Lafayette County Brides


ABBEY, Ella V TINDALE, J W 1881-Nov-10
ABBOTT, Paralee S SMITH, Albert S 1878-Dec-19
ABLE, Joaddie L CHILTON, W C 1880-Jan-29
ABNEY, Ellen SLOUGH, Alexander 1875-Dec-12
ADAMS, Effie TUTOR, I P 1885-Mar-10
ADAMS, Elvira FRUL, E J 1877-Nov-18
ADAMS, Jennie CARTWRIGHT, G L 1881-May-08
ADAMS, Julia MCGRIGER, James A M 1858-Jul-22
ADAMS, Margaret M LAWSON, A V 1858-Dec-05
ADAMS, Mary Fannie GANCEY, John Wm 1874-Dec-16
ADAMS, Mattie L LYNCH, Goerge M 1880-Aug-01
ADAMS, Minerva TANKERSLEY, J B 1881-Mar-13
ADAMS, Permelia J MORGAN, Wm T 1869-Apr-06
ADAMS, Sarah G Mrs PARKER, Jesse 1862-Apr-20
ADAMS, Susan A J FORTENBERRY, W J 1857-Oct-04
ADAMS, Susan E HARPER, Thomas 1859-Feb-13
ADDINGTON, Ann RAMPEY, R R 1868-Feb-20
ADDINGTON, Fannie MCCRAY, W J 1871-Sep-28
ADDINGTON, Martha HILL, J J 1872-May-20
ADKINS, Mary JACKSON, A 1867-Oct-22
AKINS, E J SPIRES, D J 1866-Jan-28
ALDERSON, Bettie ROBISON, E E 1883-Aug-21
ALDRIDGE, Julia A JONES, F L 1880-Oct-01
ALES, Kate WALLER, R Y 1872-Feb-08
ALES, Mary E MASSEY, William 1881-Jul-26
ALEXANDER, Lizzie Mrs MONTGOMERY, W A 1885-Jul-09
ALEXANDER, Martha POWELL, F M 1869-May-29
ALLEN, Amanda A FORD, W A 1871-Aug-13
ALLEN, Bettie YOUNG, James D 1869-Sep-18
ALLEN, Florence TARCUT, Joseph 1871-Mar-13
ALLEN, Martha GOLDEN, William 1868-Feb-25
ALLEN, Mary E WATSON, D T 1865-Sep-19
ALLEN, Mary I Mrs MEDDERS, J L 1872-May-22
ALLEN, Mollie QUICK, James R 1873-Oct-23
ALLEN, Sarah C WHITE, George W 1860-May-10
ALVIS, Laura A NUNNERY, H J 1866-May-08
ALVIS, Martha J ROSS, James C 1858-Feb-23
ALVIS, Nellie Mrs SILK, J L 1882-Nov-12
AMYET, Mary E GANDY, Wm J 1860-Nov-20
ANDERSDOTTER, Maria ELLSTROM, Olaf 1870-Apr-15
ANDERSON, Alice M BULLARD, I A 1879-Nov-27
ANDERSON, Caroline ANDERSON, Carl 1870-Mar-04
ANDERSON, Christina ANDERSON, Anders 1872-Jul-22
ANDERSON, Dora Lee COFFEY, Andrew 1884-Nov-26
ANDERSON, Elizabeth T GATHRIGHT, Obadiah F 1859-Apr-14
ANDERSON, Hester HUDGINS, Bescom 1876-Mar-16
ANDERSON, Lydia CRUMBY, W R 1882-Oct-16
ANDERSON, Mary BUTTS, L 1879-Jul-26
ANDERSON, Mary COLLINS, M T 1876-May-14
ANDREWS, Ella L STONE, Thomas M 1865-Nov-09
ANDREWS, Mattie HUTCHINSON, Thomas A 1871-Mar-08
ANDREWS, Mattie F HUSTACE, Edward 1866-Jul-17
ANDRUS, Lillie HEDLESTON, W D 1885-Oct-20
ARCHER, Mattie L MOTHERSHEAD, J K 1868-Nov-25
ARCHER, Sallie ELLISON, L A 1861-Feb-19
ARCHIBALD, Ada MOSBY, R M 1873-Nov-18
ARCHIBALD, Kate A BEEBE, B D 1882-Jul-27
ARMOR, Rachael A HARRISON, Troy E 1858-Nov-04
ARNETT, S P ABBOTT, J B 1872-Dec-27
ARNOLD, Caroline RHODES, F M 1877-Feb-01
ARNOLD, M E Mrs MCGREGOR, A F 1885-Feb-17
ARNOLD, Martha J HAYES, John M 1871-Feb-04
ARNOLD, N A RAYBURN, S T 1883-Mar-08
ARNOLD, N S SNEED, W V 1859-Feb-03
ARNOLD, Nancy HALE, William F 1860-Jul-08
ATER, Martha A PRIDMAN, A J 1866-Mar-27
ATKINSON, Jennie BABB, Chas L 1885-Jan-25
ATKINSON, Lou LINDSEY, A M 1877-Feb-08
ATKINSON, S L Mrs PHIPP, J M 1874-Dec-08
AULIN, Mary Evlyn DELBRIDGE, W H 1871-Nov-08
AUSTEN, Elizabeth EPPS, J M 1878-Dec-15
AVENT, Donie DANCEY, Wm S 1874-Jan-28
AVENT, Elizabeth GOOLSBY, A J 1859-Jul-10
AVENT, Emma Z POWELL, John W 1869-Nov-11
AVENT, Sus F WILSON, James N 1869-Dec-15
AYERS, Cordelia MAZY, S 1883-Jul-02
AZLIN, Mary A ADDINGTON, J F 1870-Feb-16
AZLIN, Nettie DAWSON, T B 1869-Nov-21



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