Kemper County Grooms

P - Q

PACE, A J SMITH, Vennie 1923-Feb-03
PACE, Alsa NEAL, Ruby 1933-Nov-15
PACE, Clifton SUTTLES, Mamie 1918-May-23
PACE, David CULPEPPER, Louise 1943-May-27
PACE, F M SMITH, Beula 1914-Jun-19
PACE, J W JONES, Delight 1921-Mar-11
PACE, John KYNERD, Auis 1929-Oct-21
PACE, L D MOORE, Lovenia 1923-Jun-29
PACE, Marion JACKSON, Virginia 1916-Aug-04
PACE, Ray CREEKMORE, Ruby 1959-Mar-07
PACE, Walter CALDWELL, Enna 1921-Aug-19
PAGE, A BETHANY, Ruby 1943-Jul-31
PAGE, A DARLING, Carrie 1929-Apr-22
PAGE, A GREEN, Hattie 1934-Dec-21
PAGE, Billy ADAMS, Judy 1958-Nov-03
PAGE, Henry WARREN, Leona 1915-Apr-13
PAGE, R V WARREN, Lula 1946-Apr-22
PAIR, Ottis WALTERS, Mary 1938-Nov-25
PALLOCK, George ELDRIDGE, George 1921-Jul-20
PALMER, Allen CREED, Annie 1920-Aug-10
PALMER, Carroll LANDRUM, Altha 1921-Dec-21
PALMER, Chandler COALSON, Lera 1926-May-21
PALMER, Clarence REEVES, Ola 1927-Jan-11
PALMER, Clinton JARVIS, Edna 1937-Nov-15
PALMER, Cook BOZEMAN, Georgia 1954-Feb-04
PALMER, H C GOWAND, Emma 1915-Feb-12
PALMER, H C PICKETT, Cora 1916-Nov-18
PALMER, Henry BURRAGE, Elsie 1930-Feb-12
PALMER, Henschel JOHNSON, Rosia 1949-Jun-11
PALMER, John SULLIVAN, Abbie 1953-Sep-04
PALMER, Monroe HAILEY, Mattie 1917-Dec-24
PALMER, Neal DAVIS, Eula 1913-Mar-05
PALMER, Norvell OWEN, Hazel 1945-Jul-28
PALMER, Otis WILKINS, Florrie 1941-Aug-01
PALMER, Quentin LUKE, Nancy 1953-Dec-25
PALMER, Randolph LUKE, Ethel 1919-Apr-11
PALMER, Robert MCQUIN, Betty 1949-Dec-24
PALMER, Roger HAMNER, Fannie 1926-Feb-06
PALMER, Roy SENNETTE, Maggie 1926-Apr-17
PALMER, Sam COOK, Ruby 1929-Apr-27
PALMER, W A SCIPLE, Addie 1913-Dec-20
PALMER, W M PERKINS, Pauline 1926-Dec-27
PALMER, Willie B LAMKIN, Johne 1920-Feb-16
PANKEY, J B MILLER, Sarah 1915-Feb-27
PARKER, Euell PAGE, Doris 1971-Feb-12
PARKER, F B TAYLOR, Ida 1930-Jul-26
PARKER, Jessie PORTER, Frances 1940-Jun-29
PARKER, John NEAL, Bobbie 1953-Feb-01
PARKER, Melton JOHNSON, Sara 1954-May-15
PARKER, Ola SMITH, Callie 1916-Dec-04
PARKER, Robert KNIGHT, Ethel 1921-Oct-22
PARKS, Clarence STONE, Anna 1954-Jan-07
PARNELL, A T DALEE, Cora 1930-May-11
PARNELL, George LANIER, Edna 1914-Dec-29
PARNELL, William EDMONDS, Vista 1948-Apr-19
PARNELL, Wilton ANDERSON, Barbara 1963-Aug-02
PARRISH, Coleman ABERNATHY, Dixie 1958-Jan-18
PARTIN, Bobby J MAY, James I 1955-Aug-13
PARTIN, Earnest SMITH, Ruth 1946-Jan-28
PARTRIDGE, Alton HALES, Mattie 1971-Jan-21
PARTRIDGE, Edward JONES, Lillie 1961-Dec-30
PARTRIDGE, George MOTT, Linda 1968-Aug-31
PARTRIDGE, Mardis GILLIS, Carrie 1937-May-15
PATRIDGE, Alvis BROWN, Emma 1956-Feb-07
PATRIDGE, E E WATKINS, Bertha 1922-Nov-25
PATRIDGE, Enos DURAN, Lanie 1942-Dec-13
PATRIDGE, H E HARBOUR, Hattie 1930-Apr-02
PATRIDGE, H E MCARTHUR, Hattie 1916-Jun-10
PATRIDGE, James HARTSFIELD, Marie 1938-Apr-27
PATTERSON, Brooks GULLY, Jeanette 1965-Nov-24
PATTERSON, Foster KEMP, Louie 1935-Dec-21
