Lawrence County Brides


TALBERT, Cynthia Mrs ALEXANDER, Thos 1897-Aug-17
TANNER, Sarah ROBERTS, John 1860-Sep-18
TARVER, Sarah Ann DICKERSON, Jefferson 1866-Nov-18
TAYLOR, Amanda WELLS, George 1861-Oct-10
TAYLOR, Caroline WARD, Alfred 1866-Jun-02
TAYLOR, Hettie NEAL, Joseph 1898-May-05
TAYLOR, Jane PHILLIPS, Elam 1881-Jan-05
TAYLOR, Joe Ann ROBBINS, W F 1897-Apr-01
TAYLOR, Laura CATO, Lucius 1889-Dec-26
TAYLOR, Lou BAYLIS, Frank 1883-Dec-03
TAYLOR, Lou BERRY, Bias 1884-Dec-31
TAYLOR, Martha BONNER, F P 1885-Feb-18
TAYLOR, Martha HAYNES, Alfred 1899-Jan-22
TAYLOR, Mary FOLKENBERY, John 1822-Aug-04
TAYLOR, Nancy BARNES, Morris 1883-Jan-03
TAYLOR, Nancy WEST, James M 1827-Nov-12
TAYLOR, Nellie JETT, Foster 1882-Dec-21
TEMPLE, Judah Ann HUNT, David W 1860-Nov-16
TEMPLES, Elizabeth LEDAUGHTER, Samuel 1826-Apr-19
TERRELL, Amanda MYERS, Joshua 1882-Nov-19
TERRELL, Cornelia WHITE, Alfred 1899-Oct-18
TERRELL, Eliza ROBERTSON, George 1897-Jan-09
TERRELL, Kate BROWN, O L 1899-Dec-13
TERRELL, Lou OATIS, Washington 1883-Dec-06
TERRELL, Mary TRIPLAN, Evan 1890-Jan-02
TERRELL, Mary WILLIAMS, Burgess 1879-Feb-11
TERRELL, Rena JAMES, J I 1892-Feb-02
TERRELL, Sarah WALKER, Frank 1894-Sep-29
TERRY, Dora WALKER, John 1895-Jul-29
TERRY, Sally CARLISLE, Asa 1888-Jul-02
THAMES, Elizabeth BRINSON, Adam J 1836-Dec-27
THAMES, Lovisa C RUTLAND, Jacob L 1876-Jan-30
THAMES, Sarah SHOWS, Jame M 1836-Feb-16
THOMAS, Edie WHEELER, Van 1896-Jan-01
THOMAS, Elizabeth SMITH, A J 1860-Feb-02
THOMAS, Ellen JOHNSON, Sandy 1891-Jan-19
THOMAS, Mary F SARTIN, Elijah S 1862-Apr-02
THOMAS, Mary Jhane WETHERSBY, Jonathan 1829-Aug-01
THOMPSON, Alice LAMBERT, J H 1883-Nov-22
THOMPSON, Alice MAGEE, D D 1894-Mar-09
THOMPSON, Ella CLARK, Carrell 1899-Dec-28
THOMPSON, Ella FORTINBERRY, Milton 1897-May-15
THOMPSON, Leola MATTHEWS, G H 1899-Feb-12
THOMPSON, M M Mrs HAYES, D M 1870-Feb-20
THOMPSON, Maggie MAY, James 1892-Apr-26
THOMPSON, Maggie ROGERS, Rankin 1897-Jul-14
THOMPSON, Maggie E ATES, George B 1883-Jan-04
THOMPSON, Margaret COOK, Andrew 1865-Dec-30
THOMPSON, Mary L SMITH, Hugh M 1870-Dec-15
THOMPSON, Mary M LAMBERT, Wm R 1873-Apr-05
THOMPSON, Minnie W THURMAN, A C 1888-Aug-31
THOMPSON, Nancy E LEGGATE, J C 1887-Jan-27
THOMPSON, Nola HARRIS, C A 1897-Jan-21
THOMPSON, Sallie WASHINGTON, Earnest 1897-Jul-14
THOMPSON, Susan LEMON, John M 1892-Dec-22
THOMPSON, Susan PHILLIPS, Sank 1898-Sep-10
THORNHILL, Mahall ALLEN, John 1829-Sep-28
THORNHILL, Mary A E MCLEOD, Geo R 1877-Dec-20
THORNHILL, Mary Jane MILLER, John J 1886-Dec-15
THORNHILL, Nolia MAGEE, Sam 1899-Nov-22
THORNHILL , Sintha PEARCE, Randel H 1826-Dec-02
THRELKILD, Elizabeth Threl SMITH, Averill 1824-Aug-20
THURMAN, Katie S BARBER, J D 1898-Apr-05
THURMAN, Laura E THOMPSON, Jasper L 1878-Nov-03
THURMAN, Martha SANDFORD, J L 1899-Apr-17
THURMAN, Martha B WALTMAN, C A 1890-Mar-25
THURMAN, Mollie A NEWSOM, J H 1887-Feb-13
TILLMAN, Isabella WROTEN, William 1819-Feb-25
