Kemper County Grooms


ABERCROMBIE, Harry HARDY, Susie 1913-Oct-12
ABERCROMBIE, Thomas CAMPBELLE, Edna Earl 1939-Oct-08
ACTON, Paul E STEGALL, Lonie Kay 1955-Nov-05
ADAMS, Chandler MCNEILL, Florrie 1915-Sep-11
ADAMS, E H OWEN, Blannie Ann 1929-Apr-07
ADAMS, Francis Garvin MOORE, Nannie G 1956-Jan-25
ADAMS, Hunter LUKE, Ann 1969-Jun-21
ADAMS, J W DAVIS, G E Miss 1919-Nov-26
ADAMS, Walter EDWARDS, Ida 1935-Dec-26
ADAMSON, Leroy ROEBUCK, Waldine 1927-Jan-31
ADCOCK, Henry ELDRIDGE, Alva 1929-Dec-24
ADCOCK, James P KONSHAK, Mary Euel 1963-May-06
AGNEW, R L WARREN, Doris 1933-Jan-15
ALDAY, Edgar R CALVERT, Bertice 1948-Jan-22
ALDAY, Jesse BISHIP, Lawrence Miss 1930-Oct-30
ALDAY, M William ELDRIDGE, Mary Ellen 1949-Dec-21
ALDERMAN, James Henry GRAY, Judy Loraine 1964-Dec-19
ALEXANDER, Clarence DOZIER, Ida 1913-Jun-25
ALEXANDER, E Willie SHULTZ, Alma Lene 1957-Oct-21
ALEXANDER, Parole MCDONALD, Bennie 1941-Aug-05
ALEXANDER, Q W ENNIS, Bessie 1926-Nov-08
ALLDAY, Vennie DARNELL, Leslie 1941-May-03
ALLEN, Clinton HASTY, Icna 1923-Dec-01
ALLEN, D W CLARK, Nellie 1916-Sep-02
ALLEN, Dan Clark GALLOWAY, Florence Evelyn 1952-Jun-14
ALLEN, Dennis Darryl DAVIS, Dorothy Ann 1962-Sep-28
ALLEN, Dwight ELDRIDGE, Vernon 1948-Nov-12
ALLEN, Floyd Kenneth ADAMS, Sylvia 1959-Jul-28
ALLEN, Franklin Ladole KELLY, Jeffery Daye 1960-Nov-23
ALLEN, J A NEAL, Corene 1934-Jan-29
ALLEN, J G ANTHONY, Bonnie 1942-Dec-29
ALLEN, James Walter MASSEY, Mildred 1926-Nov-08
ALLEN, Jerry Dale BLACKWELL, Wanda K 1967-Nov-14
ALLEN, Jimmy Gray SMITH, Elizabeth 1952-Mar-01
ALLEN, Joe Glen RAY, Walterine 1953-Sep-11
ALLEN, L S WATKINS, Johnnie Miss 1912-Sep-28
ALLEN, L S WATKINS, Street 1934-Jun-09
ALLEN, Larry Glen ELDRIDGE, Norma Jane 1955-Sep-20
ALLEN, Leland LIMERICK, Christine 1936-Oct-30
ALLEN, Lester FULTON, Bessie 1927-Aug-20
ALLEN, Martin Wesley WINFORD, Janice Ann 1956-Jul-21
ALLEN, Oakley TEER, Lillie 1930-Dec-23
ALLEN, Parker WARREN, Margaret 1951-Jan-06
ALLEN, T G ROBERTSON, Pauline 1930-Aug-30
ALLEN, Thomas JAMISON, Frances 1936-Jan-24
ALLEN, Winnifred JONES, Otis 1924-Nov-05
ALLSBROOK, S Torrence CLARK, Virginia Stennis 1932-Aug-03
ALMOND, Fredrick Richard RUSH, Leila Ann 1959-Oct-12
AMACKER, L L HOPPER, Corine 1925-Aug-15
AMOS, Sam HENRY, Jeanette 1955-Jul-09
ANDERSON, Cal Hull GARTIN, Margaret 1930-Jun-20
ANDERSON, Clyde ALLEN, Velma 1938-Dec-12
ANDERSON, Donald Ray SMITH, Patsy Marie 1966-Nov-19
