Kemper County Grooms


TAHN, Oliver GULLY, Ruth 1918-Sep-01
TALBERT, W T VAUGHN, Viola 1920-Jul-27
TALLER, J B GORDON, Carolyn 1931-Jan-05
TATE, L E MCELROY, Elsie 1929-Jan-29
TATGENHORST, George BEEBEE, Catherine 1966-Mar-15
TAYLOR, A J WHITE, Hazel 1919-Mar-13
TAYLOR, Homer DAVIDSON, Sally 1960-Jun-14
TAYLOR, John MOSLEY, Clara 1957-Apr-01
TAYLOR, O B WIMBERLY, Daisy 1921-Jun-25
TAYLOR, Olin WEAVER, Annette 1969-Sep-08
TAYLOR, Orian PERSONA, Vollie 1921-Mar-08
TAYLOR, Therrel PRITCHARD, Hazel 1938-Dec-31
TEER, Dan YOUNG, Dessie 1931-Dec-29
TEER, Elbert BURNETT, Irene 1937-Jun-11
TEER, J A FULTON, Ellie 1927-Dec-27
TEER, J D STOVALL, Shirley F 1960-Oct-21
TEER, J P COPELAND, Vadis 1953-Dec-23
TEER, J T FULTON, Audrey P 1953-Oct-24
TEMPLE, Curtis HILL, Thelma 1916-Jun-21
TEMPLE, Ernest EDMINSTON, Paulene 1917-Oct-04
TEMPLE, Herbert HALLCORD, Katherine 1940-Jan-05
TEMPLE, P B FITZGERALD, Cleo 1947-Jun-25
TEMPLE, Robert IRBY, Mary 1947-Dec-04
TERRELL, Joe POWELL, Minnie 1939-Oct-31
TERRELL, Thomas SCHULTZ, Ernestine 1924-Dec-02
TERRY, D W CHISOLM, Ella 1920-Apr-19
THOMAS, A W PARKER, Mamie L 1949-May-02
THOMAS, C H WARREN, Ardelle 1939-Mar-18
THOMAS, C L BROWN, Garnie 1913-Mar-15
THOMAS, C W WHITE, Glenda A 1966-Jul-01
THOMAS, D W BURKES, Ethel J 1954-Sep-11
THOMAS, Douglas LANG, Farrah 1927-Jun-21
THOMAS, Earl UPCHURCH, Doris 1952-Mar-06
THOMAS, Eugene ANDERSON, Jane 1970-Oct-06
THOMAS, G J CONNER, Barbara D 1956-Dec-17
THOMAS, G L HAMNER, Janet 1971-Sep-30
THOMAS, Grady BURT, Minnie 1943-Aug-18
THOMAS, H W MOORE, Thelma R 1952-Dec-27
THOMAS, Herman WIMBERLY, Dorsey 1920-Dec-15
THOMAS, J B RAMER, Bertha L 1967-Feb-10
THOMAS, J T HEDGEPETH, Katie 1926-Aug-15
THOMAS, J W BERNARD, Grace M 1957-Mar-04
THOMAS, J Walter PILGRIM, Alma F 1962-May-05
THOMAS, James WARREN, Francis C 1947-Oct-06
THOMAS, Joe CLARK, Reva 1913-Aug-03
THOMAS, Joe JONES, Daisy 1920-Jun-19
THOMAS, John WARD, Dora 1914-Jul-23
THOMAS, Johnnie L THOMAS, J G 1959-Sep-08
THOMAS, M J WIMBERLY, Annie M 1949-Aug-18
THOMAS, Oscar BRIGGS, Grace 1919-Jul-09
THOMAS, Robert MIRADE, Marie 1951-Jul-01
THOMAS, Rudolph SPEED, Dorothy 1945-Jul-14
THOMAS, Tom BOYD, Irene 1939-Oct-01
THOMAS, Tom COKER, Johnye 1927-Mar-19
THOMAS, Walter WALKER, Nettie 1918-Apr-03
THOMASON, C D LOCKLEY, Nancy L 1957-Sep-12
THOMASON, Walter P VAUGHN, Phillis A 1964-Jul-18
THOMASSON, L L HANSFORD, Bobby F 1956-Apr-05
THOMPSON, A J DUDLEY, Elizabeth J 1950-Jul-05
THOMPSON, Donald L BOUNDS, Jane A 1964-Jun-21
THOMPSON, E H ROGERS, Earline 1956-Oct-27
THOMPSON, E I LANG, Lula 1926-Jul-19
THOMPSON, Edward FLEMING, Kathleen 1944-Apr-23
THOMPSON, Gene GORDY, Olie I 1917-Mar-08
THOMPSON, Jackson BELL, Glenda J 1971-Feb-26
THOMPSON, Leroy HOWARD, Linda 1942-Dec-24
THOMPSON, Roy ANDERSON, Mattie 1967-Apr-18
THOMSON, C A RILEY, Sandra F 1966-Feb-25
THORNTON, G M BRYAN, Fannie 1961-Jun-26
THORNTON, J L THOMAS, Anne E 1959-Jan-20
THORNTON, James BRYAN, Lois 1945-Dec-08
THRASH, Eley LEWIS, Maudie 1924-Sep-07
THREAT, Oliver ALAWINE, Creacie 1918-Aug-08
THRESHER, Gerald BULLARD, Betty L 1952-Jun-11
TILTERY, H C MADISON, Marie 1922-Aug-30
TINGLE, Earl HOBBY, Eva 1940-Apr-08
TINGLE, Franklin SCARBROUGH, Hazel 1942-Oct-12
TINNISON, Alfred BAKER, Elsie 1931-Nov-08
TINSLEY, Clayton BROWN, Cleo 1947-Dec-19
TISDALE, Joseph EDWARDS, Pearle 1940-Dec-01
TODD, H E LOCKLEY, Annie 1926-Apr-11
TODD, J H LOVEY, Sevilla 1941-Jul-22
TORRENCE, E N LEWIS, Minnie 1922-Dec-22
TOWNSEND, Francis CLEARMAN, Mildred 1941-Aug-12
TOWNSEND, Henry CLEARMAN, Polly 1937-Dec-21
TOWNSEND, Jim CREEKMORE, Annie 1919-Oct-11
TREADWAY, Thomas SMITH, Mamie 1936-Jul-08
TRIPLETT, Fred RIGDON, Lillie 1929-Sep-13
TROSPER, Charlie WARREN, Ludie 1951-Jan-27
TROSPER, Henry YOUNG, Hattie 1952-Sep-13
TUBBERVILLE, E M GRAY, Leona 1922-Feb-08
TUBERVILLE, Wesley PAYNE, Mary 1917-May-27
TUCKER, Henry COLLINS, Bernice 1943-Dec-04
TUCKER, John YOUNG, Ruby 1954-Oct-15
TUCKER, Tom GOODIN, Virgie 1947-Oct-12
TURBVILLE, Riley STEPHENS, Pauline 1949-Oct-03
TURNER, Bernard HARRIS, Nannie 1925-Mar-28
TURNER, J A MCCRAW, Annie 1936-Apr-04
TUTAR, Dewitt GARRETT, Nona 1937-Aug-12
TWILLEY, William DANNER, Susie 1920-Aug-10
TWILLEY, William HATCHER, Catherine 1943-May-12



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