TILMAN, Fanny MERRIWEATHER, Richard C 1821-Nov-11
TILMON, Mary MILICAN, Thomas 1819-   -23
TIPPETT, Margaret A LOFTIN, Daniel M 1871-Jan-01
TIPPETT, Nancy J ASKEW, W R 1870-Mar-18
TOLANER, Laura SMITH, John 1869-Jun-12
TOLAR, Belle DYESS, J N 1896-Dec-31
TOLAR, Nancy J BASS, W T J 1885-Jan-26
TOLAR, Peoria MANTON, C A 1890-Dec-26
TOMLINSON, Caroline A RATLIFF, Simpson 1829-Sep-08
TOMLINSON, Harriet HARRINGTON, Judson B 1821-Jan-05
TOMPSON, Sallie BOWEN, H H 1866-Oct-06
TONEY, Ann JACKSON, Henry 1889-Feb-01
TONEY, Ella MAY, Sam 1888-Feb-11
TONEY, Fannie ROGERS, James 1887-Apr-11
TONEY, Laura JAMES, Jacob 1881-Mar-26
TONEY, Sarah BRISTER, Richmon 1898-Feb-26
TONEYHILL ?, Mary REFROW, William 1830-May-06
TONY, Narcis WILSON, Edd 1897-Sep-18
TOOMER, Becky PARKMAN, Shade 1885-Aug-15
TOUCHSTONE, Insey RANDAL, Hiram 1831-Aug-23
TOUCHSTONE, Martha COOLEY, Harberd 1877-Jan-15
TOWNSEND, Alice REID, L S 1899-Jan-05
TOWNSEND, Martha KEEN, William C 1866-Oct-10
TOWNSEND, Pruda L NATIONS, Pink 1894-Feb-12
TOWNSEND, Susan A MYERS, R C 1898-Aug-27
TOWSEND, Emeline LAMBERT, Floyd W 1874-Dec-31
TRAYLER, Angeline Mrs ROSS, T J Sr 1887-Dec-02
TRAYLOR, Peggy O'NEAL, Grenberry 1822-Dec-19
TUCKER, Sarah MOODY, John 1836-Apr-03
TUCKEY, Hall MAXWELL, John B 1893-Feb-15
TULLOS, Laura KEEN, V L 1890-Oct-12
TULLOS, Martha PRICE, John R 1894-Jul-18
TULLOS, Sarah PENNINGTON, W H 1890-Jun-19
TULLOS, Sarah E CRANE, J W 1890-Oct-23
TULLOS, Zilla RUSHING, Henry 1898-Feb-07
TULLUS, Mary DAVIS, J N 1888-Jul-19
TURNBOUGH, Cornelia MCLENNON, Archie 1897-Jan-07
TURNBOUGH, Dora MCLENDON, John 1887-Apr-07
TURNER, Annette JACKSON, John 1884-Sep-20
TURNER, Arey CARR, Houston 1870-Aug-06
TURNER, Gense BURT, Isaac 1821-Nov-10
TURNER, Gense TURNER, Isaac 1821-Nov-11
TURNER, Gense TYRNER, Isaac 1821-Nov-15
TURNER, Hattie MORGAN, Fleet 1899-Dec-14
TURNER, Mary CARNEY, Allen 1899-Jul-27
TURNER, Mattie HILLIARD, Edmond 1889-Apr-04
TURNER, Maud PEVEY, A Q 1895-Feb-20
TURNER, Philis THOMAS, Robert 1885-Dec-22
TURNER, Rosa HOOKER, Webb 1884-Dec-11
TUTTLE, Elizabeth HAUGHTON, Wm. P 1834-Dec-13
TYLER, Emma ROSS, J W 1877-Jan-25
TYLER, Jane SEASTRONG, John 1821-Aug-02
TYLER, Julia W SMITH, Jesse M 1879-Jan-16
TYLER, Susie Mrs LAIRD, Jack 1892-Nov-19
TYNES, Ada P ELLZEY, C R 1891-Oct-28
TYNES, E A Mrs MAY, E D 1897-Dec-23
TYNES, Florence M ELLZEY, C R 1883-Oct-24
TYRONE, Amanda J LEWIS, James A 1871-Jan-10
TYRONE, Ann BARNES, Warren 1877-Dec-25
TYRONE, Annie MILLER, W R 1886-Mar-08
TYRONE, Domer WATTS, John 1876-Feb-08
TYRONE, Elizabeth BROOM, B F 1870-Dec-29
TYRONE, Ellen WHEELER, Merridy 1872-Jul-22
TYRONE, Harriet OATIS, Estis 1890-Jan-04
TYRONE, Lula ATWOOD, J T 1887-Nov-10
TYRONE, Margaret E HARTZOG, Willis 1869-Feb-22
TYRONE, Margaret M NELSON, Henry C 1874-Jun-04
TYRONE, Mima GARRETT, N A 1880-Jan-15
TYRONE, Sallie HATHORN, Isaac 1880-Dec-09
TYRONE, Willie M GINNELEY, James 1878-Aug-12


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