Lafayette County Brides


RABURN, Martha A GOODWIN, Thomas Lewis 1871-Jan-04
RAGLAND, Alice KING, M E 1880-Jul-25
RAGLAND, C M DENTON, W P 1874-Dec-03
RAGLAND, Sallie Ann HAWKINS, Wm Absalom 1870-Dec-12
RAINES, Mary E GATLIN, D M 1872-Jun-06
RAMBO, Elvilena TAYLOR, W E 1867-Nov-10
RAMPY, Ann F GOODWIN, Alonzo M 1869-Dec-17
RAMPY, M C PARKER, John J 1875-Feb-17
RAMZEY, Alice WRIGHT, M J 1876-Nov-29
RANDLE, Lou A CROOM, J H 1874-Jan-28
RANDLE, Susan L RICHMOND, D L 1873-Oct-08
RAY, E J GRAY, G W 1886-Oct-28
RAY, Ellen TUBBS, T L 1873-Aug-24
RAY, Francis GREEN, Charles 1886-Jul-18
RAY, Jane TUBBS, Balivor 1877-Dec-19
RAY, Lilly Belle POOL, Samuel 1887-Aug-26
RAY, Martha SULLIVAN, H W 1874-Nov-18
RAY, Mary E GATLIN, D M 1872-Jun-06
RAY, Middy ROBINSON, W 1867-Dec-19
RAYBURN, Anna A LAMMEY, Charles T 1877-Dec-04
RAYBURN, Celia A WAMBLE, W H 1867-Aug-15
RAYBURN, Fannie WILLIAMS, E R 1878-Nov-07
RAYBURN, M E COOK, Jesse L 1873-Jan-02
RAYBURN, Olie K WEBB, William 1870-Dec-24
RAYBURN, Rebecca B JOHNSON, Wm. C 1860-Oct-30
RAYBURN, Sarah L FULMER, Jesse N 1858-Jan-14
RAYBURN, Viola ROLLINS, W F 1884-Jul-21
READING, Martha Mrs TINER, John M C 1861-Apr-07
REAVES, Mary M DETTOR, J F 1879-Mar-30
REDWINE, E E Mrs DETTON, H K 1885-Jan-14
REESE, F B CROCKETT, R M 1870-Jan-19
REESE, F B Mrs RAGLAND, John L 1869-Aug-02
REEVES, A J MURPHY, James M 1872-Nov-20
REEVES, Ellen RHODEN, J T 1879-Apr-27
REYNOLDS, Ann E Mrs LEGRANDE, Charlemange 1867-Jan-03
REYNOLDS, Betty C FEE, G D 1859-Jul-21
REYNOLDS, Mrs C A PRUITT, John 1875-Aug-27
RHODEN, Debra SCHOGGEN, W A 1883-Jan-10
RHODEN, Sarah J WALTERS, J L 1874-Nov-18
RHODEN, Vicey HARRIS, Martin 1879-Jan-08
RIALES, Lucy PERKINS, Simon 1877-Apr-01
RICE, Laura F BAKER, J N 1880-Nov-07
RICHARD, Permalia M MAPLES, J R Z 1884-Jan-26
RICHARDS, Annie F EADES, R R 1882-Nov-28
RICHARDS, Luch C PRICE, Huldric 1872-Jun-19
RICHEY, Evaline BISHOP, J H 1878-Oct-02
RICHIE, M A Mrs GLENN, James M 1882-Jul-27
RICHMOND, Amanda MATHEWS, Willis 1869-Jul-09
RICHMOND, Lena JOHNSON, W R 1885-Aug-12
RICORD, Dalla Mrs STROND, W D 1867-Feb-03
RIDDLING, Julia MARTIN, M J 1876-Aug-13
RIDLING, Mary RAGAN, John 1871-May-28
RIGGAN, E A WOOD, S B 1876-Apr-11
RIGGS, Sarah WRIGHT, Josiah 1869-May-28
RIKARD, Narcissa RIALES, E S Blackburn 1877-Mar-15
RIKARD, Permelia MASSIE, A J 1876-May-02
RILDES, E J Mrs SAUNDERS, F E 1874-Dec-21
RILES, Maxey L SMITH, Oliver J 1876-Oct-24
RILEY, Cora KNIGHT, J A 1885-Sep-02
RILEY, Liza MULLEN, Daniel 1878-Jan-12
RILEY, S E TUBBS, J T 1881-Apr-03
