Kemper County Grooms


GALLASPY, Burley T NENO, Laura L 1941-Dec-04
GALLOWAY, Claude N HUDNALL, Nellie 1918-Nov-28
GALLOWAY, Ellis R HARBOUR, Agnes 1915-Oct-01
GALLOWAY, Lester MCKEE, Jessie 1948-Dec-28
GAMBLIN, B B CHISOLM, Lou Don 1929-Jun-08
GARDNER, Loyd J DRISCOLL, Willie F 1957-Nov-29
GARNER, R C LONG, Maggie 1920-Nov-22
GARRARD, F M PALMER, Ella 1913-Jan-23
GARRARD, James H WOODS, Estelle 1935-Jul-16
GARRETT, John M GARRETT, Dolly 1955-Dec-01
GARRETT, O L VAUGHN, Mamie L 1935-Jan-12
GARY, Myconeus W CLARK, Annie G 1936-Jun-18
GATEWOOD, Mack W GREEN, Bobby K 1963-Dec-16
GATHRIGHT, Dee HOYT, M J Mrs 1950-Aug-04
GATHRIGHT, Dee PEDEN, Ruth 1936-Apr-08
GAUNTT, Gordon S Jr SMALL, Cecil G 1958-May-28
GAY, Kelley L DOLLAR, Georgie L 1931-Dec-04
GAY, Robert P MCCASKELL, Mattie 1920-Jun-11
GEORGE, Billy R EAKES, Mary E 1959-Jan-26
GEORGE, Harry GOODIN, Martha K 1967-Oct-14
GEORGE, Harvey JOLLY, Ileen 1946-Mar-23
GEORGE, J E GUNN, Mattie 1914-Sep-14
GEORGE, John HULL, Bonnie 1916-Feb-20
GEORGE, L L SMITH, Thelma 1939-May-18
GEORGE, Lavell T MAY, Sarah 1941-Oct-11
GEORGE, Laverne R HARBOUR, Cowella 1953-Feb-01
GEORGE, Lindy W MASSEY, Onera Y 1956-Jun-23
GEORGE, Perry MCKINNEY, Edna Mae 1934-Sep-06
GEORGE, Romey SKIPPER, Retha 1946-Aug-10
GEORGE, T L MCFARLAND, Macie 1932-Mar-29
GEORGE, W T SMITH, Ethel 1935-Sep-11
GEORGE, Wendell HARBOUR, Gatha A 1971-Jun-17
GEORGE, William COKER, Hattie B 1913-Feb-08
GEORGE, Willie G KIRKLAND, Agnes 1942-Apr-12
GIBSON, Andrew M MADISON, Gloria A 1958-May-22
GIBSON, J M CARROLL, Annie 1936-Nov-03
GIBSON, James P SALTERS, Viva 1931-Dec-23
GIBSON, Jimmie W HOPPER, Grady D 1953-Jul-27
GIBSON, Norman T MASSEY, Carolyn O 1961-Aug-16
GIBSON, Ray PEDEN, Maggie J 1947-Jun-04
GIBSON, T H TILLMAN, Claudie M 1939-Jul-29
GIBSON, W L MARS, Elizabeth 1932-Nov-27
GIBSON, W Wendell JOHNSON, Sue 1954-Dec-18
GIBSON, William A WAYNE, Virginia 1959-Oct-17
GILBERT, Evan L DUDLEY, Louise 1929-Dec-02
GILBERT, Guy W WARREN, Mary A 1940-Nov-23
GILBERT, John H MCLAURIN, Myrtle 1937-Dec-16
GILBERT, Melvin VAUGHN, Pearl 1933-Aug-05
GILES, Maurice J DEROVEN, Beatrice 1916-May-17
GILES, T F CARPENTER, Helen 1942-Jan-24
GILLEY, Odell BATY, Ouida C 1964-Aug-21
GILLEY, Odell GOODWIN, Mattie L 1967-Jun-16
