Kemper County Brides


RADCLIFF, Mary MOLPUS, Homer 1955-Apr-09
RAINER, Annie J GREEN, James 1951-Sep-04
RAINER, Vivian RUSSELL, Earl 1922-Mar-18
RAINEY, Mary L WALKER, T A 1912-Sep-21
RALEY, Edna WARREN, J C 1930-Aug-18
RAMER, Bertha L RALEIGH, Roger N 1964-Feb-28
RAMER, Bertha L THOMAS, J B 1967-Feb-10
RAMER, Louise I MARS, Charlie H 1945-Dec-17
RANDALL, Lynette E CUMBERLAND, Leon E Jr 1953-Jan-14
RANDALL, Marian D HERRINGTON, J W 1933-Nov-25
RANER, Sallie NEWELL, Archie 1921-Jan-29
RANIER, Mary BARFIELD, J W 1919-Apr-20
RATCLIFF, Isabelle LITTLE, Willie H 1922-Sep-30
RATCLIFF, Louise WHITAKER, Leroy 1928-Jun-23
RAWSON, Louise RATCLIFF, R Lee 1935-Jun-27
RAY, Walterine ALLEN, Joe Glen 1953-Sep-11
RAYBURN, Jacquline EPPERSON, Loyd Robert 1952-Jan-05
REA, Mary L CREED, A J Jr 1918-Aug-06
REA, Ruth Carnathan BOEDGHEIMER, Anton 1923-Nov-01
REDDITT, Earline NORMAN, Gilmer 1954-Sep-04
REDDITT, Olga RYAN, John 1922-Apr-11
REDMOND, Joyce MCLAURIN, Stillman 1953-Aug-15
REED, Alice CLARK, Herbert 1918-Dec-30
REED, Aline ROBINSON, A B 1928-Aug-19
REED, Allison D CONNER, Nancy 1951-Mar-31
REED, Annie STEPHENS, Bill 1924-Oct-31
REED, Arcola ROBINSON, Chester 1926-Aug-21
REED, Donie M MCMILLON, N J 1928-Apr-06
REED, Ethel L MCKINNEY, Marion 1931-Jan-17
REED, Eva ROBINSON, Fred 1929-Feb-13
REED, Inez SULLIVAN, Jimmy 1965-Mar-06
REED, Mahalia WADDELL, Alex 1915-Nov-10
REED, Odell CLARK, Felton 1923-Jun-23
REED, Susie COCHRAM, John 1925-Sep-12
REED, Zenie BOYDSTON, B E 1913-Nov-18
REEDER, Alice M FAULKNER, Billy L 1957-Jan-24
REESE, Fahitha B MONTFORT, W W Jr 1947-Mar-07
RENFROW, Martha WHITE, Robert 1962-Mar-14
REYNOLD, Ruby L MAY, Billie J 1950-Aug-17
RHYNE, Bertha LANG, Clyde 1928-Oct-31
RHYNE, E M Miss CREED, G W 1922-Jul-05
RHYNE, Ezell SKIPPER, Ira 1919-Jul-30
RHYNE, Mary HUNNICUTT, J V 1930-Dec-08
RHYNE, May HAMNER, Ed 1934-Nov-09
RICE, Gertie LOFTON, J P 1926-May-08
RICHARDSON, Elizabeth KNIGHT, Edward 1938-Feb-11
RICHARDSON, Maggie MCDONALD, Willie 1913-Sep-12
RICHARDSON, Mary BRADFORD, Chester 1927-Mar-26
RICHARDSON, Vadie SCIPLES, Leslie 1924-May-31
RICKS, Hazel L LUKE, James W 1951-Mar-12
RIDDLE, Lillian BRYAN, Marvin W 1950-Feb-15
RIDOUT, Ethel ROBINSON, Eugene 1920-May-03
RIGDON, Bobbie SWAIN, Ben 1950-Jun-28
RIGDON, Daisy H RHYNE, Dike D 1923-Feb-20
RIGDON, Grace KELLINGSWORTH, Elizabeth 1937-Apr-23
RIGDON, Lillie TRIPLETT, Fred 1929-Sep-13
RIGDON, Limmie M HALL, Jim 1924-Apr-16
RILEY, Deb Lee ELDRIDGE, Lannie 1951-May-20
RILEY, Isabel WARD, J O 1934-Nov-03
RILEY, M M Miss LAND, W G 1933-Aug-29
RILEY, Mattie S LAIN, Earnest W 1964-Dec-26
RILEY, Sandra F THOMSON, C A 1966-Feb-25
RINEHART, Mary R EDWARDS, W D 1926-Oct-30
RISHER, Lois Grace CROSWELL, William C 1942-Mar-04
RITCHERSON, Helen LUKE, Monroe 1942-Dec-17
ROACH, Joy ROWE, Jay F 1948-Oct-14
ROBBINS, Rachel L JONES, O William 1967-Jul-07
ROBERSON, Narcie LANDRUM, T R 1921-Mar-29
ROBERTS, Lillian HALES, A L 1912-Dec-23
ROBERTS, Mary E FITTS, Freeman R 1957-Nov-23
ROBERTS, Mattie HURT, J R 1918-Nov-30
ROBERTSON, Annie Ruth ANDERSON, H G 1935-May-09
ROBERTSON, Mamie BELL, Henry 1944-Jan-15
ROBERTSON, Pauline ALLEN, T G 1930-Aug-30
ROBINS, Pearl REED, Will 1925-Mar-12
