Lawrence County Brides


RABORN, Bertha L PRICE, Thomas 1898-Jul-23
RACHA, Labara JONES, Harmon 1821-Mar-10
RACHA, Rebecca JONES, Harmon 1821-Mar-15
RAGAN, Avalene YOUNG, Elijah 1830-Oct-28
RAGAN, Courtney HAYNES, Steve 1890-Dec-25
RAGAN, Harriet BENSON, Charles 1872-Dec-27
RAGAN, Louisa NICHOLS, Dennis 1890-Feb-06
RAGAN, Scilla POLK, Handy 1887-Nov-12
RAGAN, Susan NASH, Willim W 1822-Jul-18
RAGAN, Susan Mrs NASH, Wilson W 1822-Jul-17
RAGLAND, Eliz S T THOMPSON, W W 1870-Jan-30
RAIBURN, M L BASS, L V 1892-Jun-29
RAMSEY, Mary Ann WATTS, Thos. H 1837-Mar-20
RANDALL, Mary A RUSSELL, J W 1893-Mar-02
RANDALL, Sarah M CANNON, Elihu T 1872-Dec-03
RANDEL, Jenny TOUCHSTONE, James 1821-May-01
RANDOLPH, Alice ALEXANDER, Jerry 1896-Dec-13
RANDOLPH, Lizzie ROSS, Charley 1888-Feb-25
RANDOLPH, Mary Ann NICHOLS, Hiram 1897-Jan-14
RATCLIFF, Annie BEAL, Walter R 1895-Dec-25
RATCLIFF, Mollie JENKINS, Bob 1898-Feb-12
RATCLIFF, Roxie JOINER, Reuben 1896-May-14
RATCLIFF, Viola BLACK, Henry 1869-Dec-02
RATLIFF, Adrine MOSS, Hirom 1885-Nov-11
RATLIFF, Carry FORTNER, Barney 1888-Oct-20
RATLIFF, Delpha SARTIN, David 1884-Oct-09
RATLIFF, Emma ADAMS, Alcey 1880-Dec-25
RATLIFF, Francis SARTIN, Thomas 1880-Nov-18
RATLIFF, Jennie CRAFT, George 1881-Jan-12
RATLIFF, Tempie DAMAN, Ike 1882-Oct-15
RAWLS, Allice MCLENNON, Richmond 1896-Jan-28
RAWLS, Calardonia LUCAS, Leon 1895-Aug-02
RAWLS, Laura JENNINGS, Frank 1884-Feb-19
RAY, Ann HOOKER, Nathan 1823-Jan-22
RAY, Elizabeth GOODSON, William 1825-Apr-21
RAY, J A JEFFERSON, Joseph 1866-Sep-10
RAY, Lee BRIDGES, Peter Q 1875-Jun-25
RAY, Mary Ann MULLINS, J J 1860-Jun-27
RAY, Mary M BEARD, William 1819-Jul-22
RAYBORN, Lyda BOYD, W D 1898-Feb-23
RAYMOND, Deller BAGGETT, Joseph 1883-Nov-29
RAYNES, Nancy JONES, Memphis 1873-Feb-13
REA, Elizabeth J LARD, J M 1866-Sep-23
REAGAN, Amanda R MEMINGER, George A 1861-Mar-10
REAVES, Mary DIXON, William 1836-Feb-12
REAVES, Nancy DICKSON, Abel 1834-May-01
REDMON, Mary CONN, C C 1897-Nov-22
REDMOND, Fannie DIXON, A B 1897-Feb-23
REDMOND, Lelia A DAUGHDRILL, J W 1890-Jul-05
REED, Emeline M WALLACE, Josiah 1872-Dec-12
REED, Jane LAMBERT, Joseph 1879-Feb-12
REED, Lauana A LAMBERT, Walter 1879-Feb-20
REED, Sarah NETHERLAND, James T 1877-Nov-08
REEVES, Elizabeth MIXON, Irvin 1836-Mar-10
REEVES, Martha ARMSTRONG, J M 1897-Feb-06
REGAN, Eliza BUCKETT, Julius S 1899-Jul-04
REID, Ada DAUGHDRILL, W H 1892-Nov-27
REID, Caroline MARBURY, W L 1891-Jan-10
REID, Emma P DAUGHDRILL, G W 1889-Jan-30
REID, Fannie TOWNSEND, Riley 1899-Jan-19
REID, Laura F GIVENS, Baylie B 1884-Mar-09
REID, Loula DAUGHDRILL, G W 1897-Apr-14
REID, Lutie BOZEMAN, W S 1890-Nov-20
REID, Martha J BOZEMAN, John W 1879-Jan-01
REID, Mary BALLARD, Simeon 1867-Jan-21
REID, Polly Ann LAMBERT, J D 1898-Dec-18
REID, Rosetta DAUGHDRILL, J T 1888-Jul-21
REID, Sarah E PEVEY, Samuel H 1869-Mar-16
REMBERT, Etta GIPSON, M A 1899-Dec-11
REMBERT, Mary BULLARD, Nixon 1819-Jan-20
