Lawrence County Brides

I - J

ISHAM, Bella JEFFERSON, Griffin 1872-Dec-25
ISHAM, Loviza LEE, George 1877-Jan-04
ISHAM, Melissa SIMMS, Stephen 1876-Jul-08
ISHEE, Sarah COON, Lewis 1836-Dec-20
IVEY, Patsy HESTER, Willis 1824-Mar-10
IVY, Mary THOMAS, Robert 1835-Feb-18
IZARD, Ella J ARMSTRONG, C M 1884-Nov-01
JACKSON, Bettie SPEIGHTS, Sam 1895-Jan-08
JACKSON, Elizabeth CARE, Hiram 1824-May-08
JACKSON, Elizabeth CASE, Hiram 1824-May-14
JACKSON, Frances ARMSTRONG, Matison 1888-Nov-27
JACKSON, Hannah ALLEN, Warren 1881-Dec-13
JACKSON, Harriet BRIDGES, Alex 1873-Dec-08
JACKSON, Katie TRAYLOR, N R 1888-Jun-30
JACKSON, Leander CHANDLER, Martin 1876-Dec-21
JACKSON, Levy BARNES, Joseph 1898-Dec-04
JACKSON, Lucy RUNNELS, Hosa H 1823-Dec-20
JACKSON, Lucy RUNNELS, Hosea H 1823-Dec-24
JACKSON, Myra BRYANT, Irvin 1896-Jul-24
JACKSON, Olivia ARMSTRONG, Madison 1897-May-08
JACKSON, Sarah SMITH, Bailey 1824-Mar-07
JAMES, Fannie BURTON, Louis 1883-Jun-18
JAMES, Gabrella BROWN, George 1883-Sep-13
JAMES, Matilda JONES, Parker 1878-Feb-16
JAMES, Mattie WEATHERSBY, Arter 1893-Dec-28
JAMES, Rosa SOLOMAN, Andrew 1874-May-11
JAMES, Rosetta BOURN, Willis 1883-Oct-27
JEFFERSON, Angaline RATLIFF, Toney 1882-Mar-05
JEFFERSON, Beadie TOLAR, Leander 1899-Sep-02
JEFFERSON, Hanna TAYLOR, Lewis 1891-Feb-09
JEFFERSON, Louella MARTIN, Marion 1891-Jan-23
JEFFERSON, Martha KELLY, Carolinus 1887-Dec-13
JEFFERSON, Martha WASHINGTON, George 1883-Oct-13
JEFFERSON, Mary Ann FRANKLIN, Silas 1898-Mar-19
JEFFERSON, Mary Ella LENOIR, Dan 1898-Sep-03
JELKS, Amelia A DOYLE, Lewis 1861-Jan-22
JELKS, Elizabeth GIVINS, John H 1822-Oct-22
JELKS, Louisa RAY, James 1823-Feb-18
JELKS, Narcissa SPIKES, William 1831-Oct-02
JELKS, Permelia MALLETT, Richard D 1830-Jan-14
JEME, Mary ALEXANDER, A 1866-Dec-25
JENKINS, Elizabeth SMITH, William 1820-Nov-26
JENKINS, Josephine LOVE, Henry 1882-Jan-12
JENKINS, Mariah OTTMAN, Joseph 1872-Jul-03
JENKINS, Mary BOTTOM, Daniel 1835-Jan-07
JENKINS, Nancy MULLEN, Isaac 1866-Apr-01
JETT, Mattie COOPER, George 1891-Jul-25
JETT, Tennessee COLLINS, Isham 1877-Jan-06
JEUSS, Polly WILSON, William 1823-Sep-08
JOHNSON, Aggie WILLIAMS, Sandy 1876-Jan-27
JOHNSON, Alice BARNES, Joseph 1879-Oct-16
JOHNSON, Alice JENNINGS, Frank 1896-Apr-07
JOHNSON, Amey WELLS, James 1874-Dec-30
JOHNSON, Ann LEE, Elbert 1894-Nov-01
JOHNSON, Anna POWELL, Augustus 1884-May-10
JOHNSON, Anna SMITH, Louis 1881-Feb-17
JOHNSON, Caroline COOK, Samuel Harris 1881-Sep-02
JOHNSON, Clara WILLIAMSON, Thomas 1867-Jan-27
JOHNSON, Elizabeth SPRINGFIELD, Obidiah 1871-Jan-07
JOHNSON, Ella HOLLOWAY, Jefferson 1889-Jan-03