PATTON, Buel NEWELL, Christine 1942-Feb-08
PAYNE, Frank DAVIS, Mary 1968-Aug-30
PEARD, R R RUSH, Jessie 1928-Mar-31
PEDEN, A A MCKEE, Callie 1913-Mar-01
PEDEN, B G SKIPPER, Gussie 1931-Dec-18
PEDEN, Ed CLARK, Nannie 1935-Nov-30
PEDEN, Freddie SHIMFESSEL, Jewel 1957-Jan-15
PEDEN, Guy BURNETT, Gussie 1922-Aug-15
PEDEN, H H Jr CREEKMORE, Mabel 1939-Aug-12
PEDEN, Herbert GREGORY, Lucille 1953-Jul-25
PEDEN, J C SKIPPER, Edna 1938-Feb-12
PEDEN, J T LANG, Unie 1917-Jun-07
PEDEN, James HILL, Edna 1945-Jul-13
PEDEN, John H BURNETT, Callie 1941-Sep-24
PEDEN, L G LUKE, Mamie 1913-Feb-11
PEDEN, Leo E HODGE, B K 1938-Dec-24
PEDEN, Nathan HOPPER, Mary 1933-Jun-15
PEDEN, Roger STENNIS, Martha 1961-Aug-13
PEDEN, Roy LUKE, Alice 1968-May-10
PEDEN, Walton CROCKER, Hazel 1943-Sep-22
PEDEN, William LONG, Brown 1956-Sep-14
PEEBLES, Billy EDWARDS, Earline 1955-Jul-27
PEETE, Russell MOSLEY, Esther 1942-Feb-07
PENNY, Billy BEDDINGFIELD, Margie 1953-Oct-05
PENNY, F K FRAZIER, Dora 1941-Mar-26
PENNY, Johnny SANDERIDGE, Agnes 1969-Nov-07
PEOPLES, Lewis MCCOY, Francis 1941-Dec-20
PERKINS, Dewitt THOMAS, Evelyn 1931-Apr-24
PERKINS, Eric MCLAURIN, Mary 1937-Dec-23
PERKINS, Eugene DARNELL, Hollis 1928-Dec-26
PERKINS, G W HAGGARD, Anna 1920-Dec-21
PERKINS, Roger DARLING, Vera 1946-Dec-24
PERKINS, Roger GIBSON, Donna 1921-Aug-18
PERMENTER, Earl HASKINS, Annie 1940-Jul-09
PERMENTER, Harry NESTER, Tine 1915-Jun-05
PERMENTER, J B CHAMBERS, Bessie 1927-Jun-25
PERMENTER, James HARBOUR, Annie 1962-Jun-29
PERMENTER, James WATTS, Lucille 1912-Dec-18
PERMENTER, Jessie CREED, Lidie 1918-Sep-23
PERMENTER, Sam WILSON, Hazel 1931-Dec-18
PERMENTER, Thomas NANCE, Jo Ann 1969-Aug-30
PERRY, Clifton QUINN, Mertie 1951-Jul-03
PERRY, Hershell MOFFETT, Jean 1955-Mar-18
PERRY, Homer FULTON, Helen 1961-Dec-16
PERSON, Jim W WATKINS, Mimmie 1944-Apr-07
PERSONS, J W BEASLEY, Fannie 1926-Feb-12
PERSONS, James MITCHELL, Ruth 1938-Jan-20
PERSONS, James R THOMAS, Miriam 1945-Sep-29
PERSONS, Jessie BURTON, Fannie 1913-Jan-18
PERSONS, John AUST, Peggy 1951-Nov-21
PERSONS, Oscar DOTSON, Gladys 1934-Aug-25
PETERSON, Neal WARREN, Ardell 1937-Jul-03
PETTIT, C C MCCASKILL, Aline 1928-Oct-15
PHILLIPS, Allen ELEY, Winnie 1951-May-26
PHILLIPS, Jerry BASS, Marilyn 1969-Oct-06
PHILLIPS, Willie ELLIOTT, Cecia 1951-Sep-18
PICKARD, Chester BLANCHE, Clarice 1940-Dec-21
PICKARD, Lambert BREWER, Marion 1960-Mar-21
PICKETT, E W SHEPARD, Myrtha 1926-Aug-16
PICKETT, G M CHARLTON, Norma 1935-Oct-26
PICKETT, G M TRIPLETT, Fleeta 1929-Feb-09
PICKETT, Leo MCARTHUR, Cecil 1935-Sep-05
PICKETT, Randolph MCLELLAND, Hazel 1952-Nov-04
PICKETT, Willie B HILLMAN, J H 1930-Dec-30
PIERCE, J B STEPHENS, Ida 1927-Dec-26
PIERCE, Jesse NESTER, Evelyn 1939-Oct-06
PIERCE, John BARRETT, Verna 1919-Oct-09
PIERCE, L B GRAY, Sarah 1932-Jul-18
PIERCE, Leon COTTON, Mable 1946-Dec-14
PIKE, Lamar BOUCHILLEN, Helen 1941-Dec-24