RILEY, Sarah N HARWELL, Benjamin F 1866-Dec-09
RITZ, Jennie M MYERS, C H 1887-Oct-26
ROACH, Susan Mrs JONES, L P 1884-Sep-11
ROBERTS, Ada C PETTIS, Wm S 1878-Oct-26
ROBERTS, E J DAVIS, B F 1875-May-22
ROBERTS, G B ROMAN, M S 1881-Jan-16
ROBERTS, L J YOUNT, T J 1872-Nov-13
ROBERTS, Mary BUCHANAN, J A 1871-Sep-06
ROBERTSON, Augusta E HAMBLETT, J T 1875-Dec-16
ROBERTSON, Eugenia S ROBERTSON, Gaston 1878-Aug-01
ROBERTSON, Maggie THORNETT, Edward 1876-Jan-15
ROBERTSON, Mollie GREENHAM, J A 1870-Dec-07
ROBERTSON, Rebecca REUFF, F H 1857-Nov-03
ROBINSON, M A Mrs BARRY, Jesse K 1883-Mar-21
ROBINSON, Mary J WINTER, J W R 1876-Nov-14
ROBINSON, Sallie HOLMES, James 1885-Sep-20
ROBINSON, Sarah E DAVIS, Alexander 1870-Jan-11
ROBUCK, Alice KING, W D 1877-Nov-21
ROBUCK, Clotilda MCANALLY, Jesse C 1870-Dec-30
ROBUCK, E SPENCER, J O 1877-Dec-23
ROBUCK, E J WILSON, Jesse 1872-Feb-08
ROBUCK, Melvinia M MORGAN, C C 1857-Nov-11
ROBUCK, Mittie ZINN, W T 1882-Dec-26
ROBUCK, Sallie TATUM, Thomas E 1874-Feb-18
ROBUCK, Viola WHISENANT, Bolivar 1883-Nov-22
ROBUCK, Zelia WILSON, J P 1869-Dec-29
ROCKETT, Martha A ROYAL, Dickerson 1858-Oct-11
RODDY, Lizzie WEBSTER, C C 1878-Mar-05
RODEN, Epermetus HARRIS, James 1873-Aug-07
ROGERS, Elizabeth J DUNCAN, Robert H 1861-May-27
ROGERS, Julia A PONDER, Amos A 1860-Apr-18
ROGERS, Mattie E KIMZEY, J L 1873-Jan-22
ROGERS, Terlulu GREGORY, J E 1871-Aug-03
ROGERS, Willie POLK, Thomas 1874-Jul-15
ROMAN, M S ROBERTS, G B 1881-Jan-16
ROMAN, R A KELLY, F L 1881-Dec-22
ROMANS, G L ALLMAN, M A 1884-Aug-10
ROOCHEL, Martha Mrs PETERSON, Thomas 1881-Mar-27
ROOK, Jane AYRES, A J L 1883-Dec-27
ROSS, Mary E Mrs ROBERTS, Charles C 1882-Nov-01
ROSS, R J NUNN, Thomas H 1865-Nov-15
ROSS, R J NUNN, Thomas H 1865-Nov-16
ROTENBERRY, Susan J KING, Z C 1882-Oct-26
ROUSEY, R F GRIFFIN, Isa D 1873-Jul-29
ROUSY, Emma SHORT, H M 1883-Jul-17
ROUSY, Susie SHORT, R E 1886-Jun-03
ROWSEY, Addie BOWLES, T A 1885-Jan-14
ROWSEY, M A REDWINE, P O 1875-Dec-08
ROWSEY, Mattie ROWSEY, J A 1882-Oct-19
RUEFF, R D Mrs SCRUGGS, B P 1874-Jun-30
RUSH, Florence WEBSTER, J A 1881-Dec-13
RUSH, Mattie P HARMON, W S 1880-Dec-26
RUSHING, Ressie SHENAULT, J L 1873-Dec-18
RUSSELL, E E T DRURY, N E 1878-Feb-13
RUSSELL, Jesse DRURY, M E 1868-Jan-15
RUSSELL, Mattie E BROWN, Isaac E 1885-Jan-08
RUTHERFORD, Sallie E WILLIS, Peatt A 1858-Aug-25
RUTLEDGE, Elizabeth KIZER, Benjamin 1856-Dec-05
RUTLEDGE, Sarah J HASE, William 1879-Feb-11
RUTLEDGE, Sarah J HAYES, William 1879-Feb-11



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