REMBERT, Sallie M WILLIAMSON, J R 1896-Sep-10
RENFROE, Susan BARDWELL, Harmon H 1870-Nov-30
RESTER, C A Mrs NEWSOM, J F 1899-Mar-19
RESTER, Donie THOMPSON, J D 1895-Mar-06
RHODES, Marcia OATIS, Ira 1897-Jan-20
RHODES, Susie DANIELS, Ben 1898-Jun-25
RIALS, Clarissa DEES, John 1872-Dec-20
RIALS, Lear MAY, Roland 1879-Jan-26
RIALS, Lucie MOSS, Edward 1877-Feb-12
RIALS, Nancy M JACKSON, J W 1892-Feb-06
RIALS, Rhoda DAVIS, Sedley 1895-Dec-15
RIALS, Sylvina BROWN, Joseph 1868-Dec-25
RICHARDSON, Pheby PARKMAN, Edmundson 1827-Mar-24
RICHMOND, Easter M IRVIN, Andy 1887-Jan-06
RIGBY, Sarah WALDROP, James 1823-Jul-05
RIGHY, Sarah WALDROP, James D 1823-Aug-04
RILES, Emily H BUCKLEY, William M 1879-Aug-07
RILEY, Helen DAMPEER, C B 1898-Dec-22
RILEY, Mollie E BERRY, J R Dr 1882-Jan-19
RILEY, Sarah MAY, Thomas 1899-Sep-02
RISER, Elizabeth SATTERFIELD, James 1820-Jan-20
RISOR, Cata STINGLER, George 1820-Dec-21
ROBBINS, Amanda F CARTER, H E 1882-Dec-24
ROBBINS, Amelia DYESS, Thomas 1874-Dec-17
ROBBINS, Anna STUCKY, Enock 1866-Dec-21
ROBBINS, Louisa PRICE, J F 1896-Nov-25
ROBBINS, Missouri PATTERSON, E L 1888-Jun-06
ROBBINS, Opha MANTON, Hardie 1894-Jan-02
ROBBINS, Pearlie Luell a     PIERCE, H P 1894-Aug-01
ROBBINS, Sarah A BRANTON, R M 1881-Jan-15
ROBERSON, Martha E MAGEE, Philip 1872-Dec-19
ROBERTS, Ethel BOUTWELL, Wesley 1894-Jun-28
ROBERTS, G C HOLMES, R F 1896-Jan-16
ROBERTS, Lucy NAPP, Cary 1820-Jan-01
ROBERTS, Martha L SCARBOROUGH, Alfred V 1872-Nov-28
ROBERTS, Mary SIRMAN, John 1825-Jul-16
ROBERTS, Mary S SEAL, James H 1876-Aug-24
ROBERTS, Nancy CATT, John 1827-Aug-06
ROBERTS, Nancy Ann POLK, Willis E 1869-Sep-28
ROBERTS, Nancy J MOBLEY, Noah 1880-Jan-01
ROBERTS, Rolda PEPPER, Euriah 1827-May-11
ROBERTSON, Adaline WALLER, Henry 1866-Apr-07
ROBERTSON, Annie BROWN, John 1899-Jan-12
ROBERTSON, Arretta FRELICK, Dallas 1866-Sep-15
ROBERTSON, Delia HOOKER, Elam 1894-Sep-05
ROBERTSON, Eliza ROSS, John 1898-Aug-30
ROBERTSON, Eliza SCREWS, Allen 1826-May-30
ROBERTSON, Elizabeth BURGESS, G M 1866-Oct-25
ROBERTSON, Frances BUNN, Richmon 1888-Dec-28
ROBERTSON, Irena SUTTON, Edgar 1891-Mar-31
ROBERTSON, Laura F BEAL, Thomas M 1871-Oct-12
ROBERTSON, Lizzie MAXWELL, John 1899-Feb-16
ROBERTSON, Lucy SIMS, Willis 1882-Jan-12
ROBERTSON, Mary BARNES, Nelson 1881-Nov-17
ROBERTSON, Mary Mrs HART, J B 1861-Jan-27
ROBERTSON, Matilda ROBERTSON, Allen 1876-Feb-19
ROBERTSON, Mildred BUCKLEY, Ailson 1883-Mar-02
ROBERTSON, Minnie ROBERTSON, Henry 1887-Dec-27
ROBERTSON, Sophia DAVIS, Anderson 1895-Dec-20
ROBINS, Aleneta STUCKEY, William S 1879-Sep-21
ROBINSON, Emmaline WHITE, J L 1897-Dec-14
ROBISON, Adaline RANDOLPH, Burrell 1869-Nov-18
RODGERS, Mollie RAGAN, Peter 1877-Jan-20
RODGERS, Susan SPENCE, John 1877-Aug-04
RODWELL, Carrie M RODWELL, F P 1882-Jan-22
ROGER, Susanna EVANS, David 1822-Feb-09
ROGERS, Adelia Mrs SANDERS, N J 1891-Aug-05
ROGERS, Amanda LAIRD, John 1882-Nov-27
ROGERS, Arbella SANDERS, James F 1882-Nov-23
