Kemper County Grooms


RAINER, Richard CULLUM, Avis 1923-Mar-07
RAINER, W M BECK, Ivah 1927-May-17
RAINEY, J A HAGGARD, Bessie 1927-Jan-17
RALEIGH, Billy HAMNER, Odeen 1963-Feb-02
RALEIGH, Roger N RAMER, Bertha L 1964-Feb-28
RALEY, Billy S LONG, Nora J 1947-Feb-11
RAMSEY, M K AUST, Sallie E 1939-Nov-07
RAMSEY, W F PARKER, Essie M 1921-Apr-26
RANDALL, E J WILLIS, Eloise 1933-Oct-13
RASH, Jim SMITH, Lois 1945-Dec-13
RATCLIFF, R Lee RAWSON, Louise 1935-Jun-27
RATCLIFF, Roy R DAVIDSON, Bertha D 19  -   -
RAWSON, L C HARRIS, Ella 1954-Dec-14
RAWSON, Wesley MCCRAW, Ola C 1953-Nov-06
REA, Irvin HALL, Mary L 1935-Aug-31
REA, Terrell MOONEY, Ulna 1941-Aug-21
READ, Jerry W THOMAS, Peggy 1966-May-05
REAVES, James W JARRELL, Mary E 1919-Aug-23
REBECCA, George J COTTLES, Nora A 1969-May-30
REDMON, James H BETHANY, Joyce 1947-Jan-07
REDMON, Joyce SCOTT, Hubert 1966-Jan-23
REDMON, Lynda WATT, Louise 1966-Mar-11
REED, Cleveland HIGGENBOTHAM, Delia 1937-Dec-22
REED, Coy S PERMENTER, Mary 1971-Nov-14
REED, Earnest HICKENBOTHAM, Ethel 1925-Jan-20
REED, Edward COLSON, Edith 1926-Apr-06
REED, Henry COKER, Nellie 1928-Oct-28
REED, J L HUFFMASTER, Elizabeth 1933-Dec-23
REED, Jack EAVES, Aeneeta 1936-Jan-03
REED, John E SHEPARD, Mildred 1955-Oct-14
REED, John T Jr ADAMS, Jeanne 1951-Nov-08
REED, Quincy STUART, Onie B 1924-Jan-14
REED, W K GREEN, Onie 1914-Dec-29
REED, W K SELLERS, Willie 1938-Sep-13
REED, Will ROBINS, Pearl 1925-Mar-12
REED, Willie COKER, Willie 1928-May-18
REEDER, Julian BRIDGES, Mary L 1937-Nov-27
REESE, Franklin R CROSLEY, Betty 1954-Dec-04
REEVES, Bessie DAVIS, Ben 1934-Aug-04
REEVES, Ellen SANFORD, Columbus 1928-Jun-05
REEVES, Elmer CHARLESTON, Laura 1928-Sep-08
REEVES, Maude HITCHCOCK, William 1955-Mar-07
REEVES, N W SADLER, Roxie 1932-Oct-19
REEVES, Ola PALMER, Clarence 1927-Jan-11
REEVES, Ora HOWARD, George 1925-Nov-09
REEVES, Wilbourn HOWARD, Bessie 1916-Mar-01
REEVES, Willie B EDWARDS, Luther 1926-Dec-24
REICH, Kenneth M PRIDMARE, Mozell 1957-Jul-10
REID, W Ronald PEARSON, Cathy 1969-Jun-20
RHODES, Larry HASIE, Vickie 1962-Aug-18
RHYME, C K HARRY, Eva Mae 1923-Feb-12
RHYNE, Dike D RIGDON, Daisy H 1923-Feb-20
RICHARDSON, Burb FULTON, Louise 1965-Apr-05
RICHARDSON, C C WADDELL, Octavia 1925-Feb-02
RICHARDSON, C T STOKES, Rosalle 1913-Mar-07
RICHARDSON, Coy LUKE, Edna 1917-Dec-19
RICHARDSON, D E GILLIS, Annie J 1913-Nov-17
RICHARDSON, Howard C HARMON, Helen 1949-Jun-11
RICHARDSON, J C MAJORS, Lula 1963-Dec-06
RICHARDSON, James E MCKEE, Helen 1941-May-09
RICHARDSON, John W ALLEN, Mary 1966-Sep-24
RICHARDSON, John W HALL, Almeda Mrs 1953-Oct-31
RICHARDSON, Spurgeon BRANNING, Christine 1934-Dec-21
RICKS, Beeman LANG, Lovater 1916-Dec-16
RIDGON, William SLAYTON, Clara 1905-Feb-26
RIFE, Robert HICKS, Maggie B 1919-Oct-08
RIGDOM, John J DICKSON, Manie 1940-Oct-12
RIGDON, Ben HATCHER, Willie M 1933-Feb-27
RIGDON, Diker BOONE, Muril 1947-Apr-21
RIGDON, Fred HOWARD, Delsie 1941-Aug-23
RIGDON, R E CLAY, Fannie 1931-Dec-28
RIGDON, Rickey R BRIGGS, Mary 1970-Sep-12
RILEY, G I ALLEN, Gracie 1912-Nov-30
RILEY, Tommie MCGRAW, Janie A 1930-Jan-13
RILEY, Webb WARREN, Mattie E 1941-Oct-07
RIVERS, James C FREEMAN, Ave Bell 1916-Aug-25
ROBBINS, Charles JONES, Jo Ann 1957-Dec-21
