Lawrence County Brides

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NAILER, Mary HOOVER, Christian 1823-Apr-08
NAIRNE, Belle V FAIRMAN, A C 1874-May-03
NALL, Dicey MCALISTER, David 1822-May-15
NALLS, Nancy HOOKER, Richard 1821-Apr-26
NATIONS, Mary Eliza NATIONS, Ephraim 1866-Feb-26
NEAL, Annie WARNER, Andrew 1889-Dec-31
NEAL, Arbella LUMKIN, Dock 1895-Feb-01
NEAL, Armanda CATT, John J 1860-Dec-05
NEAL, Ellen DAVIS, John 1889-Dec-21
NEAL, Flora A DICKERSON, P M 1873-Nov-06
NEAL, Jane HAYNES, George 1872-Jan-04
NEAL, Luvena MAYSON, L C 1877-Jan-10
NEAL, Maggie M GRIFFITH, Milton A 1872-Dec-26
NEAL, Mosura KING, J F 1885-Nov-24
NEAL, Ollie OATIS, Henry 1883-Nov-01
NEAL, Rebecca V ARMSTRONG, Jesse W 1876-Dec-14
NEAL, S L CATT, S L 1899-Mar-27
NEAL, Sarah Jane RUSSINGS, Samuel 1869-Dec-24
NEAL, Susie BULLOCK, L J 1883-Jan-24
NEATHERLAND, Ada O FLOYD, John 1899-May-18
NEEDHAM, Belle FOX, Joe 1894-Feb-08
NELLAMS, Hager FOX, Paul 1869-Jul-24
NELSON, Ada LAIRD, James 1896-Sep-06
NELSON, Amanda V POLK, W L 1888-Nov-24
NELSON, Dora TYRONE, Morgan 1895-May-01
NELSON, Eliza WILLIAMSON, H M 1887-Dec-20
NELSON, Elizabeth DAVIS, Thomas 1882-Jul-08
NELSON, Emma JOHNSON, W J 1895-Dec-25
NELSON, Eva TYRONE, M C 1893-Feb-19
NELSON, M E ROSS, W M 1875-Sep-22
NELSON, Maggie RUSSELL, P A 1896-Dec-03
NELSON, Mary Ann ROBERTSON, W J 1872-Apr-18
NELSON, Ona MILLER, W A 1896-Sep-23
NELSON, Pagey GARNER, Parish 1821-Jul-15
NELSON, Priscilla POLK, J T 1891-Mar-19
NELSON, Rebecca BIGGS, James 1821-Feb-04
NETHERLAND, Jane KING, Ira 1895-May-21
NETHERLAND, Jemima PENNINGTON, William 1834-Aug-11
NETHERLAND, Margaret A LAMBERT, I L 1888-May-03
NETHERLAND, Mary E CRANE, Duncan D 1882-Aug-23
NETHERLAND, Rachel NEWTON, Adam 1823-Nov-30
NEWMAN, Mary SCOTT, Robert E 1860-Aug-23
NEWSOM, Berilla V MOORE, John R 1887-Jan-20
NEWSOM, Elizabeth Mrs BRACY, H 1898-Apr-22
NEWSOM, Ellen WALKER, Jesse 1890-Jan-09
NEWSOM, Emma NEWEL, Henry 1898-Jul-02
NEWSOM, Gatsy GARDNER, Rich 1900-Jan-04
NEWSOM, Julia BASS, Enoch 1888-Jul-14
NEWSOM, Katie WILLIAMS, J E 1898-Jan-25
NEWSOM, Lickey DAMPIER, Albert 1875-Dec-23
NEWSOM, Lillie MULLINS, J E 1893-Oct-03
NEWSOM, Lizzie YOUNG, Robert 1886-Feb-10
NEWSOM, M MYERS, Randell 1866-Nov-21
NEWSOM, Mabel HARTZOG, H E 1889-May-26
NEWSOM, Mariah BUCKLEY, Solomon 1876-Feb-19
NEWSOM, Martha WYLIE, Robert 1873-Feb-22
NEWSOM, Mary PRICE, Thomas 1876-Jan-15
NEWSOM, Mary Ann BONNER, Eli 1880-Jul-03
NEWSOM, Minna R SLATER, John 1875-Jun-16
NEWSOM, Nora DANIEL, George 1893-Dec-07
NEWSOM, Tamer L HEMBY, Noah 1860-Jun-19
NEWSON, Mollie SMITH, N J 1892-Oct-18
NEWTON, Henrietta SMITH, Wade 1890-Mar-22
NEWTON, Isabella HARTZOG, Joe 1896-Dec-10
NEWTON, M A SARTIN, Joseph P 1873-Jun-25
NEWTON, M E SARTIN, J G 1865-Dec-10
NEWTON, Mary SMITH, Stephen 1822-Mar-07
NEWTON, Piny SPEIGHTS, Wylie 1884-Dec-23
NEYLAN, Mary NAILER, John B 1821-Apr-18
NEYLAN, Susannah HARGIS, Richard A 1834-Feb-20
NICHOLS, Alcie BARNES, John 1884-Nov-11
NICHOLS, Caroline IRVING, John 1886-Jan-02
NICHOLS, Dorcas BUTLER, Will 1897-Feb-02
NICHOLS, Janie REED, J R 1898-Sep-05
NICHOLS, Mary J JOHNSON, E A 1899-Jun-17
NICHOLS, Nancy DUCKWORTH, Island 1875-Jan-07
NICKOLS, Rachael WHITE, Thomas 1881-Mar-20
NICKOLS, Tena COLLINS, William 1877-Feb-20
NICKOLS, Uina BOURN, Robert J 1879-Oct-19
