Lawrence County Grooms


GARDNER, B M COLE, Melvina 1870-Feb-22
GARDNER, John SMITH, Floyd 1881-Jan-25
GARDNER, Rich NEWSOM, Gatsy 1900-Jan-04
GARGIN, William J ALBRITTON, Marthy 1825-Feb-28
GARLAND, W M MUSE, Nannie J 1876-Jan-06
GARNER, Alexander , Cinderella 1866-May-12
GARNER, Americus SIGERS, Mary M 1869-Nov-04
GARNER, Amos MYERS, Susan 1880-Jan-08
GARNER, C C PARKMAN, Sarah J 1870-May-25
GARNER, Coleman SMITH, Julia 1893-Jan-26
GARNER, Harper SIMPSON, Jayne 182?-Apr-28
GARNER, J G BASS, Minerva J 1861-Oct-24
GARNER, Parish NELSON, Pagey 1821-Jul-15
GARNER, Samuel B SMITH, Sarah J 1876-Nov-09
GARNER, Stephen LOTT, Alice 1877-Apr-12
GARNETT, R D ROSS, Nora E 1896-Feb-28
GARRET, Edward T MULLIN, Louisa E 1824-May-10
GARRETH, F M BUTTER, Mattie F 1879-Oct-16
GARRETT, D W PEARCE, Martha 1861-Feb-14
GARRETT, Edgar FOX, Carrie P 1898-Nov-03
GARRETT, Edward P MULLENS, Louisa E 1824-May-10
GARRETT, John I SHARP, Elizabeth D 1870-Dec-01
GARRETT, N A BOWEN, Mary K 1864-Jan-19
GARRETT, N A TYRONE, Mima 1880-Jan-15
GARRETT, Nathan HERRING, Martha 1866-Jan-03
GARRETT, Newton COOPER, Martha 1870-Feb-01
GARRETT, Percy HOLLOWAY, Cora 1897-Jan-27
GARTMAN, John VAN BUREN, Susannah 1836-Jun-23
GATES, Franklin LIN, Patience 1828-Aug-14
GATES, J D EVANS, Loutrecea Mrs 1892-May-28
GATLIN, Arch GANING, Elizabeth 1869-Oct-16
GATLIN, Dennis PRICE, Annie 1896-Jan-18
GATLIN, Dennis WILKS, Lucy 1881-Jan-27
GATLIN, Dennis C GHOLER, Amy 1893-Jan-11
GATLIN, Dennis C MCNAIR, Delia 1889-Mar-06
GATLIN, Ellis AUTMAN, Susan 1878-Oct-02
GATLIN, George SMITH, Mary 1885-Sep-10
GATLIN, Isham BROWN, Mary 1887-Apr-07
GATLIN, Philip BROWN, Velinda 1890-Jul-25
GATLIN, Walter WYLIE, Estella 1898-Dec-19
GAYNES, Emanuel ALEXANDER, Nancy A 1867-Jan-19
GEARING, Charles WILLIAMS, Caroline 1870-Dec-30
GEAVU, Wilson BAYLISS, Minerva 1871-Nov-
GEAVU, Wilson BAYLISS, Minerva 1871-Nov-22
GEISTER, Benjamin DANIELS, Sophie 1874-Jun-03
GENTRY, Josiah WOLF, Nancy J 1865-Dec-24
GEORGE, Joseph BANKSTON, Rosa Belle Mrs 1891-May-16
GERMANY, John HARMON, Elizabeth 1821-Jul-29
GERRIN, Lafayette BLUE, Mary 1869-Feb-14
GERRING, Neil WILLIAMS, Ary 1883-Jan-11
GHOLER, Clark WHITE, Nannie 1889-Jan-24
GHOLER, Ed BENSON, Lon 1896-Feb-04
GHOLER, Ed JONES, Salina 1898-Feb-25
GHOLER, J H SULLIVAN, Arrabelle 1894-Jan-25
GHOLER, Lemuel WHITE, Amy 1878-Dec-19
GHOLER, Lewis OATIS, Fannie 1879-Apr-20
GHOLER, Tolbert MAGEE, Ophelia 1894-Nov-18
GHOLER, Will HOOKER, Beckie 1892-Feb-22
GIBBONS, Perry GRAY, Catharine 1869-Aug-21
GIBSON, Henry MILLER, Adeline 1875-Jan-05
GIBSON, J W WILLIAMSON, Mary M 1880-Oct-21
GILBERT, Charley MAGEE, Cherry 1881-Jan-05
GILL, Alexander BRISTER, Sarah 1834-Dec-01
