Lafayette County Brides


KEEL, Frances J KEEL, N C 1880-Sep-16
KEEL, Harriett M STRICKLAND, Zackariah 1875-Dec-30
KEEL, Mary E MCQUIRK, J H 1871-Mar-15
KEEL, Mary E METTS, A C 1874-Sep-27
KEEL, Mollie KING, Zachariah 1871-Jan-25
KEEL, Rachel E DAVIS, A V 1883-Dec-09
KEEN, Adaline REDWINE, T L 1866-Mar-05
KEITH, A J Mrs BLACK, R W 1873-Dec-11
KEITH, Elizabeth DENIS, Charles W 1875-Oct-24
KELDER, Frances T MILLER, J E 1874-Nov-10
KELLEY, Jennie BLAYLOCK, Levi B 1877-Dec-07
KELLEY, Jennie STRAWN, Richard M 1871-Feb-01
KELLY, Louvia JAMES, T W 1886-Mar-10
KELLY, Lucy A MCCAIN, W E 1866-Sep-20
KELLY, Martha C SULLENDER, J L 1874-May-31
KELLY, Sarah ELROD, Willie 1887-May-05
KELLY, Sarah Ann GRACE, John J 1863-Apr-26
KELSEY, Angeline PEACOCK, Theodore 1880-Jan-01
KENNEDY, Lida SHUCK, W A 1870-Mar-01
KERR, Alice REDWINE, J C 1880-Dec-25
KERR, Josephine FINCHER, W L 1879-Jan-23
KERR, Nannie COOPER, B O 1885-Oct-21
KESON, Ann Ad TINDLE, W H 1870-Dec-08
KEYS, Kate T HARKINS, T J 1878-Oct-17
KIMMONS, Jennie MOSS, G W 1873-Mar-26
KIMMONS, Willie K MCCORKLE, John E 1876-Nov-03
KIMZEY, Margaret MOORE, P L 1877-Jan-01
KING, Annie TURNER, D G 1870-Aug-02
KING, Cora PEARS, W E 1886-Dec-23
KING, Dora J LONG, F P 1877-Sep-04
KING, Henriette FRAZIER, J M 1871-Nov-30
KING, Josephine TAYLOR, Robert 1876-Mar-22
KING, Laura E DOOLEY, Robt J 1875-Oct-27
KING, P A HILL, John M 1870-Jan-20
KING, Sallie L OWENS, J E 1881-Jan-27
KIRBY, Addie BRUMMET, L M 1886-Feb-09
KIRBY, Hattie FUDGE, William S 1880-Dec-15
KIRBY, Isabel WINTER, John C 1880-Nov-25
KIRBY, Mattie MASON, Thos 1869-Nov-25
KIRBY, Rebecca B WILBURN, G F 1880-Dec-20
KIRBY, Sarah E WELLS, Samuel 1883-May-01
KIRKLAND, Mahala RIALS, C H 1858-Aug-19
KIRKLAND, Mary E RIALS, E F 1866-May-08
KIRKWOOD, Lucinda POE, Mason 1871-Jan-19
KIRKWOOD, Mollie BRASELL, Benton 1887-Dec-05
KITCHELL, Martha HOUSTON, Alex 1884-Feb-12
KNIGHT, Eliza C MOORE, E J 1878-Dec-19
KNIGHT, Elizabeth LUSK, George V 1860-Aug-17
KNIGHT, Levona C SMITH, J N 1869-Dec-08
KNIGHT, Mary E EMBRY, J B 1872-Jan-14
KNIGHT, Mary E MILLER, H L 1871-Jun-20
KNIGHT, M J SINGLETARY, Floyd 1876-Feb-10
KNIGHT, Sallie MORRISON, J T 1876-Mar-08
KRUGSBERG, Louise S FREUDENBERG, William 1875-Nov-04
KYLE, Margaret MOORE, J W 1881-Feb-15



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