Kemper County Grooms


FAIL, Neal FAIL, Frances 1956-Jan-20
FAIN, Arnold R WRIGHT, Ollie Mae 1938-Oct-25
FAIN, Ellis S DURANT, Dorothy 1959-Aug-31
FAIN, Homer R WRIGHT, Lilie B 1947-Dec-09
FAIN, Oussie CUMBERLAND, Sue 1947-Jun-28
FARR, Jerry W LUNSFORD, Earline V 1955-Jan-14
FARR, Jerry W LUNSFORD, Earline V 1964-May-04
FARR, Louis F KLING, Mary A 1922-Oct-26
FARROR, L R JENKINS, Mamie E 1914-Feb-11
FARROW, Claton PACE, Tina Mae 1921-Oct-15
FARROW, Claude C WELLS, Mattie 1915-Mar-06
FARROW, Roy H EDWARDS, Elsie M 1946-Oct-18
FARROW, T F CLARK, Lodie 1921-Nov-25
FARROW, W A CLARK, Johnnie 1926-Jun-05
FAULKNER, Billy L REEDER, Alice M 1957-Jan-24
FEASEY, Donald G WARREN, Virginia 1970-Nov-06
FELTON, J W KERR, Elizabeth 1927-Jan-30
FELTON, T L LOCKLEY, Estille 1931-May-07
FERRELL, Jesse R RUSH, Mary F 1938-Aug-13
FIELDS, E Williams WASSON, Henrietta 1953-Dec-28
FISHER, Roy S CRUMP, Juanita 1954-Nov-20
FITTS, Freeman R ROBERTS, Mary E 1957-Nov-23
FITZGERALD, Cleo TEMPLE, P B 1947-Jun-25
FLAKE, Ernest N LANDRUM, Mary J 1966-Jul-20
FLANAGAN, B A CLARK, Annie 1914-Dec-26
FLANAGAN, Luther TERRY, Wilma 1932-Apr-16
FLANNAGAN, Clifton PERKINS, Velma 1923-Aug-16
FLEMING, A C LEGG, Catherine 1936-Dec-21
FLEMING, Andrew C PATTON, Mildred I 1941-Feb-08
FLEMING, C C MARTIN, Alma 1931-Sep-28
FLEMING, Charles C EDWARDS, Bonnie 1967-Dec-20
FLEMING, Fred MOULDS, Mamie L 1959-Oct-19
FLEMING, Fred W GEORGE, Inez 1946-Mar-23
FLEMMINGS, O P DANNER, Lenzie 1926-Dec-25
FLOORE, Anderson PALMER, Grace 1923-Dec-14
FLOORE, Anderson G LANDRUM, Gloria F 1955-Mar-03
FLOORE, Claude MCDONALD, Maggie 1910-Apr-24
FLOORE, Claude V MCDONALD, Maggie 1920-Apr-25
FLOORE, Gray J GREGORY, Mary E 1955-Apr-09
FLOORE, Hosea PALMER, Loraine 1924-Oct-26
FLOORE, Lee R MADISON, Helen R 1942-Jul-06
FLYNT, Edward W AYCOCK, Esther E 1942-Dec-05
FORD, Ross PEDEN, Sarah 1939-Jan-03
FORTENBERRY, Robie FERGUSON, Onela L 1959-Dec-04
FORTSON, J G CHISOLM, Carrie G 1926-Jun-05
FOSTER, Eddie R PUCKETT, Marie V 1971-Jan-24
FOSTER, William SHORT, Geraldine 1950-Sep-02
FOWLER, T C ALLEN, Guynell 1927-Feb-01
FOX, Archie TABOR, Marjorie 1948-Jul-08
FOX, Charles J FULTON, Julia F 1960-Aug-06
FOX, Reginold PALMER, Sarah G 1960-Nov-15
FOY, Malcolm LANG, Barbara 1963-Sep-08
FRANK, Joe WILSON, Minnie P 1971-Aug-25
FRANKLIN, Curtis WILLIAMS, Dorothy E 1938-Oct-24
FRANKLIN, Lamar P TUCKER, Jimmie D 1942-Feb-21
FRANKLIN, W F SMITH, Elsie J 1914-Mar-05
FREDRICK, Herbert SMITH, Minnie L 1925-Jan-15
FREDRICK, W T CHERRY, Nannie 1931-Apr-25
FREEMAN, Erwyn E SIMMONS, Mary E 1942-Mar-28
FREEMAN, L L HALE, Zola 1913-Jan-11
FREEMAN, Thomas R WATTS, Florence E 1955-Jul-05
FROST, H G NICHOLSON, Virginia 1934-Jun-19
FULCHER, John R EDWARDS, Lona A 1949-May-11
FULENWIDER, Joseph F ALSTON, Francene 1942-Apr-30
FULKS, Jackson WALTON, Mae B 1936-Sep-04
FULTON, B L SHEPARD, Elmira 1927-Jan-21
FULTON, B S MCDONALD, Callie 1922-Jun-17
FULTON, C C SHEPARD, Erline 1927-Oct-01
FULTON, Charles S PEARSON, Roxie G 1956-Nov-17
FULTON, Clyde CHEATHAM, Willie J 1957-Nov-16
FULTON, David ELDRIDGE, Louise 1935-Aug-17
FULTON, Dee DEES, Rosie 1917-Dec-01
FULTON, G H LUKE, Vadie 1916-Jan-21
FULTON, George R TEER, Ethel 1943-Dec-03
FULTON, Harold J MAGEE, Doris A 1940-May-12
FULTON, Herman W BAREFIELD, Louise 1942-Sep-14
FULTON, Howard BURKES, Elizabeth 1944-Apr-30
FULTON, J A CLAY, Hattie M 1926-Aug-08
FULTON, Jefferson P ROBINSON, Opal J 1954-Dec-16
FULTON, Leon W CATTON, J Louise 1957-Jul-20
FULTON, P E PALMER, Eula 1926-Sep-17
FULTON, Prentiss LANDRUM, Willadean 1943-Nov-22
FULTON, Ross COOK, M C 1926-Sep-11
FULTON, W A VANDEVENDER, Aline 1936-Dec-18
FULTON, W F JARVIS, Mildred 1934-Jun-01
FUQUA, Ira W ADAMS, Eunice A 1942-Jun-03



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