Lafayette County Brides


TABER, Maggie A EDERINGTON, J R 1871-Nov-01
TALIAFERRO, Sharp N SUGG, Monroe 1865-Oct-07
TALIFERO, Sallie F RAUSEY, W F 1867-Feb-05
TALSON, Ida CARNATHAN, D M 1878-Mar-26
TANKERSLY, Mary WILEY, Yancy 1867-Nov-26
TANNER, Marian ROBUCK, H 1871-Nov-28
TATUM, Amanda E TRAMMEL, Joseph F 1867-Jun-01
TAYLOR, Anacy E REACH, J C 1868-May-24
TAYLOR, Ann HUMPHRIES, Green 1870-Aug-20
TAYLOR, E B Mrs ROGER, W T 1876-Dec-05
TAYLOR, Georgia Ann BLAIR, A W 1876-Nov-16
TAYLOR, Jane STRAWN, S J 1876-Sep-12
TAYLOR, Lucinda CROUCH, J N 1884-Sep-07
TAYLOR, Lucy A MURRY, Joel E 1865-Jun-01
TAYLOR, Martha Ann LUTTRELL, Martin 1874-Jul-20
TAYLOR, Mary RAMBO, James O 1867-Jul-14
TAYLOR, Mattie H STACK, T D 1870-Jan-24
TAYLOR, Mollie JARRATT, W A 1878-Nov-26
TAYLOR, Mollie H BANGLE, H J 1872-Dec-19
TEDMORE, Margaret F WEST, Holoman F 1862-Feb-20
TEMPLE, Fannie DUNCAN, W G 1867-Mar-14
TEMPLE, Mattie C HARDIN, A E 1872-May-25
TERRELL, Sarah RAYBURN, S L 1867-Nov-13
TERRY, Lillie KING, W W 1872-Oct-24
THACKER, Alice A MORROW, Jeff D 1871-Feb-01
THACKER, Alice V WIGGINS, James 1880-Oct-27
THACKER, Edelia A CHANDLER, E M 1875-Jun-23
THEAT, Susan RAY, Jesse 1872-Aug-19
THOMAS, Martha A DAUGHERTY, J C 1872-Jan-07
THOMAS, Mary J BAUCUM, M D 1876-Nov-18
THOMPSON, A B Mrs LEMLY, Bryon 1879-Feb-14
THOMPSON, Maggie GOLDEN, J H 1880-Nov-07
THOMPSON, Mariah WADDY, Wm 1874-Mar-12
THOMPSON, Virgie JOHNSON, J M 1885-Dec-01
THOMSBERRY, Elizabeth HORTON, M 1866-Dec-26
THWEATT, Mary E WILSON, Massmiller 1862-Mar-30
TIDWELL, Annie GAFFORD, L R 1880-Dec-23
TIDWELL, Mary BAULDWIN, J P 1872-Sep-11
TIDWELL, Mary E LEE, J F 1874-Dec-22
TIDWELL, Sallie RAMBO, Wiley 1874-Jul-08
TIDWELL, Sarah USSERY, John C 1857-Dec-22
TINDLE, Alice HUGHES, Charles M 1878-Oct-13
TITTLE, Mary A GABLE, E P 1877-Jun-07
TOMLIN, Nancy DAVIS, Washington 1871-Jan-11
TOMLINSON, Georgia DOAK, Charles A 1873-Mar-04
TOMLINSON, Mollie BUFORD, H C 1871-Jan-02
TONEY, Reola C KNOX, J P 1879-Dec-01
TORRENCE, Mattie L WILKINSON, John P 1874-Jun-10
TRAMEL, Minerva A WOODALL, James W 1861-Jun-12
TRAMMEL, Amanda E Mrs DAWKINS, Alexander 1884-Aug-21
TRAMMEL, Elen WELLS, C H 1868-Jan-30
TRAMMELL, Martha Malinda V BRADLEY, T J 1872-Apr-16
TRANUN, Sarah WEST, J C 1878-Feb-26
TRIGG, Roas BANKHEAD, J L 1870-Dec-13
TRIPP, Julia S Mrs WALL, James B 1866-Jan-03
TROTTER, Penny HOUSTON, D A 1876-Feb-01
TRUETT, Susan E SMITH, John H 1861-May-06
TUBBS, Mollie HOLLOWELL, J W 1885-Dec-24
TUBBS, Sarah E WALKER, Tyre Glen 1866-Jul-17
TUCKER, Emily Jane WATSON, George 1865-Nov-15
TURNAGE, Ida HOLCOMBE, Jno W 1883-Aug-13
TURNAGE, Narcissa C SHELBY, Wm J 1870-Dec-19
TURNBULL, Mat. A DULA, D F 1867-Jan-12
TURNER, Gussie BURT, E E 1887-Apr-27
TURNER, Loucie ALVIS, James T 1873-Aug-05
TURNER, Lucy KENNEDY, John A P 1860-Feb-16
TURNER, Lucy Jane TROTTER, H L 1873-Feb-25
TURNER, Maria L T WIMBUSH, J D 1859-Mar-31
TURNER, Martha Drucilla SMITH, J D 1871-Mar-13
TURNER, Mary E ORR, James G 1861-Jul-24
TURNER, Mary E A KING, William 1862-Feb-18
TURNER, Nancy Jane HILL, Joseph 1859-Dec-28
TURNER, Nannie CORNELIUS, F P 1879-Feb-26
TURNER, Sarah E STONE, J M 1876-Apr-05
TURNLEY, Lizzie LIPSCOMB, Wm 1883-Jan-18
TUTOR, Cornelia TOLIVER, Joseph 1887-Jan-06



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