ANDERSON, Earnest PAGE, Gladys 1934-Oct-19
ANDERSON, H G ROBERTSON, Annie Ruth 1935-May-09
ANDERSON, Henry C BOUNDS, Lorena 1930-Sep-25
ANDERSON, Jarvis JOYNER, Vera 1940-May-31
ANDERSON, Jerry Joe TOWNSEND, Francis Onie 1962-Jun-20
ANDERSON, Jimmy Drane HORBAUR, Penny C 1968-Mar-02
ANDERSON, John M LINDLEY, Hazel Adam 1958-May-19
ANDERSON, John Robert MCNEILL, Dorothy Elden 1961-Jun-03
ANDERSON, M T DEES, Nancy 1919-Jun-29
ANDERSON, R A BLACK, Elizabeth 1931-Mar-30
ANDERSON, R S FOX, Mary Kathryn 1935-Jul-04
ANDERSON, Ray DARMAN, Barbara 1955-Feb-18
ANDERSON, Thurman HAMILL, Lonnie Vaten 1937-Jan-30
ANDERSON, W W LUNSFORD, J E Miss 1927-Aug-23
ANDERSON, Walterine CLARK, I B 1923-Jun-29
ANDREWS, Angus Graham SPIRES, Joyce 1953-Jun-29
ANTHONY, Alford DURANT, Nedly 1913-Dec-09
ANTHONY, Bud CLARK, Bertha 1922-Dec-23
ANTHONY, Delmon D STEPHENS, Lena Mae 1959-May-10
ANTHONY, Herman EAKES, Shirley Ann 1954-Oct-29
ANTHONY, Narvel EVANS, Betty Jean 1964-Jul-24
ANTHONY, Walter CLARK, Pearl 1923-Aug-25
ARTHUR, L W BURNETT, Mabel 1925-Sep-24
ASHLEY, Wayne Theodore CHARLTON, Ruby Doris 1958-Jul-02
ATKINS, George Young Jr OUBRE, Lois 1947-Mar-15
ATKINS, W D MAYFIELD, Christine Mrs 1938-May-01
ATKINSON, Bennett WEST, Allie 1915-May-08
ATKINSON, Frank PATRIDGE, Arline 1933-Nov-21
ATKINSON, Ivan William GEORGE, Edna Jeanett 1967-Mar-31
ATKINSON, W F BIRCH, Cora 1916-Mar-29
AUST, Abb M CLAY, Mamie F 1920-Apr-11
AUST, C B BRIGGS, Margie 1917-May-01
AUST, D Morrison GATHRIGHT, Mary C 1923-Dec-23
AUST, Ed Bolton BRIGGS, Nina Doris 1932-Mar-25
AUST, George Neely CLASS, Carolyn Madge 1959-Mar-03
AUST, Gilbert Monroe NORWOOD, Jerrell Virginia 1942-Jun-06
AUST, J W CLEARMAN, Janie 1924-May-15
AUST, James TALBOTT, Nell W 1968-Sep-02
AUST, James M BAKER, Peggy J 1967-Jul-11
AUST, James Morris ABRAMS, Daisy 1952-Dec-29
AUST, James Morris ABRAMS, Daisy Omey 1946-Feb-05
AUST, James Wyatt KITCHENS, Virginia 1935-Jun-26
AUST, John E EDWARDS, Kathleen 1919-Feb-19
AUST, John Edward Jr TEMPLE, Carolyn Elaine 1943-Nov-19
AUST, Leonard Leroy CRAIG, June Craig 1967-Apr-21
AUST, M L YOUNG, Annie M 1938-Apr-07
AUST, M Wallace ELLIOTT, Martha Jo 1954-Mar-16
AUST, Randolph Tomie HODGE, Launa Earl 1958-Jun-28
AUST, Richmond GULLY, Bonnie Gene 1924-Apr-23
AVARA, Ben THOMAS, Ruby 1915-Feb-02
AVARA, W J FULTON, Jessie 1920-Aug-02
AVARA, W J F STOVALL, Eunice 1924-Dec-24



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