JOHNSON, Elsie LOFTIN, Levi 1875-Dec-31
JOHNSON, Florence S LOVELL, William A 1890-Mar-06
JOHNSON, Hettie BROWN, Wm 1871-Feb-26
JOHNSON, Jane BROWN, George D 1828-Dec-20
JOHNSON, Jane DUNN, Lewis 1860-Jan-26
JOHNSON, Jane HEALD, James 1837-Jun-20
JOHNSON, Laura CRANE, John C 1892-Feb-24
JOHNSON, Lizzie BALL, Benjamin 1889-Jan-03
JOHNSON, Lou BRYANT, William 1885-Jan-01
JOHNSON, Louisa IVY, J F 1889-May-23
JOHNSON, Lucy NEWSOM, Wash 1890-Mar-12
JOHNSON, M L PARKMAN, John 1865-Nov-01
JOHNSON, Manerva FORTIN, Daniel 1873-Apr-19
JOHNSON, Margaret NETHERLAND, Levi Sr 1861-Jul-03
JOHNSON, Mary BRYANT, Squire Jr 1875-Jan-02
JOHNSON, Mary LAMBERT, John 1836-Jan-21
JOHNSON, Mary WALKER, Amos 1885-Jan-16
JOHNSON, Mary Jane NICHOLS, Coy 1877-Feb-01
JOHNSON, Ora HAMPTON, Wade 1898-Jun-18
JOHNSON, Sally KINCHEN, Mathew 1819-Dec-18
JOHNSON, Sally KINCHEN, Mathew 1819-Dec-21
JOHNSON, Sarah BLACKWELL, Alex 1879-Nov-21
JOHNSON, Sophia MAY, Sorce 1891-Jul-23
JOHNSON, Tillie BULLOCK, S E 1896-Mar-11
JOHNSON, Timey BRACY, Joseph 1895-Feb-22
JOHNSON, Vina ROBERTSON, Joseph 1880-Jan-07
JOHNSTON, Frances SERTIN, Hugh 1878-Jul-06
JOHNSTON, Lola DALE, J H 1897-Apr-10
JOHNSTON, Mollie BRYANT, Isaiah 1897-Dec-22
JOHNSTON, Nannie ARRINGTON, John H 1894-Mar-02
JOHNSTON, Olivia L THOMPSON, R W 1897-Apr-13
JOLLY, Fannie PATTERSON, Thomas J 1871-Feb-02
JOLLY, Lora MIKELL, George 1896-Feb-02
JONES, Adaline PRICE, Grant 1895-Feb-01
JONES, Ann BROWN, John 1866-Sep-15
JONES, Emily BUSBY, Thompson 1860-Dec-18
JONES, India STEEN, John W 1891-Mar-04
JONES, Lella SUTTON, Richmond 1870-Jan-01
JONES, Lizzie Mrs BROWN, Jordan 1896-Dec-24
JONES, Margaret S LEWIS, F F 1865-Sep-18
JONES, Martha A MAXWELL, Samuel W C 1869-Apr-01
JONES, Mary POLK, W G 1898-Aug-29
JONES, Mary L SMITH, Isiah M 1871-Dec-13
JONES, Mary L SMITH, Isiah M 1872-Dec-14
JONES, Matilda RICHARDSON, Luke 1892-Sep-24
JONES, Nettie DOTSON, W H 1897-Dec-08
JONES, Rachael NEWSOM, Isham 1889-Mar-09
JONES, Rebecca FRILICK, James 1894-Mar-05
JONES, Salina GHOLER, Ed 1898-Feb-25
JONES, Sallie DANIEL, J T 1896-Mar-05
JONES, Sallie SHELL, S J 1886-Jan-27
JONES, Sarah A MARSHALL, Wm 1874-Apr-12
JONES, Sintha BRISTER, Benjamin 1835-Dec-10
JONES, Sweedie BRYANT, William 1892-Jan-11
JORDAN, Angie BRINSON, J H 1899-Mar-21
JORDAN, Camilla C PRICE, Thomas J 1865-Nov-16
JORDEN, Clarrissa BRISTER, Daniel 1831-Oct-29
JOURDAN, Martha DELAUGHTER, Jesse 1866-Dec-09
JOURDAN, Nancy GINN, David H 1845-   -
JOURDAN, Sarah BRISTER, William 1821-Jan-24
JOURDEN, Sindy L GLOVER, Alexander 1830-Nov-23


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