GILMORE, Fredrick W WHITE, Ruth D 1946-Apr-20
GILREATH, Henry W BEATY, Ella M 1942-Feb-27
GIPSON, Tom KITTRELL, Mattie 1919-Mar-07
GLASS, Dudley SMITH, Lavada 1914-Nov-12
GLASS, Roger BARR, Bernice 1916-Dec-29
GLENN, J P KIRKLAND, Bobbie J 1968-Jun-07
GLOVER, Walter HUDNALL, Dollie 1924-Dec-06
GODFREY, James R KILPATRICK, Armetta 1940-Apr-20
GODFREY, Norman POWELL, Lucia J 1947-Aug-02
GOGGANS, Joe LEON, Barbara A 1971-Jun-19
GOLDEN, N W HOPPER, Sarah 1926-Sep-09
GOLDMAN, Harvey G PILGRIM, Brenda 1971-Jun-25
GOODIN, Bruce O VAUGHN, Linda G 1962-Aug-18
GOODIN, Coy STRAIT, Myrtis 1934-Oct-03
GOODIN, David TUCKER, Eva May 1922-Dec-26
GOODIN, Eugene R DEMPSEY, Hilda L 1955-Jun-23
GOODIN, J D QUINN, Verda M 1935-Apr-02
GOODIN, James R GRAY, Bobby J 1956-Mar-03
GOODIN, James W DEMSEY, Ada F 1953-Nov-30
GOODIN, M D COATS, Ida 1933-Jan-25
GOODIN, Otho C WARREN, Louise 1957-Apr-05
GOODIN, Stennis PEARSON, Janie 1961-Sep-26
GOODMAN, Bill WHITE, Ollie 1934-Dec-27
GOODWIN, Benford CLARK, Betty 1953-May-09
GOODWIN, Bennie WARREN, Christine 1925-Dec-09
GOODWIN, Earl W VICK, Catherine 1963-Jun-04
GOODWIN, Edward T CRAFT, Virginia A 1963-May-24
GOODWIN, Edward W KEY, Mary B 1943-May-27
GOODWIN, George PERSONS, Edna 1934-Oct-25
GOODWIN, George L LUKE, May 1921-Dec-24
GOODWIN, Johnny L NEAL, Arnie E 1957-Dec-24
GORDY, Alvin Q PATTON, Juanita 1953-Dec-24
GORDY, Olie I THOMPSON, Gene 1917-Mar-08
GORE, Bill BATY, Mary E 1950-Dec-09
GORE, Edward WILSON, Annie J 1937-Jan-14
GORE, George GUNN, Mary 1923-Jan-06
GORE, L E CONNER, Mable 1948-Mar-24
GOSET, Hermon ANDERSON, Mae 1922-Jun-28
GOSS, Donald F HEISLER, Sandra 1958-Apr-19
GRACE, English W NIX, Alice L 1959-May-29
GRACE, George WARREN, Alma 1929-Feb-26
GRACE, Luther THOMPSON, Mary A 1915-Jan-20
GRAHAM, Archie G BOYD, Nona W 1915-Jun-19
GRAHAM, Charles WARREN, Ollie M 1943-Sep-27
GRAHAM, Grady Jr BATY, Betty L 1948-Feb-04
GRAINGER, Gordon E PERMENTER, Mary F 1962-Aug-18
GRANTHAM, G C BURTON, Gracy 1916-Aug-11
GRANTHAM, James E SEALS, Minnie 1930-Mar-02
GRANTHAM, Lee SEALS, Pearl 1933-Aug-17
GRANTHAM, Walter HASTINGS, Barbara 1969-Dec-14
GRAY, Belon CONN, Clora 1924-Dec-25
GRAY, Bernard BOYKIN, Earline 1947-Mar-07
GRAY, Cecil E FULTON, Zora Alice 1947-Feb-10
GRAY, Dulane POU, Elizabeth 1937-Apr-12
