Lawrence County Grooms

KAVES, John A HAMPTON, Mary A 1885-Jun-06
KEAGAN, Edie WILKS, Jesse 1899-Dec-12
KEAGAN, Haze BRYANT, Norcissus 1897-Dec-24
KEARNEY, Americus WALLACE, Lucinda 1887-Jul-20
KEARNY, Robert FAVILY, Manerva 1880-Jan-18
KEEN, A C BOYD, Amanda J 1891-Jun-24
KEEN, H D RUSHING, Mary E 1886-Oct-20
KEEN, H T KING, Margaret 1866-Feb-08
KEEN, Henry T BOYD, Hattie E 1886-Oct-13
KEEN, J D KEEN, Martha A 1892-Feb-24
KEEN, John HICKMAN, Jacob 1823-Jun-24
KEEN, V L TULLOS, Laura 1890-Oct-12
KEEN, W H LAMBERT, Abi 1898-Apr-06
KEEN, William C TOWNSEND, Martha 1866-Oct-10
KEES, Elijah STEVENDAL, Mariah 1832-Jan-18
KEES, Isham LOVELL, Polly 1834-Jun-26
KEES, M V SIMMONS, C G 1865-Dec-28
KEGAN, John CANNON, Emily 1867-May-26
KELLY, Carolinus JEFFERSON, Martha 1887-Dec-13
KELLY, Henry ROGERS, Lucy 1887-Jul-02
KELLY, John LOTT, Etha 1897-Feb-08
KENNEDY, D J TERRY, M C 1887-Jul-02
KENNON, William H STRINGER, Nancy S 1830-Oct-07
KEPPER, Louis COON, Mary 1899-Aug-17
KETHLEY, Bryant BUTLER, Sally Jane 1831-Feb-10
KEYSTAR, Reuben SARAH, 1831-Oct-10
KILCREASE, G W GRAY, Jane 1880-Nov-11
KIN, John D MCCARDEL, Mary 1833-Nov-07
KINCHEN, Mathew JOHNSON, Sally 1819-Dec-18
KINCHEN, Mathew JOHNSON, Sally 1819-Dec-21
KINCHEN, Mathew STROTHER, Nancy 1819-Sep-16
KINCHEN, Mathew STROTHER, Nancy 1819-Sep-20
KING, Abram PRESTRIDGE, Cinderella 1866-Jan-29
KING, Anthony MIKELL, Mary Ann 1883-Aug-25
KING, Benjeaman F BRISTER, Adela C 1881-Mar-17
KING, C W POWELL, Mary 1895-Jan-13
KING, Crayton POLK, Emma 1894-Jun-17
KING, Green HALL, Martha 1869-Feb-20
KING, Hardie WALKER, Laura 1895-Jan-27
KING, I A LETCHWORTH, Senith 1896-Dec-16
KING, Ira NETHERLAND, Jane 1895-May-21
KING, J F NEAL, Mosura 1885-Nov-24
KING, J J BERRY, Minerva 1875-Dec-10
KING, J M LAMBERT, E M 1894-Jan-25
KING, J W KNIGHT, L H 1881-Dec-21
KING, J W P BENNETT, Delilah J 1861-Jan-30
KING, James PEPPER, Mary 1822-Apr-22
KING, James PEPPER, Mary 1825-Apr-22
KING, John ANDREWS, Nancy 1832-Sep-27
KING, John BRISTER, Laura A 1883-Sep-06
KING, John MCLEOD, Sarah Ann 1860-May-29
KING, John F MILLS, Nancy 1819-Apr-18
KING, John F MILLS, Nancy 1817-   -12
KING, John F MILLS, Novisa 1819-Apr-15
KING, M L LAMBERT, J E 1899-Jan-30
KING, Martin SOWELS, Mahalla 1829-Apr-23
KING, Martin H WILLIAMSON, Rebecca J 1865-Oct-06
KING, Sam LAMBERT, Mary 1895-Mar-04
KING, Thomas DEAN, Easter 1832-Nov-05
KING, Washington STRINGER, Catherine 1834-Aug-03
KING, William COLLINS, Emma 1877-Feb-04
KING, William LAMBERT, Mealy 1889-Jul-25
KING, Wylie LOFTON, Lucinda M 1838-Feb-05
KIRKFIELD, Monro KING, Roxie 1897-Mar-30
KIRKLIN, Jesse W SMITH, Amy R 1825-Mar-10
KIZAR, Lemuel BRISTER, Charity 1835-May-23
KNIGHT, Alex BUCKLEY, Annie 1893-Feb-18
KNIGHT, Charles MOORE, Irena 1869-Apr-11
KNIGHT, Claiborn CLAY, Henrietta 1870-Dec-29
KNIGHT, L H KING, J W 1881-Dec-21
KNIGHT, Louis LOFTIN, Mary 1899-Apr-29
KORTZ, William DROUD, Mary E 1897-Oct-14
KRRD, Dyrphrn VSTLIDLR, Nsnvy 1837-   -29
KYZAR, Elbert RUSHING, Elizabeth 1861-Aug-15



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