Lawrence County Brides


ABRAMS, Mary NICHOLS, Hiram 1890-Apr-12
ABRAMS, Tilda BERRY, Willis 1899-Jan-25
ABRAN, Chera JEFFERSON, Edmond 1866-Jan-18
ACORN, Lizzie WELCH, Albert 1885-Jan-17
ADAMS, Alcey RATLIFF, Emma 1880-Dec-25
ADAMS, Alcie DAMPEER, Mahala 1884-Jun-09
ADAMS, Betsey CHANCELLOR, Burgess 1879-Mar-29
ADAMS, Delia BARNES, John 1898-Jan-13
ADAMS, Delia BARNES, John 1898-Sep-08
ADAMS, Delia NEAL, John 1885-Feb-19
ADAMS, Emma NEWTON, Daniel 1880-Dec-29
ADAMS, Harriet POPE, Dock 1880-Dec-30
ADAMS, Lucy CARTER, Alex 1895-Dec-19
ADAMS, Margy NEWSOM, Stafford 1879-Sep-13
ADAMS, Nancy WILKS, Asa 1891-Dec-28
ADAMS, Rachel SMITH, Simeon 1869-Dec-01
AINSWORTH, Anna D EVANS, J H 1884-Mar-06
AINSWORTH, Fannie SUTTON, E L 1893-Oct-31
AINSWORTH, Sallie EDWARDS, J M 1883-Dec-06
AINSWORTH, Savanner PENNINGTON, D E 1896-Dec-16
ALBRITTON, Martha LARGIN, William 1825-Feb-28
ALBRITTON, Marthy GARGIN, William J 1825-Feb-28
ALEXANDER, Bettie RHODES, Henry 1887-Dec-21
ALEXANDER, Courtna BEARD, Christofer 1883-Dec-18
ALEXANDER, Fannie BOYD, Simeon E 1881-Jan-27
ALEXANDER, George Ann BRIDGES, Joseph 1876-Jun-18
ALEXANDER, Isabella CARNEY, Carroll F 1883-Dec-25
ALEXANDER, Joann BOYD, G W 1890-Jan-21
ALEXANDER, Lizzie WHITFIELD, Green 1880-Mar-19
ALEXANDER, Lottie GREEN, A L 1894-Dec-04
ALEXANDER, Margaret LANGSTON, W B 1898-Dec-18
ALEXANDER, Mary A BOYD, D C 1890-Jan-01
ALEXANDER, Mollie CHANCELLOR, Milton 1875-Sep-25
ALEXANDER, Nancy A GAYNES, Emanuel 1867-Jan-19
ALEXANDER, Sarah Jane LAWRENCE, H M 1896-Nov-29
ALFORD, Maggie HARRELL, T O 1896-Mar-07
ALFORD, Mary L WILSON, J C 1884-Dec-31
ALGOOD, Mary E SMITH, Isham 1865-Dec-21
ALGOOD, Prescella SMITH, James 1829-Jun-11
ALLEN, Alice LEE, Marshall 1877-Dec-26
ALLEN, Cassander HALL, Joseph 1863-Jul-13
ALLEN, Cassander HALL, Joseph 1863-Jul-30
ALLEN, Cecliaa HUDNALL, Banister 1860-May-17
ALLEN, Elizabeth LAVELL, William 1822-May-27
ALLEN, Elizabeth WALLACE, Thompson 1861-Jan-23
ALLEN, Elizabeth WLLINGTON, William 1828-May-05
ALLEN, Fanny APPLEWHITE, Woodard 1823-Feb-12
ALLEN, Gemima OLIPHANT, Alford 1821-Mar-01
ALLEN, Hester BARNES, George 1866-Dec-27
ALLEN, Josie WILSON, H T 1873-Nov-06
ALLEN, Kentucky HERRINGTON, J N 1883-Dec-23
ALLEN, Maggie LANGSTON, L M 1896-Dec-31
ALLEN, Mariah CURTIS, John 1867-Jan-20
ALLEN, Mariah HILL, James 1865-Dec-25
ALLEN, Mary J BRUMFIELD, J W 1885-Dec-12
ALLEN, Mattie HERRING, J B 1875-Jan-14
ALLEN, Maybell HARRELL, R 1897-Dec-16
ALLEN, Melissa POLK, Sol 1886-Jan-23
ALLEN, Precea SCONEER, James 1820-Jan-02
ALLEN, Sarha BUCKLEY, Edward 1829-Jun-30
ALLEN, Susan WARD, Wilson 1873-Oct-16
ALLGOOD, Cynthia L WALKER, Isham 1869-Sep-30
ALLGOOD, Mary JOHNSON, Samuel 1867-Oct-03
ALLGOOD, Mary C SMITH, James F 1860-May-22
ALLISON, Louisa HOOKER, Elam 1891-Dec-24
