Lawrence County Brides

KEEGAN, Josephine TAYLOR, Isaiah 1891-Jan-03
KEEGAN, Lu SMITH, Nathan 1875-Nov-27
KEEN, Elizabeth BAILEY, John 1832-Dec-27
KEEN, Elizabeth SMITH, S H 1891-Jan-01
KEEN, Martha A KEEN, J D 1892-Feb-24
KEEN, Rosella MORGAN, Albert 1894-Dec-04
KEES, Jemima P BRENT, Jesse M 1863-Sep-10
KEES, Lucinda ISHEE, James 1835-Sep-14
KEES, Nancy Jane MAXWELL, William P 1860-Jan-26
KEES, Sarah PRESTRIDGE, Elijah 1832-Sep-05
KELLY, Martha TURNER, Ben 1890-Jun-07
KELLY, Mattie MAGEE, H M 1886-Jan-14
KELLY, Rena JEFFERSON, Walter 1880-Mar-23
KENHAM, Mary BOSTWICK, Sedrick 1832-Sep-29
KENT, Elizabeth CANADY, David 1824-Mar-10
KESER, Mary CHANDLER, Allen W 1837-Feb-04
KESLER, Polly COOK, Joel 1828-Nov-15
KESLER, Susannah COOK, Joshua 1827-Jul-04
KIN, Patience BRADY, Robert 1823-Dec-15
KINCHEN, Sally STEWART, John 1817-Sep-06
KING, Alma ENNIS, G C 1896-Nov-08
KING, Amanda ROBINS, John 1860-Dec-26
KING, Annie LAMBERT, B R 1891-Sep-02
KING, Belinda RANSOM, R D 1827-May-13
KING, Belinda RANSOM, Richardson D 1827-May-09
KING, Eliza BRYANT, Isaiah 1880-Apr-09
KING, Ellen STEPHENS, N E 1880-Jun-17
KING, Ellen Lovisa POWELL, Asa 1860-Jul-29
KING, Jane SUTTON, Nelson 1870-Jun-25
KING, Jane Mrs LAMBERT, Will 1896-Aug-13
KING, Laura LAMBERT, S S 1888-Jan-18
KING, Lona WALKER, Thomas 1874-Feb-18
KING, Lydia BULL, James C 1833-Jan-24
KING, Margaret KEEN, H T 1866-Feb-08
KING, Martha Ann BALLARD, Winston 1860-Sep-27
KING, Martha M CLARK, W D 1874-Dec-09
KING, Matilda J CARLISLE, J C 1886-Feb-02
KING, Mattie ISHAM, Shack 1883-Dec-15
KING, Melissa GIVENS, Albert B 1870-Jan-05
KING, Nancy RUSSEL, Street 1825-Jul-24
KING, Nancy RUSSELL, Bruce 1823-Jul-22
KING, Patience BASS, Seaborn 1835-Mar-15
KING, Rachael FULLER, James J 1881-May-26
KING, Roxie KIRKFIELD, Monro 1897-Mar-30
KING, Salley STEEN, Dennis 1874-Dec-31
KING, Sallie WILLIAMSON, Henry 1898-Dec-27
KING, Sarah HUDDLESTON, Zebulon F 1825-May-05
KING, Sarah PENDLETON, Zebulon 1825-May-05
KING, Sarah PENDLETON, Zebulon E 1825-May-05
KING, Sarah TYLER, Absolum 1837-Sep-27
KING, Settie NEAL, M M 1896-Feb-19
KING, Susan HALL, John 1880-May-12
KING, Susan PAYNE, Elbert 1869-Nov-16
KING, Zelphia PATTERSON, Joseph S 1825-Jul-11
KISER, Betsy MORGAN, William 1837-Jan-04
KITEN ?, Maxwell COOK, Samuel 1825-Mar-03
KNIGHT, Elizabeth U GRICE, John J 1876-Dec-21
KNIGHT, Louisa H JETT, Hamilton 1835-Feb-25
KNIGHT, Marian A ASHLEY, George T 1883-Nov-21
KNIGHT, Martha CLAY, Dan 1898-Dec-14
KNIGHT, Olie ROSS, Gabriel 1895-Apr-14
KNIGHT, V A GRAY, James L 1869-Nov-10
KYZAR, E TERRELL, Foster 1866-Dec-23



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