Lafayette County Brides

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PALMER, E R JACKSON, W A 1872-Nov-14
PALMER, Ella ROGERS, D F 1887-Oct-09
PALMER, J H HAMBETT, Jeffie 1885-Oct-14
PALMER, Martha Ann Mrs WILLIAMS, J A 1866-Apr-29
PALMER, Nancy TATUM, W 1865-Nov-09
PALMER, Sallie A RAMZY, H W 1882-Dec-21
PALMER, Willie RAY, John 1875-Apr-08
PARHAM, Mollie T SHIRT, Thomas B 1872-Oct-06
PARIS, Agnes TAYLOR, J L 1870-Nov-10
PARIS, Georgia CAROTHERS, Wm H Jr 1884-Sep-15
PARIS, Vira OLIVER, T H 1879-Dec-18
PARKER, Mary Ann NUNN, John 1875-Nov-18
PARKER, Rachel F STEWART, L L 1879-Oct-29
PARKS, Martha PARKS, A W 1879-Mar-19
PARKS, Mary LUCKIE, J W 1871-Jan-11
PARKS, Susie COOK, J D 1883-Oct-18
PARNELL, Minerva D HILLHOUSE, Ulysses G 1885-Nov-30
PASCAL, Adline RITCHIE, James M 1874-Jan-08
PASCHAL, Leah PEDEN, Givins 1870-Jan-23
PASS, E P CROFFORD, S A 1865-Dec-07
PASS, Lucy LOVELADY, J B 1881-Mar-06
PASS, Martha J PAYNE, W L 1866-Dec-27
PATE, Martha E BOGARD, R J 1877-Nov-29
PATTERSON, Alice LESTER, Wm C 1875-Aug-26
PATTERSON, Bettie PASCHAL, Samuel A 1885-Jan-25
PATTERSON, Jerusha HIPP, James W 1859-Sep-01
PATTERSON, N E SWAIM, William 1880-Feb-25
PATTON, Addie WEAVER, Z C 1882-Jul-09
PATTON, B A BOONE, H B 1873-Nov-19
PATTON, E E KEEL, N E 1867-Oct-23
PATTON, Mary L RANKIN, Patton H 1860-Nov-21
PATTON, N M YOUNG, Kerney 1858-Apr-18
PAYNE, Amanda WILLIAMS, John 1878-Jun-30
PEARCE, Elizabeth SAXON, Robert 1869-Oct-07
PEDEN, R A PHILLIPS, W S 1881-Sep-11
PEECOCK, Eva Ann HUEY, Daniel 1867-Jan-11
PEGUES, Lizzie E DILLARD, L S 1874-Nov-19
PEGUES, Mattie H NEILSON, C B 1875-Jan-17
PENDER, Mary Mrs GARRETT, Jesse 1866-Aug-23
PEOPLES, Ann L WOODWARD, John J 1859-Nov-08
PEOPLES, Elizabeth WOODWARD, Henry 1867-Dec-12
PERKINS, Callie L CURETON, J T 1884-Apr-23
PERKINS, Nancy WOLF, Phillip 1871-Apr-19
PERRY, Fannie M WYATT, Georges 1876-Dec-25
PERRY, Mollie ADAMS, G H 1874-Dec-15
PERRY, Nancy A SHORT, William E 1876-Aug-31
PERRY, Sarah L TODD, James T 1861-Jan-29
PETERSON, Jennie HEROD, J D 1880-Jun-03
PETTIS, Mattie HODGE, John V 1869-Jul-02
PETTY, Margaret E Mrs PRUETT, Irwin J 1860-Dec-30
PETTY, Mary F WARD, Oscar G 1867-Dec-18
PETTY, Nannie LANGSTON, W H 1886-Dec-21
PHILLIPS, Rebecca W BRADFORD, W S 1877-Jul-08
PHILLIPS, Sarah A JACKSON, Robert 1878-Aug-19
PHILLIPS, Sebefrey GRAMMAR, William 1878-Aug-19
PHIPPS, Mary E NEAL, W C 1864-Dec-15
PHIPPS, Sallie TOMLINSON, James 1867-Apr-24
PIERCE, Julia ELLIS, Henry A 1879-Dec-04
PILCHER, Mattie MONTGOMERY, W R 1881-Nov-13
PITTMAN, Lillie BLASINGAME, J A 1885-Apr-19
PITTS, Hannah S MOORE, John D 1869-Oct-21
PITTS, Hattie E ADAMS, J D 1886-Oct-17
PLANT, Maggie A M SANFORD, W B 1876-May-02
POE, Milly Mrs ROBINSON, W R 1865-Apr-11
POE, Sarah A TYER, S S 1858-Nov-23
POPE, Emma PINION, William 1879-Mar-05
POPE, Semainthie MOORE, Stephen 1878-Mar-24
PORTER, Ferreby DAUGHERTY, Charles C 1878-Jan-10
PORTER, Mary A ROBINSON, J C 1872-Feb-28
POSEY, Charity ASHEW, William 1872-Nov-24
POSEY, Elizabeth SUTTON, Henry L 1872-Oct-17
POTTS, Fannie KNIGHT, W R 1867-Dec-08
POTTS, Mary Susan DICKEY, J A 1872-Nov-06
POTTS, Sally HUNT, Washington 1866-Sep-07
POWELL, Francis E MILLER, Milton C 1863-Sep-15
POWELL, Julia Ann HARWELL, John 1870-Mar-15
POWELL, Tabitha Jane JORDAN, Wm Riley 1870-Jul-14
PRICE, Huldric RICHARDS, Luch C 1872-Jun-19
PRITCHARD, Julia B PERRY, J W 1876-Dec-21
PRITCHARD, Minnie PARKS, N E 1887-Jul-28
PRITCHARD, N A HILL, W F 1882-Dec-20
PURVIS, Lucretia A LIVINGSTON, R A 1875-Feb-18
PURVIS, Mary FRAZIER, W H 1872-Apr-10
PURVIS, Sallie J R ROBUCK, W R K 1874-Dec-17
QUARLES, J Jones ORR, Jimmie B 1884-Nov-06
QUEEN, Nancy M TYER, Pleasant G 1861-Jul-02
QUICK, Amanda ROBERTS, John L 1879-Sep-07
QUICK, Elizabeth BARNES, Thomas J 1876-Mar-30



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