mariah LOVIN, Green 1877-Feb-01
OATIS, Marion WYLIE, Maria 1887-Jan-15
OATIS, Mark COOK, Maybell 1899-Oct-09
OATIS, Ned MAGEE, Lucinda 1873-Mar-25
OATIS, Pharaoh COOK, Elizabeth 1894-Dec-20
OATIS, Reuben GRAHAM, Caroline 1873-Jan-22
OATIS, Samuel HOLOWAY, Charlotte 1876-Jan-27
OATIS, Sandy WARD, Harriet 1876-Sep-03
OATIS, Sylvester STEWART, Missouri 1875-Dec-19
OATIS, W M MYERS, Flora L 1898-Jan-26
OATIS, Washington TERRELL, Lou 1883-Dec-06
OATIS, Willie HATHORN, Rosa 1890-Jan-09
OATIS, Willie MAGEE, Lucinda 1890-Jan-16
OATIS, Wilson ARMSTRONG, Alice 1878-Oct-19
ODUM, John L COLE, Ann 1876-Dec-24
OGLESBY, Elijah STUCKEY, Marilda 1835-Aug-13
OLDOUGLAS, Anderson BUCKLEY, Avarella Jane 0918-Dec-
OLIPHANT, Alford ALLEN, Gemima 1821-Mar-01
OLIPHANT, Wilfred STIGLER, Patsy -   -
OLIPHANT, Wilfred STINGLER, Patsy 1822-Dec-17
OLIVER, C L HUBBERT, Clementine 1866-Dec-30
OLIVER, Louis C GRINSTEAD, Daisy 1898-Jul-25
OMARA, B W ARMSTRONG, Lula 1883-Feb-14
OMARD, W G GRAY, Ida V 1881-Nov-23
OQUIN, C M ARD, Dollie A 1898-Jan-24
OQUIN, J N SMITH, E E 1882-Dec-10
ORORKE, Eugene BERRY, Rosa A 1883-Nov-14
OTTMAN, Joseph JENKINS, Mariah 1872-Jul-03
OWEN, Eldridge DEAR, Sarah 1824-May-01
OWEN, Joseph MAXWELL, Jemima 1819-Jul-27
OWENS, G B BERRY, Tinie 1890-Nov-02
OWENS, James PRINE, Alice M M 1887-Dec-14
OWENS, Joe BLACKMAN, Lucinda 1893-Mar-04
OWENS, Joseph DEENS, Harriet 1892-Jan-06
OWENS, W E CHAPMAN, Amanda J 1885-Feb-03


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