GRAY, E L HAND, Hazel 1934-Jan-23
GRAY, Homer HALL, Alma 1915-Oct-28
GRAY, J T BARNETT, Grace 1940-Aug-24
GRAY, Jack L GWIN, Venla G 1958-Feb-25
GRAY, Levi STUART, Ruby 1940-Dec-21
GRAYSON, W M JOHNSON, S E Miss 1931-Jun-24
GRAYSON, W M JOHNSON, Sarah E 1945-Aug-16
GREEN, Cager S PULLEM, Geraldine 1950-Mar-22
GREEN, Clifton CHEATHAM, Evie 1925-Dec-23
GREEN, Floyd LUKE, Maude 1924-Nov-17
GREEN, Hamner WHITE, Florie 1937-Nov-29
GREEN, James RAINER, Annie J 1951-Sep-04
GREEN, James M BURKES, Helen R 1948-Mar-03
GREEN, L C TUNER, L C Miss 1955-Dec-03
GREEN, Lunn NESTER, Nettle 1923-Jan-02
GREEN, Travis CLARK, Juanita 1944-Jun-10
GREEN, W B JAMESON, Ruth 1933-Jun-16
GREEN, Walter BAKER, Agnes 1923-Feb-12
GREEN, William WARREN, J C 1950-Dec-01
GRICE, R L MOORE, Dorothy 1945-Mar-28
GRIFFIN, A H GIBSON, Lucille 1927-Nov-03
GRIFFIN, Arvid MCDONALD, Elva 1927-Jul-14
GRIFFIN, Clarence MURRAY, Willie M 1924-Apr-05
GRIFFIN, Eugene W FLOORE, Clarky J 1951-Nov-30
GRIFFIN, Freeman Jr FLOYD, Martha D 1945-Feb-03
GRIFFIN, James HOPPER, James 1949-Dec-27
GRIFFIN, John W FRANKLIN, Florence 1917-Dec-19
GRIFFIN, Maldon R GIBSON, Carolyn D 1956-Jul-13
GRIFFIN, Miller T MCGREGER, Shelby J 1957-May-07
GRIFFIN, R T HALL, Willie C 1930-Jun-16
GRIFFIN, Thaniel BURNETT, Lillian 1928-Oct-23
GRISAFFE, George MCRAE, Mary M 1969-Dec-28
GRISHAM, James H OVERSTREET, Diann 1958-Jul-21
GROSS, William STEWART, Emily 1938-Jan-14
GUINN, C E CLARK, Mary L 1920-Jul-01
GULLY, A E MCWILLIAMS, Lois 1938-May-19
GULLY, Bert R MOSLEY, Margarett E 1950-Jun-08
GULLY, Britian R FULTON, Maggie Nell 1957-Jul-26
GULLY, C H BURNETT, Mary 1926-Nov-24
GULLY, Fred R BAKER, Miriam R 1939-Dec-22
GULLY, Howard RUSH, Ruby 1921-Mar-19
GULLY, J W MCARTHUR, Mae 1920-Sep-12
GULLY, John E STOKES, Georgia 1932-Oct-13
GULLY, Lamar CRAIN, Wanita 1938-May-20
GULLY, Lennox E WATKINS, Rufina F 1946-Dec-28
GULLY, Lorence MCKEE, J C 1934-Feb-24
GULLY, Robert MCDADE, Margaret 1951-Feb-03
GULLY, Virgil HOPPER, Dillion 1932-Jun-07
GULLY, W R STOKES, Anne 1939-Feb-03
GUNN, E S LANG, Alice 1917-Dec-03
GUNN, Robert M MOSLEY, Charlene 1947-Jul-14
GUNN, W B OVERSTREET, Ellaine 1914-Sep-05
GUNN, Worthy MCCOY, Inez 1919-Aug-14



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