Lawrence County Grooms


LAIRD, Absolum BURT, Gincey 1827-Dec-27
LAIRD, H H RUSSELL, Fannie L 1896-Jul-20
LAIRD, Jack TYLER, Susie Mrs 1892-Nov-19
LAIRD, James NELSON, Ada 1896-Sep-06
LAIRD, John ROGERS, Amanda 1882-Nov-27
LAIRD, Joseph BARNES, Creasey 1880-Jan-28
LAIRD, N B ATWOOD, Maggie 1890-Jul-28
LAIRD, Ollie E MAGEE, F E 1886-Jan-19
LAIRD, R T COLE, Amanda 1865-Nov-23
LAIRD, Robert CALDWELL, Jane 1825-Dec-30
LAIRD, Thomas CALDWELL, Elizabeth 1829-Dec-17
LAIRD, William BARNES, Ida 1897-Dec-30
LAIRD, William HANDIE, Caroline 1895-Jan-23
LAMBERT, B R BALLARD, Eliza 1889-Dec-15
LAMBERT, B R KING, Annie 1891-Sep-02
LAMBERT, Floyd W TOWSEND, Emeline 1874-Dec-31
LAMBERT, Frances CARTER, J L 1884-Mar-10
LAMBERT, Francis DELOUGHTER, Marjana 1866-Apr-15
LAMBERT, I L NETHERLAND, Margaret A 1888-May-03
LAMBERT, J D REID, Polly Ann 1898-Dec-18
LAMBERT, J E KING, M L 1899-Jan-30
LAMBERT, J H BULLOCK, Lou Ella 1905-   -
LAMBERT, J H THOMPSON, Alice 1883-Nov-22
LAMBERT, J J ARD, Mary I C 1895-May-26
LAMBERT, James DOUGLAS, Centhia 1837-Jan-18
LAMBERT, James M T WILLIAMSON, Nancy A 1870-Oct-22
LAMBERT, John JOHNSON, Mary 1836-Jan-21
LAMBERT, John C PEEVY, Winny A 1872-Dec-19
LAMBERT, John S CATT, Martha 1884-Jan-13
LAMBERT, John S LEE, Martha A 1878-May-22
LAMBERT, John W BOYD, M A 1881-Jan-30
LAMBERT, Joseph REED, Jane 1879-Feb-12
LAMBERT, P P PITTS, Francis 1873-Mar-27
LAMBERT, S A WOMACK, E M 1898-Oct-06
LAMBERT, S F RUTLAND, Mary A 1873-   -
LAMBERT, S L RUTLAND, Mary A 1873-Apr-01
LAMBERT, S S KING, Laura 1888-Jan-18
LAMBERT, Walter REED, Lauana A 1879-Feb-20
LAMBERT, Will KING, Jane Mrs 1896-Aug-13
LAMBERT, Willie LAMBERT, Rhonda 1904-   -
LAMBERT, Wm R THOMPSON, Mary M 1873-Apr-05
LAMPTON, A F EVANS, Courtney 1869-Mar-18
LANDSER, William BURRELL, Alice 1870-Jan-03
LANE, J R SHOWS, Susan B 1884-Jan-30
LANE, L M CHAPMAN, Susie 1886-Jan-04
LANE, Shepherd COOK, Jenny 1826-May-14
LANE, William E FORTENBERRY, Lou E 1879-Sep-04
LANE, William H GARNER, Elizabeth 1826-Oct-14
LANEAR, Hillery I GREER, Sarah 1828-Aug-18
LANGSTON, D N BRYANT, Francis 1866-Apr-19
LANGSTON, George L BASS, Alice 1887-Jun-29
LANGSTON, H T WATTS, Mary A 1880-Oct-17
LANGSTON, H V ALLEN, Janie 1898-Dec-12
LANGSTON, J G FORTINBERRY, Susanah 1880-Dec-23
LANGSTON, J W MAY, Sallie F 1873-Apr-12
LANGSTON, Jesse D HERRING, Lizzie 1885-May-25
LANGSTON, John R MOBLEY, Emily F 1870-Dec-20
LANGSTON, L L ROSS, G E 1897-Oct-15
LANGSTON, L M ALLEN, Maggie 1896-Dec-31
LANGSTON, Louis D ARMSTRONG, Maranda J 1871-Sep-15
LANGSTON, W B ALEXANDER, Margaret 1898-Dec-18
LARD, J M REA, Elizabeth J 1866-Sep-23
LARD, Levi SMITH, Alva 1867-Apr-20
LARD, Noah WARE, Elizabeth 1836-Jul-04
LARGIN, William ALBRITTON, Martha 1825-Feb-28