GILL, Darten Jefferos PARTIN, Martha I 1831-Jan-21
GILL, Gill (Sr) GILL, Alsa 1824-Apr-29
GILL, J J SUTTON, Sarah Ann 1865-May-18
GILL, John DIXON, Elizabeth 1837-Jun-08
GILL, Lewis MIXON, Mary 1827-Feb-12
GILL, Robert COWARTE, Nancy 1829-Aug-20
GILL, Samuel H SIMMONS, Rutha A J 1866-Feb-21
GILL, Uriah PURNELL, Margeret 1823-Feb-02
GILMAN, George K HOLLISTER, Sarah 1825-Feb-28
GINN, David H JOURDAN, Nancy 1845-   -
GINNELEY, James TYRONE, Willie M 1878-Aug-12
GIPSON, M A REMBERT, Etta 1899-Dec-11
GIPSON, T J DELAUGHTER, Nancy J 1878-Jan-16
GIROD, P F SMITH, Eliza 1861-Aug-01
GIVENS, Albert B KING, Melissa 1870-Jan-05
GIVENS, Baylie B REID, Laura F 1884-Mar-09
GIVENS, C P WILSON, J R 1894-Nov-08
GIVENS, El MCGUFFEE, Martha 1896-Apr-12
GIVENS, W E SMITH, Ida 1881-Jan-27
GIVENS, Wallace SMITH, Orrah 1832-Dec-21
GIVENS, Wallace Winfield LAMBERT, Mary Ann J 1882-Dec-15
GIVIN, William SUTTON, Sarah 1830-Dec-22
GIVINS, John H JELKS, Elizabeth 1822-Oct-22
GIVINS, Roberts LAMBERT, Mary 1832-Nov-11
GLOVER, Alexander JOURDEN, Sindy L 1830-Nov-23
GLOVER, Amon STEPHENS, Orrie 1889-Oct-17
GLOVER, Daniel WILLIAMS, Mary Jane 1884-Nov-12
GLOVER, W W BOOTH, Jane 1892-Jul-08
GODWIN, William K COOK, Bashaba 1825-Dec-29
GOINGS, Geo BALLARD, Ann E 1872-Mar-13
GOINGS, Wiley BRISTER, Martha 1822-May-09
GOLAR, Lafayette MYERS, Jennie 1877-Feb-04
GOLDMAN, Elas SMITH, N 1866-Nov-21
GOLDMAN, Henry LOVELL, Kesender 1866-Dec-26
GOLER, Isaac MYERS, Sallie 1870-Jun-26
GOLER, Ned BRISTER, Queen 1875-Apr-18
GOLER, Ned OATIS, Minda 1874-Jul-21
GONEGAL, James MADDOX, Era 1861-Jun-03
GOODE, James BUCKLEY, Mandy 1869-Dec-31
GOODE, James DAVIS, Ardella 1894-Dec-25
GOODLOE, R D BOURN, Amanda 1888-Jan-17
GOODLOE, R D CARNEY, Alice 1894-Jan-04
GOODLOW, Alfred PRICE, Hannah Mrs 1878-Feb-24
GOODMAN, S S POLK, Angeline 1866-Mar-22
GOODSON, David BELL, Elizabeth 1821-May-14
GOODSON, William RAY, Elizabeth 1825-Apr-21
GOODWON, James BUCKLEY, Polly 1823-Apr-11
GORDEN, Moses EVANS, Arcada 1831-Feb-02
GORDEN, William HART, Patsy 1830-Dec-19
GORDON, John DEEN, Mollie 1897-Nov-18
GRAHAM, Archibald BROWN, Sarah 1825-Apr-04
GRAHAM, George LEWIS, Jane 1875-May-15
GRAHAM, George SHOWS, Jennie 1888-Nov-24
GRAHAM, Indiann BARNES, John 1892-Jan-01
GRANBERRY, Moses WARNER, Mary Ann 1832-Dec-12
GRANBERRY, Orange BROWN, Nora 1881-Jan-06
GRANNERSON, F FLOWERS, Elizabeth L 1869-Aug-05
GRANT, B F FANNIN, Antha M 1865-Apr-09
GRANTHAM, John ENTERKIN, Susanna 1830-Feb-17
GRAVES, C CARTER, Jerry 1866-Jan-30
GRAVES, D J PATRICK, J F 1866-Jan-09
GRAY, James L KNIGHT, V A 1869-Nov-10
GRAY, M A BRANCH, J A 1874-Dec-25
GRAY, M E BRELAND, R A 1898-Feb-15
GRAY, R E SARTIN, M R 1865-Dec-10
