Lawrence County Brides


LAIRD, Ella RHODES, Thomas 1891-Feb-11
LAIRD, Harriet WARNER, George 1883-Sep-12
LAIRD, Martha BARNES, Samuel 1884-Apr-09
LAIRD, Melissa JACKSON, Mat 1889-Jan-03
LAM, Mary ALBRITTON, Wlam 1827-Mar-21
LAMBERT, Abi KEEN, W H 1898-Apr-06
LAMBERT, Adline WALDROP, V P 1899-Apr-06
LAMBERT, Barbara CAMERON, J B 1895-Jan-13
LAMBERT, Bethaney A WARD, Augustus 1878-Apr-21
LAMBERT, Cettie SMITH, I W 1894-Dec-19
LAMBERT, Dora LEE, N C 1899-Jan-26
LAMBERT, E M KING, J M 1894-Jan-25
LAMBERT, Esteller THOMAS, J L 1896-Mar-26
LAMBERT, Louisa CLEVELAND, W G 1892-Nov-20
LAMBERT, Martha HEDGEPETH, W A 1886-Jan-26
LAMBERT, Martha L NEAL, T V 1896-Nov-12
LAMBERT, Mary FULLER, James J 1870-Jul-04
LAMBERT, Mary GIVINS, Roberts 1832-Nov-11
LAMBERT, Mary KING, Sam 1895-Mar-04
LAMBERT, Mary STAMPS, Anthony 1866-Jan-18
LAMBERT, Mary Ann J GIVENS, Wallace Winfield 1882-Dec-15
LAMBERT, Mealy KING, William 1889-Jul-25
LAMBERT, Minerva RENFRO, John J 1860-Oct-04
LAMBERT, Oma THAMES, J C 1886-Dec-31
LAMBERT, Rhoda A CATT, C E 1896-Aug-23
LAMBERT, Rhonda LAMBERT, Willie 1904-   -
LAMBERT, Sarah MCLEOD, John 1876-Dec-14
LAMBERT, Serena FULLER, John M 1879-Jul-25
LAMBERT, Settie BALLARD, W C 1883-Nov-22
LAMBERT, Victoria J FLOYD, J J 1890-Apr-24
LAND, Mary ALBRITTON, Claude ? 1825-Mar-21
LANE, Charity ALBRITTON, James 1824-Apr-01
LANE, Charity ALBRITTON, James 1824-Mar-29
LANE, Martha JELKS, Thomas W 1825-Dec-03
LANE, Mary ALBRITTON, Elam 1825-Mar-31
LANG, Juliann SUTTON, James H 1836-Aug-15
LANGSTON, Celia WARD, Simon 1897-Aug-17
LANGSTON, Fannie E RODGERS, Thomas B 1877-Jan-18
LANGSTON, Julia WILLIAMS, Franklin 1874-Jan-03
LANGSTON, Lonie BRIDGES, Andrew 1885-Jan-24
LANGSTON, Louisa J DANIEL, R A 1865-Nov-09
LANGSTON, Martha A SHEPPARD, Wm M 1878-Mar-14
LANGSTON, Minerva DANIEL, Chas W 1871-Sep-15
LANGSTON, Missouri FORTENBERRY, Wm D 1876-Aug-03
LANGSTON, Nancy BARNES, Richard 1879-Jan-02
LARD, Elizabeth CLEVELAND, John 1825-Feb-18
LARD, Elizabeth CLEVELIN, John 1825-Feb-15
LARD, Lizzabell BARNES, John 1877-Mar-01
LARD, Viola M MIDDLETON, H T 1870-Jun-15
LARKIN, Francis A LINDER, A S 1877-Jan-07
LARKIN, Mariah M CHAMBERS, John R 1832-Oct-30
LAWRENCE, Alice MAY, John 1893-Sep-22
LAWRENCE, Arie LAWRENCE, Edward 1895-Nov-24
LAWRENCE, Hattie A SUMMERS, J W 1895-Dec-16
LAWRENCE, Martha MATHIS, John 1876-Feb-03
LEE, Cyntha SMITH, John C 1830-Apr-11
LEE, Dicie D BUSH, M H 1885-Jan-17
LEE, Dollie J GRIFFITH, J T 1885-Jan-15
LEE, Dora RUSSELL, H P 1896-Aug-07
LEE, Jane BARNES, Spencer 1881-Mar-17
LEE, Julia COOK, Franklin 1872-Jan-22
