Kemper County Brides


TABOR, Marjorie FOX, Archie 1948-Jul-08
TALBOTT, Nell W AUST, James 1968-Sep-02
TANK, Sharon D JOHNSON, John 1963-Mar-16
TANKINSON, Freda M LUKE, G W 1931-Feb-03
TANN, Odie MCWILLIAMS, J C 1915-Mar-24
TATE, Ellen NIX, Loyd 1956-Jul-18
TAYLOR, Daisy Mrs WEST, James 1953-Sep-24
TAYLOR, Delia MOORE, Russell 1926-Mar-27
TAYLOR, Delia POPE, W M 1926-Apr-24
TAYLOR, Gladis Chris BROWN, John Q 1925-Sep-12
TAYLOR, Ida PARKER, F B 1930-Jul-26
TAYLOR, Kate Jane BAREFIELD, J C 1926-Jul-11
TAYLOR, Lilath M MARTIN, Charles H 1946-Jan-26
TAYLOR, Mable L HARBOUR, James 1959-Oct-02
TAYLOR, Mary BURKES, Roscoe 1923-Jan-10
TAYLOR, Mylle DENRMAN, Lenard 1940-Oct-19
TAYLOR, Vadie CONNER, L L 1921-Feb-09
TEER, Ethel FULTON, George R 1943-Dec-03
TEER, Jimmie J JONES, Claude L 1946-Oct-26
TEER, Lillie ALLEN, Oakley 1930-Dec-23
TEER, Margaret STOKES, J B 1915-Dec-10
TEER, Nellie MCDONALD, J W 1927-Oct-06
TEER, Odell BAKER, Vonnie 1933-Nov-18
TEMPLE, Carolyn Elaine AUST, John Edward Jr 1943-Nov-19
TEMPLE, Lorene SULLIVAN, John 1935-May-25
TEMPLE, Ruth Frances BRIDGES, S William 1938-Jun-22
TERRY, Annie Laverne COOLIDGE, Glenwood Russell 1956-Dec-31
TERRY, Wilma FLANAGAN, Luther 1932-Apr-16
TEW, Margaret STRINGER, Raymond 1936-Feb-07
THILKING, Esther WEBB, Harvey 1951-Nov-11
THOMAS, Anne E THORNTON, J L 1959-Jan-20
THOMAS, Betty Maey ELDRIDGE, James G 1954-Aug-05
THOMAS, Ella WHITE, Clement 1938-Jun-01
THOMAS, Esther LANG, B M 1926-May-22
THOMAS, Eva RUTLEDGE, Walter 1926-Jun-12
THOMAS, Evelyn PERKINS, Dewitt 1931-Apr-24
THOMAS, Georgia WHITAKER, Carleton 1950-Nov-14
THOMAS, Hallie CALVERT, L P 1916-Feb-24
THOMAS, J G THOMAS, Johnnie L 1959-Sep-08
THOMAS, J R SHARP, Billy R 1957-Mar-16
THOMAS, Lucille BURKS, Lester 1943-Aug-23
THOMAS, Lucille LOCKLEY, Q B 1946-Mar-03
THOMAS, Mamie HOPPER, Malcolm E 1919-May-24
THOMAS, Miriam PERSONS, James R 1945-Sep-29
THOMAS, Nora Mrs SMITH, Math 1956-Jan-25
THOMAS, Ozelma WOODS, J F 1921-Oct-08
THOMAS, Peggy READ, Jerry W 1966-May-05
THOMAS, Ruby AVARA, Ben 1915-Feb-02
THOMAS, Ruby STEWART, Arch 1939-May-21
THOMAS, Sadie WILSON, Herbert M 1950-Feb-11
THOMAS, Viola COKER, Auburn 1933-May-26
THOMASON, Bettye M MEADOWS, Marcus D 1963-May-18
THOMASSON, Peggy WARREN, A Henry 1956-Dec-05
THOMPSON, Allie WHITE, A H 1930-May-31
THOMPSON, Bettye SULLIVAN, Curtis 1938-Apr-28
THOMPSON, Elsie SHEPARD, Edward 1943-Apr-15
THOMPSON, Irene WALTMAN, G E 1938-Apr-17
THOMPSON, Josephine HARBOUR, Jack 1928-Nov-26
THOMPSON, Lannie B MCABEE, Henry B 1951-Nov-19
THOMPSON, Martha STRINGER, George 1953-Aug-29
THOMPSON, Mary A GRACE, Luther 1915-Jan-20
THOMPSON, Reta B WILLIS, Victor 1917-Apr-05
THORNELL, Betty J WHEELESS, Howard 1949-Jul-19
THORNTON, Audrey F HARPER, Leland E 1967-Apr-20
THRASH, Mary M DUDLEY, John R 1957-May-25
THRASHER, Grizelda ROBERTSON, Ronald 1953-Apr-08
THREET, Margaret PILYAW, Melvin 1965-Jul-18
THURSTON, Edna ROLRIE, Anna 1927-Jun-23
TILLMAN, Claudie M GIBSON, T H 1939-Jul-29
TINSLEY, Christine MITCHELL, W T 1926-May-29
TINSLEY, Ida B DOWNEY, Earl 1929-Jul-08
TODD, Mabel ROUNDTREE, Roy 1939-Dec-02
TODD, Myrtle BOYD, W T 1925-Feb-09
TODD, Peggy Jean DANIELS, Franklin Julius 1957-Sep-10
TOLBERT, Grave L MARS, Edward 1938-Aug-02
TOWNSEND, Francis Onie ANDERSON, Jerry Joe 1962-Jun-20
TRIPLETT, Fleeta PICKETT, G M 1929-Feb-09
TRIPLETT, Velma WILLIAMS, Reginald 1967-Sep-02
TROSPER, Ida WARREN, Jessie 1951-Jul-21
TRUSSELL, Ilene WILSON, Gordon 1936-May-10
TUBIVILLE, Nora BYRD, Y W 1922-Feb-21
TUCKER, Eva May GOODIN, David 1922-Dec-26
TUCKER, Jimmie D FRANKLIN, Lamar P 1942-Feb-21
TUCKER, Leona HALL, H D 1929-Oct-29
TUCKER, Lucille WELCH, V M 1924-Oct-07
TUCKER, Nina Irene CALVERT, Emmett 1927-Mar-21
TULLUS, Evelyn DARNELL, Herman L 1938-Aug-19
TUNER, L C Miss GREEN, L C 1955-Dec-03
TURNER, Mary DRURY, Berry 1922-Dec-28
TWILLET, Maggie P BRANTLEY, L E 1919-Dec-29
TWILLEY, J C Miss VAUGHN, W B 1917-Nov-27
TYLER, Doris N HOLCOMB, George 1948-Dec-18
TYSON, Katha STEPHENS, Thomas 1965-Sep-04



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