Kemper County Grooms

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NANCE, Samuel SPRINKER, Ann 1967-Jun-27
NEAL, Alvis NORMAN, Millie 1956-Sep-18
NEAL, Arnie E GOODWIN, Johnny L 1957-Dec-24
NEAL, Charles BYRD, Mabel 1956-Dec-24
NEAL, E R KNIGHT, Olga 1935-Mar-02
NEAL, Earl RUSH, Corine 1927-Dec-31
NEAL, Edward MCKEE, Marie 1953-Jun-01
NEAL, Harrold ADCOCK, Jane 1952-Nov-01
NEAL, Houston GRIFFIN, Letha 1916-Dec-16
NEAL, Houston G CHISOLM, Sarah 1941-Jul-16
NEAL, J A HAGGARD, Velera 1931-Nov-25
NEAL, James MCDONALD, Mabel 1919-Mar-04
NEAL, Leon HUDNALL, Martha 1943-Mar-12
NEAL, Willie SMITH, Ollie 1935-Jun-09
NEAL, Woodrow HARBOUR, Myrtis 1935-Oct-17
NELLIE, Clark CLARK, B F 1934-Mar-27
NELSON, Roy LUNSFORD, Jewel 1924-Nov-19
NESTER, Arthur ROBINSON, Annette 1933-Oct-25
NESTER, Frank COMBS, Lena 1934-Feb-15
NESTER, Homer GREEN, Letha 1932-Dec-24
NESTER, Houston NESTER, Claude 1936-Jul-25
NESTER, Houston STUART, Edna 1918-Mar-05
NESTER, Howard CREEKMORE, Florrie M 1933-Sep-23
NESTER, Jack BLACKMAN, Virgie 1926-Jan-26
NESTER, Judson ROBINSON, Geneva 1932-Jul-03
NESTER, Leonard BAREMAN, Mary S 1948-Feb-27
NESTER, Thos LANG, Mabel 1916-Oct-17
NESTER, Tom WHITE, Claude 1930-Jan-21
NETHERY, R S CRANNER, Daisey 1924-Nov-28
NETHERY, Richard PAGE, Alice 1914-Mar-13
NEVILLE, Ernest ETHRIDGE, Mabel 1913-Dec-05
NEVILLE, John HUDSON, Mary 1945-Dec-26
NEWELL, Archie JONES, Thema 1915-Mar-05
NEWELL, Archie RANER, Sallie 1921-Jan-29
NEWELL, Irvin LUKE, Alice 1956-Mar-22
NEWELL, J C HAMMACK, Anne 1933-Jul-15
NEWELL, J M LANG, Louise 1949-Apr-30
NEWELL, Joe DABBS, Elizabeth 1962-Mar-14
NEWELL, John MCDADE, Rachael 1922-Sep-10
NEWELL, Leon FRAZIER, Jessie 1955-Jul-02
NEWELL, Stennis GREGORY, Laura 1956-Aug-31
NEWELL, T T HAMMACK, Mildred 1933-Jan-07
NEWELL, Walter HOPPER, Leota 1927-Apr-20
NEWELL, William HOPPER, Elizabeth 1932-Apr-05
NEWMAN, Edwin HAMMACK, Vivian 1917-Sep-15
NEWMAN, W R SCRIVENER, Elon 1925-Mar-06
NICHOLS, Arnell SATERFIELD, Imogene 1954-Mar-29
NICHOLSON, L L WATKINS, Ruth 1950-Dec-06
NICHOLSON, Lee PEDEN, Elva 1933-Feb-20
NIX, Berry HITT, Jesse 1915-Sep-06
NIX, Loyd TATE, Ellen 1956-Jul-18
NIXON, J R RUTLEDGE, Ivory 1942-Jul-03
NORMAN, Gilmer REDDITT, Earline 1954-Sep-04
NORRIS, Jack HAWKINS, Loyce 1928-May-18
NORSWORTHY, Truman GILES, Ruby 1916-Aug-07
NORTON, W C MCCURRY, Mary 1935-Aug-28
NOWELL, Jimmy LANEY, Peggy 1957-Oct-19
NULL, Edward LIMERICK, Gladys 1939-Jul-22



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