LEE, L R MILLER, L A 1897-Dec-23
LEE, Laura SMITH, M L 1898-Dec-28
LEE, Lila BURROW, Louis 1884-Jan-03
LEE, Lucinda MULLINS, W L 1889-Dec-22
LEE, M O WEATHERSBY, D W 1899-Dec-11
LEE, Maggie BLACKWELL, H Y 1889-Jul-08
LEE, Maggie MAXWELL, O L 1891-Feb-17
LEE, Margaret E THAMES, Ansolem H 1874-Sep-09
LEE, Martha A LAMBERT, John S 1878-May-22
LEE, Mary BISHOP, S B 1898-Nov-21
LEE, Mary QUINN, Ben 1873-Mar-08
LEE, Malford CROSS, Rebecca 1880-Jan-15
LEE, Marshall ALLEN, Alice 1877-Dec-26
LEE, N C LAMBERT, Dora 1899-Jan-26
LEE, Needham W GLOVER, Mary 1884-Feb-17
LEE, R C WALKER, Sarah 1865-Jul-26
LEE, S J GRIFFITH, A H 1893-Mar-26
LEE, S L WILLIAMS, G W 1895-Feb-13
LEE, Saphronia CRANE, E J 1893-Dec-20
LEE, Susie J GRIFFIETH, Milton F 1878-Dec-11
LEE, Vianna BLACKWELL, Stephen 1888-Dec-11
LEE, Virginia SPENCER, Arthur 1879-Dec-24
LENOIR, Amanda TONEY, Jacob 1883-Dec-27
LENOIR, Angeline MAY, Oliver 1899-Dec-28
LENOIR, Kizzie BRIDGES, Spencer 1891-Aug-19
LENOIR, Leah SMITH, Morgan 1882-Jan-01
LENOIR, Mary PITTMAN, Stephen 1893-Dec-17
LENOIR, Mollie SMITH, James 1891-Feb-12
LENOIR, Rosa CARNEY, Westey 1872-Feb-29
LENOIR, Tinsey STANFIELD, Dred 1880-Nov-01
LENOIR, Violet HAYNES, Henry 1872-Jul-20
LENORE, Frances BRIDGES, Sandy 1870-Jun-27
LETCHWORTH, Ella WALKER, J E 1896-Dec-16
LETCHWORTH, Lizzie RUTLAND, J M 1891-Aug-27
LETCHWORTH, Nancy C REID, Ezekiel 1892-Jul-12
LETCHWORTH, Senith KING, I A 1896-Dec-16
LEWIS, Delia HOLLOWAY, Levi 1875-Jan-07
LEWIS, Eliza HUDNALL, Banister 1828-Apr-15
LEWIS, Esther SLAUGHTER, Robert 1820-Feb-17
LEWIS, Hattie LEWIS, S N 1897-Aug-31
LEWIS, Jane ALLISON, Floyd 1884-Jan-22
LEWIS, Jane GRAHAM, George 1875-May-15
LEWIS, Juliann HEWITT, William 1837-Feb-05
LEWIS, Leona BOUTWELL, M W 1898-Dec-27
LEWIS, Mattie HARRIS, Thomas 1894-Dec-20
LEWIS, Mattie SUTTON, Eugene 1899-Jan-03
LEWIS, Nancy Mrs CATO, Gilbert 1850-Aug-30
LEWIS, Pamela MERCHANT, John 1830-Mar-17
LEWIS, Rachel DAVIS, Louis 1898-Sep-02
LEWIS, Rebecca SORRELS, Green 1837-Sep-04
LEWIS, Sarah E MULLINS, Samuel F 1882-Dec-20
LEWIS, Susan MCCULLOUGH, Isaac 1822-Mar-28
LEWIS, Symantha POLK, Wm G 1873-Jan-15
LEWIS, Tenessee SMITH, Isaac 1837-Oct-28
LEWIS, Tennessee SMITH, Isaac 1837-Oct-28
LEWIS, Thurza A POLK, J L 1874-Aug-26
LEXWORTH, Elizabeth ADDISON, J P 1889-Apr-15
LFOTIN, C A DRUMMOND, Leroy 1866-Oct-29
LILES, Caroline WILKINSON, Samuel G 1836-   -14
LILES, Nancy ROBERTS, John 1821-Mar-18
LIN, Patience GATES, Franklin 1828-Aug-14
LINDER, Malissa BOYENTS, James W 1860-Jun-10
LIVELY, Mary LOFTIN, John 1819-Aug-15
LIVELY, Susan LOFTEN, John B 1829-Sep-03