ROGERS, Betsie ROGERS, Madison 1890-Nov-13
ROGERS, Flora TAYLOR, Willis 1890-Jan-18
ROGERS, Harriet BULLOCK, Henderson 1882-Aug-12
ROGERS, Josephine C CONNERLY, W W 1869-Oct-11
ROGERS, L M WILSON, Charles 1883-Jun-27
ROGERS, Leir Jane ROBERTSON, William 1889-Dec-28
ROGERS, Lillie DAUGHDRILL, L L 1896-Mar-19
ROGERS, Lucy KELLY, Henry 1887-Jul-02
ROLLING, Sarah Ann COX, W N 1893-Aug-14
ROLLINS, Louisa MARTIN, John A 1870-Apr-10
ROSS, Aggie STEWART, Charles 1893-Jul-13
ROSS, Allie STATEN, W W 1882-Nov-16
ROSS, Cornelia E SMITH, Isaac C 1876-Dec-21
ROSS, Delana SANDERS, Benjamin 1830-Dec-02
ROSS, Delia BUTLER, James 1899-May-13
ROSS, Elizabeth MOBLEY, Thomas H 1865-Aug-24
ROSS, Elizabeth WEATHERSBY, Arthur 1835-Jan-15
ROSS, Hannah HUTCHINS, George 1873-Jan-08
ROSS, Harriet BULLOCK, R S J 1870-   -
ROSS, Harriet BULLOCK, R S J 1871-Jan-05
ROSS, Martha J BENSON, Wiley P 1873-Oct-14
ROSS, Molly SUTTON, Solomon 1893-Apr-14
ROSS, Nora E GARNETT, R D 1896-Feb-28
ROSS, Patsey LENOIR, Frank 1892-Dec-30
ROSS, Patsy LENOIR, Franklin 1891-Jan-31
ROSS, Sarah PRESTIDGE, John W 1861-Apr-30
ROSS, Sarah Ann DAUGHDRILL, Wilson T 1875-Jan-20
ROSS, Victoria W PIERCE, R C 1879-Mar-05
ROTEN, Rebecca TYLER, Daniel 1827-Jan-14
ROTON, Mary Eliza TYLER, Allen 1827-Jun-09
RUGLAND, Pamela RABUM, George 1829-Dec-26
RUNNELS, Selety H STAMPS, Samuel 1821-Jun-26
RUSHING, Eliza A NEAL, Daniel 1875-Nov-23
RUSHING, Elizabeth KYZAR, Elbert 1861-Aug-15
RUSHING, Estella HOLLOWAY, Moses 1894-Oct-31
RUSHING, Jane Mrs ELLIOTT, Joseph 1891-Sep-29
RUSHING, Mary E KEEN, H D 1886-Oct-20
RUSHING, Mary J COX, Milton D 1876-Feb-23
RUSHING, S R CATT, S V 1892-Sep-19
RUSSEL, Elizabeth GRICE, John 1820-Nov-20
RUSSELL, Anna CONERLY, James E 1896-Jan-20
RUSSELL, Elizabeth FULGER, R D 1861-Jun-25
RUSSELL, Fannie L LAIRD, H H 1896-Jul-20
RUSSELL, February WHITE, John 1826-Sep-28
RUSSELL, Jemima E L RUSSELL, A L 1885-Aug-20
RUSSELL, Jerusha E MULLEN, Conaway 1880-Apr-26
RUSSELL, Julia MAXWELL, S V K 1894-Nov-21
RUSSELL, Lizzie FOSTER, W T 1896-Mar-05
RUSSELL, Mary M IVY, George W 1886-Dec-30
RUSSELL, Mary M A WHITE, John W 1880-Feb-12
RUSSELL, Sabra C BERRY, S L 1870-Oct-26
RUTLAND, Angeline SANDEFER, B Z 1885-Dec-20
RUTLAND, Bessie RESTER, J J 1888-Apr-21
RUTLAND, Eliza THAMES, Joseph 1870-Jan-13
RUTLAND, Laura SMITH, John W 1884-Apr-17
RUTLAND, Margarette BRISTER, Wilson C 1869-Oct-21
RUTLAND, Mary A LAMBERT, S F 1873-   -
RUTLAND, Mary A LAMBERT, S L 1873-Apr-01
RUTLAND, Mary J CLARK, Z P 1885-Mar-25
RUTLAND, Missouri A ETHRIDGE, Jefferson D 1887-Dec-07
RUTLAND, Rachiel FULLER, John 1883-Jan-14
RUTLAND, Rebecca FERRIS, Squire J 1837-Jan-04
RUTLAND, Rozetta BALLARD, R I 1897-Jan-24
RUTLAND, Sarah Ann CLARK, Z P 1887-Jan-30
RUTLEDGE, Carrie WHITE, Ira 1893-Dec-23
RUTLEDGE, Frankie HORTON, A N 1892-Feb-27
RYALLS, Eliza J BUCKLEY, E W 1872-May-06
RYALS, Matilda CHAPMAN, John  1819-Sep-20


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