LARNBRIGHT, G S HUDSON, Elizabeth 1866-Oct-24
LAUDSER, William BURRELL, Alice 1870-Jan-03
LAVELL, William ALLEN, Elizabeth 1822-May-27
LAVELL, William MARTIN, Elizabeth Allen 1822-May-27
LAW, Thomas H HICKMAN, Mary 1833-Jan-18
LAWRENCE, Edward LAWRENCE, Arie 1895-Nov-24
LAWRENCE, H M ALEXANDER, Sarah Jane 1896-Nov-29
LAWRENCE, Richard CLARK, Rhoda 1878-Nov-19
LAWRENCE, S B BOYD, W N 1895-Jan-31
LAWRENCE, W V BOONE, Hattie 1895-Mar-06
LAWRENCE, Wm S BARDWELL, Josephine 1874-Nov-08
LAWS, Jesse GRICE, Mary 1861-Aug-07
LEA, Barten BIRKHEAD, Matilda C 1827-Jan-24
LEARD, Jesse EDWARDS, Mary 1822-Mar-06
LEDAUGHTER, Samuel TEMPLES, Elizabeth 1826-Apr-19
LEE, Benjamin Jr GEARING, Saphronia 1885-Jan-06
LEE, Bill SIBLEY, Ollie 1898-Oct-18
LEE, Cicero MOSS, Frankie 1897-Jul-01
LEE, Elbert JOHNSON, Ann 1894-Nov-01
LEE, Emanuel GRIFFITH, Dicie 1874-Dec-
LEE, Emanuel GRIFFITH, Dicie 1874-Dec-23
LEE, F H GRIFFITH, Anna 1882-Dec-10
LEE, G W MILLEN, Clementine 1865-Sep-10
LEE, George ISHAM, Loviza 1877-Jan-04
LEE, H L DOUGLAS, D C 1899-Feb-09
LEE, Hardy GESTAND, Rosa 1895-Jan-12
LEE, James M BASS, Mary C 1893-Nov-01
LEE, Jesse BROWN, Paralee 1897-Dec-28
LEE, John POLK, Ida 1897-Aug-05
LEE, T J BASS, Ada V 1891-Nov-03
LEE, W C POLK, Anna J 1893-Jul-05
LEE, W W GRIFFITH, L E 1874-Sep-23
LEGGATE, E H HAMER, Florence E 1897-Mar-24
LEGGATE, E H STRINGER, Arlena 1893-Apr-09
LEGGATE, J C THOMPSON, Nancy E 1887-Jan-27
LEGGETT, John C BUCKLEY, Katie 1878-Jan-31
LEGGETT, Wm BUCKLEY, M M 1872-Jul-01
LEHMANN, Jacob HOLENZED, Nancy Mrs 1866-Jan-17
LEMON, Emanuel PITTMAN, Corene 1894-Dec-27
LEMON, John M THOMPSON, Susan 1892-Dec-22
LENOIR, Allen BRIDGES, Luvinia 1873-Jan-31
LEEDAM, Sallie MCGOWAN, Richmond 1892-Dec-29
LEGATE, Martha E WARD, Robert M 1869-Mar-10
LEGGATE, E BUCKLEY, William W 1886-Dec-15
LEGGATE, E C MCRAE, John 1865-Sep-17
LEGGATE, Nancy TURNAGE, A J 1894-Oct-29
LEGGETT, Olier BOLEWARE, James 1889-Mar-31
LENOIR, Allen SMITH, Emma 1898-Jan-13
LENOIR, Dan JEFFERSON, Mary Ella 1898-Sep-03
LENOIR, Drew HARTZOG, Anis 1872-May-05
LENOIR, Frank ROSS, Patsey 1892-Dec-30
LENOIR, Franklin ROSS, Patsy 1891-Jan-31
LENOIR, Gilbert BEN, Eliza 1881-Mar-26
LENOIR, Gilbert PRICE, Tinsey Ann 1873-Mar-08
LENOIR, Henry WILLIAMS, Amy 1870-Dec-21
LENOIR, Jake SIBLEY, Angie 1897-Apr-24
LENOIR, John WARD, Nancy 1893-Mar-30
LENOIR, Lafayette CRAFT, Nora 1899-Apr-09
LENOIR, William BRIDGES, Henrietta 1874-Nov-21
LENOIR, Willis BALL, Eliza 1878-Oct-31
LEONARD, R L SHIVERS, Mary 1880-Mar-02
LEURIS, William BRIDGES, Harriet 1875-Dec-31
LEWIS, Arthur WINN, Mary 1817-Nov-04
LEWIS, Arthur WINN, Mary 1819-Nov-04
LEWIS, Austin MOORE, Martha 1886-Jan-13
LEWIS, B Y BUTLER, Rebecca Mrs 1874-Jan-04
LEWIS, Blount BRISTER, Rebecca 1828-Dec-22