ROBINSON, Annette NESTER, Arthur 1933-Oct-25
ROBINSON, Charlotte MCLAURIN, James 1963-Sep-28
ROBINSON, Cora A KITCHEN, Harold G 1958-Nov-22
ROBINSON, Dorothy BALL, Daniel Laurel 1956-Dec-22
ROBINSON, Emma BATEMAN, G W 1938-Sep-15
ROBINSON, Florence BATEMAN, G W 1947-Feb-15
ROBINSON, Geneva NESTER, Judson 1932-Jul-03
ROBINSON, Gertrude DEES, Jamie 1933-Sep-09
ROBINSON, Hazel May BURCH, Everette Levelle 1954-May-01
ROBINSON, Kitty SCHELLBACH, Charles 1971-Aug-07
ROBINSON, Lora SCIPLES, John 1916-Feb-11
ROBINSON, Lula D PRINCE, F M 1936-Jun-04
ROBINSON, Maggie WATKINS, Chester 1921-Mar-19
ROBINSON, Nettie D CHISOLM, Charles M 1931-Oct-17
ROBINSON, Opal J FULTON, Jefferson P 1954-Dec-16
ROBINSON, Rachel HARBOUR, Roscoe Jr 1957-Apr-18
ROBINSON, Sadie Mae BRECKENRIDGE, Levan 1939-Apr-08
ROBINSON, Sally SMITH, Henry 1913-Sep-02
ROBINSON, Velma MOORE, John R 1920-Aug-23
RODGERS, Susie L LEE, Edward T 1931-Dec-25
ROEBUCK, Ann Elizabeth BOND, George Jr 1953-Dec-26
ROEBUCK, Blanche JORDAN, Eugene 1924-Jul-12
ROEBUCK, Lillie STEWART, J R 1915-Oct-21
ROEBUCK, Waldine ADAMSON, Leroy 1927-Jan-31
ROGERS, Beatrice DURAN, John L 1955-Apr-16
ROGERS, Corine SMITH, W G 1938-Jan-07
ROGERS, Earline THOMPSON, E H 1956-Oct-27
ROGERS, Lillie M MCARTHUR, John 1929-Mar-04
ROGERS, Lucy BOLER, A C 1952-Apr-09
ROGERS, Nettie L HERRINGTON, Michael E 1965-Dec-24
ROGERS, Willie STOVALL, James 1953-May-19
ROLRIE, Anna THURSTON, Edna 1927-Jun-23
ROSAMAND, Glenda SHELTON, Dannie 1967-Dec-29
ROSAMOND, Edna P LUKE, Donald 1965-Aug-28
ROSE, Josephine JENKINS, Hubert C 1941-Nov-07
ROSEBAUM, Mabel HARBOUR, Arnold 1931-Nov-28
ROSENBAUM, Jean C MERRILL, George 1952-May-24
ROSMAND, Carolyn SKIPPER, Tillman 1946-Sep-27
ROSS, Annie HASKINS, John W 1921-Mar-05
ROSS, Emma BROWN, W G 1918-Jun-10
ROSS, Frances Charlott BROWN, Puckett William 1957-Jul-19
ROSS, Helen STENNIS, T A 1913-Jan-22
ROSS, Majorie SMITH, Charles 1964-Apr-18
ROSS, Mary O KEY, Tom 1921-Dec-31
ROSS, Mattie SANDERS, J J 1920-Jul-12
ROSS, Ouida CULLUM, Elbert 1923-Dec-26
RUNYAN, Francis WILLIAMS, M L 1925-Apr-18
RUSH, Annie LUKE, J E 1952-Sep-07
RUSH, Bess HALL, J T 1930-Nov-29
RUSH, Betty BROWN, Mark 1961-Jul-12
RUSH, Betty Margaret BROWN, Mack Hance 1961-Jul-12
RUSH, Corine NEAL, Earl 1927-Dec-31
RUSH, Jessie PEARD, R R 1928-Mar-31
RUSH, Leila Ann ALMOND, Fredrick Richard 1959-Oct-12
RUSH, Lura MCDONALD, T G 1916-Feb-02
RUSH, Lura MCDONALD, T G 1914-Jul-11
RUSH, Mabel COBURN, Maurice J 1913-Sep-12
RUSH, Mary F FERRELL, Jesse R 1938-Aug-13
RUSH, Rita S PUGH, Calvin 1962-Jan-26
RUSH, Ruby GULLY, Howard 1921-Mar-19
RUSSELL, Bertha MOSLEY, William 1927-Oct-15
RUSSELL, Evelyn HARDY, Louis F 1948-Dec-07
RUSSELL, Fannie C MAYNE, Robert 1939-Mar-28
RUSSELL, Kate MORGAN, J M 1957-May-11
RUSSELL, Mae BARTLETT, William 1926-Feb-06
RUSSELL, Margie S HEGWOOD, Keith R 1960-Aug-24
RUSSELL, Mary Sue JOHNSON, A E 1925-Dec-11
RUTLEDGE, Belle JOHNSON, Jasper 1922-Aug-03
RUTLEDGE, Daisy POLLARD, C T 1939-Mar-30
RUTLEDGE, Geraldine MOORE, David 1955-Dec-12
RUTLEDGE, Ivory NIXON, J R 1942-Jul-03
RYAN, Nancy J MILLICAN, Drew R 1954-Nov-20
RYE, Lenie L JONES, Klyde C 1930-May-28



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