Lawrence County Brides


GADNEY, Mollie ARMSTRONG, Alfred 1876-Feb-17
GALER, Jemima PRICE, Peter 1877-Feb-12
GALLMAN, Susannah FORD, Perley 1825-Sep-07
GANING, Elizabeth GATLIN, Arch 1869-Oct-16
GARDENER, Ida GRINSTEAD, Various 1897-Dec-29
GARDNER, Eleanor DEPRIEST, John 1861-Jan-09
GARDNER, Ella WHITE, Smith 1896-Jan-05
GARDNER, Mollie STRICKLAND, Henry 1898-Dec-24
GARNER, Avalilla JMCGUFFIE, Alfred 1682-   -03
GARNER, Elizabeth LANE, William H 1826-Oct-14
GARNER, Mary PITTMAN, David 1893-Dec-21
GARNER, Mary E MEYERS, Allen 1884-Dec-31
GARNER, Minnana CROSS, J M 1866-Apr-26
GARNER, Naomy WEATHERSBY, Cade 1826-Sep-16
GARNER, Susanna CONGER, Martin 1827-Jan-30
GARNER, Susannah CONGER, Martin 1827-Jan-30
GARNER, Willie DAVIS, Louis 1890-Jan-04
GARRETT, Ella LEWIS, Silas 1886-Dec-22
GARRETT, Estella COOPER, W A 1895-Mar-07
GARRETT, Harriet STEPHENS, Richard 1875-Jan-20
GARRETT, Juliannah STEPHENS, Joseph S 1861-Jan-23
GARRETT, Letha BUTLER, W O 1891-Dec-14
GARRETT, Mary F FULLER, Henry K 1869-Oct-24
GARRETT, Pricilla WEATHERSBY, H 1865-Jul-27
GARTMAN, Sallie P DAVIS, Isaac 1857-   -
GASSETT, Lizzy MOBLY, J H 1866-Nov-22
GASSETT, Priscilla WETHERSBY, Hez 1865-Jul-27
GATES, Isabella HUMMEL, Albert 1869-Oct-05
GATES, Malinia Permeli MAICOLE, John Claud 1824-Mar-15
GATES, Mary MATHEWS, Harmon P 1834-Dec-25
GATES, Melanie Pamela JOHN C, Maicot 1824-Mar-15
GATES, Ruthy YARBOROUGH, Joshua 1825-Aug-16
GATLIN, Annie CAMPBELL, Willis 1881-Dec-27
GATLIN, Annie LUCAS, Thomas 1898-Feb-22
GATLIN, Id ARMSTRONG, Charley 1897-Dec-22
GATLIN, Susan SUTTON, Leroy 1888-Mar-08
GEARING, Adell DOLISON, Moses 1878-Jan-27
GEARING, Nicy BAILISS, Hardy 1870-Dec-30
GEARING, Pearlie WHITFIELD, Casey 1885-Jun-13
GEARING, Saphronia LEE, Benjamin Jr 1885-Jan-06
GESTAND, Eliza J STENNIS, T A 1891-Aug-08
GESTAND, Rosa LEE, Hardy 1895-Jan-12
GETER, Polly SISTRUNK, Jacob 1829-Feb-26
GHOLER, HOOKER, Sam 1885-Jul-20
GHOLER, Amy GATLIN, Dennis C 1893-Jan-11
GHOLER, Ann MARTIN, Isaac 1889-Dec-26
GHOLER, Anna MYERS, George 1896-Dec-23
GHOLER, Cilla ADAMS, Emanuel 1884-Jan-12
GHOLER, Jane JONES, Plato 1884-Dec-23
GHOLER, Laura POPE, Saloman 1884-Sep-20
GHOLER, Lesie HOOKER, John 1893-Dec-14
GHOLER, Lizzie OATIS, Dock 1894-Dec-20
GHOLER, Mary Ann MCNAIR, Anderson 1886-Dec-23
GHOLER, Mollie BYERS, E 1889-Dec-28
GHOLER, Ophelia NEWSOM, George 1898-Feb-09
GHOLER, Patsey TAYLOR, Marcus 1894-Dec-19
GHOLER, Sallie POWELL, Handy 1894-Jan-02
GHOLER, Senie MYERS, Levi 1894-Jan-25
GHOLER, Tamar DOLLISON, Frank 1888-Nov-30
GIAL, Betsy YARBOROUGH, Joshua 1825-Aug-06
GIBSON, Laura CASE, Wm B 1886-Apr-03
GILL, Alsa GILL, Gill (Sr) 1824-Apr-29
GILL, Alsa MARTIN, James 1830-Aug-19
GILL, M A MCGUFFEE, Wm H H 1869-Dec-23
GILL, Martha HODGES, N N 1860-Sep-13
GILL, Nancy MARTIN, Joseph 1834-Nov-25
GILL, Synthia NIXON, Henry J 1836-Sep-09
GINN, Stacy GREEN, William 1830-Oct-06
GIVENS, Angie RENFROE, L C 1899-Dec-13
GIVENS, Ella CROTTY, James J 1899-Dec-31
GIVENS, Georgia A MURKE, Daniel 1885-Dec-16
GIVENS, Lutitia SMITH, George M 1882-Nov-29
GIVENS, Sarah A PEVEY, H C 1889-Jan-16
GIVENS, Tilitha RENFROE, H P 1885-Feb-07
GIVENS, Tima PEVEY, Little Berry 1885-Dec-23
GLASPER, Louisa MIKELL, Abraham 1869-Apr-20
GLENN, Nancy SAULS, H C 1881-May-22
GLOVER, Amanda DIEBITSCH, Paul 1890-Nov-10
GLOVER, Mary LEE, Needham W 1884-Feb-17