ROBERSON, Henry NESTER, Bessie 1917-Dec-22
ROBERSON, Johnnie P JACKSON, Van 1937-Nov-13
ROBERSON, Thomas GOODIN, Kathy 1966-Dec-17
ROBERTS, J W MCLEAN, Gladdis 1920-Aug-04
ROBERTS, L L POSEY, Juanita 1929-Oct-12
ROBERTS, L L POSEY, Juanita 1929-Nov-27
ROBERTSON, Chester GILLIAN, Willie 1969-Dec-08
ROBERTSON, Edwin BURKE, Jimmie 1923-Apr-22
ROBERTSON, Ronald THRASHER, Grizelda 1953-Apr-08
ROBERTSON, Thedford FOX, Erma 1964-Aug-28
ROBINSON, A B REED, Aline 1928-Aug-19
ROBINSON, Alfred WEAVER, Thelma 1925-Aug-28
ROBINSON, Archie HIGGINBOTHAM, Flora 1945-Nov-21
ROBINSON, Austin WALTON, Erdice 1940-Apr-04
ROBINSON, Chester REED, Arcola 1926-Aug-21
ROBINSON, Coley PAGE, Andrew Mrs 1952-Dec-22
ROBINSON, Colie LANDERS, Dena 1956-Jan-01
ROBINSON, Eugene RIDOUT, Ethel 1920-May-03
ROBINSON, Fred HASKINS, Ellie 1939-Dec-09
ROBINSON, Fred REED, Eva 1929-Feb-13
ROBINSON, George HUGHES, Bessie 1953-Jul-02
ROBINSON, George T HUGHES, Bessie 1942-Nov-30
ROBINSON, M W SMITH, Velma 1939-Jul-18
ROBINSON, Marvin CLARK, Johnnie 1933-Dec-23
ROBINSON, Melvin MCARTHUR, Oriel 1933-Jan-31
ROBINSON, Murdock BLACK, Judy 1967-Dec-22
ROBINSON, Murdock WILSON, Sula 1932-Dec-04
ROBINSON, Richard BRANNING, Grace 1968-Feb-23
ROBINSON, Sam BAGGETT, Eunice 1948-Jul-21
ROEBUCK, Ben CLARK, Annie 1922-Jul-27
ROEBUCK, Elmer SHEPPERD, Eddie 1933-Sep-16
ROEBUCK, J W BOUNDS, Madie 1928-Jul-03
ROEBUCK, Nathan BURTON, Pearl 1920-May-13
ROGERS, J D HILL, Annie 1913-Feb-10
ROGERS, Lamar BARNETT, Bobbie 1943-Sep-10
ROGERS, W D Jr WRIGHT, Genell 1957-Jun-01
ROGERS, W H HUSBAND, Luella 1927-Mar-28
ROGERS, W W SMITH, Mary 1919-Dec-20
ROSEBAUM, J A DUDLEY, Bonnie 1926-Jan-21
ROSEMAN, Henderson LUKE, Clara 1916-Nov-11
ROSEMAND, J V HAILEY, Gwenlyn 1930-Jan-03
ROSS, Charlie CLARK, Anna 1928-Apr-07
ROSS, James DAVIS, Peggie 1918-Dec-23
ROSS, Josh MERRILL, Geneva 1922-May-06
ROSS, Sampson HALL, Lula 1912-Nov-05
ROSS, W B LEWIS, Willie 1924-Dec-11
ROSS, William HUDNALL, Lynda 1933-Dec-04
ROSS, Willie KEY, Otie 1919-Oct-18
ROULEAN, Blake WARREN, Barbara 1966-Apr-23
ROUNDTREE, Roy TODD, Mabel 1939-Dec-02
ROUNTREE, W M HICKMAN, Roberta 1919-Jan-23
ROWE, Jay F ROACH, Joy 1948-Oct-14
ROWLS, Roger SCOTT, Lena 1924-Aug-19
ROWLS, W C PORTER, Ruth 1930-Jan-08
ROYCE, Clinton SHEPARD, Opal 1946-Oct-17
RUDDIE, Clifford OATES, Ollie 1939-Jan-08
RUSH, Frank BROWN, Mary 1964-Aug-01
RUSH, Joseph HENDERSON, Dorothy 1951-Dec-13
RUSH, M E MCWILLIAMS, Marie 1925-Oct-23
RUSH, Roger MITCHELL, Mattie 1929-May-30
RUSHING, Mitchell HEADLEY, Bernice 1929-Mar-16
RUSSELL, Chalmas MARVIN, Gladys 1936-Jun-27
RUSSELL, Earl RAINER, Vivian 1922-Mar-18
RUSSELL, Hubert EZELL, Mary 1925-May-16
RUSSELL, J E PARKER, Lucille 1926-Apr-01
RUSSELL, James STEVENS, Mary 1968-Nov-29
RUSSELL, Thurlon AUST, Martha 1947-Dec-24
RUTHVAN, Clifton CROCKER, Nellie 1924-Dec-11
RUTLEDGE, Coleman LOCKLEY, Ivie 1925-Jul-17
RUTLEDGE, Evans MIXON, Azzie 1928-Sep-25
RUTLEDGE, Jimmie SMITH, Myrtis 1967-Apr-15
RUTLEDGE, Leon SCOTT, Mary 1957-May-04
RUTLEDGE, Paul NEWELL, Mary 1954-Mar-13
RUTLEDGE, Roy WIGGINS, Versie 1935-Jul-06
RUTLEDGE, Walter THOMAS, Eva 1926-Jun-12
RYAN, John REDDITT, Olga 1922-Apr-11



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