Lafayette County Brides

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NABERS, Caroline MATTHEWS, Harvey 1866-Nov-10
NABERS, Jennie A STANDIFER, L C 1879-Apr-01
NABERS, Margaret SANDERS, W T 1887-Dec-10
NABORS, Loucanda BARTON, A G 1869-Dec-23
NABORS, Martha WHISENANT, John 1857-Dec-24
NABORS, Sabry M WHISENANT, George F 1857-Dec-24
NATES, Frances M MAPLES, John 1859-Jan-03
NELSON, Frances WOLF, William R 1877-Aug-23
NELSON, Julia LUCAS, D J 1885-Dec-31
NELSON, Laura R STEPHENS, P N 1882-Feb-08
NELSON, Leanna GRAY, Wm 1867-Oct-28
NELSON, Martha T STRONG, Robert S 1860-Dec-11
NELSON, Mattie CLARK, W E 1883-Dec-13
NELSON, Mattie MANSILL, John Jr 1887-Feb-06
NEWELL, D J ALEXANDER, Henrie 1878-Dec-08
NEWELL, Emma J KIMMONS, W H 1885-Jan-08
NEWELL, Ester DOUGLAS, J S 1875-Dec-23
NEWELL, M J MARTIN, Thomas W 1881-Dec-20
NEWSOM, Louisa POLK, William P 1858-Mar-18
NICHOLASS, E C YOUNG, Wm 1871-Nov-18
NICHOLS, Eva DODDS, Robert A 1877-Feb-20
NICKOLS, Martha TURPIN, Thomas 1867-Jan-03
NICKOLS, Martha A HOUSTON, G M 1866-Jan-25
NORMAN, Mary J GARDNER, James T 1861-May-23
NUNN, Ann M WALTON, John R 1858-Oct-21
NUNN, Emily E VARNER, W L 1874-Dec-31
NUNN, Fannie BURK, John C 1877-Feb-09
NUNN, Harriett L WILSON, W J 1870-Aug-19
NUNN, Lucy SANSOM, W N 1874-Feb-10
NUNN, Margaret B HAMILTON, R L 1877-Apr-15
NUNN, Sarah J BLAKEY, James 1869-Aug-09
NUNNALLY, Catherine E NUNNALLY, W A 1874-Aug-02
NUNNALLY, Sallie V SMITH, John B 1878-Jan-24
O'LEARY, S Lou FINLEY, W H 1876-Dec-21
OATS, Sophie MCCALLA, W M 1871-Nov-14
ODEN, Mettie WADDY, W E 1873-Jan-02
ODUM, Eliza MCKINNEY, Abner 1860-Nov-28
OLIVER, Georgia COOK, W M 1872-Nov-28
OLSON, Olivia NELSON, Peter 1870-Oct-18
OLVIS, Julia A LOWE, James P 1868-Aug-25
ONSBY, Nancy Jane HARRISON, W T 1871-Oct-27
ONSBY, Nannie HARTSFIELD, J C 1873-Mar-01
ORNSBY, Nancy E JOHNSON, A Z 1873-Mar-30
ORR, Maggie N MORROW, J W 1866-Sep-05
ORR, Mary NUNN, Bery 1867-Dec-23
ORR, Mollie E MCELROY, J A 1871-Jan-17
ORSTROM, Christus SKOG, Olof 1871-Aug-06
OSBORN, Malissa E PIERCE, C F 1884-Aug-24
OSBORN, Mariah HASE, James 1872-Mar-19
OSBORN, Mariah SARTAIN, Joel 1866-Oct-24
OSWALT, Martha Susan DAVIS, Robert 1871-Jan-01
OSWALT, Nancy E DAVIS, J C 1877-Aug-02
OWENS, E M WILSON, Benjamin 1865-Apr-29
OWENS, Josephine HAMILTON, J N 1877-Jun-26
OWENS, Mary L IVY, J P 1870-Oct-11
OWENS, Sallie D BRYANT, N H 1886-Sep-16



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