LEWIS, Carson BARNES, Lee 1894-Jan-06
LEWIS, F F JONES, Margaret S 1865-Sep-18
LEWIS, Isaac SUTTON, Ada 1878-Jan-10
LEWIS, James A TYRONE, Amanda J 1871-Jan-10
LEWIS, John GOODSON, Mary 1820-Sep-22
LEWIS, Milton OATIS, Ella 1890-Feb-06
LEWIS, N E R BRISTER, G W 1887-Oct-24
LEWIS, S N LEWIS, Hattie 1897-Aug-31
LEWIS, Silas GARRETT, Ella 1886-Dec-22
LINDER, A S LARKIN, Francis A 1877-Jan-07
LINDER, D W DIAMOND, Eliza J 1870-Feb-19
LINDER, Lewis LOFTIN, Elizabeth 1822-Jan-21
LINTON, Robert OLIVER, Isabella 1866-May-15
LINTON, Zeters SMITH, N M 1866-Dec-19
LITTLE, J D WHITE, Carrie 1896-Feb-13
LITTLE, James DAMPEER, Flora 1887-Feb-17
LITTLE, John WALKER, Ruthy 1822-Jun-16
LITTLE, John WALKER, Ruthy 1822-May-27
LOAPER, William MCFARLIN, Elizabeth 1827-Feb-20
LOFLIN, Peter GRIFFIETH, Lucy 1876-Mar-30
LOFTEN, John B LIVELY, Susan 1829-Sep-03
LOFTIN, Asa HAGER, Rachel 1818-Jul-23
LOFTIN, Daniel M BULLOCK, Martha A Mrs 1882-Aug-23
LOFTIN, Daniel M TIPPETT, Margaret A 1871-Jan-01
LOFTIN, H N STEPHENS, Delilah 1874-Jun-09
LOFTIN, James WARD, Sarah 1874-Nov-03
LOFTIN, John LIVELY, Mary 1819-Aug-15
LOFTIN, Joseph E WELCH, E L C 1875-Jan-14
LOFTIN, Levi JOHNSON, Elsie 1875-Dec-31
LOFTIN, T A POLK, Luella 1882-Dec-12
LOFTON, Asa HAYES, Rachel 1818-Jul-23
LOFTON, Cyrus SMITH, Sarah 1835-Nov-14
LOFTON, T J WALKER, Alice 1897-Jun-29
LONGINE, J D ADAMS, Leander 1880-Dec-30
LONGINO, Benjamin COLLINS, Eliza 1884-Feb-21
LONGINO, Isaac COLLINS, Henrietta 1876-Dec-20
LONGINO, Jeff ADAMS, Green 1889-Oct-19
LONGINO, Jefferson GOLER, Emma 1879-Apr-12
LONGINO, W S Sr MAXWELL, S C Mrs 1891-Mar-13
LONGINO, Wyatt COLLINS, Parthenia 1886-Sep-29
LOTT, B F ARMSTRONG, Bettie 1893-Dec-21
LOTT, Walter BURNEY, Charlotte 1878-Oct-12
LOUIS, James WILLIAMS, Anna 1872-Jan-02
LOVE, Henry JENKINS, Josephine 1882-Jan-12
LOVELL, Andrew J MASON, Eliza S A 1861-Mar-21
LOVELL, William A JOHNSON, Florence S 1890-Mar-06
LOVEN, William MCCRAY, Mary 1826-Jul-10
LOVIN, Green OATIS, Mariah 1877-Feb-01
LOVIN, Robert FURR, Susan 1829-Feb-10
LOVINGSTON, Isaac BOTOM, Nancy 1824-Sep-11
LOW, Aaron BENSON, Minna 1826-Nov-16
LOWE, Isaac SIBLEY, Ophelia 1895-Jan-31
LOWE, Isaac STEPHENS, Trisey 1890-Nov-20
LOWE, Joe HAYNES, Mary 1891-Jan-07
LOWE, William DUCKSWORTH, Nancy 1896-Aug-08
LOYD, Samuel WEATHERSBY, Mary E 1869-Jul-08
LUCAS, I P GUSTAND, Amanda 1899-Mar-16
LUCAS, Lafayette HILLIARD, Leah 1874-Oct-15
LUCAS, Leon RAWLS, Calardonia 1895-Aug-02
LUCAS, Thomas GATLIN, Annie 1898-Feb-22
LUCAS, Warren PRICE, Sarah 1880-Nov-20
LUMKIN, Dock NEAL, Arbella 1895-Feb-01
LUPER, J N ATWOOD, M E 1880-Nov-11
LUPER, Jesse C CRANE, Mary 1887-Apr-10
LUPER, W C CHAIN, Vina 1889-Nov-17
LUPER, Wm. W BULLOCK, Salena 1846-   -


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