Kemper County Grooms


EAKES, Alfred W EAKES, Mary Jo 1959-Aug-26
EAKES, Bobby Jean CUMBERLAND, Cora 1952-Aug-16
EAKES, Buddy STEWART, Camille 1947-Jun-07
EAKES, Charley BROWN, Lena 1947-Aug-27
EAKES, Charlie HALL, Colene 1949-Jul-24
EAKES, James SMITH, Winnie P 1946-Sep-07
EAKES, James E MCLAIN, Naomi 1960-Jun-22
EAKES, Melvin EAKES, Pearline 1947-Dec-24
EAKES, Melvin WARREN, Mary L 1948-May-29
EAKES, Melvin WARREN, Mary L 1947-Dec-06
EAKES, Zack HALL, Junior Miss 1942-Feb-17
EAKS, A J LOVETT, Velma 1915-Oct-26
EAKS, Dock EAKS, Rosa 1915-Nov-02
EAKS, Frankie DARNELL, M C 1924-Mar-19
EASTMAN, Robert W WRIGHT, Delva Jean 1961-Jan-06
EAVES, David HOWELL, Laura Marie 1968-Feb-24
EAVES, E E LANG, Aeneta 1931-May-02
EAVES, I C BATEMAN, Delma 1935-Feb-09
EAVES, Irvin BATEMAN, Annie 1926-Aug-14
EAVES, Jack WILIAMS, Mary Lou 1928-Jan-02
EAVES, John GRAHAM, Lucille 1953-Aug-23
EAVES, W J WHITTLE, Annie 1913-Oct-06
EDGEWORTH, James BISHOP, Willie 1915-Oct-06
EDGIE, Ira FORD, Dessie 1938-Aug-11
EDMINSTON, J D DOVE, Jewel R 1939-Oct-07
EDMONDS, Earl BATTLE, Mable 1933-Nov-17
EDMONDS, Roland J FOSTER, Debra 1969-Nov-21
EDMONDS, W E PERSONS, Gladys 1916-Dec-28
EDMONDS, W V PERSONS, Vera 1930-Oct-15
EDWARDS, Carthel E Jr HAILEY, Addie Jo 1954-Mar-27
EDWARDS, Columbus COBB, Ollie 1917-Mar-30
EDWARDS, G R WATTS, Birdie 1923-Jun-16
EDWARDS, Hemphill STREBECK, Etoyle 1924-Aug-10
EDWARDS, Homer M BAUGHMAN, Janice 1959-May-08
EDWARDS, J C PUCKETT, Dona A 1941-Nov-15
EDWARDS, J T HELEN, Pauline 1917-Jul-31
EDWARDS, Luther REEVES, Willie B 1926-Dec-24
EDWARDS, Martin L WILHITE, Lillie Mae 1932-Oct-17
EDWARDS, Otis ALDAY, Edith 1948-May-03
EDWARDS, W D RINEHART, Mary R 1926-Oct-30
EGBERT, Wayne R QUINNELLY, Seleta 1955-Apr-11
ELDRIDGE, Archie PEDEN, Mary W 1928-Aug-09
ELDRIDGE, Carl Lee KELLY, Genell 1956-Nov-10
ELDRIDGE, Clark DOTSON, Alma 1931-Feb-28
ELDRIDGE, Claude WARREN, Lillie M 1917-May-16
ELDRIDGE, G A GORE, Annie 1923-Nov-11
ELDRIDGE, George BURTON, Nellie J 1939-Jul-22
ELDRIDGE, George PALLOCK, George 1921-Jul-20
ELDRIDGE, George R LONG, Donna K 1965-Jun-18
ELDRIDGE, Henry G ISHEE, Dwala A 1960-Aug-30
ELDRIDGE, J H KEY, Maude 1925-Jul-30
ELDRIDGE, James G THOMAS, Betty Maey 1954-Aug-05
ELDRIDGE, John B BRYAN, Julia 1946-Jan-12
ELDRIDGE, John W MCLAURIN, Virginia 1953-Oct-24
ELDRIDGE, Lannie RILEY, Deb Lee 1951-May-20
ELDRIDGE, Lewis W HARBOUR, Constance 1966-Sep-10
ELDRIDGE, Louis WADDELL, Frances 1933-Jul-15
ELDRIDGE, Malcolm SHEPARD, Lyla 1943-Jul-24
ELDRIDGE, Phillip W DARNELL, Linda Ann 1960-Dec-17
ELDRIDGE, Robert JARVIS, Clarice 1940-Nov-29
ELDRIDGE, Vernon ALLEN, Dwight 1948-Nov-12
ELDRIDGE, William BROWN, Clara B 1936-Apr-25
ELDRIDGE, William Q PEDEN, Betty Lou 1960-Dec-19
ELEY, J M ADAMS, Winnie 1929-Jan-05
ELKINS, Clay C MARTIN, Alma 1935-Nov-20
ELLIOTT, Ray Jr MCDONALD, Reita F 1955-Sep-05
ELLIOTT, Talmage R BRIGGS, Barbara C 1958-Mar-18
ENGLE, Mike S BURTON, Annie Avis 1941-Jun-28
EPPERSON, Loyd Robert RAYBURN, Jacquline 1952-Jan-05
ESPEY, Fred WARREN, Ola May 1920-Jul-31
ESPEY, J W LOVETT, Ada 1914-Feb-03
ESPEY, Weldon SALTER, Roma 1919-Jul-28
ESPY, Edwin SAUSING, Martha L 1933-Dec-13
ETHRIDGE, James D WARREN, Hazel J 1939-Mar-04
ETHRIDGE, Jimmie COKER, A L 1923-Aug-18
ETHRIDGE, Samuel PERRY, Von Lee 1921-Jul-29
EVANS, E C EZELL, Elzonia 1924-May-03
EVANS, J C YOUNG, Nancy 1925-Jun-16
EVANS, J E LUCAS, Reber G 1942-Nov-30
EVANS, O L HAMMACK, Carrie 1913-Jul-07
EVERS, William R JOHNS, Mary E 1956-Apr-21
EZELL, Jasper HUGHES, Arline 1948-Jun-12
EZELL, Jasper WIGGINS, Dollie M 1925-Jan-17
EZELL, Terry LANG, Mary 1968-Aug-17
EZELL, Winfield BREEDLOVE, Martha 1925-Jan-12



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