GOLER, Emma LONGINO, Jefferson 1879-Apr-12
GOODE, Lou SMITH, Joseph 1889-Dec-28
GOODE, Mattie DEEN, George 1893-Jun-08
GOODLOE, Mary SPEIGHTS, Sam 1888-Dec-22
GOODSON, Elizabeth PARMER, Richard 1818-Nov-12
GOODSON, Lulah CARR, W D 1890-Apr-06
GOODSON, Mary LEWIS, John 1820-Sep-22
GOODWIN, Viola THOMAS, John 1889-Dec-01
GORDEN, Sarahan L EAKIN, Robert 1832-Jun-14
GORDIN, Nancy C PICKENS, Wm. L 1830-May-27
GORDON, Hattie BOWNES, John 1895-Dec-26
GOSS, Ida M HERRINGTON, Newton M 1870-Jan-20
GOURLEY, Jennie A WALKER, William M 1869-Jun-05
GOVENAUX, Lucie EATON, James A 1877-May-23
GOVERNEAUX, Jane WYATT, John 1873-Dec-10
GRAHAM, Anna HOWELL, Jerry 1873-Feb-20
GRAHAM, Caroline OATIS, Reuben 1873-Jan-22
GRAHAM, Dolly WILLIAMS, Archey 1873-Jan-24
GRAHAM, Fanny FORTENBERRY, Jackson 1875-Jan-16
GRAHAM, Judy DAVIS, Jackson 1870-Oct-22
GRAHAM, Julia A BARNES, Daniel 1878-Jan-31
GRANBERRY, Malissa TERRELL, Bill 1896-Jan-09
GRANBERRY, Nancy HEMPIEL, Samuel 1831-Dec-27
GRANBERRY, Polly MARTIN, Frances A 1827-Nov-10
GRANBERRY, Susan BOSWELL, Richard 1873-Dec-29
GRANISTER, Jane DAVIS, Aleck 1873-Jan-02
GRANISTER, Rosa DAGAN, Alfred 1873-Jan-02
GRANISTER ?, Jane DAVIS, Aleck 1873-   -
GRAY, Catharine GIBBONS, Perry 1869-Aug-21
GRAY, Ida V OMARD, W G 1881-Nov-23
GRAY, Jane KILCREASE, G W 1880-Nov-11
GRAY, Jane ROSS, G W 1869-Nov-06
GRAYHAM, Carry NICHOLS, J C 1898-Jan-25
GRAYHAM, Christina TRUITT, William 1830-Apr-08
GRAYHAM, Julia HARRIS, H C 1898-Feb-12
GREEN, Jane TAILOR, James 1825-Mar-29
GREEN, Jane TAYLOR, James 1825-Apr-10
GREEN, Lucy MARTIN, Jacob 1877-Aug-26
GREEN, Sarah GREER, Franklin 1829-Dec-03
GREER, Sarah LANEAR, Hillery I 1828-Aug-18
GREGORY, Fannie G BENSON, L L 1872-Nov-06
GRICE, Elizabeth PALMER, William 1860-Jun-19
GRICE, Mary CARLISLE, A M 1870-Jan-12
GRICE, Mary LAWS, Jesse 1861-Aug-07
GRICE, Nancy J HALL, Wyatte W 1877-Nov-04
GRICE, Trury RUSSEL, William 1821-Aug-27
GRIFFETH, Sarah D COX, James 1876-Dec-16
GRIFFIETH, Lucy LOFLIN, Peter 1876-Mar-30
GRIFFIN, Agnes ROSS, John A 1872-Mar-10
GRIFFIN, Ella DAVENPORT, John M 1874-Jun-16
GRIFFIN, Mary SCARBOROUGH, Elam 1869-Dec-09
GRIFFITH, A H LEE, S J 1893-Mar-26
GRIFFITH, Amanda T NELSON, James T 1878-Jan-02
GRIFFITH, Anna LEE, F H 1882-Dec-10
GRIFFITH, Candice BRIDGES, H D 1889-Dec-24
GRIFFITH, Candice A PARKMAN, James B 1877-Sep-13
GRIFFITH, Dicie LEE, Emanuel 1874-Dec-
GRIFFITH, Dicie LEE, Emanuel 1874-Dec-23
GRIFFITH, Hallie WALKER, J W 1897-Feb-13
GRIFFITH, M M Mrs PIERCE, P M 1897-Feb-18
GRIFFITH, Margaret M COLE, Robert C 1879-Jul-02
GRIFFITH, Martha J BASS, W A 1892-Nov-30
GRIFFITH, Mary BLACKWELL, John C 1882-Nov-05
GRIFFITH, Mary A HUGHES, George M 1884-Mar-19
GRIFFITH, Sarah DURR, Simon 1869-Mar-06
GRIFFITH, Sarah E BRINSON, W W 1874-Nov-01
GRINSTEAD, Daisy OLIVER, Louis C 1898-Jul-25
GRINSTEAD, Nora COHEA, Lee 1899-Jan-05
GRIPLIN, Mary Mrs JOINER, James 1896-Jan-16
GUNNELLS, Samantha HAM, R A 1861-Oct-09
GUNNELS, Lucy Jane BRISTER, B W 1887-Jan-12
GUSTAND, Amanda LUCAS, I P 1899-Mar-16
GUSTAND, Dicey HAYNES, Louis 1887-Jan-27
GUYS, Polly WILSON, William 1823-Sep-03
GUYTON, Emmie HALL, J T 1896-Dec-17
GWIN, Elizabeth FARVER, William P 1860-Oct-25
GWIN, Francis C TYNES, Minor E 1860-May-31
GWIN, Martha Jane RATCLIFF, Richard J 1860-Mar-22


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