ALTMAN, Patience ROBERTSON, George 1885-Dec-24
ANDERSON, Cynthia PRICE, Joseph 1885-Feb-17
ANDERSON, Hannah PHILLIPS, Newton 1879-Mar-03
ANDREWS, Nancy KING, John 1832-Sep-27
ANESWORTH, Sarah YATES, Thomas D 1835-Sep-19
ARD, Caroline SAULS, Albert 1869-Dec-10
ARD, Dollie A OQUIN, C M 1898-Jan-24
ARD, Mary I C LAMBERT, J J 1895-May-26
ARMSTREET, Sally COOPER, William 1828-Dec-22
ARMSTRONG, Alice OATIS, Wilson 1878-Oct-19
ARMSTRONG, Allie WILLIAMS, J W 1897-Nov-16
ARMSTRONG, Amanda J SANDERS, Simeon T 1865-Aug-10
ARMSTRONG, Ann BARNES, Henry 1873-Feb-20
ARMSTRONG, Ann MYERS, Albert 1889-Dec-23
ARMSTRONG, Annie GUY, Monroe 1894-Nov-08
ARMSTRONG, Averilla WILLIAMS, John S 1891-Apr-22
ARMSTRONG, Bettie LOTT, B F 1893-Dec-21
ARMSTRONG, Cornelia BAYLISS, Ben 1887-Apr-09
ARMSTRONG, Cornelia C BOURN, N O 1890-Jan-16
ARMSTRONG, Cynthia RESTER, R F 1872-May-08
ARMSTRONG, Elizabeth BARNES, A B 1897-Mar-31
ARMSTRONG, Elizabeth BENNETT, Isaac 1830-Dec-01
ARMSTRONG, Harriet Jane HALL, Owen 1881-Dec-26
ARMSTRONG, Jane RUNNELS, Jesse S 1826-Sep-23
ARMSTRONG, Lizzie ANDREWS, J A 1890-Mar-09
ARMSTRONG, Lizzie OATIS, Esters 1894-Mar-17
ARMSTRONG, Louvenia BARNES, Albert 1885-Jan-17
ARMSTRONG, Lula OMARA, B W 1883-Feb-14
ARMSTRONG, Maggie BUCKLEY, A C 1894-Jan-24
ARMSTRONG, Maranda J LANGSTON, Louis D 1871-Sep-15
ARMSTRONG, Mariah Mrs NEAL, A J 1876-Nov-02
ARMSTRONG, Martha Ann STEPHENS, Adam 1889-Dec-28
ARMSTRONG, Nora M SHARP, Napoleon 1879-Oct-19
ARMSTRONG, Sarah BANKS, Levy Q 1876-Dec-21
ARMSTRONG, Sarah J MOORE, John R 1871-Nov-02
ARMSTRONG, Susannah WATTS, J J 1883-Feb-14
ARMSTRONG, Vina BUTLER, Wyatt A 1886-Dec-14
ARMSTRONG, Virtue BREWER, John W 1832-Apr-21
ARNOLD, Elizabeth RULLELL, Alexander 1831-Mar-04
ARNOLD, Frances WALLACE, Martin 1866-Apr-29
ARNOLD, Martha TULLOS, William 1877-Jan-23
ARRD, Emaline MAY, Johnson 1885-Jan-21
ARRINGTON, Emily POOL, Gaskin 1866-Dec-26
ARRINGTON, Virginia OATIS, Albert 1869-Mar-03
ASHLEY, Elizabeth MARTIN, James 1821-Jan-08
ASKEW, Elizabeth RAY, Jonathan 1823-Jan-21
ASKEW, Letha BAILIS, Harvey 1896-Jan-02
ATES, Ellen PIERCE, G W 1893-Mar-12
ATHENS, Elizabeth HAYES, Samuel 1837-Nov-05
ATWOOD, Josey Ann MCKENZIE, A A 1881-Aug-24
ATWOOD, Maggie LAIRD, N B 1890-Jul-28
ATWOOD, Sallie E DAVIS, Jeff D 1887-Feb-17
AULTMAN, Celia FIELDS, Reubin 1885-Aug-24
AUSTIN, Jane SMITH, Hardy 1892-Jan-06
AUSTIN, Murrah MIKELL, George 1888-Dec-07
AUTMAN, Susan GATLIN, Ellis 1878-Oct-02
AUTREY, Nellie WHITE, T D 1873-Oct-07
AUTREY, Paralee H CODAY, John B 1874-Sep-27
AUTRY, E V SMITH, W A 1890-Jul-30
AUTRY, Mary E BUTLER, Wash 1886-Aug-30
AVERY, Ella ROSS, W J 1893-Dec-23
AVERY, S J SUTTON, J N 1883-Jan-17
AVERY, Triethenia THOMPSON, S R 1886-Feb-09


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