Lafayette County Brides


LAKE, Annie C MAYO, W J 1886-Jun-22
LAKEY, Polly SAMPSON, Joel 1866-Aug-30
LAMAR, Gussie HEISKELL, F H 1880-May-05
LAMB, Martha BASS, M J 1885-Dec-23
LAMB, Milly Ann MURE, D P 1873-Jun-22
LAMMEY, Darthula BILLINGSLEY, W C 1879-Jan-28
LAMMEY, Julia WALDRIP, W J 1887-Dec-14
LANGSTON, Emma F WALDRIP, James M 1873-Dec-03
LANGSTON, Mary Ann STEWART, James 1866-Aug-02
LANKFORD, Nancy WILKINS, C W 1869-Jul-08
LARRES, Frances MAYES, Edward 1869-May-10
LARSON, Mary LINDMARK, John 1877-Dec-30
LATHAM, Ura L CHILCOAT, Wm C 1880-Dec-09
LAUDERMILK, Mary A SHORT, S H 1865-Dec-07
LAUDERMILK, Rachell TYER, S S 1867-May-19
LAW, Etta MORRIS, John G 1884-Jan-04
LAW, Susan A WALKITT, Charles B 1877-Apr-29
LAWHORN, Catharine C WARD, John A 1867-Feb-14
LAWHORN, Harriett MCELEVANY, R P 1871-Dec-21
LAWHORN, Lucy HAMILTON, James M 1874-Feb-19
LAWHORN, Martha A SHEEHORN, John C 1861-Jan-29
LAWHORN, Mary A KIMBALL, W W 1867-Jan-08
LAWRENCE, Mary F MORGAN, Nathan A 1859-Oct-12
LAWRENCE, Mollie E KIMMONS, E H 1871-Feb-15
LAWSHEE, Emily Mrs BARDING, M S 1869-Dec-14
LAWSHEE, M E BURROWS, Stephen 1871-Jul-02
LAWSHEE, Nellie ALVIS, William J 1877-Mar-18
LEDBETTER, Mollie P FREEMAN, J Z 1887-Dec-15
LEE, Jane MORRIS, F M 1883-Jan-18
LEE, Martha VANCE, J D 1873-Jan-31
LEE, Mary C FOUST, John 1865-Nov-24
LEE, Sarah L MORROW, David M 1880-Oct-14
LEE, Suffrona NIX, Robert M 1859-Oct-19
LEGGETTE, Mattie A COFFEY, J A 1872-Mar-07
LESTER, Ida L CRAFFORD, George L 1879-Dec-04
LESTER, Kate LAMAR, L Q C Jr 1879-Dec-11
LEWALEN, Lucinda E RICHEY, Alexander N 1860-Jan-19
LEWALLEN, Harriett HARRISON, John 1858-Apr-25
LEWALLEN, Sarah M JONES, Richard Thos 1858-Jul-20
LEWELLEN, Polly STAFFORD, W H 1885-Jan-03
LEWESTON, Sarah Lucinda KING, Daniel Robt 1870-Jul-24
LEWIS, Elizabeth BROWN, T M 1884-Dec-07
LEWIS, Lizzie MCCULLOCK, P D 1870-Jun-14
LEWIS, Lulie S DELBRIDGE, George W 1875-Dec-09
LEWIS, Lydia WALTON, H H 1875-Apr-06
LEWIS, M R Mrs BOYD, W I 1870-Jun-16
LEWIS, M R Mrs BOYETT %BOYD<, W I 1870-Jun-16
LEWIS, Mamie S SLATE, John W 1879-Jan-21
LEWIS, O P NABORS, H C 1884-Dec-11
LEWIS, Sallie HANDLEY, L S 1872-Jul-23
LINDGRIN, Maria SANDERHOLM, Peter John 1886-Nov-13
LINDLEY, Julia Frances SWAIN, Elijah 1871-Mar-07
LINDSAY, Emaline F PHILLIPS, Levi 1867-Jun-02
LINDSEY, Anna E DUNN, John F 1861-Apr-17
LINDSEY, Emiline F PHILLIPS, Levi 1867-Jun-02
LINDSEY, Frances Mrs ELROD, Wm 1883-Apr-11
LINDSEY, Mary F MILES, S T 1880-Feb-18
LIPSEY, Mrs L B RAY, John C 1867-Jan-02
LIVERMAN, Nancy T LIVERMAN, Jonathan F 1882-Dec-20
LIVINGSTON, Amanda SHEHORN, R W 1867-Jan-22
LIVINGSTON, Elizabeth GUEST, Benjamin F 1859-Mar-27
LOCKETT, Elizabeth Cary MCAULEY, John P 1884-Sep-02
LONG, Mahala FOWLER, Hillanah 1860-Sep-04
LONGSTREET, Mary Ann WALTON, Thomas J 1860-Dec-12
LOVELADY, Francis M FRANKLIN, Mary J 1866-Jan-30
LOVELADY, Hettie WELLS, John W 1880-Oct-03
LOVELADY, Louise RAY, Henry 1869-Nov-14
LOVELADY, Mary Ann PASS, W D 1858-Sep-14
LOVELADY, Mary Frances BOGARD, John L 1875-Apr-21
LOVELESS, Elizabeth O M RAYBURN, William C A 1860-Nov-28
LOW, Ann A NEANEY, Begt. 1864-Dec-14
LOW, Mollie F WHITESIDES, John B 1878-Apr-28
LUCAS, Ada Mrs NELSON, Robert 1886-Jun-07
LUCAS, Eliza Ann MOORE, Wm C 1882-Oct-25
LUCK, Louisa A ENGLE, W H 1874-Aug-06
LUCKEY, Jennie MATTHEWS, P M 1867-Nov-25
LUCKEY, Martha E JOHNSON, B O 1858-Nov-29
LUCKIE, Kate I BIGGER, J H 1872-Apr-17
LUCUS, Elizabeth Jane Mrs JONES, John W 1874-Sep-19
LUND, Tresia LINDGREN, Elis 1882-Oct-26
LUNDIE, Mollie SLOSS, James W 1872-Jul-01
LUNDY, Mary J RUSSELL, C W 1871-Mar-04
LUTHER, Callie ROBINSON, W E 1882-Dec-20
LUTHER, Mollie ROBINSON, F D 1883-Sep-09
LUTON, Samantha BOWLES, L B 1884-Jan-08
LYLES, Annie E JONES, J W 1873-Feb-26
LYNCH, Blanche WEBSTER, J P 1876-Apr-25



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