NIECE, Anna HICKMAN, Joe A 1879-May-26
NIECE, Frances HEMPHILL, R B 1883-Jun-27
NIXEN, Edney ALLEN, Athen 1821-May-17
NOLEN, Nancy O'BANNON, Bryan 1838-Jan-29
NORMAN, Eliza A CLARK, John T 1877-Nov-15
NORMAN, Fanny JOHNSON, Andrew 1823-Aug-07
NORMAN, Mahaley R PRICE, Henry M 1826-Dec-20
NORMAN, Marilda H BRISTER, Edmund 1826-Aug-24
NORMAN, Mary Jane WILSON, John 1824-Jun-09
NORWOOD, Annie DONALSON, L D 1899-Jun-24
NORWOOD, Annie DONALSON, L D 1899-Jun-25
NORWOOD, Lucy JACKSON, Andrew 1873-Jan-08
OATES, Adeline L CANNON, J D 1837-Jul-25
OATIS, Adelaid BARNES, Samuel 1884-Dec-15
OATIS, Amanda MIKELL, Frank 1877-Nov-17
OATIS, Ann JOHNSON, Alex 1884-Dec-29
OATIS, Ann TYRONE, A A 1866-Dec-20
OATIS, Anna MCLELLAND, William 1896-Oct-13
OATIS, Anna Jane NEWSOM, Alexander 1894-Mar-01
OATIS, Bonnie BAILIS, Olly 1895-Dec-27
OATIS, Caroline JOHNSON, Ellis 1891-Jan-26
OATIS, Caroline MIKELL, General 1883-Apr-14
OATIS, Delia COLE, Isaac 1869-Dec-08
OATIS, Delia HARTZOG, John 1874-Jan-18
OATIS, Delia PRICE, Thomas 1878-Dec-12
OATIS, Delila BRIDGES, John 1880-Jan-17
OATIS, Della PRICE, Peter 1887-Dec-21
OATIS, Della TURNER, Jordan 1892-Jan-25
OATIS, Eliza BOURN, Garrett 1898-Jan-11
OATIS, Eliza HOLLOWAY, Charley 1881-Jan-15
OATIS, Elizabeth BULLOCK, R B 1893-Jan-26
OATIS, Ella LEWIS, Milton 1890-Feb-06
OATIS, Elvira BARNES, Isaac 1888-Dec-27
OATIS, Emma WESTON, S J 1886-Oct-07
OATIS, Estella GRAY, Sandy 1897-Jan-21
OATIS, Fannie GHOLER, Lewis 1879-Apr-20
OATIS, Harriet BARNES, Pink 1884-Jul-17
OATIS, Harriet BUCKHALTER, Alfred 1881-Nov-19
OATIS, Harriet TURNER, Harrison 1882-Jan-21
OATIS, Jane ABEL, Isaac 1870-Jan-22
OATIS, Jane THOMAS, Isaac 1870-Jan-22
OATIS, Julia FUNCHESS, James 1889-Feb-22
OATIS, Laura BULLOCK, Bose 1886-Feb-22
OATIS, Lottie HINTON, Sandy 1887-Jan-19
OATIS, Louisa RICHMOND, Jesse 1889-Oct-10
OATIS, Lucinda MARTIN, Andy 1887-Dec-27
OATIS, Lydia DANIELS, Frederick 1873-Jan-21
OATIS, M C BULLOCK, G L 1895-Dec-19
OATIS, Mary COLLINS, Nick 1879-Jan-19
OATIS, Mary MAGEE, Hardy Jr 1897-Dec-07
OATIS, Mercy SUTTON, Samuel 1879-Mar-02
OATIS, Minda GOLER, Ned 1874-Jul-21
OATIS, Minerva WILKS, Pack 1883-Nov-30
OATIS, Nettie Mrs FOX, Matt 1897-Dec-23
OATIS, Rosa OATIS, Alfred 1883-Oct-21
OATIS, Sarah SIMS, Wesley 1883-Dec-13
OATIS, Sarah WILLIAMS, L J 1890-Nov-08
OATIS, Susan BASS, Clinton 1872-Jan-18
OATIS, Susanah OATIS, Isaac 1866-Nov-10
OATIS, V C JOHNSON, W R 1898-Apr-26
OATIS, Vina BUCKLEY, Jacob 1877-Dec-20
ODOM, Nannie J MIKELL, James M 1883-Oct-18
OGELSBY, Marthy TOUCHSTONE, John 1825-Jan-31
OGLES, Harriet MYERS, Albert 1873-Nov-09
OGLESBEE, Elizabeth BLACKWELL, Abel 1822-Feb-15
OGLESBEE, Jane FELTS, Washington 1828-Nov-17
OGLESBY, Emaline PEARCE, Reddick 1837-Feb-22
OGLESBY, Mary DAVIS, David 1828-Dec-22
OGLESBY, Mary E WHITE, Allen 1895-Dec-21
OLIPHANT, Mary STIGLER, William 1822-Mar-11
OLIVER, Florence MAXWELL, W A 1890-Jan-30
OLIVER, Isabella LINTON, Robert 1866-May-15
OQUIN, Clarrinda COTHRAN, John 1883-Jan-11
OTIS, Harriet BURKHALTER, Alfred 1881-   -
OTT, Anny FERRIS, Albert 1835-Mar-02
OVLIVER, Demenar ASHLEY, James 1833-Sep-12
OWENS, Jane MIRES, Massey 1822-Aug-25
OWENS, Martha BROWN, William 1823-Mar-04
OWENS, Talitha WESTLY, Dickson 1829-Mar-16


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