LOCKHART, Louisa SAUL, John R 1837-Oct-20
LOCKHART, Rachael BUDWELL, Robert G 1837-Mar-04
LOE, Cilla CRAFT, David 1887-Oct-18
LOFTIN, Amanda AUTREY, J M 1888-Dec-12
LOFTIN, Amanda RITCHEY, John M 1886-Oct-11
LOFTIN, C S POLK, Alex 1888-Oct-20
LOFTIN, Delia BUCKLEY, N S 1895-Jan-01
LOFTIN, Elizabeth LINDER, Lewis 1822-Jan-21
LOFTIN, Elizabeth NEAL, Daniel 1894-Aug-22
LOFTIN, Emily TURNAGE, R R 1899-Oct-31
LOFTIN, Evangeline BRANTON, J M 1889-Nov-27
LOFTIN, Julia COOPER, Nelson 1866-Apr-22
LOFTIN, Malinda POLK, Richard 1885-Sep-04
LOFTIN, Mary KNIGHT, Louis 1899-Apr-29
LOFTIN, Rebecca Ann UPTON, Silas 1885-Dec-29
LOFTIN, Sarah J ROBBINS, Isiah Marion 1879-Jan-23
LOFTIN, Serintha CARTER, J H 1869-Sep-28
LOFTIN, Susie TURNAGE, W C 1895-Mar-06
LOFTON, Adah WATSON, James 1819-Sep-09
LOFTON, B EVANS, James G 1870-May-16
LOFTON, Jensy STEWART, Simpson 1821-May-29
LOFTON, Lucinda M KING, Wylie 1838-Feb-05
LOFTON, Rebecca Ann UPTON, Silas 1885-   -
LOFTON, Salina BENNETT, Langston 1836-May-05
LOFTON, Society STEVENS, Matthew 1832-Nov-25
LONGINO, Caroline BUTLER, John 1883-Aug-10
LONGINO, Docia WILKES, Oliver 1891-Jan-22
LONGINO, Elizabeth EPISON, Jourdan 1819-Jul-08
LONGINO, Elizabeth JOHNSON, Sam 1889-Jan-31
LONGINO, Ellen MIKELL, Joseph 1881-Jan-21
LONGINO, Margaret MIKELL, Lewis 1874-Jan-07
LONGINO, Martha MOBLEY, Isaiah 1830-Aug-22
LONGINO, Violet HATHORN, Burt 1874-Jul-11
LOTT, Alice GARNER, Stephen 1877-Apr-12
LOTT, Etha KELLY, John 1897-Feb-08
LOTT, Francis WASHINGTON, Alfred 1878-Jan-23
LOTT, Julia WHEELER, Prince 1873-Feb-03
LOTT, Maggie PARKMAN, George A 1895-Oct-24
LOVELL, Eliza DAVIS, John A 1855-   -
LOVELL, Kesender GOLDMAN, Henry 1866-Dec-26
LOVELL, Polly KEES, Isham 1834-Jun-26
LOVELL, Samantha NATIONS, Andrew A 1866-Apr-08
LOVEN, Balinda PIERCE, John W 1831-Aug-07
LOVEN, Elender WOOTEN, Cullen 1826-Jul-07
LOVEN, Elizabeth SMITH, Lott 1820-   -15
LOWE, Ann BRIDGES, George M 1879-Apr-04
LOWE, Cilla COLLINS, Jesse 1895-Mar-14
LOWE, Harriett MOSS, Edward 1884-Jul-31
LOWE, Judah CRUMP, William 1836-   -29
LOYD, Mary E HUTCHINS, John 1874-Jan-24
LUCAS, Emily CARNEY, Washington 1885-Dec-31
LUCAS, Narcissus HALL, Ambros 1877-Jan-18
LUCUS, Nancy A SPERLIN, Obanian 1866-Dec-19
LUPER, A J MILLER, Josiah 1871-Jan-05
LUPER, Alice S BRADY, Charles L 1877-Dec-19
LUPER, Eva MILLER, A C 1880-Oct-03
LUPER, Martha A MILLER, John W 1871-Oct-26
LUPER, Salena E POLK, B F 1875-   -
LUPER, Salina E POLK, B F 1875-Aug-25
LYNCH, Margaret M CAGE, William Clinton 1830-Oct-06


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