GRAY, Sandy OATIS, Estella 1897-Jan-21
GRAY, Stephen DAMPIER, Harriet 1877-Dec-27
GRAY, W M HOLEMES, Sarah 1861-Aug-22
GRAYHM, James MILLER, Ruth 1827-Nov-29
GRAYSON, J M HEMBY, Florence 1888-Jan-03
GRAYSON, W A BOOTHE, Lula L 1888-Dec-20
GREEN, A L ALEXANDER, Lottie 1894-Dec-04
GREEN, M H SCHMEM, Daniel 1869-Apr-01
GREEN, Thomas HAWKINS, Mary 1824-May-19
GREEN, William GINN, Stacy 1830-Oct-06
GREER, Amos WILLIAMS, Mary 1827-Nov-18
GREER, Aquilla MASON, Cyntha 1837-Oct-21
GREER, Aquilla MASON, Cyntha 1837-Sep-16
GREER, Franklin GREEN, Sarah 1829-Dec-03
GRICE, J D DRUMMONS, Margaret 1894-Mar-01
GRICE, Jesse EVANS, Nancy 1821-Jan-30
GRICE, Jesse HARGROVE, Susanah 1821-Mar-10
GRICE, John RUSSEL, Elizabeth 1820-Nov-20
GRICE, John J KNIGHT, Elizabeth U 1876-Dec-21
GRIFFIETH, Milton F LEE, Susie J 1878-Dec-11
GRIFFIN, Isaac MAY, Laura Mrs 1898-Mar-02
GRIFFIN, Joseph MADDISON, Nicey 1879-Dec-25
GRIFFIN, Richard ELMORE, Mary J 1875-Jul-13
GRIFFIN, William BULLEN, Elizabeth Budwe 1822-Nov-05
GRIFFITH, Burton DAGAN, Laura 1883-Jul-19
GRIFFITH, D B POLK, Irma 1899-Feb-22
GRIFFITH, Daniel C DALE, Amanda M 1874-Jan-08
GRIFFITH, Daniel H SPURLOCK, Mary E 1874-Dec-08
GRIFFITH, Dennis BURKETT, Missouri 1874-Aug-29
GRIFFITH, Elijah POWELL, Mollie 1898-Jan-26
GRIFFITH, George BLOUNT, Chellie 1900-Jun-03
GRIFFITH, Hiram T MAGEE, Amanda J 1871-Jan-03
GRIFFITH, Ira A WARD, J C 1869-Nov-24
GRIFFITH, Isaac BAYLISS, Hattie 1893-Dec-21
GRIFFITH, J M SMITH, Emma 1889-Dec-12
GRIFFITH, J P PARKMAN, Maranda M 1889-Jan-17
GRIFFITH, J T LEE, Dollie J 1885-Jan-15
GRIFFITH, James W WILSON, Cynthia 1885-Dec-09
GRIFFITH, Julius MYERS, Fulvia 1893-Apr-19
GRIFFITH, L E LEE, W W 1874-Sep-23
GRIFFITH, Milton A NEAL, Maggie M 1872-Dec-26
GRIFFITH, W W HATHORN, Mariam 1894-Sep-19
GRIFFITH, Wm H BOINGTON, Susan 1879-Dec-27
GRIMSTEAD, Wm SMITH, Mary 1875-Dec-29
GRINSTEAD, Albert HARRIS, Dezzie 1889-Jan-09
GRINSTEAD, Robert SMITH, Treasy 1885-Apr-28
GRINSTEAD, Robert WOODWARD, Sophia 1891-Jul-02
GRINSTEAD, Various GARDENER, Ida 1897-Dec-29
GUESS, David BUDWELL, Susanna 1823-Aug-04
GUESS, John M WILSON, M L 1872-Nov-06
GUESS, William L WILLSON, Sarah M 1874-Aug-25
GUITON, L E SMITH, J W 1880-Dec-23
GUNNELL, R J HAM, J D 1866-Nov-29
GUNNELL, W W HAM, Dulla A J 1866-May-24
GUNNELLS, J F SMITH, Mattie 1894-Feb-15
GUNNELS, Nicholas WILLIAM, Dina 1821-Jan-28
GURLEY, Willie MYERS, C C 1883-Jun-03
GUY, Monroe ARMSTRONG, Annie 1894-Nov-08
GUYS, David BARDWELL, Susannah 1823-Aug-04
GUYS, Mose CARPENTER, Betsy 1824-Jan-20
GWIN, M M MEDEAVIS, L Mrs 1869-Nov-25
GWINN, Joseph MOBLEY, Rebecca 1829-Feb-26


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