PILGRIM, Clifton HARRIS, Dixie 1966-Jul-15
PILGRIM, Dewitt HALL, Aleen 1947-Jun-14
PILGRIM, John CUMBERLAND, Bobie 1954-Apr-08
PILGRIM, John MCKEE, Mary 1963-Dec-21
PILGRIM, John J DAWS, Effie 1941-Nov-03
PILGRIM, Luther ELLINGBURG, Marie 1966-May-20
PILGRIM, Nathan BILLING, Wilmer 1941-Dec-17
PILGRIM, Ollie WELLS, May 1912-Oct-04
PILGRIM, Walter SMITH, Darla 1968-Feb-26
PILGRIM, William EAKES, Mazell 1939-Oct-09
PILGRIM, William EAKES, Moselle 1939-Oct-09
PILYAW, Melvin THREET, Margaret 1965-Jul-18
PITTMAN, Joe SANDERS, Bessie 1919-Nov-04
POGE, George CONNER, Willie 1912-Dec-28
POLLARD, C T RUTLEDGE, Daisy 1939-Mar-30
PONDER, Joe STEVENSON, Marilyn 1957-Feb-13
PONDER, Robert LAND, Ella 1919-Jul-10
PONDER, Robert PORTER, Clara 1938-Feb-11
POOL, David GOODWIN, Polly 1914-Mar-06
POOL, H H HELLINS, Cora 1936-Jul-24
POOL, Johnnie STRICKLAND, Cordie 1925-Aug-24
POOL, Morris MCCONNELL, Hallie 1918-Dec-04
POOLE, Carlye COLE, Virginia 1939-Oct-20
POOLE, Edward EDMONDS, Elsie 1935-Aug-24
POOLE, Frank SKIPPER, Ellen 1935-Apr-16
POOLE, Heck PAGE, Leona Mrs 1941-Nov-07
POOLE, James ONEAL, Florence 1917-Oct-27
POOLE, Jimmie BRYANT, Margaret 1963-Aug-18
POOLE, Richard MITCHELL, Mary Lou 1960-Aug-20
POOLE, Roy WICKWARE, Elizabeth 1955-Oct-29
POPE, W C HURT, Mollie 1922-Feb-09
POPE, W H GREEN, Lela 1935-Jan-20
POPE, W M TAYLOR, Delia 1926-Apr-24
PORTER, Harl DABBS, Mary 1963-Aug-24
PORTER, T B WATKINS, Cora 1914-May-16
PORTER, Tom WALKER, Lizzie 1913-Feb-15
PORTER, Tom WRIGHT, Annie 1915-Oct-02
POWELL, Roy STEWART, Ruby 1942-Jul-30
POWELL, Thurman SCIPLES, Waldine 1943-Jul-09
POWELL, W C WILSON, Hilda 1940-Mar-23
POWELL, Wilson WATKINS, Jemina 1942-Jan-17
POWERS, Grover WILSON, Nellie 1912-Dec-28
PRATT, Kern MCDONALD, Marjorie D 1946-Nov-30
PRESTAGE, K L KNIGHTEN, Rachel 1934-Mar-11
PRICE, Joe KEY, Frances J 1954-Aug-21
PRICE, Robert PRICE, Erna L 1963-Feb-20
PRIDMARE, Mozell REICH, Kenneth M 1957-Jul-10
PRINCE, F M ROBINSON, Lula D 1936-Jun-04
PRINCE, J E CREEKMORE, Annie 1925-Dec-26
PRINCE, R E MOORE, Mary E 1922-Dec-21
PRUITT, B W JOHNSON, Margaret N 1955-Jul-07
PUCKETT, B C BOREN, Mary E 1936-Aug-12
PUCKETT, Carroll AMACKER, Mary K 1966-Dec-29
PUCKETT, G S PERKINS, Mabel L 1925-Dec-24
PUCKETT, H A DAVIS, Etta 1916-Mar-15
PUCKETT, H A EVANS, Lacy R 1947-Aug-16
PUCKETT, James OWEN, Vivian I 19  -   -
PUCKETT, Johnny STOKES, Sandra F 1955-Dec-23
PUCKETT, Leroy BEASLEY, Gloria E 1963-Jun-05
PUCKETT, Leroy EAKES, Willie F 1955-Jun-10
PUCKETT, Thomas CHERRY, Irene 1921-Dec-22
PUCKETT, Thomas PARTRIDGE, Beverly 1965-Dec-03
PUGH, Calvin RUSH, Rita S 1962-Jan-26
PURVIS, A G WATSON, Anna 1936-Apr-04
PURVIS, James PALMER, Earline 1937-Nov-05
PURVIS, Leonard JACKSON, Mamie 1937-Nov-23
PURVIS, William JACKSON, Ruth 1933-May-03
PURVIS, Woodrow GREEN, Juanita C 1946-Aug-27
QUINN, Dave CUMBERLAND, E L 1939-Jul-08



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